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Found 50 results

  1. Surely after reading the title of this thread, your first thoughts would be, "What? This can't be true, it's obvious clickbait." Well, yes and no. The SS City of Everett was a unique cargo steamship of the whaleback design, which incorporated a continuously-curving hull nearly all the way to the top of the deck. The thinking behind this was that waves would simply roll right over the ship instead of impacting it directly side-on, thus making them better in storms, and their oddly-shaped bows would help them handle better while being towed as barges, which was their main intention. However, there grew to be quite a number whalebacks that were self-powered, usually with their engines and superstructure at the rear of the ship. The unique design and the resemblance of their bows to a pig's snout gained them the nickname of "pigboats." SS Meteor, a typical whaleback and the only one still around today Now, to meet the star of our story today; the whaleback City of Everett. The small, 346 ft (105 m) ship was built in 1894 in the city of Everett, Washington, and was to be the only whaleback built there. This ship went on to be quite important, being the first US steamship to transit the Suez Canal and to circumnavigate the globe. Her storied history includes a near-career ending explosion, a collision that resulted in the sinking of another vessel, and a frustrating connection with the sinking of the great ocean liner RMS Republic, all before finally foundering in the Gulf of Mexico in 1923. But, I'm not here today to talk to you about any of those incidents. I'm here to tell you of how a tiny, unarmed, cigar-shaped cargo ship managed to capture an entire city in Spain. As I'm sure many of you already know, in 1898 America went to war with Spain due to various reasons, the most important being the supposed sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor by the Spanish. Now, this being the 19th century, communications were nowhere near as advanced as they are today, especially communication with ships at sea. This plays a crucial role in our story. Now, let's get on with the story itself. At the start of the war, the City of Everett found itself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, completely unaware of the developing conflict between the two nations. She continued on her voyage as if everything was normal, putting into the city of Malaga, Spain for freshwater and resupply. Almost as soon as they came into the harbor, a small launch was sighted heading towards the ship, requesting to come aboard. Still in the dark about the war, the crew happily obliged, and the occupants of the small boat, came aboard the ship. To the surprise of the crew, the men revealed themselves to be officials sent by the City of Malaga. And to the even bigger surprise of the American ship and her crew, the officials surrendered the city to the City of Everett, believing it to be a new and advanced warship of the United States Navy. The bewildered crew was initially confused as to what the men were even talking about, but after a briefing of the situation, eventually accepted the city's surrender. The tiny City of Everett, carrying no weapons whatsoever, with a crew of only 26, had managed to single-handedly capture a Spanish port-city of nearly 130,000 people. Yep, this thing right here. However, not wanting to cause too much of a stir and simply wanting to continue on their voyage, the crew of the City of Everett simply took the supplies that they came for, and left the harbor, putting it back into Spanish hands. Overall, this incident had very little effect on the war as a whole, or on the City of Everett, but it being a bit of a quirky and awkward moment in history, it's a story worth sharing. As for the City of Everett, she's now sitting under 400 ft of water approximately 120 nautical miles off the coast of Florida, with the 26 souls she took with her when she sank in 1923. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.
  2. It's easy...simply pay out zero xp and credits for a loss...problem solved.... And yes, this would solve the I don't care attitude in the game, but it would also bring player numbers down to WOWP status.... Pick your poison kids....
  3. Clearly people are unhappy when a corgi is on their team. People are unhappy when they sit back digging holes in your pond. However what if Corgis were not only on a neutral team but also couldn't hurt anyone. I propose that when they enter your game they shoot caffeine bullets that make everyone go unnaturally fast and wear a clocking device that can only be spotted if you're holding your mouse/sight over them (or in their direction). Halfway through the game, if the corgi is still alive a red circle will be visible when you hover your sight over them. Win-win for everyone!
  4. Since I haven't been playing much, I got one of the "Inactive" packages that included the De Grasse and Guilio Cesare. I've really enjoyed the De Grasse, it's a blast to play, but after trying the Cesare in co-op a couple times, I just didn't like the feel of it. Went ahead and played it in random for the first time tonight, and .....
  5. Rum balls (no, really!)

