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Found 13 results

  1. PT 6.14 Planes

    I have played a few scenarios with the new patch. My DB and TB get shot out of the sky before they can even reach their target. I can target a ship all alone or a ship in a group and its the same. I played some games with the original PT and I would lose a few to AA but nothing like it is now. USN CV may become a useless ship.
  2. So, these are two things that I understand core concepts, but especially given my want of CV's to be better balanced, I want to understand better the exact workings and meanings of numbers. And if they've been answered before, sorry, my search foo tends to suck, just point me the right way. My main one is fighters, I can only guess what the ammo numbers actually mean, beyond obviously that one has more ammo than the other. One of those things that, someone has an answer great, but not so much worried as the two main stats for fighter vs fighter combat - HP and DPS. Does this work the same way as AA DPS essentially, DPS/HP=chance to be shot down. If that is the case, are the HP and DPS stats for the group, per plane, or a mix of both? Or is it something of a different mechanic I don't know? Playing with it the various ways assuming it works like AA, the numbers I get can be weird, Taking Hiryu and Ranger, the numbers as they are, or applied to the group, vs the opposing nation, are fairly even - 3.6% IJN vs 3.9% USN, and 2.4 IJN vs 5.9 USN. Though, these numbers seem low given that's basically chance per second. Though, doing it as DPS is for each plane, with HP being the group total, IJN is 14.6 and USN is 23.8 against the opposing country with 0 modifiers, which given what I see in game for how long dogfights last, and how they usually play out, seems a bit more accurate to how it may work, as well as DPS drop off that seems to happen as planes are lost. However I'm curious if anyone more knowledgeable on these specifics can confirm or deny that's how this works? Dive bombers, this may come across as a silly question with an obvious answer, what do the dispersion numbers actually mean? Kaga's is 71-177m, Saipan's, 142-355m, Hiryu's is 134-355m. Is the lower number manual drop circle size while the larger is "panicked" dispersion with (at least in most cases except maybe Saipan) the actual normal dispersion somewhere in the middle? Or is the lower number the normal auto drop while larger is panicked with MD being some other number? I recall mention of DB manual drops being a certain percent more accurate but that could have been wrong or a specific ship. These may be a bit too nitty-gritty for people to know, but figured I'd ask because I know players have figured out various formula's and all that get used. And it's one of those things I really think should be on the wiki when looking at CV mechanics. But given at this point I have the free time, if I post about this kind of stuff and maybe changes to make, I'm kinda tired of just saying things like "Make the USN DB's more accurate" and would rather give more specific numbers and better understand why USN vs IJN fighters, higher tier vs lower tier fighters, seem to be problematic with one usually handily beating the other.
  3. New DB Manuel Drop Suggestion

    Here I suggest how to help against the RNG of the DB. Auto drop, I left alone, but manuel drop is so, several circles (6 for US, 4 for IJN) where bombs are almost guaranteed to hit. however, this is much more difficult to aim perfectly. It can punish people that don't maneuver or stay still. However, if you don't aim it properly or to the side, you can only guarantee one hit. This however, may need a nerf to bomb damage. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?
  4. Lexington DBs are Amazing

    Was just playing a match in the Lexington, so I manual drop on a Fubuki the ribbons pop up, Incapacitation, Destroyed, Devastating Strike. Look at chat he detonated, from splash damage. So yeah Lexington DBs are amazing Edit: I feel really bad for that DD though, no hits just death, well at least he got flags out of it
  5. A happy 5 straight losses

