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Found 4 results

  1. Arrrrrgggghhhh!

    So I just picked up my second-ever Solo Warrior, first one that I actually earned, AND the Kraken, in my Gadjah Mada! And...... ..."Server Maintenance. You will be migrated to another server as soon as your battle is over." I do at least have the replay file, but no screenshots at all. Don't even know how much XP I earned on this one. Replay
  2. Five Thousand Battles

    Hi. So, today I just played my 5000th WoWS battle. It happened to be a Tier 6 battle in the Ernst Gaede, a win, in part because I did fairly well capping and killing tier 8 dds. Now, I am only about 1.5k XP from reaching the Maass. Just so happens to have enough free XP for a Missouri too - 100% grinded, not bought. It was a milestone that I was not expecting to reach, to be honest. 5000 battles has taken over a year of semi-continuous play, including two ranked seaons and whatnot. Overall, as a blueberry, I think I do OK. But it has just crept up on me, and I feel like I'm still learning new things and there are entire ship lines I havent done yet (eg, IJN DDs, and I'm only at the Nagato for IJN BBs). So, in short, plenty more things to do. So, what are some of your milestones that you are going to possibly make in the far, far future?
  3. I'm a good boy. I'm playing the wolf pack game. Staying close to my cruisers and pressuring the front line. I like to stay afloat? Why does this game seem like its trying to force IJNs to do YOLO runs at other DDs in T9 and T10? That's not what they were built for and NO ONE EVER HELPS THE IJN SHOOT AT OTHER DDs. EVER. Seriously... with all the spotters around they're going to take away the accuracy too? Can't get close enough to stealth fire in T10... even with 13.7km guns. Radar... so many DDs... people actually playing CV again... Forced to use 12km torpedoes because you have to be brain dead to not see the 20km ones coming... What next? Shorter torpedoes than a Russian cruiser? I've landed one torpedo in the last four games. People are reacting to the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer than they should be able to... and I can't get into position to "cross drop" because no one ever helps me get rid of the spotter. I'm just there to turn ships so people can leech citadels off of me while I dodge HE from half the enemy fleet while they pummel the general area until RNG says "okay, have half of this guy's health". I at least had fires. Where are my fires? Stop with the Shimakaze hate. It's bad enough that it's the only thing people shoot at when it gets spotted. It's bad enough that it's near impossible to get close enough to do anything without getting spotted. Now take away 127mm accuracy? What else is left? Hang back and let your team win the game for you and then try to chase down the ships that are running away while already being out of range? ... but fine. That's what you deserve for sailing Shimakaze. No skill whatsoever.