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Found 101 results

  1. Buenas señores: El rework de los portas traen sentimientos encontrados entre los jugadores, es cierto que es mucho mas atractivo poder ver el combate y dirigir tus aviones, pero, no es lo mejor. la finalidad del rework era atraer a los jugadores a la unidad menos popular de wows, y sinceramente, no lo han logrado, aviones débiles, fuego AA imposible de atravesar, el horrible tiempo de reposición de los aviones una vez que los pierdes, la delicada estabilidad de la mira, el horrible balance de partidas (ejemplo CV tier 8 vs barcos tier 10) y la aun enorme brecha entre portas estadounidenses y japoneses no hacen nada amigable y cercana la experiencia de los cv´s. Con la integración de los portaaviones ingleses dudo que cambie la cosa, serán los mismos aviones, los mismos sistemas de ataque pero con otra bandera, y para ser sinceros, y todos sabemos esto, es solo una estrategia de marketing la incorporación de los portas ingleses, pues saben que muchos los compraran. No se que opinan ustedes señores, yo no soy un jugador experimentado de portas, pero esperaba que esta actualización lograra encantarme, y no fue así, y siendo sinceros antes de seguir agregando barcos deber hacer algo con el sistema que ya cuentan, pues sinceramente deja mucho que desear. bueno para terminar 3 cosas: 1.- Espero ver la opinión de otros jugadores. 2.- Así es mi balance cada vez que uso el portaaviones. 3.- ¿No creen que los aviones japoneses deberían tener la opción de kamikaze como ataque? (seria útil y divertido a la vez,) Gracias por su tiempo.
  2. mushmouthmorton