    Managed to play 5 games tonight and was rewarded with 5 straight losses. Normally something to be a little upset about but I did pretty well considering. Stock Benson for the first 3 games. Came in third, fifth, and first place. Did pretty well for a stock ship. I was able to hold off the enemy or push caps in every game. Amagi that's missing the FCS upgrade for the last two games. First game I placed fourth and did 77K damage. Should have gotten a SS. Domination on Ocean and we started in the southeast. Team decides to head to the northeast corner. Team gets scared by 2 Fletchers at the northernmost part of the map and start turning in circles. Enemy team literally surrounded us in the northeast corner and hammered on us for the rest of the game. They basically formed a line surrounding us in the corner. It was pretty funny. I scored quite a few citadels. Last game was frustrating and that was enough for me for the night. Placed first with 83k damage done. Highlights (well mostly frustrations): -Less than 2 minutes in and I'm hit at extreme range by a Colorado. Can't return fire because he's out of range. Scored 2 citadels. Curse the stupid range on the Amagi! -Less than a minute later and an Iowa hits me from even farther and scores 1 citadel. Less than 3 minutes in and I'm down to 35k HP without firing a shot. Again, curse the stupid range! -3 squadrons of DBs hit me at the same time and drop me from 35k HP to 3200 HP. WOW! Started 4 fires so good thing I had a damage control party ready. Another single DB squadron takes me out. Theoretically, it could have only taken two attacks from those 3 DB squadrons to take me out? -Did manage to catch 3 CAs at close range sneaking around some islands. Sank one, detonated another, but did critical damage to all 3. Yes I did lose 5 straight but I also scored a ton of XP and credits so I think the night was a victory overall. The last game with those long range citadels and ridiculous DB damage is concerning though.
  6. HI EVERYONE. This fun forum game brought to you by a rainy Sunday afternoon. Had a game in my TIER 10 CV HAKURYU this afternoon. Thought I was doing fairly well except the damn enemy Midway kept shooting down my planes! I ran out by the end of the game right before the sneaky UP Kagero annihilated me while I was dodging torps from some other UP DD. I'm being facetious just for fun DD Mafia. Anyhow, I had noticed near the end of the game I had a fairly high number of torp hits, and when the game was over, I checked my after battle screens and was kind of surprised at the damage delivered.. So, I thought I'd post and see if anyone wants to partake in the "Guess the Damage" Game. What I'd like to know from you is how much Torpedo damage do you think there was, and how much total damage delivered in the game. Might be surprising to some of you. I have a meeting tonight and will post the associated complete damage listing when I get back. HAVE FUN!
  7. They will absolutely murder any ship the find. Notice how when it was first announced Midway/Essex players were rage posting nerf. Then the they took to the test server and the posts have stopped. Now they are quietly waiting for 5.3 and the destruction they will project. Numbers: Squad of 7 DB will hit a BB or CV for ~26,000. 3 squads of 7 will have the ability to alpha strike a tier 9 BB. They will be able to alpha strike another CV with much more ease. its not a nerf at all.
  8. USN carriers dive bombers buff

    35. CVs "Lexington", "Essex" and "Midway": Bombers’ damage increased by 30% (1000lbs ANM65 bomb is now installed on the Curtiss SB2C, Douglas BTD-1, Kaiser XBTK-1 bombers) ​as i said, they would probably buff the dive bombers to compensate the loss of 1 torpedo bomber squad. Now, EACH BOMB will deal a max of 9750 damage, almost as much as an air launched torpedo. A USN dive bomber squad has 6 planes. The mod 2 has 2 squads = 12 planes = 12 bombs = 117000 potential damage. Although having the disadvantage of not being able to hit other ship thats not the target (torpedos can hit someome behind the target) theyre still somewhat easier to aim, and you can set the target on fire more than once at a time, on more than one place at a time. Happy now? Because i am, i never really intended on using USN CVS for torpedo and flooding damage. And yes, i know they killed the manual drop, but im talking about damage here ANYTHING IN THE PUBLIC TEST PRELIMINARY PATCH NOTES MAY CHANGE BEFORE FINAL RELEASE
  9. So this game is horribly inaccurate when it comes to dive bomber effectiveness. In the actual war, American dive bombers were extremely effective. However, in this game, all dive bombers are esentially useless. They are very inaccurate, do very low damage, and have a relatively low fire chance (for them being dive bombers). Because of this lack of effectiveness, air superiority carriers are rarely seen, as they are more boring, and are guaranteed to get less xp and credits than full strike loadouts. Please buff the effectiveness of dive bombers so that they can actually do some decent damage, instead of being cannon fodder.
  10. Dive bombers might as well not even be in the game for all the damage they can do. I've had mosquitoes bites that bothered me more. Get rid of them. Replace them with something actually useful. Or, how about you at least make them capable of hitting the dam target more than half the time! How would that be, a weapon that can actually hit the blasted target! No? Alright then just get rid of the dam things. And before one of you says "but they can light things on fire" well that's just f@cking great. They "can" start a fire. Not will. Not must. Not every time. Just "can." As in "might." So they do no damage most of the time and might start a fire (that will probably just be immediately put out) if they do somehow manage to hit something. Whoop de f@cking do. Hey, guess what torpedoes do? That's right, they actually do damage AND will probably light the target on fire. But can we have torpedo bombers instead of dive bombers? No, that would make sense and we can't have that here. Meanwhile, the US CV either has no offense if it wants to be able to defend or has no defense if it wants to go on the offensive. Oh sure if it wants a balanced load-out it can go with torps and fighters... but then it gets one less squadron than it would otherwise because, you know, the hangar space shrinks when the captain uses a sane strategy?! Oh yeah, that makes no sense whatsoever WG. Let us actually PICK what we want in our hangars when we're in port. If we want two fighters and a torp in the hangar instead of two fighters and a dive bomber and want to dump all the useless dive bombers overboard then we should be able to do that. None of this artificial limitation crap. It just doesn't make any sense as it stands. I refuse to play another minute of this game until this nonsense gets fixed. If you want me I'll be somewhere else, playing a game that doesn't have it's head up it's [edited].
  11. Issue: Dive bombers able to pull out of their dive underwater. Ship: Ranger (most likely any ship using DB's) Map: any Occurances: only once noticed Tested: not tested yet Severity: Medium. Details: Ranger used dive bombers against my New York and every dive bomber pulled out of their dive while underwater and flew back to the CV unharmed. Bombs were also dropped extremely close to the ship and would have blown them out of the sky not to mention them going through the water. Sorry I do not know how to take a video of my last battle. But i'm sure you could remake this.
  12. Maybe it's just only me or whatsoever, Sometimes I have that feeling that Dive Bombers actually doesn't drop their Bombs but show they have emptied their armament. If I am not mistaken, it's not like they missed the target. I tried too zoom in many times when they drop their bomb and I know that there will be still water splash around that target ship if they miss. But some times I just see DBs engage the enemy and dives in and then no splash, no explosion at all and fly back showing the empty bomb Icon. Is it possible that DBs are somehow bugged?? And I have no Idea when it happens. For me it seems like it happens whenever it wants just random. And sorry, I have taken no screenshot, since it happens very random and I often miss the timing
  13. Carrier play sucks?

