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Found 76 results

  1. Hello! ADOPT is a clan and community that for over a year has been dedicated to teaching anyone willing to learn. Our Discord is open to all whether you are in the clan or not. We pair new players and players that are wanting to learn with good experienced players. People can division, ask questions, watch our training videos, or just be apart of our community learning by chatting with us. Join our discord to chat with us! https://discord.gg/JFfx8j6 This is open to anyone wanting to join the clan or learn! If you are interested in joining our clan you must join our discord. Please message me or our admins on Discord as we are there more frequently :) I will check messages here as often as possible. ADOPT is recruiting both experienced players for our competitive team and our learning team. What can ADOPT offer you? Clan base unlocks. A positive learning environment. Both a competitive and learning team. Tactics discussion and preparation with the team. A community that extends beyond ADOPT. Multiple allied clans and others are all welcome in our discord. A group of others to division with and chat with. In clan and with other clans. Fun clan events Training events. Requirements to join for the competitive team. 54% Win rate or above. This is open to discussion. Over 1,000 battles. A positive attitude and a willingness to take constructive feedback. Experience in clan battles or other competitive game types. Ability to be on most clan battles times. A selection of clan battles ships. I know this is always changing so we will happily discuss your selection of ships. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. We will recruit people for this team also based off synergy with the rest of the team. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Requirements to join the learning team Any stats :) Over 500 battles and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. A positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. Attendance in our in clan training discussions. We do a few of these or record them if you cannot make a single time. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Videos of our clan battles and training streams.
  2. Sea Renegades [-S-R-] is recruiting!

    Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for casual and competitive players that are active. We typically will run an alpha and/or beta team every evening of clan battles. Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information about our recruitment process. Fair winds and a following sea!
  3. Sea Renegades [-S-R] is recruiting!

    Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for active and competitive players. Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information.
  4. 'Member read some where there's a channel in game, forgot the name. Anyone knows any active channels?
  5. Here you will find a poll regarding premium/permanent camouflages. Leave your thoughts below! I’d also like to add several open questions for the discussion: Would you change the perks of Tiers IV-IX camouflages to be in accordance with the benefits of Tier X camos and each tier’s economy? What are your thoughts regarding the benefits of Tier X camos? Are there any permanent camouflages you don’t like aesthetically? Which ones? Thank you for your time. ”Ad Astra Per Aspera” Phantom out.
  6. I Love You Guys #9