    My wife, being of Polish persuasion (how did the Germans ever defeat them?), used to make piernicki for Christmas. Now my family makes these. Enjoy! Rum balls 12 oz. Vanilla Wafers, well crushed (the cheap 11 oz. bags work just as well) 1 c pecans, ground 3/4 c confectioner's sugar, sifted 1/4 c cocoa powder 1/2 c dark rum (not too much; half 151 would be good) 3 Tbsp light corn syrup (or try dark - it has a bit of molasses flavor) 1/8-1/4 tsp cayenne powder (don't tell anyone) Combine. Roll into 1" balls. Roll in confectioner's sugar. Let rest for a while... Roll in sugar again. And again... IIRC the last batch (my best) I sugared 5 times. Makes about 2 1/2 dozen, depending on how big your balls are...
  6. British BBs OP! (Again)

    There is no way a Monarch under 7km should be able to bounce any of my Missouri's shells at a broadside!
  7. These clickbait titles are fun. I'll be blunt. The 5"/38 Mark 12 secondaries suck donkey d*ck and they only have 66.6% of their actual minimum rate of fire with base ring mounts. I brought this issue up on Reddit as well, which I'll quote below. "The 5"/38 Mark 12 secondaries found on USN cruisers and battleships are currently hilariously gimped, firing at only 10 RPM compared to 15-20 RPM that they actually achieved. I believe one of the reasons that WG gave for having this low RPM was the presence of the Cleveland at tier 6 having 12 of these secondaries. Now that the Cleveland is moving to tier 8, and preliminary image of Dallas having only 4 of these guns in 2 dual mounts and Helena (St. Louis) having only 8 of these guns in 4 dual mounts, does WG plan on giving these guns their historical minimum of 15 RPM? As far as I know, all 5"/38 Mark 12 secondaries in the game are in base ring mounts. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_5-38_mk12.php Personally, the battleships don't really need it, as at tier 8+ the USN battleships are in a pretty healthy spot (aside from NC's abnormally low TDS rating). However, cruisers can use some help, and I think WG can accommodate that because the cruisers and battleships actually have slightly different mounts. The battleships (NC, SoDak, and Iowa) uses the Mark 28 mount, while cruisers use the lighter Mark 32 mount (which is the designation used for all 5"/38 secondary mounts in game). The Mark 32 is essentially a Mark 28 mount with less armor to reduce topweight on cruisers, but WG can use the different mounts to give different ROF for balancing purposes. So for battleships, give them the Mark 28 mount with the current rate of fire, and for cruisers give them the Mark 32 with 15 RPM. I think CVs with the 5"/38 Mark 12 should also have their rate of fire increased to 15 RPM." Unfortunately, when @Big_Spud brought this up to @Sub_Octavian's Reddit Q&A, this was his response, which I'll quote below. So there you have it. In the foreseeable future, the 5"/38 Mark 12 secondaries shall be doomed to mediocrity. Press F to pay respects.
  8. Breaking News: Subs in WOWS