    Hi all, an opinion question, please post your two cents: Grinded through the Langley and did a few matches in the Bogue. At first I found carrier play awesome but quickly lost interest. Now, I feel carrier plays just plain sux asz! It is really lame! Here's my gripes: If you go fighter heavy (2xF, 1xDB in the Bogue), or (with the Lang) do all the fighter skills with your commander, you do end up shooting down a lot of the enemies' aircraft. I have had matches where I routinely shoot down 12-15 of theirs and a few times up to 26 enemy a/c. And that was fun!!! The first twenty times I done that.... It seems that a player that shuts down the enemy's air doesnt really get a whole lot of points and exp for the effort. Am I wrong? After doing a lot of shooting down the enemy, there wasn't a whole lot for me to do wrt sinking enemy ships, and the game gets boring. You stare at the map view waiting for their air to pop up then try to intercept. Then no points to show for it after the match. Alternatively, when I got in the Bogue, I saw a module that gave me 2xDB + 1xTB - and let me launch all three at the same time! Yay! Imagine my fun when I got that group of three around their fighters without getting molested and gang-banged a Wyoming! Fun! For some reason the enemy didn't bother to pay attention and I was able to re-arm and repeat the feat. Awesome! Then on my way back for a third re-arm I realized that the WY was still above 50% after a few torps and ELEVEN bomb hits with multi fires!!! WTH?! At this rate, transit time + re-arm time + dog-leg to avoid enemy fighters, I might get in four to six sorties in a game and MAYBE sink that BB. Conclusion: DBs really are weak. Very weak. And this was a good match where he didn't molest me too much. Later matches where I had a no-fighter loadout saw my offensive air wiped from the map in the first two sorties by his fighters. Conclusion: If you try an all-attack fleet air arm, you won't see as much bang as you'd think because enemy fighters will either wipe you out or you'll waste a lot of time dodging, then if you do hit, the bombers are weak. Conclusion: If you try a fighter-heavy fleet air arm, you'll probably dominate the skies as you'd imagine, but then what? You got maybe one TB unit and most of the clock has gone while you were hunting his air down. Then you don't get a lot to show for it at end-of-match scoring. Fun for a few matches then gets to be a chore that you don't seem to get paid your allowance for doing it. Conclusion: Carrier play gets old quick, and overall sucks. Your opinions? Discuss.