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Found 7 results

  1. 072scither

    Gneisenau 128mm secondaries

    On Gneisenau Hull B you get 128mm secondaries. I searched through the internet and haven't seen anything about Gneisenau refitting 128mm guns. Is this historically accurate or just made up?
  2. So over the last month and a bit I've been studiously grinding out my German tokens to unlock the new German line up to and including Prinz Heinrich and have been playing said new ships and it's led me to wonder what purpose the old German BB line will serve in the future as this new line seems superior in a lot of ways. For a direct point of comparison (because I have both), I'll point to the Gneisenau and the Prinz Heinrich: So what advantages does the Gneisenau have over Heinrich? Well, it's faster by quite a bit, it has better armour plating (thicker) and a turtleback, an extra heal, and marginally better AA. It also has faster torps and it's main guns have better ballistics due to being more modern resulting in a potentially higher Alpha. It's guns are also longer ranged, though what this is worth in a brawling ship with turtleback is debatable. What advantages does the Heinrich have over the Gneisenau? 8 guns versus 6, plus one rear gun being 360 degrees meaning you can likely always have at least 3 guns on targets. It again has older style guns with worse ballistics and raw alpha potential, but on the other hand it seems to have pretty vastly superior dispersion allowing it to reliably put 6-8 shells into targets, even without dispersion mod on them, compared to the Gneise scattershotting all over the place. It also has imo vastly superior secondaries due to them also being more accurate, so even if the Gneise has GK calibre secondaries, they do not hit the target nearly as much and I seem to get much more reliably secondary dps out of my Heinrich. On top of both of those things it has extra torpedo tubes that are much better protected and don't break, with better torp reload times and a longer range for area denial, very good main gun turret traverse speed, and, unlike Gneisenau, it still has all of that damage output plus Hydro to allow it to safely push against DDs. Oh and also don't forget Heinrich's better concealment. ______________________________________ So knowing all of that now, and having seen Potato post the sec dmg charts for Zeiten and Schlieffen and such, I'm starting to wonder what the point of the old German line is. These new German BBs are certainly squishier, but what good is being tanky when you can't put down damage enough to make your brawls worth it? These new BBs certainly do that. Even if I push in and die, I'm usually making sure 2-3 other boats die with me, and especially with Hydro and torpedoes and top tier secondaries, DDs can't just charge me without very seriously risking their own rapid deaths. And when you are waiting for the right time to push, because your dispersion isn't garbage, you can actually hit things at range and do damage! The line up to Prinz Heinrich was pretty nice, but my god she really takes it to a new level, and I assume it only gets better from here. Really the only thing I wish Heinrich had was turtleback, but with how low in the waterline its citadel is that hasn't been much of an issue anyways. It seems to me old German BBs are being power crept pretty hard and are going to need some tweaks here to be considering viable and worth playing. I say this as someone that has always loved German BBs for brawling and specifically been very fond of Gneisenau. Clearly Wargaming thinks the same with the Kurfurst being replaced by something with bigger main guns, so should the rest of the line get a similar boost?
  3. Hello everyone. My apologies if this isn't the correct section for this. Are there any ships similar to the Gneisenau? So far to me it has been the stand out of the German Battleship line. Something of comparable speed to the cruisers of its rank with a lot of health. Slow reloading, high damage guns are OK or quick reloading weaker guns... the Gneis kind of has both between its secondary armament and main guns. I'm fond of its ability to both terrorize destroyers and significantly threaten battleships. I've tried the Bismark & F.Der Grobe and they don't quite have the same functionality that I'm looking for, and for that matter neither did the lower rank German battleships. I'm thinking Heavy Cruisers would probably be the category that I'm looking for and have started working toward the Furutaka. Someone please let me know if that's not quite going to fit the bill.
  4. This is a random battle in playing the tier 7 Gneisenau battleship on the Two Brothers map with my brother from TFK clan. I have always like the Gneisenau in the way she plays. Her secondaries are awesome. Enjoy the video.
