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Found 35 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have three points to spend for my Atlanta commander and am trying to decide whether to choose demolition expert or vigilance. My commander has fifteen points all together. So far I have PT, PM, IFA, HA, AR, LS and BFT for my skills. I'm leaning toward demolition expert but with the new deep water torpedoes I'm wondering if the vigilance skill might be worth a little more now for a ship which really can't afford torpedo hits. I'm hoping to get a little advice to help me make my decision. Any additional suggestions are welcome. Thanks for taking the time to view my post!
  2. Free Commander Retraining

    I think WG should allow us to retrain or respec our commander skills at a lower or no cost after USN CV rework. For example, some USN CVs now have planes that are lower tiers than their IJN counter parts. Some of my past USN CVs were spec for Strike and others are for Balanced or AS loadouts.
  3. During the October 2017 free re-set of commander skills, I experimented with my ten-point French captain (awarded in 4-star Dunkirk Op) in the Tier III Friant. The Friant has a 139mm main battery and the EM/BFT/AFT 139mm commander skills work as described. When the 4-point IFHE 139mm commander skill is applied to the Friant captain, the Friant is penalized with a -3% fire chance, not the -1% in the description. Please correct.
  4. Given the new, more flamboyant fire effects, it's sometime quite hard to spot the change of colours in the incoming Fire alert commander skill. Could it be possible to either allow us to move this icon or change the colour when fired upon (bright red/deep blue comes to mind)?
  5. It is a long way from 6 to 10

    It is pretty easy to get a 6-point captain, and master a one-, two- and three-point skill. Starting any line you should get yourself a 6-point captain before you are out of Tier IV, and that is where it starts to feel pretty good. But it is a long way from a 6-point captain to a 10-point captain. It takes 4 times longer to go from 6 to 10 than it did to go from 0 to 6, and it feels like a long wasteland of non-improvement while grinding towards that 4-point skill. So my question to all of you more experienced folks is this: do you hold off with unspent skill points until you make it to 10, or do you spend some to learn any additional lower point skills on the way? The disadvantage to waiting is that you will have the exact same captain at 182,000 XP as you did at 37,000 XP. The disadvantage to incremental additions is that you will have to pay doubloons to re-spec once you do make it to 10 points. I have not raised any commanders from scratch beyond 7 points yet (though I have several of the 10-point captains earned from scenarios), but the temporary free-respec period got me thinking about this. Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. Hi everyone, Last night, I made the decision to take advantage of the free captain skills reset to go through my 200+ ships in port and reset most of the good commanders on them. Since most of us only grind a few ships at a time, I figured it would be smart to reset all of my higher level commanders as a preemptive way to prepare for any new game mechanics or a shift in meta in the future. I'll leave all those ships and commanders not being used fully reset until I need to activate them again for any purpose. You never know when you're going to need a particular ship for a specific purpose. The point being is that although it may seem arduous and time consuming, it may end up being very beneficial down the road, especially when respec'ing captain skills for stuff like Ranked, Clan Battles, etc. Could end up saving a lot of $$$ as well. Just my two cents
  7. With the opportunity to respec commanders for free this weekend, I am trying to figure out once and for all if it's wort hit to have Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft on the North Carolina. I have seen it recommended on a number of sites and it seems so completely lackluster, even for a 1-point investment. For spotting aircraft it's almost totally useless, for fighters it's only marginally useful for a very brief period. Opinions?
  8. Thinking about changing up my captain build. Currently 1) PT 2) LS 3) TAE, BFT, SI, DE 4) CE If you have used RPF did you find it beneficial? What was your captain skill build to take the second tier 4 skill?
  9. Hi all My goal to off the German cruiser line is now complete and I have a brand spanking new Hindenburg sitting in port. Roon was an absolute blast to play, I don't know why it is never really mentioned! Again I want to pick the brains of experienced Hindenburg captains about their setups and what they feel works best. Similarly to the Roon I don't see the need to spec it for full AA as there aren't enough CV games to really make it count, however I am not going to completely discount AA. Questions Upgrades: I am toying with the following Upgrades Slot 1 - Easy pick - Guns are the primary tool Slot 2 - 20% to AA range, I found this worked well on the Roon Slot 3 - Greater range as I didn't push early on in the Roon and did a fair amount of kiting. Slot 4 - Hydro, while this is situational there were a few recent games where I pushed into caps and needed it. With two turrets forward I will push a little more than in the Roon Slot 5 - Rudder shift to help with poor shift time stock. Slot 6 - Will try Rudder shift as this will help kiting and I am always firing. Concealment is not good and i am in two minds about this have you found better steering making a huge difference? Commander skills The setup looks reasonable without needing any changes, and saving on retraining costs/grind. what are your thoughts? I could change to either BFT & AFT or variants of the two to really make this an AA platform but is it worth it? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  10. Hi all, I've returned to the game, being gone for about 8 months. I can't seem to find a current skills guide, the last one I have was last updated over a year ago. The tree has changed and I'm not sure what's relevant to each ship type anymore, save a few crucial ones. I've done some searching on the forums and even tried to use google searching to try and locate a current skills guide. Anyone have any book marked?
