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Found 8 results

  1. Soldiers of Fire, WE HAVE VICTORY!

    Me dear solders of the Flame, after 3 weeks of hard fighting, forum trolling and swimming through the salty tears of our enemies...... WE HAVE VICTORY! #TeamFireisVictorious! Please if you may, share some of your stories (or post a video) so we can bask in this glorious moment of great triumph!
  2. #TeamWater - The Best Team!

    We all know that water is the natural place for ships and Wellingtons alike. Water is superior. Now Pigeon may have you all fired up with, dare we say, burning enthusiasm, and he may see himself as a hot commodity. But let's be real. Fires are bad for ships and eventually burn out. Water will always be there with its damp embrace and cool refreshing sea breeze. Ships float on water. Now. Sharpen your boomerangs, tap into your Water Tribe spirit and go be the true wet blankets #TeamFire deserves! #TeamWater Get your better, cooler Wallpapers here!
  3. #TeamFire

    So, to my team... FIGHT GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT! #TeamFire
  4. suggestion for those left over coins awards at end of Clash of Elements, WG sell individual camouflage. example: current sell price is 20 camouflage for 75 coins gives 3.75 coins per each camouflage, individually say a price of 4 coins. remember something is better than nothing.
  5. So the website is acting up and won't let me link from IMGUR (hit and miss when it feels like it). Anyway, that reason aside, I was trying to check some Clash of Elements stuff and noticed an ongoing problem. I clicked the "Games" tab at the top left of the forums page here. Clicked the "World of Warships - Game Website" and am still being directed to the "Global" Main page. It's all in Spanish.... Here is the full link to what I am getting https://worldofwarships.com/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-forum This link is, again, the link that is coming from the NA site. Anyone else getting this? I had screenshots to show this, but like I said, the website over the last few days has been hit and miss with regards to allowing me to link IMGUR images of screenshots. Don't know why... EDIT: You'll have to hover and look at the link manually as it's being cut off.
  6. This is not a complaint thread. This thread is my observation about the amount of change in each of the categories as you move along the bar. Each of the five categories (wins, kills, damage, ribbons, and XP earned) has 12 levels, and I wanted to share my findings on the change between each level. For this thread, I am focusing on the kill category. What I discovered is that the amount of work in each category goes down as you move along the bar. Let me explain. In the ships killed categories the levels are 3, 8, 15, 25, 40, 55, 75, 95, 120, 150, 180, 225. To move from level 1 to level 2 you need to increase your total kills by 167%. To go from level 2 to Level 3 you need to increase your total kills by 88%. (See WOWS Kill Bar for a complete breakdown.) The pattern repeats in each of the other Categories. (See the other file for the analysis.)
  7. I complained in the features forum that events like the one for winning an Alabama are basically reward programs for unicums, since they reward damage. Players like me will never win them, and when such unicum-centered events roll around, I do not play those ships that can win, since non-participation is the only form of protest available to me. What I wanted was an event like the one we actually have, in which a moderately good player like myself, with sustained performance, can win meaningful stuff. This is damn good, WG. It's exactly the kind of event we need more of. Free stuff! Free ship!! It's great. Thanks!!
  8. Heyo Wargaming, I know you want us to play your game a lot, but up until today the ONLY missions that got impossible were the original set of ARP missions, and that damn mission to get the Kamikaze R last year.. You have a chance to make things right for your players by reducing the amount of coins needed for the Kamikaze or fixing the stages of earnings so they are actually realistic. 125 wins a week is absolutely insane. and you have to get up to at least the the last set EACH WEEK, just to earn the ship. Look at Damage dealt, Kills, and XP earned, WHY??? WHY do they jump so high.. 200K base xp earned?? in a week Seriously even 100K was tough AND THAT WAS OVER A MONTH. I play this game A LOT! but come on.. I was hoping for something a little more realistic, you want people to burn out and stop playing your game? Host events like this. and no its not "EU Hard" and I appreciate that, but its - "your job is now the game" hard to get the good stuff.. /Rant over....