  5. O encouraçado Großer Kurfürst, assim como o Friedrich der Große, deveriam ter torpedos, assim como o Gneisenau e o Tirpitz, pois no Z Plan, a classe H, como o H39, H41, H42, H43, H44 tinham torpedos, de 533mm. Nada mais justo do que os grandes BB alemães hi tier terem, já que ambos são baseados na classe H.
  6. This is a repost from the consolidated armor model error collection over here: I am posting it here in hopes of it garnering a bit more attention than it otherwise would, as WG tends to ignore this sort of thing unless it is being talked about. As near as we have been able to ascertain (myself and @SireneRacker), this is not widely known or disseminated information, and multiple secondary source publications have repeatedly cited and re-cited the incorrect values, which is what has been represented ingame on both vessels. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: There are so many issues with these models, that it honestly defies description. In the interest of simplifying them, I have only taken into account issues which are directly relevant ingame (ignoring details such as armored rangefinders, etc…). Keep in mind that these are merely what I have identified as “critical” errors. The errors in the armor model for these two ships have been entirely compiled from a scan of the original armor scheme documentation, which to my knowledge is entirely accurate and trustworthy. All values have been lifted directly from this layout, which will be made available below for your own inspection. All listed values are applicable to both vessels of the class (to the extent of my knowledge). Section 1: Belt Armor Thickness and Arrangement. The main belt between frames 32 and 166 should be 320 mm. Ingame it is modeled as 350 mm. The medium belt between frames 10 and 208 should be 35 mm. Ingame it is modeled as 45 mm. The medium belt should extend from frames 10 to 207. Ingame it ends at frames 32 and 166. Section 2: Deck Armor Thickness and Arrangement. The entirety of the primary deck armor (main armor deck) has been modeled in a grossly inaccurate manner, the details of which will be shown in full. -The aforementioned missing extensions of the medium belt should connect with a 50 mm forward extension of the forecastle deck armor, which covers the entirety of the deck from frames 10 to 207. Ingame this deck also ends at frames 32 and 166. -The machinery deck is split into two distinct areas: the inboard section, and the outboard section. These two areas are separated by a vertical 40 mm bulkhead which extends from the main armor deck, to the underside of the forecastle deck between frames 50 and 172. The inboard armor deck over the machinery is 80 mm thick, extending from frame 55 to 180. At frames 55 and 150, this deck covers the magazines, increasing in thickness to 95 mm until frames 12 and 170 respectively. Ingame, the machinery deck is modeled as one piece with a thickness of 80 mm, the magazine deck 95 mm. The outboard armor deck over both the machinery and magazines is 105 mm thick, between frame 32 and 166. This is not to be confused with the sloped armor deck, which is also 105 mm thick and “knuckles” downwards to meet the bottom edge of the main belt armor. The extended main armor deck in front turrets “Anton” and “Caesar” between frames 162-166 and 32-40 respectively, are also 105 mm thick. The magazine sloped decks between frames 32-55 and 150-66 are 105 mm. Ingame, these are modeled as 110 mm. Sources: Scharnhorst class official drawings: "RM 20,1913 Allgemeine Typfragen fur Schlachtschiffe, Panzerschiffe und Kreuzer 10,02,1939 11,12,1939 Scharnhorst Gneisenau Gewichte abgerundete und zwischen beiden Schiffen" and "GKDS. 100: Unterlagen und Richtlinien zur Bestimmung der Hauptkampfentfernung und der Geschoßwahl Heft g Schlachtschiffe Gn Sch"
  7. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    I've got a Gneisenau with second hull and the following commander skills: PM, AR, BFT, AFT AA rating roughly 81, which I thought was pretty good. Except when I was in a game with an enemy T8 Lexington, the enemy CV didn't seem to fear me at all. Not even though I was next to a friendly T9 Kii. I had read how awesome the Gneisenau's AA was meant to be but I was disappointed at how the ship's AA didn't really seem to affect the CV strikes against me. I kept being visited by dive bombers and I recall one instance where I was dive bombed and the squadron only took one casualty. Pretty poor! It seems like if you don't spec the Gneisenau to be full AA with the the MFCAA and turn her into AA-death, that her AA suite is pretty average and no real source of comfort or security. As I've only got a 10 point commander, I'm experimenting with the AA 2 module to extend my AA range and buff my AA rating to 93. I'm hoping that will provide some protection from CVs until I get 14 points and decide whether I want to go full AA [edited] or manual secondaries. I'd rather go manual secondaries but I'm wondering if I have to go full AA to be safe. Thoughts? [edited]