  11. Hello there! Is me, DIO, nah jk, So, I'm farming my way up to the IJN CV line, actually I'm in the tier V with Zuiho and I'm building the commander skills. This right here are the skills I have on the moment, also I have 3 points to unlock a new one. Wich one can be? http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000000000000000000019 As always thanks to all of you, see you on another post
  12. I have a limited time to play, I would normally just play a bit and test out what I do or don't like but sadly that is not an option with my current schedule. #worksabitch Was wondering if I could get some advice from some of you all in setting up The Captain in question will be moved to Zao after about 100k Exp. Will likely keep 'Buki and put a dedicated Captain in her and share it with Atago. Thanks All! oh... if this topic has been covered at length apologies.
  13. In this post, I'll be sharing my captain builds for my favourite/most played ships. This post has two purposes: -Help less experienced players choose a commander skill build that they like -Gain feedback from you guys, so I can improve my builds. So I hope this helps, and please feel free to post your preferred captain builds! (All builds assume a 19 point commander, as that's what we are all aiming for eventually.) Thank you for reading! I might add more ships in the future, but we'll have to see about that.
  14. Does anybody know if HEAP is worth it on the Atlanta? It seems like small caliber guns benefit the most, but the raw damage of the shells are usually lacking. Any thoughts?
  15. Inspired by Notser's Secondary Build video: Unfortunately with the switch of Fire Prevention from level 3 to level 4, this would probably be best for high-tier German BBs focusing on secondaries, at least to me: 1- Preventative Maintenance (like Notser, I'm hoping this applies to ALL modules: guns both main and secondary/AA, and engine+steering) 1- Expert Loader/Catapult Fighter (still tossed up between which would be better, obviously the former would be good to deal with angled BBs+destroyers in a pinch, and the latter would be great only with games with CVs; I'm leaning toward Expert Loader as it's more utilitarian) 2- Expert Marksman 3- Basic Firing Training 4- Fire Prevention (to mitigate annoyance from HE spammers/players who try to take out your guns with HE) 4- Manual Secondary Guns 4- Advanced Firing Training I know its level 4 skills-heavy, but for Secondary Builds all three of those are really useful and adds up to 19- thoughts/recommendations?
  16. Update 0.6.0 Feedback

    Hello Commanders, Captains, and Squids (I'll let you fight among each other who is who ) Please post any feedback you have about 0.6.0 here and we will submit it to our development team for improvement. The more concise the feedback, the more it helps!
  17. RPF (or, as it's now called, Radio Location) is not OP. It's not something that DDs should be afraid of, or any other ship. But I still think it's a terrible idea given the current game meta, not for what the skill can do, but for the effects the skill will have on an already camptastic high-tier meta. I played the test server extensively and tested out skills and builds with various ship lines, and as I suspected, the RPF skill is not that big a deal for smart players. I'm a DD main, and I'm fine with facing it. Why? Opportunity cost. If someone spends 4 points on RPF, that's 4 points they can't spend elsewhere, weakening their build. Good players have solid instincts for knowing where ships are, where they'll appear, the flow of the game. RPF is useless to those players, and for potatoes, they won't be able to make good use of it and they'll be giving up other valuable skills. For example, with German BBs...if you take RPF, it's going to be a suboptimal build. My German BBs will use a secondary build (for a 19pt capt): Preventive Maintenance, Jack of All Trades, Expert Marksman or high alert (haven't decided yet), Super (for extra charge of heal and hydro), BFT, AFT, and Manual Secondaries. 19 points. You can't get RPF without giving up a needed skill for a secondary build (imo). It's even worse for cruisers and DDs; I've theorycrafted builds for most of my ships and there's no way that RPF doesn't block you from getting a more useful skill, because 4 points. So, why do I think RPF is a mistake and should not be included? Because potatoes. The NA server is campy AF. And it's hard enough to get DDs to go cap. Hell, part of the reason I play mostly DD is because it's so obnoxious to lose games when DDs won't cap and play the objective. So now, you've got this skill that every potato on the server thinks is OP, and every potato DD driver thinks will result in being permaspotted. Which means getting DDs to push up, cap, and spot will become even harder. Getting cruisers to play aggressive will become even harder. People will camp harder. The high-tier meta is already damn near unplayable, and now you're adding a skill which will make everyone BUT battleships afraid to push up...and that might be worth it if most BBs would play more aggressively as a result, but let's be honest, they won't. So everyone will camp in back and t10 will be even more miserable. RPF is not a skill that people should be afraid of, but they are. As a DD main, radar did not ruin my game. I adapted. RPF will not ruin my game. I will adapt. But there are so many DDs who freak out about radar and won't push or cap or scout (you'd think they'd just stop playing DD if they're afraid to go do DD stuff, but that makes too much sense.) I see RPF as being just like radar; it will create more lopsided steamrolls when you have DDs on one side that are smart and push, and DDs on the other side that are like "OMGWTFBBQ THEY HAVE RPF I CAN'T GO CAP BECAUSE THEY'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM OMGPANIC!" Those are the games that make me just stop playing for a day or two or three because it's so frustrating. Close, hard fought losses are part of the game. I can get enjoyment out