    Must say, player base has been adapting very well to the new all radar all the time meta. It has become quite rare to see a DD smoke in cap for on reason, or over extending. The new meta, for DDs at least, has been a blessing. It teaches the smol botes not to rush to their death in the first 3 min of the match. Challenge: say something nice about the player you despise the most.
  7. (Place tongue firmly in cheek before proceeding. And remember: Irony is Truth) Invisible ships that whine about radar and battleship AP Big fat clumsy ships that whine about invisible ships, fires and walls of torps Floating citadels that win by hiding behind cover and lobbing lameness onto hapless targets that can’t fire back at them Smoke, smoke, smoke and some more smoke Fire-spitting smoke clouds featured prominently in the naval battles of the early to mid-20th Century Overpenetrations: 16” shells go right through a canoe, you know, for only 10% damage The Dispersion Slot Machine---feeling lucky? Well, are you, punk? Hair-pulling and rage incumbent upon the attempt to get a few digital stars next to one’s name through “competitive play” (mark you: there is no monetary compensation for this) Wailing, frustration and rage about the matchmaker Wailing, frustration and rage about “having a bad team” Wailing, frustration and rage about “losing 10 games in a row and it’s not my fault” Cyclones: “Well, Yuri Ivanovich, you have to encourage people to close the distance somehow.” “Great idea, Igor Semyonovich, let’s implement it!” (leaked conversation from WG St. Petersburg office, circa 2016). Angling: Because 2700 lb shells aren’t that dangerous if they hit you at 65 degrees. To borrow a phrase from WoT: "Bounced off!" Overmatch: The number 14.3 is extremely important in naval combat (who knew? I’ll tell you: The designers of 460mm Japanese naval guns. Smart!) One of the greatest innovations in naval strategy in this period involved pointing the bow of the ship toward the enemy and slowly reversing. Don’t you dare cross the T, noob. What do you think this is, a historical game? British battleships: Because to heck with your angling Great Naval Battles in bodies of water full of large masses of strangely-shaped land An aircraft carrier? Never seen one of those. Deep Water torps: Because battleship players are stupid and there are too many of them Radar: Because if your own DDs die, how will you ever see the little buggers? Egos and Tempers the size of the USS Midway Who knew the Soviet Navy boasted such a formidable surface fleet with artillery more accurate than anything any capitalist pig-navy could ever devise? “Destroyers in World War II primarily performed fleet and convoy escort, as well as antisubmarine warfare duties” Oh wait…. Detonations: “We at Wargaming.net believe in fun and engaging gameplay!” Detonations: “Buy this piece of striped cloth and hoist it up the mainmast. It will prevent the unlimited supply of torpedoes in your hull from going off when hit.” Fires: Because how else can a 127mm gun sink a 60,000 ton ship? 33% Skill, 67% Luck. Want to change that? Carry harder and git gud, scrub. “I play World of Warships because it helps me relax.” “I play World of Warships because of the friendly, welcoming and helpful community.” Losing credits? “May I interest you in a premium account, dear sir?” Armor penetration mechanics more Byzantine than organic chemistry Soviet Battleships: The End of the World is Coming
  8. Don't get me wrong here, I think the current state of the WoWS community is in a good place and looks to be improving quickly with the support of WG. To frame my question more accurately I'll explain my intention for posing the question. I recently launched a YouTube Channel that is growing and I would like to make content that fills gaps in what is currently offered. I started with In-Depth Analysis Videos that worked pretty well, but my "Every Tier X Reviewed In 15 Words or Less" video generated far more interest. I think it did so because it is different to content found on popular channels. I am at a good place to experiment with my channel and the content it provides. So, I am asking what content is our growing community currently lacking? What would you guys like to see more of? There seems to be an over-saturation of replay videos and montages, so I think there is a desire for other kinds of content. I have a lot of ideas right now, and if your suggestions match some of those ideas I will prioritize the suggested ones. Alternatively, this discussion could lead to something even better. Speak freely, and thank you for your time. Link to my channel before it is asked for: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fPs7u--FZKDUoNh6Z99Hw
  9. I Love You Guys #8

    The community as a whole is very nice. Many people devoted their valuable time to make worthwhile contents for the player base. Good game, good player base, good community.
  10. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition

    The Hunger Games: NA Forum Addition *The Caesar Flickerman Show into plays" "Welcome, welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen! To the 75th annual Hungers!!! I hope you are all excited, I know I am!!!" "This year we have an exciting development, instead of 12 we have a total of 36 Tributes!!" "More bloodshed am I right?! Hahahah!" *Crowd cheers* "But enough dillydallying, let's bring out the Tributes!! Give them a Hand!" *Caesar tuns to present the screen* "Hmm, Lot's of cartoon faces here, Ha, but one things for sure, I can guarantee the gore is everything but childish!" "I would know! HAHAHA!!" *The crowd laughs* "I know usually we don't show you the Map but no matter, they won't be able to see this until they get out!" "Mmhmmm, A Island Map! This should be exciting!" *Ceasar looks at his watch* "My, My look at the time, just a few minutes away from game start! Do not adjust your sets people, our favorite the game is about to begin!!" "May the odds ever be in their favor!" *Watch this space! I will be posting the game here as it goes on! Good luck to all our participates*
  11. Hey everyone, Isaac here! Just wanted to make a video going over some of the better ideas in response to a facebook post on the World of Warships Dev Blog about what we as a community would like to see in a CV rework. Sorry it's such a long video, I did mean to try and make it shorter, but the multiple windows I was using to view the comments covered up my Bandicam timer. RIP my video length. And with having the response of my subscribers enjoying my more off-the-cuff style of videos, it kinda lapsed..... plus I kinda can get off on tangents/rants. Sorry! Not much to actually watch in the video and you could probably listen to it while alt+tabbed and playing Warships or other games in a different window. Anyway, what are your thoughts and opinions on some of the things I covered? Do you agree with some of the ones that the community has come up with? Do you disagree with them? Do you have your own ideas you'd like to see or would like to offer? Leave a comment in the comments section of the video or a post here on the forums and let's try to get this feedback back to WarGaming on their forums along with their Dev Blog Facebook post! Dev Blog Post: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships.NA/posts/2083103431904850 As always, Captains, take care!
  12. STW Competitive Section