    See?!!! It’s huge!!
  9. Since I'm feeling a tiny bit salty I'll repost my rant from Reddit, this time with 300% more clickbait title. The stats for the Richelieu is out, and to my dismay, the torpedo defense on the ship is a mere 19%, tied with the North Carolina for the worst at tier 8. Admittedly this is the stock hull, but given that there are no real hull changes with the Richelieu during her upgrade, it's doubtful that the upgraded hull would have better TDS. But regardless, why is it that the ships with the deepest (Richelieu) and second deepest (North Carolina) torpedo side protection systems go neck and neck for the worst TDS at their tier? Both had liquid loading too, which should make them even more effective compared to air void only systems like on the Yamato. I mean, let's look at system depth and in-game TDS for a bit. Richelieu - depth: 7 m, torpedo defense 19% North Carolina - depth: 5.6 m, torpedo defense 19% Iowa - depth: 5.45 m, torpedo defense 24% Alabama - depth: 5.45, torpedo defense 50% (despite the fact that the Iowa had incremental improvements in bulkhead joints) Bismarck - depth: 5.4 m, torpedo defense 22% (and only 2 compartments to boot) Yamato - depth: 5.1 m, torpedo defense 50% (!!!) SEEMS LEGIT. Yes, I know the answer, WG arbitrarily picks TDS values for balance, but it's disappointing to see how WG seemingly can't find a proper way to balance while simultaneously retaining some historical accuracy. British BB citadel height is another example of this. In case people miss the point of this discussion, we're talking about the effectiveness of battleship TDS relative to each other, not how it's balanced against other classes. I'm not asking for amazing TDS for the Richelieu and NC either nor do I think they need that, just something in the 25-30% and I'll be satisfied. Sorry, I just had to rant.
  10. I figured maybe a clickbait thread title can get more attention. But seriously, there's absolutely no reason to keep the HP of the Colorado as low as it currently is. There are simply not enough redeeming qualities about her compared to other tier 7 battleships. She's super slow, has the same sigma as Nagato, doesn't even have the best AA anymore (thanks to Gneisenau). And furthermore, it doesn't even make sense from a displacement-to-HP formula perspective. Generally, battleship HP is calculated using the following formula. HP = 1.1812*x + 10,837 where x is the full load displacement in long tons (or imperial tons). According to Friedman, the Colorado as of April 24, 1944 has a full load displacement of 40,396.5 long tons, which according to the standard formula for battleship HP, should translate to a health pool of 58,553 HP, which would be about the same as the Gneisenau. But Mr. Fart, what about the Colorado's super heal? Yeah, what about it? The Colorado's heal recovers 0.65% of HP per second instead of the battleship standard of 0.5% HP per second, but guess what, that hardly matters when the Colorado's current HP of 50,100 is already so damn low. So as a result, a single heal from Colorado recovers 9,118 HP, while the Nagato recovers 9,100 HP per heal. OMG so super. So @Sub_Octavian, pretty please with a cherry on top, can you take a look at this? EDIT: Since fire damage is a percentage of HP, the Colorado is somewhat more survivable in this respect. Still not nearly enough to offset its many shortcomings. EDIT2: Fun fact: if the Colorado gets its proper health, and has a regular BB heal, it would still have a greater HP pool than it does currently. Not even flags and Superintendent change that. - Current Colorado: 50,100 + 4*9,118 = 86,573 - Colorado with proper health and regular heal: 58,553 + 4*8,197 = 91,343 Let's stack Superintendent and flags with that. - Current Colorado: 50,100 + 5*10,941 = 104,809 - Colorado with proper health and regular heal: 58,553 + 5*9,837 = 107,738
  11. Because the British shot HE only. Seriously, I believe making a HE dedicated battleship line is a blatant insult to naval history and the steel giants of that era. It is a case of too little too late, I hope WG won't make the same mistake twice.
  12. Manned Torpedoes in World of Warships!

    Here we see a large manned torpedo in its natural habitat. Fast, dangerous, decorated with guns that occasionally goes boom to deter anyone who dares to stand in its way before it struck the intended target... Seriously, buff Myogi already.
  13. An Open Letter to WG about Submarines