of a loss, if it was a good game. But when I go on a streak and lose t10 game after t10 game where I'm performing at or above server avg level but my teams are terrified to push, that makes the game not fun anymore. Even when it works against the other side (because I acknowledge this will go both ways, it's just extra frustrating when it happens to my team several times in row,) it's still frustrating, because landslide games aren't as fun as tough, hard-fought, intelligently played matches. And I think RPF is going to exacerbate this problem greatly, not because the skill is OP, but because potatoes will overreact to it. TL;DR: We need to rethink RPF. I am disappointed to see that it is being added to the game. If, overall, NA server players were less whiny about change, smarter about learning the actual effects of skills, and less scared of getting their paint scratched, I'd be totally OK with RPF, because I can adapt to it and it weakens my opponents that choose it. But I am very concerned about how many 'bad losses' we'll see because DDs overreact to the existence of RPF and camp instead of capping and/or spotting. Edit to add this note because some people are missing a major point here: I am not arguing that it can come in handy in some scenarios. It's a potato skill because of the opportunity cost, and the fact that taking it prevents you from using those 4 points on other skills. If it was a 1 or 2 point skill, it'd be silly NOT to take it. I'm glad it's a 4-point skill, because it would be unbalanced if someone could have RPF along with all the other useful skills they want.
  18. As we all should know the new commander skill tree is coming out soon. So I would like to ask your opinion on commander skills for the Bismarck so when the patch becomes live it is easier to pick skills. For the build I am thinking of you would take preventative maintenance at level 1, expert marksman at level 2, and superintendent at level 3. Finally at level four take advanced firing training, manual fire control, and concealment expert. For the finale one take a remaining level one skill of your choice, I was thinking the the Aircraft control to get the second fighter. Please leave your opinions and your own ideas for a build. Thank you.
  19. need help specking my ARP ships

    so as the title suggests I'm looking for assistance in specking my ARP commanders/ships -now for the specifics- after recently re-watching the Arpeggio of Blue Steel series I had renewed vigor to play my ARP ships in general and with the new 10 point commanders from the mission, i have a (mostly) clean slate to work with and with this being our last go with the ARP collab i want to spec my commanders/ships in a way that reflects the characters in the show/movie (movie where a lot of the characters are actually seen for the first time) so I've got some of the character traits worked out and will list them below the only exception is my Takao, she can stay as is since she is a unique ship, but pretty much everyone else is up for fair grabs -note: for this project i want to stick to the character traits as much as possible so ANY and ALL skills/upgrades are in play (including the normally useless ones like incoming fire alert) any help would be very much appreciated ​
  20. Both AFT and BFT provide bonuses to "...main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm and secondary battery guns." So my question is this: do these bonuses apply to all secondary battery guns, or just the secondaries that are within that 139mm caliber range?
  21. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/insertundersiegereferencehere/ Many people are excited about the Missouri, which I get, or happy/cheesed about the addition of Mr. Seagal to the game, which I also get. But I wonder if the implementation of the "Seagal Skills" suggests a direction of some eventual rework of the commander skills system. Imagine if all commanders got to designate, either upfront on first recruitment, some limited number of super-specialty skills granting additional bonuses. (One could, for example, have to "purchase" such super-specialties using either commander xp or some new category of commander free xp). I'm not sure I'm in favor of this... The positive is more individualized commanders; the negative is that commander skills/ship specialties/retraining is hard enough to manage as it is. I just wonder if we are seeing an omen.
  22. Can anyone recommend the go-to commander skills for a Gearing?
  23. I asked the same question on the IJN forums but with Situation Awareness being removed from the Commander Skills (and given to all ships in 0.5.9), what would be better? Basic Fire Training or Basics of Survivability? I assume the BFT will be better but it looks like if put one point into BFT now, we will get the SA point back for free otherwise WG will automatically move the one point into Basics of Survivability if Situation Awareness is your only talent taken in the first tier. Really they should just either reset all Tier 1 talents and make you select one before can play your ship or reset all commander skills if you took SA as one of your choices. Thoughts?
  24. With Situation Awareness being removed from the Commander Skills (and given to all ships in 0.5.9), what would be better? Basic Fire Training or Basics of Survivability? The reason I ask is because if Basic Fire Training is better, I should put a point into that now to get the free point later otherwise WG will automatically put one point into Basics of Survive if Situation Awareness is your only talent taken in the first tier. Thoughts?
  25. Recently I achieved my 18th Credit for Commander Training Skills. Number 18 required 369,000 XP's to get. Now that I am working on number 19, I see that this one requires 9,999,999. This is like 27 times (2700%) more XP required than was for the 18th point. Past points would increase in increments of 100% or 200%. This one is so astronomical that I am thinking it must be a typo. Is it? Inquiring Minds...don't ya know.