    The STW is currently recruiting active Clan wars players that are looking to fill their competitive needs in clan wars. Recommended stats for applicants are as follows: 1400+ Recent (In tier Ships) 2+ meta tier 10s Available for /clan wars 2+ nights a week A non-toxic attitude and thick skin Of course, if you don’t meet these requirements but are close you should still apply. If you are interested PM one of our Recruiters (listed below) either in game or via the forum. Recruiters: CPT_Vermicelli Fuggaak bballmangreg Join us for a chat on TeamSpeak at: Address:nafleet.typefrag.com:4120 Apply at:http://www.suntzuwarriors.com/
  13. O7 Discord Community

    O7 Discord Remember to drop an O7 in chat! What O7 Discord offers you: A community of chill & competitive players A place to find divisions Fast advice for ship builds, strategies etc.. Developer News (Game News) channel Lax rules Shiptoasting - memes galore! Rules: Pretty much be civil and chill :) These are the accessible channels to normal members: Join O7 Discord: https://discord.gg/8hDysfg
  14. I Love This Game And All Of You

    Hello everybody, I have wanted to write this post for a long time and NoZoap recent video has drove me to do it. I have been playing this game since closed beta test and seen the up and downs of this game. In closed beta test was my favorite time in World of Warships. The people playing back then were best player base, we all were learning the game so everybody was helpful and more forgiving. The ships were way more enjoyable to play too, pre-open beta Cleveland and US DDs were a blast to play. However the end of the closed beta test for me was the end of enjoying the game. When the game entered open beta my pc did not have the specs to run the game. Even that being the case still loved the game but had crashes, 5 minute load ins, no load in to game were painful. How my game ran depressed me and causes a lot of hostile comments from other players. I understood their feelings so I never held it against them. To figure out what I could do to fix this and be a useful teammate I sent tickets to Wargaming and they responded by saying in simplest terms buy new PC or upgrade one I have. That was out of the question no matter how much I would of loved to buy new PC to play game, so for 2 years this game was near unplayable for me. 70% of games I clicked battle button to play I never got chance to play or play very little of it. That 2 years caused me to learn a lot about the average player temperament. Most players had some understanding that Warships caused some slow load ins and crashes for players, however there was a very vocal small number of players that were hostile to "AFK" players. I found spent way to much time defending my fellow potato PC players in game and forums but for most part found great deal of understanding and support in both. Now that I a new PC( thank goodness for Black Friday sales) and get to enjoy game again fully. I still love this game after this time and still think Warships has the best player base of all the WG products( Warplanes has closer bond between players but some few of them). The French BBs were the first line I got to grind up and not have wasted daily XP bonus wasted because I never loaded in, finally got Baltimore after grinding to it for about 3 years. Despite now not having many issues with game performance I still support the fact you should never judge too harsh on "AFK" players. Thank you to all who read this. I enjoy playing Warships with all of you and if any of you want to say hi in game feel free. Fair winds and calm seas, Patton3rdarmy13
  15. Parati Vero Parati is recruiting! Welcome. Above all, we are a clan that prides itself on upstanding in-game behavior and good sportsmanship. We're trying to create a good community first then work to be competitive so... Criteria for admission: Friendly >900 WTR in at least 1 ship class ~50% WR Commitment to participate in CWs at least once per week. Commitment to be social, div up with fellow CMs, and participate in clan discussions. If you're interested, send a message to Freshsqueezed here or in-game. I'll send you the Discord link and we can div up :) Cheers and thanks for your interest in Parati Vero Parati!
  16. Community Contributors