    Carriers in PVE

    Dear Wargaming What in the world is going on with carriers in PVE? I load into a game, there is one carrier on the green team and an extra BB on the red. OK - no surprise there. But now the game starts and HOLY S**T Batman! It's a MAJOR stomp! Bots that don't miss, BBs that can dodge torps with turns that make a DD seem clumsy, Bot BB's that won't die and don't take damage. By 5 - 8 minutes into the match, there are 1 or 2 red BB's and the carrier. Everyone else is dead. The red bb's, which up to now could not miss a target clean across the map and behind an island, suddenly become combat ineffective. Their guns miss badly, their secondaries do no damage, and they sail aimlessly, often AWAY from the CV. The game only ends when time runs out or the carrier FINALLY accumulates enough damage to kill the BBs. Only rarely does the CV die, and then it appears the CV had to suicide to do it. I played a LOT yesterday and this happened every time there was a CV present. There were NO exceptions! If you want to to use PVE as a test center to see how the carriers are doing, or to let carrier drivers have some fun, or to gather data to support further changes to the new carrier system, that's fine. But how about giving us unlucky souls who die a loud, ignominious death to set up your test conditions a bit of a bonus for being your guinea pigs!
  3. So I'm sure there is some more specific section for this topic but hey its general so let the forum admin move it. The CV rework is out for some time now and some patches have been done to address a few issues, I'm sure more will come as I'm not sure they have really addressed the core issue of strike squads being able to just plow through AA as if it doesn't exist and the decline of destroyers being played. In my opinion one of the fundamental issues that still hasn't been addressed with CVs since day one and in my opinion is now actually worse with unlimited planes is the CV is really not at risk itself while being able to repeatedly strike and provide intel for it's team. if we look at most other ships in the game, they have to assume some risk to their actually ship when providing spotting intel to their team, they have to move within a range to actually spot with their ship, CV players can do this with segregates that never put the CV in danger. While I know WoWs is not a realistic sim game, it is based on some realist aspects of naval warfare so my suggestion will reference some. First, CV plane spotting should not be immediately available to the CV's team, there should be a delay in that info being provided. For that matter, this should apply with all spotting regardless of what is spotting in my opinion. Lets talk about a new consumable for AA oriented destroyers first. Advanced warning air radar. This was a real thing, though not a consumable just turned on and off. Fletchers, Gearings, Sumners, upgraded Benson/Gleaves, most later WW2 era UK destroyers had this and they were used as picket ships well ahead of a fleet providing early warning of air strikes incoming. I'm proposing a consumable for certain tier 8 to 10 destroyers that is basically a radar for air only. Range would be 12-15km depending on tier and nation line. Duration could be say 30 to 40 seconds, again depending on tier and nation line. Should be able to be enhanced by the radar upgrade. Next, lets talk long range AA. So in game, long range AA seems to be around 6km give or take and is provided in most cases by dual purpose main guns or secondary guns. So looking at this from a realistic standpoint a 127mm gun should be able to shoot as far at a surface target as it should a target in the air. The AA fire control on the above mentioned destroyers was excellent by late WW2. There are documented incidents of USN Destroyers bullseye hitting IJN planes out of the air at 10,000+ meters. I'm proposing a rework to long range AA (Flak) that allows "MOST" long range AA guns to start shooting planes, if spotted, at about the same range as they could start shooting surface targets, maybe slightly less. For example a Fletchers long range AA (127mm guns) could start shooting planes at say 11km if they are spotted. Battleship, cruiser and aircraft carrier long range AA (most often dual purpose secondary guns) would perhaps get a buff to say 9km to 10km. So obviously with things like the USN and UK light cruiser lines having dual purpose main batteries, spamming 152mm shells at planes 18km to 19km away would be a bit over powered. This would require some long range AA range caps by Wargaming. Next, lets talk spotting ranges of ships on the surface by planes in the sky. So the current mechanic, a ship shoots planes, unless in smoke it is generally spotted or able to be spotted by the planes. This isn't really realistic for WW2 era planes at long ranges mentioned above. Planes would often start taking flak fire and not be able to determine what was shooting at them until they were much closer. So I would propose keeping the same spotting ranges that currently exist. Basically surface ships could stealth fire on planes at certain ranges. Keep in mind we are talking about flak bursts here so the CV player with some skill can avoid much of the incoming flak.
  4. Pure curiosity. I know some carriers pack a surprisingly serious secondary armament and the thought occured that maybe it would be helpful against DDs.
  5. As the title says, just get rid of carriers. I've never been a real fan of carriers for two reasons, I play them horribly and I detest seeing them on the enemy team. Before the rework I spec'ed a lot of my ships for aa for how much I detest them. Today I've experienced a game with two carriers who had focused my division mate and I as we were in our Harugamo's. We managed to knock out 55 planes between the two of us, but were stuck to one area as they were always above us and trying to drop on us with torps as we sat in the smoke trying to waste them with aa. Another scenario happened with the Ashitaka which has horrible aa and because I was trying to manuever away from the torpedo bombers from the tier 8 British carrier Implacable. As soon as I maneuvered to avoid torps on two different runs within 15 seconds, I was broadside to heavy hitting bb's who just annihilated my HP, only to be finished off by the Implacables dive bombers. And please, don't take this wrong, I have no qualms with people who want to play cv. The carriers in these games did a good job of playing their cv's and they do get props. However, it just further commits me to detesting this ship class in game. If you're a cv player, don't worry, I don't hate the player, I hate the game ;)
