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Found 2 results

  1. -404- Recruitment thread not found

    -404- Fleet Not Found (The Fleet you are looking for doesn't exist) What I am? I formed -404- for the meme that is my name. Selfish reason, but truthfully it brightens peoples days looking at the player list, and seeing this single name -404- Captain not found. Getting shouted out in chat with either a great name 404 or a lol 404 in chat. While it may not seem like much i'd like to think it makes a difference in peoples day. That is what I am. Player based Meme that makes people smile or laugh. What I want -404- to be? I want -404- to be a recognized clan to people. One that makes a difference to player and people alike. Whether that be through charity or taking a new player under us on the reddit discord or any discord for that matter. I don't want to make -404- itself great. I want to make the community around us great, and by extension us. I would love to sit in a match and get salutes from OPG, TASH, or other big names out there in the community. By building a better player base we can present an actual challenge to Unicums and like above them, but this will also improve the player experience of the less skilled players. I understand that some people are just bad, but this doesn't have to be a permanent problem. With a little guidance anyone can become a better player. What we offer? We offer a casual environment. Where you can rage in quite on your own time.We don't want to be associated with a vocal minority who says this game is broken or yells at opposing player for being hackers. I don't want a completely casual environment however. Competitive play is good too. I don't want to sound like an elitist. But the upper echelon of the player base is there for a reason. whether by dumb luck, skill, or just an advanced understanding of mechanics. By playing competitively it allows us to stay humble to our skills and acknowledge our weaknesses. This will allow us to improve not just as a clan but a community. Feel free to play with your friends regardless of Clan. What I'm looking for in a new member? Average level of skill and understanding of the game English is a must Don't create problems in the game or out Constructive criticism is a must Act mature if you under 18 I don't want it to be obvious Be active* *if you have to be gone for more than two weeks let me know or you will be removed Stat requirement Have a win rate of at least 47% Solo with a minimum number of 1000 battles played Would like to see you be at least tier 8 Stats must not be concealed. Please contact me in game @ Captian_Not_Found or leave me a comment here and I will be in touch with you with in the next 24 hours
  2. Armored Knights is now accepting recruits to join our World of Warships division. The Armored Knights has been very active in the World of Tanks community for over 4.5 years and is expanding into the World of Warships community. We are a social clan of over 100 players in two divisions ranging in age from 18 and up. We are a clan that prefers a fun, mature environment. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. We strive to adhere to this founding vision. Most of us are military (active, prior or retired) so military members are most welcome! Our clan is active every night with people on just about all hours of the day. Looking to the future we will have weekly training sessions to help everyone get the most out of the game and will likely be looking into every facet of game play that warships will bring. What the Armored Knights Offer: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own TS server and website for our members to use. Clan events as well as tournament play. Training sessions Requirements: 1. TeamSpeak: All Knights will be logged onto our TS server while in-game. TS is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 1 time a week. This is self explanatory. 3. Website/Forums: Must check the Website/Forums at least 2 times a week. ALL clan info is published on our website, consequently this requirement is designed to make sure that all Knights keep up on any and all events or news. 4. Participation: All Knights will participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically 1-2 weeks in length allowing for maximum time for all knights to be able to participate. Active participation is necessary for individual Knights to improve their skills and for -AK- as a clan to maintain its close knit nature.Benefits: 1. Competitive environment: environment designed to maximize learning, grinding and teamwork. 2. Clan Events: Multiple clan events usually supported by GOLD/GIFT SHOP prizes and/or Clan ribbons. We are looking forward to what World of Warships has to offer and want to add to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. For more information check out or website at www.armoredknights.us or join us on Team Speak. Our team speak server information is on our website. Our TS Info is as follows: Address: vs29.tserverhq.com:7055 Password: kvax In game contacts: Warhawk67 PedrosMustache AK_Hammer Stout Hearts -AK2-Warhawk