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Found 13 results

  1. Gamescom 2016 WoWS Codes

    Usually these events have some type of giveaway code(s) floating around for the first xxxx people registering. I've not seen nor heard of anything as yet. Have you? If so, can you share?
  2. Italeri model codes

    Do the Italeri model codes work on the NA server? If not for the first time ever I have server envy. The Essex model has a code for the Smith, which I really want.
  3. Ahoy Fellow Naval Commanders. The Razer Comm are hosting a Promotional event on their products, simply go to here Links: http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms and then you will see lots of stuff inside there. [Original thread can be found on here Links: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/55347-free-1-day-premium-1-port-slot-razer-comms/page__fromsearch__1 ] Images: WHAT DO I GET? BONUS CODE FOR ALL PLAYERS Port Slot 1 Day of Premium invite code for new wargaming accounts 1 Diana Ship 500 Doubloons Port Slot 3 Days of Premium [Codes: GHK594V5G9] BONUS CODE FOR GLEAM.IO CONTEST 1 Marblehead premium ship 500 Doubloons Port Slot 7 Days of Premium [For your Informations, I am helping fellow Naval Commanders who haven't registered email on any Razer Comm before to get those codes for free for them, if you are unsure how to do it simply PM me in the forums and I will respond to you ASAP, I only do it for those new emails haven't registered for Razer Comm] Tutorial: Firstly log in from here: Then type WoWS Community and click search: Then you found it, click the WoWS Community to join.: Then go to this links: http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms Then after that you will just need to log in the details and click verify and you able to get a codes like this. Enjoy! Regards. A patriotic WoWS players from ASIA.
  4. http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms WHAT DO I GET? BONUS CODE FOR ALL PLAYERS Port Slot 1 Day of Premium [it work on NA, EU and Asia.] Bit of work required but I needed another port slot with these new nations so worth it for me. Also an invite code This code (for new Wargaming accounts) unlocks the following in-game goods: • Diana• Port slot• 500 doubloons• 3 days of premium account GHK594V5G9 Regards. A patriotic WoWS players from ASIA.
  5. Beta codes?

    Hi, I am a huge wargaming (company) fan and a few weeks ago was wondering when the new beta codes will come out and how to buy into beta. I would help a lot if someone could tell me.
  6. Hello, recently I was given a beta code and when ever I try to sign up fo the closed beta with it all I get is a error message. Does anyone know how to solve this problem or is it because I missed my chance
  7. Another round of codes! Enjoy and good luck
  8. Another batch of codes for those of you who have been waiting Good luck
  9. Another round of beta codes being given away Good luck and hope to see you on this weekend!
  10. Before the start of the weekend I will be giving away some weekend beta codes If you didn't get a code this time around, sub as I'll be giving away more codes before the start of the weekend beta. Check out my series while you are waiting XD
  11. Another 10 codes How to Redeem Your Beta Key If you already have a Wargaming.net ID, use it to log in. If you don’t have a Wargaming.net ID, follow the instructions below to create one: https://na.wargaming.net/registration/en/ Follow the link: http://worldofwarships.com/invite/ Enter your invite code on World of Warships portal page and download the game client. TER3K-XNEGU-854YS-CRBP6 TER3K-Y4PM7-KTDB8-WRCB5 TER3K-Z8S8S-3Z3BD-NBPGG TER3K-ZAWB4-PCGU7-26BFP TER3K-ZKK28-Z8VWK-6626N TER3K-ZKMXY-VK4AS-RH5V7 TER3M-3ATR6-3M9VR-RG2FP TER3M-437K2-8Z75Y-C45TH TER3M-4GMW5-H4PYE-N75ER TER3M-4HERD-K4MZH-ZTXRM
  12. CLOSED

    Codes are gone - STOP NECRO THREAD -_-