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Found 3 results

  1. The 4 point skill reads "Reduces the accuracy of hostile fire directed at your ship for 15 seconds after your ship's been detected." Then says "Dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship +20%" I'm curious how it measures the ship being detected, because with some ships I play with the edge of the smoke to help with spotting by peaking out from time to time to help with spotting. So I'm curious if every time I peek out does the timer start, and then when I go dark into the smoke again does it reset? If that's how it actually works, dazzle might be a much more valuable skill for that type of play. But with WG I just never feel like I know for sure if what they wrote is actually how it works. If the spotting mechanic somehow lingers, it wouldn't nearly be as useful. Does anyone know for sure how the timer on the detection works? For those who are curious, WG put this up last year - but that was well before the 10.0 skill rework
  2. 180 shells fired at 15km while using the Aiming System Modification 1 upgrade on AL Montpelier. Stock mapping was pulled from a stationary Fuso bot without camouflage, skills or upgrades. Dazzle mapping came from firing at a stationary Kléber (piloted by @Chobittsu) without camouflage or concealment upgrades. Kléber was using skills and upgrades to boost range on top of the Dazzle skill. Methodology was to use a Reference Fuso™ for scale then have Montpelier move to 15km away from Kléber (Kleber did not move). Kléber would fire, revealing herself and activating Dazzle for 15 seconds. Montpelier would lock on and fire a salvo. Kléber would then cease fire and return to stealth. Rinse and repeat to collect the necessary results.
  3. anonym_ajNWwqVHetEX

    Dazzle Camouflage

    http://www.shipcamou...om/measures.htm likely highly useful to Devs, complete analysis of the WW2-2013 MEASURE system complete with ship listings by class and hundreds of images USS Freedom using a variation of WW2 MEASURE 32 paint scheme http://dazzlecamouflage.wordpress.com/ dazzle camouflage blog http://camoupedia.bl...eally-work.html a blog with a link to a 1919 thesis on Dazzle systems http://www.bobolinkb...Camouflage.html A sourcebook on Dazzle system camouflage patterns