    Dear WG, this is a serious, well intentioned plea to PLEASE consider introducing Submarines to the game. Have you ever watched the movie "PT 109" or "They Were Deplorable" or "The Pink Battleship" ?? have you ever seen a commercial in which "I've fallen over and I can't get up?" or, even better yet, watched "Airplane" if so, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?? well, there were submarines in each and every one of those WWII movies. take the bold, fearless step, WG. now, after it's too late. please, before you go, just consider the following statements: I am just being honest. No, don't come over, I think I might be getting sick. What would it hurt? Where are you? Has anyone seen where I put my _______ ? (examples for the blank would include car, keys, wallet, child, summons, bong, etc) we've all heard this, or read them in text messages. or even written in notes to ourselves, when we were feeling lonely and unwanted. it's happening more and more all the time, and sometimes I find myself making up fantasies to fill in the empty spots. actually, it's all empty spots lately. it's sort of turning into a camouflage of empty spots, and when it fills in completely, I won't even be here any more. before than happens, I would like to share with you a story that should best be kept secret. one time, before I became fully enlightened in the way of the obscure, I found myself in a bar, alone, sitting across the table from my date, who was my wife at the time. in the center of the table was a 'Pong' game, and I was winning by a huge margin, because I worked at the bar and practiced all the time. she was not a good sport, nor a good loser, and after a couple hours, got disgusted and abruptly left to go home. I was on a roll, and told her to get a cab. she must have been pretty pissed off, she left me her beer. I was taking on anyone that would play with me, and leaving no survivors. more than a few women left in tears, but it was their quarter, not mine, and besides, I was married, I didn't care if they liked me or not. anyway, they were all putting the game down, saying it was rigged, and a stupid game, and they would never play again. I ended up all by myself, drunk and with no one to play with, because new and lesser players could not do well in the game. and this exactly where we are now, here in WoWs. we have guides on how to improve your win %, and it includes not counting on your teammates in a team game. there are islands everywhere, in the ocean. there are no subs. there are no patrol boats. there are no atomic bombs. Russian ships are OPed, and you can see torps a mile away (if you are the enemy), and my screen is only 31 inches. some people will defend this, to the death. and this is exactly where it's going. if this was an arcade game, at an arcade, there would several things easy to observe. there would be a handful of elite players, and their highest score would be 14,355,399,766,476 higher than your best score. the best player in the game would have 8 of the top 10 scores, and would be hanging around the arcade looking for victims. the game would be one of the dusty ones. once and while a new player would try it, get to level 3 of 67, be killed, and leave. the elite players would stand around and berate them. eventually the game would be moved to the farthest, darkest corner of the entire building, maybe in the basement, but not removed, because there was still a few loyal players wiling to put in a buck or $200 if there was anybody else around to crush. humiliate. statshame. but there is still time to save this game!! and the answer is ....... SUBMARINES!!! it will bring back the soggy wet magic to the game, and introduce realism so real, it will be even better than fantasy islands! try it, you'll like it. just do it.
  14. Niko Family Get Together

    Niko together with family in the sun. Niko Family Get Together
  15. Screen size too small

    I am unable to see all my wins. Need a scaling results tab. Special thanks to my Div mates, Tomistoma and SpudzShep, we had some incredibly hard fought games today including this beauty.
  16. All these Purple Potato's!?!

    Look at them!!! They are so purple!!!!! And..... there goes the last of my sanity.
  17. A typical day for Niko

    Notice his eyes are open in the 2nd pic... always thinking of WoWs...
  18. fun things that happened in ranked today....

    hi. actual stuff that happened, or was posted in battle chat today 1) from a TKer: "only 18 to go!" 2) "DEFEND THE BASE" 3) from a DD: "i'm going to support the CV for a while..." (ed. note: at least there was a CV in that battle) 4) from a sunken spud: "(multiple expletive deleted salty treats) you (referring to me) are a moran." 5) from a delayed arrival (3+ min AFK): "where are we going?" 6) from a clan member in a Molotov (shall remain anon): "I always aim before firing" me "good, I was talking about focus firing" him "what's focus fire?" me (busy) 7) from a sunken donut, we were down 4 ships, nothing was detected, and also down 700+ points: "sink something now, or we lose." 8) in 6 ranked battles, I had above average in damage, sinks sunk, airplanes shot down, MBH (fuso, no torps), survival, almost 2 cits per battle, multiple confederate, high caliber, first blood, almost got a kraken, and I felt pretty good about playing like a team player.... all were losses. at least I was consistent. 9) in one battle, citted a Lysander going in a straight line steady speed a bit over 20km, then caught him on the other side of the island he passed by with another salvo. him: "cheater!". the next battle a Bayern and I could not HIT an Arizona going in a straight line, steady speed after we whittled him down to 141 health. he disappeared at 9.5 km, with NO smoke (no DDs or CAs left), islands or monsoons, and survived the battle. I got 4 full salvos off, the Bayern 3?. 48 shots from me, zero hits. not even a bounce. Bayern skipper 24?? son of RNG? lmbo 10) my son, long term, exceptional gamer, visiting from Arizona (the state, not the ship), watching the last couple battles over a beer: "who do you have to bxxx in order to get a good team?" well, I don't know, obviously. hope you enjoyed this, and it is NOT what you are experiencing in ranked battles! :o) wonderwanker (not my real name)
  19. Iowa citadel lowering thoughts

