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Found 1 result

  1. I have just managed to rank out again this season, and as I had been keeping some statistics, I thought I'd share them with the community for your interest. I had been tracking: Win/Loss Rank Progression Initial Points Advantage (ie, who caps first) Initial Death (ie, who loses the first ship); Whether I saved my star; Whether there were carriers; and Ship I drove This season, I won 127 of 236 battles, for a WR of 53.8 per cent, saving my star 32 times. I was running a 60 per cent winrate up to Rank 3, where things went rather downhill for quite a while. It took 90 battles to reach Rank 5, an additional 16 battles to reach R4, an additional 28 battles to reach R3, 44 battles to reach R2 and 57 battles (alone) to reach R1. I almost entirely used the Hindenberg, but with some Minotaur (mostly smoke) battles thrown in for fun/out of despair when there were carriers in queue (of which, there were only 6 battles). One Mino/carrier battle, I shot down 55 planes. We lost, and I lost a star. Hate carriers so much. So, here are some results, assuming the count function in my Excel spreadsheet is accurate: Statistic Result Result(%) p(e) Win 127 53.8 Loss 109 46.2 Initial Points Advantage 103 43.6 50.0 Initial Death 127 53.8 50.0 Win and Initial Points Adv 58 24.6 25.0 Loss and Initial Points Adv 45 19.1 25.0 Win and Initial Death 32 13.6 25.0 Loss and Initial Death 95 40.3 25.0 Where p(e) is the expected probability if it was truly random (eg, my teams lost the points advantage and died more than the average). So, I think this confirms what everyone who has played a bit of ranked knows: Taking the cap initiative is advantageous (as the enemy has to make a move to win); but Losing the first ship is way, way more important than whomever takes the first cap. So dont risk your life taking caps. Other things I've learnt: T10 ranked is a huge pain and I hate it. But I didnt really get ragey until the last two days when I got 9 losses in a row, losing my star each time. This was partially offset by an 8 battle winning streak late today to finally get over the line and rank out. I can now reliably hit Khabs running and turning at range using a Hindenburg at 14-15km... nowhere is safe Carriers must be banned from Ranked. For a long time, I've firmly been a proponent of keeping them, but the ranked play I saw from carriers who just farm both teams and alternate who wins means it is simply atrocious. Even 55 plane kills didnt slow them down. Worcesters and Harugumos are cancer. Memorable moments: I totally potatoed 6 times - ie, did less than 40k damage. One time, I still managed to come fourth after only doing 12k damage. The best one was where I got rushed and hit from three sides Khab/DM/Montana, dying with only 6k damage done (all to the Khab). We still ended up winning - and it was my last battle to rank out. Bravo team! One battle, in my Hindenburg, I hit enemy ships 105 times - but got 0 fires. We lost. On Hotspot, the red team did a huge AB push past the volcano whilst most of us were over at C... managed to just barely hold them off and survive for a win, but it was a great, well timed and coordinated push that was memorable for the fast scramble and closeness of the battle - player chat was positive and many compliments went all around. During another long losing streak, did 175k damage, 3 kills, 2 caps in my Hinden, and lost. Followed immediately by 153k damage, 3 kills, 1 cap, 12 defence ribbons, and a loss. Some times, you're just gonna lose. Many callouts to various players throughout the season who said hello to me, and me to them, as well as the many positive wishes for people to rank out (even if it was only so they'd stop killing us so much!!). It partially offsets all the toxic name-calling. Finally, has it been worthwhile? Not sure - when I get my Flint, I'll let you know! (Super, super excited for my Flint!!)