    Hello, I watched todays Dev. Diary. I see WG is looking for CC's I would like to apply. As I am doing daily World of Warships streams I was wondering how you would go about doing this? Thank you for all your help.
  17. Hey all, My name is BTed72 and I am excited and honored to be joining the World of Warships team and getting to know y’all. I have been doing contract work for WG on and off over the last 2 years. You may have seen me doing different streaming or e-sports work in the past but this is my first chance to work full time for World of Warships and I am thrilled. Here are a few bits and pieces about me. - 5 years around WG games as a player before - Been playing ships since Alpha/Beta, almost exactly 3 years ago and still love the game. - Military History Fan with the goal of visiting as many Museum Ships as possible. Have been on 5 so far, 2 CV, 2 DD, a Sub and a BB, and am looking to add to that number. - Served in the USMC in Sig Intell many, many moons ago. - Lucky enough to help create/take part in Torpedoes for Troops Veterans Charity Warships streams - Been playing Games since the dice and paper days of DnD 2nd edition even though I do have an old torn up 1st edition box somewhere - Die hard Sci Fi fan – From seeing Star Wars as a kid to Firefly - Massive Rugby fan Please feel free to msg me in game as I would love to Div up. Very excited to a part of the World of Warships Team and look forward to meeting and getting to know this amazing community.
  18. Warships weeb community

    Warships weeb community has taken off! Join us for discussions and events! Who are we? We are a Community based in Discord not a clan! Why? We were tired of not having a place of our own, so we are creating it. We want you to be part of something special so feel free to drop by. The main idea of our discord is to discuss warships, every type of anime subject and more! Our discord has been growing everyday since it's creating, we're a fast developing community. Reminder for every keep civil and respect each other. https://discord.gg/VnBEdPX Everyone is welcome!
  19. HEROS of Sparta