    I've had time to mess around with the Iowa for quite a few matches in the 0.6.6 PTS to get a better feel for the citadel lowering compared to what it is currently. I saw some vocal voices on both reddit and on this forum that apparently this citadel lowering is a "massive buff" that is "completely unnecessary" and will make the Iowa overpowered. Or that this change is meant to cater to USN mouthbreathers and negatively affect gameplay. So here's the new Iowa citadel. As you can see, the citadel is now at the waterline level, so basically how the NC and Alabama currently is like. Also, the deck over the magazines is 25 mm, which can be overmatched by almost every battleship gun at Tier 7+. Incidentally the Alabama should also have a 25 mm deck over the magazines instead of the current 38 mm. Anyways, here are my observations from gameplay and some training room testing. Since shells plunge, at 12 km or more the citadel lowering makes absolutely no difference in gameplay difference. Even at closer ranges, aiming at the waterline still results is fairly reliable citadels, which is not surprising since this buff basically made the Iowa as "tanky" as the NC when side on. Only at very close ranges of 5 km or less do I notice a difference, and now it's difficult to outright delete Iowas at point blank range. The biggest difference is facing heavy cruisers, as their guns don't have the caliber to overmatch the 19-25 mm deck above the magazines and machinery. They'll have to aim at the waterline to hope for citadels. So how does the gameplay for the Iowa change from this citadel lowering? Well, I can tell you that if you're sucking at the Iowa, then this buff most likely won't be of much help. Showing broadside will still result in you taking massive damage even at medium ranges, and I'd say the improvement in survivability for the average potato is marginal to modest at best. Those who show broadside will still struggle. However, the biggest benefit of this change will be for the more aggressive (and probably the more competent) Iowa players who aren't afraid to take her into medium-to-close range and brawl a bit. I definitely noticed an improvement in survivability when up close, though it's hardly game changing. Although dueling another Iowa like on Yuro's video won't work as reliably now, which personally is a bit of a shame since I thought it was pretty fun to do even if it's pretty rare. But honestly, in the end this citadel lowering doesn't fundamentally change the Iowa, she still plays almost the exact same as before, and whatever worked against her before still works now, except at very close ranges. So for people who are crying foul about this change or upset that it's going to be unbalanced, I'm just not seeing that. So, potatoes showing broadside will still get punished heavily and see very little benefit, while aggressive players will enjoy it the most and can be more flexible. In other words, decent players who push forward and play aggressively will see the most benefit. Overall not a big change and doesn't make the Iowa that much different. I bet potatoes will still complain about getting deleted after this citadel lowering. Say I say this is an overall good change. Good day.
  20. Welcome to the overly requested show, where we review what should happen to things we don't like. Today's topic: Tier IV and V CVs! Now, before you call me an idiot, I must remind you that at Tier IV and V NO ship has AA of any kind, and all ships at those tiers are perfectly balanced with the exception of CVs. So, with that out of the way, here is my proposal. Each CV at Tier IV gets one plane, of one type. When the plane is shot down, the CV sinks because the plane's health is tied to the CV's health. At Tier V, each CV gets two planes, 1 Torpedo bomber and one dive bomber for Zuiho, and 1 fighter and one Dive Bomber for Bogue. Again, like at Tier IV, when the planes are gone the CV sinks. This will teach CV players how to play CVs. In case you were wondering, this is entirely fair. After all, CVs can attack you when you can't retaliate. Next time, we'll discover why Tier VI+ CVs should lose control of their aircraft. (note: I don't actually believe this, I just am playing Devil's Advocate) Your thoughts?
  21. AHHAH! Gotcha here! For those who don't know my channel, I do not play CV's, because... well... I'm bad at them! But I am trying to improve this and am always open to criticisms on ways to improve. I have a few clanmates who are helping me out too but more is more betterer! So without furtherado, a bring forth a video on the reasons why I suck at CV's and my thoughts on possible CV changes! I realize full well that I make mistakes, so any tips, or comments you guys have that can help me and others out, please comment, either here, or on YT! Thanks!
  22. Or, a smaller version of it has been. This has been a troll post from your friendly neighborhood flat-top.