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Found 10 results

  1. I'm posting this question because someone on these forums always seems to hear leaks from the developers - Will we ever get to see the British and German battlecruisers of WWI in tiers 3-5? I don't think the game needs a full line of battlecrusiers stretching to tier ten (I seriously doubt that could be viable). But please, will someone tell me if ships like Derfflinger and HMS Lion, ships that saw more action than most of the bbs in the game, ever be included? Thanks for answering
  2. Durante un largo tiempo me he dedicado a recolectar información sobre ciertos buques construidos durante, entre, y después de las guerras mundiales y que podrían destacar como candidatos al juego que actualmente nos presenta WG. Traté de meterme en la cabeza de los desarrolladores deduciendo las ecuaciones a partir de las cuales se determina los puntos de vida de cada buque basándose en el deslazamiento de este, aunque como se darán cuenta algunos no concuerdan con los presentados en el juego. Algunas ramas también presentan problemas relacionados con la ubicación de sus buques en el tier adecuado, como es el caso de los destructores franceses e italianos, otros como los cruceros japoneses presentan problemas por la información poco clara respecto a sus desplazamientos en tonelaje. Algunos buques no están situados en el mismo tier en el archivo que en el juego, eso se debe a una diferencia de opiniones personal contra WG. También hay buques que no están dentro de las ramas pero se indican en las tablas o debajo de las ramas mismas, esto se debe a que su ubicación es difícil de decidir. Las ramas están ordenadas por colores y estas incluyen; portaaviones, acorazados, cruceros de batalla, grandes cruceros, cruceros y destructores. Los asteriscos representan navíos que fueron inventados por el equipo de desarrollo de WG o por mi. Las fechas indicadas entre paréntesis indican que el buque es un diseño que nunca se construyó o terminó su construcción y el año indica su fecha de diseño. Esto aplica para casi todos los buques excepto cruceros holandeses de tier 6 y 7 en cuyo caso indica solamente una diferenciación entre buques ya que se trata del mismo barco en sí pero antes y después de su modernización. No se incluyen barcos que pertenezcan a clases ya mencionadas en naciones mas grandes, un ejemplo claro sería el crucero argentino General Belgrano que ya está representado por la clase Brooklyn. Los cuadros de distinto color dentro de las tablas de HP representan tonelajes modificados por WG o por mí haciendo referencia a un incremento del tonelaje original debido a una modernización ficticia del buque. Espero sus comentarios y sus críticas. Compartanlo si lo consideran oportuno o interesante. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wckrRPErjwJ46erYOaJ1Cx3ycs8AClPx
  3. LcdrSwizzle

    Graf Spee main gun range

    I do think that the Graf Spee should have greater main battery range, and that it's secondaries have also been "nerfed" from what they could do in real life. However, I do realize that "game balance" is important. So, here's a thought about a change to that ship: Right now, it can only carry a Fighter. What about letting it carry a Spotter as well? Thanks for the upcoming discussion!
  4. KSN

    Mean Z39

    Das Gud Bote! ... and the replay:
  5. Hi guys! I was wondering, now that I am on a historical streak, whether to buy one of two iconic world war 2 ships and which one. The infamous Hms Hood, the ruler of the seven seas for the British navy, but sunk by the mighty Bismarck by a hit to her aft magazine, or the Scharnhorst class battleship, with those rapid firing (for a battleship, at least,) 12 inch guns. Both seemingly potent tier 7 battleships, but which one is better? what are the pros and cons? you tell me!
  6. For my first Ranked Replay Breakdown I am going to showcase the Hindenburg and how I use positioning and my knowledge of enemy ships against them.
  7. NeutralState

    T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    Hoping for one of the H class ships with 20 inch guns (H44). It'd be HILARRRRIOUS
  8. hello captains and developers, I would like to know when the Graf Zeppelin will go on sale. I am waiting more than three months after its official departure for the users who already bought it, please I want to complete my collection of German ships. please if anyone knows anything about your next release please report on this topic, thank you very much to the whole community and Developers
  9. IronShibby

    Nerfing Gaede Back to 128's

    Ok After reading the recent post about Gaede in this forum, i'm going to rebuild the Captain and adjust Gaede back to 128's. The primary benefit/s i'm looking for are; Increased RoF and so better results agains't dd's using AP(?). Increased torp range (but slower). Better Turret Rotation. Considering this is an excellent ship, I think the wins and results should be a lot better than they are. I have the luxury of a 13 point captain, I usually train the captain's xp up to 50% of what it needs (for captain points) and buy the rest with free XP ... and I never NEVER spend free xp on anything that isn't captains skill points. I want 10pts in every dd captain and when i don't have that i'm grinding, until I get there. Present Captain Skills are: PT, PM EM, TA TAE CE I'll drop Priority target as I usually know when i'm being shot at - it's right after I get spotted. I'll drop Torp Acceleration as well, giving me 3 spare points; and i'll pick up 8.5k torps which will now exceed my detection range by 2km. I'll drop Main Battery Modification 2 in favour of Aiming Systems Modification - net result will be that the 5% loading time penalty goes away and accuracy increases 7%. However the 15% rotation bonus goes away ... i'll have to live with it, or use A and D keys for aiming when necessary (what's new?). The 3 extra points will go straight into BFT for RoF increase, as you'd expect. I'll keep TAE instead of DE; it's a close call but more torps seems more helpful than setting fires. The present win ratio and stats are not up to scratch; i'll post an update after some results come in on the new build. (My concern is the 0.5 ships destroyed per battle.)