    Hello all, We are a gaming community of older people - mid 20's to late 60's. Our community has a website that boasts the latest technology and communication abilities. Pretty frick'n cool if you ask me... Sparta Reborn. Please scope out the site, peruse through the info on the website, nothing is hidden or require special access. In the menu at the top of the page is our TeamSpeak info, which you can use to come and say hi at anytime. The TS server is professional hosted and comms are open to anyone. Come create a team or clan on the site, have your own page, logo and team info. Challenge others in the community, or run lone wolf it's up to you. TeamSpeak access for in-game comms. We are not a single clan but a community of clans, meaning you can bring your friends and create you own clans or teams within the community. Our main World of Warships clan is "HEROS of Sparta". We have approximately 30 active members and room for 10 more. We are looking for individuals who can help the clan grow or just some laid back friends to play with. Basically we enjoy teaming with others in online games. We have all the perks unlocked for the main clan and are looking for some more guys. We hope to have gaming nights regularly and as we grow we'll be doing more and more. Possibly even some giveaways from time to time. You're more than welcome to join the server with your questions. Hope to see you on the server and in game, smooth sailing mates!
  20. KnightWatch Academy We are a clan that welcomes new players to help them learn the ropes of the game and provide a community for those looking to improve their game-play. We promote good sportsmanship and learning within the clan in order to make the game more fun for ourselves and our opponents. We do use discord for in-game communication it is a free app for anyone. We do have a link to our Discord page at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights/ and if you have any questions about the clan feel free to message me In-Game! We do try and provide multiple available resources to our members. Again if you have any questions either message me in our Facebook page, Discord page, or In-Game Happy Hunting! -Hawkeyerc (Clan Commander)
  21. TMI is looking to start some Clan Battles in WoWS! So T8+ players only. If you're active and can get into T8 soon, you're also welcome to apply! Many of existing players in the clan also play EVE Online so if you are interested in both, it will be a great community! We're mostly casual players and adults in our community from around the world so no stress here! Clan Improvements currently include: USA / IJN research bonus (+3%) -10% to BB Service Cost -10% to T5 and T6 ships We can almost add another research center or dock to reduce service costs too. Feel free to message me on forums or on this Discord: Join us here! https://discord.gg/E8JDGPY IGN: Jedi2155
  22. [BLUMR] Stands as the pride and joy of The Haifuri Community of the North American (NA) server. We strive for success, efficiency, and above all-else, showing respect. The Blue Mermaids will focus on excelling on all fronts: You’re expected to commit to your community, while still having fun. **RECRUITMENT FOR BLUMR IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TILL END OF CW SEASON 2** Our spots for this season of clan wars are maxed out. We will update this post when space for the clan opens back up. (Updated: March 14, 2018) If you wanna join another clan in our community. Come join our discord and talk to a recruiter there. Mission Statement: "Through services and facilities, to forward deployed naval forces whenever and wherever needed, our challenge is to anticipate and provide fleet service and support needs on demand." What is expected? As of now, we are a small, competitive team within The Haifuri Community who have proven themselves in season 1 of clan wars earning the coveted rank of Typhoon I and currently are positioned at Typhoon III as we continue our season grind. We are willing to guide and teach our members as they show growth and commitment to the clan/community. We encourage divisioning with fellow community members, as well as watching replays of our previous competitive videos to encourage gameplay growth. This is not required, but it is encouraged. We do practice skirmishes with our sister-clans, intercommunity clans, and many others. They're also the fun times to look forward to as it's not “all work and no play”. Being a part of The Haifuri Community unlocks many opportunities that other smaller clans lack, due to not being in large communities. This includes historical training-room events, sync dropping, having a member presence in nearly every time-zone to division-up with, and much more that you get to experience by joining. Upon joining, there will be a "shake down cruise" with an officer/designated member. It will mostly consist of watching how you play, see how you handle teamwork, being called-out for any errors, seeing if you can learn from your mistakes, and if you can commit to the competitive scene. You’re expected to show up for at least two of the 4 CW primetime days. If you can't make it, or personal reasons come up, simply contact an officer to let us know. We encourage the behavior that real-life ALWAYS comes first, as this is only just a game. Rules | Requirements: > Be polite to both clan members and non-clan members! > Don't break any rules set out by WG, or by the clan community. > Must speak English and have a working mic. > Must join our Discord server (For announcements, changes, and chatting). > Must have a 54% WR and must also have at least one Tier 10 with a 50% WR preferred. > Must be active. We are not requiring every-day playing, as real-life come first – however as mentioned above, we will still expect you to play with our clan at least once or twice a week in-order to encourage growth within the community and also for becoming a better and higher-skilled player at the game. > You must also be willing to learn and take criticism! > What should I do if I'm interested or have any questions? Join our Discord by clicking here and ask for a BLUMR officer. Please contact any of the BLUMR officers here, in game, or on our community discord. We will be more than able to help answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you all on the high seas!
  23. See you Feb 9th, be my fodder. Also, 3 people did not claim their christmas "sink-neutralstate-get-a-gift" gift, they have now refunded. If you are one of the three, PM me and I'll resend something of equal value.
  24. ADOPT is a community of WoWs players that are dedicated to helping new players learn more about the game and helping players improve their stats. ADOPT now has two clans! ADOPT is the more competitive clan with a focus on clan battles and other competitive game types. ADPT2 is a clan where new members can go to learn how to play in competitive game types. Both clans operate together with ADOPT helping ADPT2 members improve. Members of ADPT2 that have proven themselves will be able to move up to ADOPT for more competitive game play. Check out our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/rSWqcuQ What can ADOPT clan offer? A community that goes beyond just our clan members. With over 300 people in our Discord server, there is usually a clan member or community member looking for a division ADOPT is a competitive clan in clan battles and actively works to hold skirmish battles with other clans. We try to take our best players for clan battles and host skirmish battles to help our less experienced players improve for clan battles. Both a competitive and a learning clan, ADOPT has a place for veterans and new players. Coordinated team strategies. ADOPT spends time going over our strategies so everyone knows their role when we enter battle. While ADOPT is competitive, we work very hard to keep a relaxed and positive environment for our members. Instead of getting angry at a loss or a mistake, we take the chance to talk about how we can try to avoid those mistakes in the future. Clan base unlocks. Memes Requirements to join ADOPT/ADPT2. Use discord for voice communication and text chat. Must be regularly active in the discord chat and divisions in discord. Must have similar availability to play as the clan. Weekend and weekday evenings. This is so we can have a healthy clan battles population and more interaction in our community and skirmishes. Be respectful to fellow clan members, other discord members, and players in game. Be receptive to feedback and willing to improve. Listen to admins and shot callers in clan battles or skirmishes. Desire or availability to play in clan battles is not required but is preferred. Have played at least 500 games and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. Preferably more. Since space is limited we want to make sure people are active and enjoying the game and want to stick around. Recruitment Process Any recruits are invited to ADPT2 on a trial basis. If we do not see activity in the 1-2 weeks we will automatically kick you from the clan. For any reason something comes up and you are unable to play please let us know, and if we kick you and you would like back when you return let us know. Life gets busy and we understand. **Members of ADPT2 that have proven themselves to be good at competitive play, and helpful to others will be moved to ADOPT. If you are interested please send me a message and we can discuss moving you into the proper clan for you. During the recruitment process division with other discord members. See if you like playing with us and want to stick around. Check out some of our fun videos with ADOPT! We always looking for Mentors to help teach new players and players looking to improve. You do not have to be in the clan for this. ADOPT is a community that exists to help any player looking to improve. We do this by answering questions, playing in divisions and giving constructive feedback. Join us if you are looking to help make the World of Warships player base better, or if you are looking to improve. https://discord.gg/rSWqcuQ
  25. The Voyage of the Transylvania (Part 1)

