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Found 1 result

  1. Well its been over a week now and every time I go to the forum website I see down in the " who's on line section " woe is me . Strange that this should happen to me twice inside 1 month, funny thing is on both occasions this happened after writing certain types of posts , coincidence or conspiracy theory. So lets have a look into this these strange events that have taken place and see if there is a connection, on the 13th of march I wrote a post in a thread created by another forum member titled " Giuilo Cesare 2 electric boogaloo ( response to WG staffer ) in my post which was part satirical part genuine I wrote my views on the GC matter and mentioned the staffers name and what he had written in a comedic light. On the 15th march when I got on the forum website other than myself it showed no one else was here, of course there were actually people on the forum i just could not see them, i actually wrote a post about this event which lasted close to 2 weeks, then all of a sudden everyone miraculously back on line. Fast forward to the 30th of March when the news of the Soviet BB's were getting a whole sale nerf right down the line, i decided to write another amusing satirical post about the subject then suddenly within 24 hours of said post i get on line and find once again I'm the only soul on the forum is this just happening to me is there a conspiracy do I need a tin foil hat I keep wondering when a Black Cadillac will turn up at the front of my place in the middle of the night and 2 Tommy lee Jones and Wil Smith types in black suites and sunglasses and memory erasing devices get out and head to my door, scary . Now if only Skinner, Mulder and Scully were here to solve this WG mystery Yep really strange things happening on the forum website these days.