    Please see the entire story, as linked above. Now, most of you have heard the story of how the USS Miami (aka "Transylvania") sailed through the rift portal and was feared lost. And, of course, a few of you know "the rest of the story" because you, yourselves, either took part in the rescue mission to save the Transylvania or were among the crews stationed at the rift portal who helped keep the hordes of darkness busy until @Dr_Venture and the Snargfargle could complete the towers and seal the rift. Many of you heroes still feel the effects of the mutagenic nanogenes of the Pall to this day. While the majority of the nanogenes were rendered inert when the rift portal was closed, their effects still linger in everyone who was exposed to them. Dr. Venture, @CompassRose, and the world's foremost scientists are studying them and working with the Snargfargle in an attempt to use the Staff of Ages to temporarily reanimate and reprogram enough inert nanogenes so that their deadly machinations can be reversed. Let's hope they can find a cure soon because those exposed weaken more and more as each day passes. That is, except for the Snargfargle. Even though the mighty creature was not totally immune to the effects of the nanogenes, in him their effect was quite different indeed. Active nanogenes still swarm in the Snargfargle's body, powered and instructed by the Staff of Ages. However, far from causing illness, the nanogenes which infect the Snargfargle have done something very strange and wondrous indeed. Perhaps the nanogenes of the Pall referenced the genetic material that the Staff of Ages had picked up from the humans who, over the millennia, reverently touched its surface and traced it's strange hieroglyphics because they now apparently have decided that "human" should be the Snargfargle's true form. We knew that the Staff of Ages could act as a supercomputer, translating even the most arcane of languages and allowing the Snargfargle to communicate with anyone, even a mythical "dragon," without having actually learned their language. We also knew that the Staff of Ages came from the same dimension as the crystals and the nanogenes themselves. What we didn't know (until recently) was that the Horde didn't invent the nanogenes but merely stole them and and then used them for their own sinister purposes. The Staff of Ages was constructed by beings so advanced as to make even the @Alien_Observers appear primitive in relation. To this ancient (if "ancient" is even the correct word for beings who could control time itself) species, an Observer scientist would have seemed even more primitive than the Snargfargle once had appeared to the Observers when he was a H omo erectus, gnawing on bones in a cave and thinking his crude (though intelligent for his species) thoughts. The only reason why the Observers didn't come down and take the staff from "Snarg the Thinker" by force, which they could easily have done, is because they are a noble race with a strict code of ethics that prohibits non-interference unless the threat is dire. That, and the fact that even they still do not fully understand the staff's awesome power. But we digress. The mutagenic nanogenes that swarm in the Snargfargle's body under instruction from the Staff of Ages are changing him. No longer is he the massive green "monster" of myth. His green skin has turned to a golden bronze and, though he is still more massive and powerful of body than most humans, he appears more and more human every day. This change in appearance has bemused him as much as it has his closest friends. At the same time his brain is also changing. He is beginning to see things in a new way and understand things that were once just beyond the grasp of even his brilliant mind. He sometimes sits and ponders where this change will take him. With the change he also has removed the shamanistic accoutrements that once adorned the Staff of Ages and has given it a more modern guise. His raiment too is different, though it still looks somewhat "archaic" to modern humans. Only Compass and Venture know that he now wears the garb of a philosopher-king of Atlantis, which is not an affectation for he was the last king of Atlantis. He no longer wishes to be called by the shamanistic title "the Snargfargle" either. Lately, he has been referring to himself as Metis, which is the name of an ancient titan of wisdom.