  6. Hi This is my CV capt for the US line please advise about skills
  7. Fixed EDIT: After a lot of time and hard work, I'm finally ascending to godhood with my first T10
  8. After 40 or so CoOp battles in the Tier 6 Furious, I took it into randoms last night. As a 44% overall player, I was concerned that I would get trolled in chat over losses but I was pleasantly surprised. No negative comments at all and a couple of congratz for getting First Strike one battle. Finished 6 wins and 7 losses, 20k or so in avg damage, and 1100 base points. High game was 47k. Had a 12 pt captain. Started off with three straight losses. But in my defense, they were all double cv games, tier 8 heavy, and only a couple of tier sixes. It was just impossible to get close to the T8's and by mid game the tier 6 were gone except for me. So just spotted and tried to pick off stragglers unsuccessfully. Had one 20k game and other two were below 5k...ugh. I don't understand the double CV pairing (1 T8 with one T6) in the MM with over 120 players showing as available in each of the three matches...but oh well. Rest of the games were a "random" mix of top tier and mid tier and I helped win 6 of the remaining 10. I found the torp runs to be most effective though I had a couple of 9k hits with the bombers. The rocket planes were pretty ineffective though I did use them on my first runs in games to help spot...several dead on hits on ships with 450 damage..ugh. I found I was most effective as a team player when I got 8 or more ships spotted on first run (got several thanks/well done for that from team mates) and when I harassed ships trying to take caps. Even if I didn't hit them, I saw that alot of the DDs would either smoke up or both DDs and Cruisers would turn away. I also made a point of spotting island huggers and getting behind them and then coming in with a broadside of torps. Did that a couple of times in my best game of 47k. And if I can get better at hitting with both torps on a single run, I can easily see starting to do 60-80k in damage. In one game, a great CL player saved me and the game. We were down a ship in late game, 4 versus 5, with a DD and a CA starting to zero in on me. I called for help and the Yorck got in between me and the pursers. He sunk the DD and I took out the CA and we eventually won with my CV at 300 health. Sent him a personal thanks after the game. Still figuring out how to use the engine boost properly. Also, after a couple of games where the opposing CVs made serious runs at me, I added the captain point for the second fighter. It seemed to help. So overall, it was a good start. Thirteen games certainly does not establish a trend for me but alleviated my initial concerns about contributing. And for others of you that are considering playing the Furious and are concerned about all the negative CV comments on the forums, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And playing a tier 6 CV for me was much more challenging than playing any of the other ship classes at the tier. Besides increasing my damage, anyone with thoughts on how to improve my game play on the Furious, fire away!
  9. This was a match that I ended right now, it was the most rage inducing one at that, specially with grounding autopilot AND autopilot trying to avoid grounding when I clearly wanted to (to avoid DD torpedoes). Now you say, wow, what an [edited], he`s showing a match where he got first, and a T6 battle at that, but the thing isn`t the position, but the plane kills distribution in the other team, THEY GROUPED UP and for almost 10 minutes I couldn`t do a thing, I had to fly around for minutes doing nothing or doing single long range attack runs because if I tried to do something I`d be met with crazy AA...even for T6 ships and DDs. And this is the detailed report. I've got deplaned with every single plane type I had, even fighter consumable, I managed to do damage because I was a T8 full, my planes were able to survive to drop an attack run and recall them, even when getting ambushed by AA from stealthy DDs, and as everyone can see, the damage is spread through A LOT of ships. Now, you might be thinking, from what you read from the title, is that CVs are OP because they're able to do damage even under heavy AA fire, right? WRONG. You think CVs are OP because the games you played, your team probably split, and if you see the stats, those were a T8 CV stat in a T6 battle where the enemy team was grouped together, in case they didn't, the match would probably have ended earlier or with a lot more damage. Next time you're playing and see an enemy CV that you don't like, try grouping up, 3km is fine since after the attack run, the planes fly forward for around 3~4km before letting you command them, meaning you'll probably kill 3~4, if not all, same applies for fighter consumable. Additional info: *No, the planes didn't die for enemy fighters, I don't fall for that. *No, the enemy CV didn't try to focus me, I just saw that the team was all the way north and grounded in the middle, protected from shells but at 8~10km range of the enemy.
  10. AbyssAngkor

    Working as Intended?

    So an Enterprise can just keep chucking planes at a Shokaku, lose 61 planes, and still have enough planes to launch full squads? There are not enough fighters deny CV sniping. I was launching both the CAP fighters and my "call fighter" consumables. Still the strikes get through, and all I can do was watch myself slowly die from a distance. I was long dead before my team did. If WG intends for CV sniping to come back (but with no way to defend yourself this time), then kudos to the devs, they deserve a raise.
  11. 44 torpedo bombers lost out of 72 torpedoes released, scoring a total of 17 hits for 59k damage. 22 dive bombers lost out of 20 bombs released, scoring a total of 10 hits for 17k damage. 17 attack planes lost out of 40 rockets launched, scoring a total of 26 hits for 10k damage. 5 floodings for a whopping 3100 damage. 9 of the 17 torpedo hits were against a Colorado, and I actually had our DD ask me how in the hell the 'Rado was getting hit by so many torpedoes and taking so little damage. Welcome to CVs post 8.1. Yeap. Kaga plane health is totally balanced against same-and-higher-tier AA. Looks like another ship to become little more than a Port Queen until she gets some love. Oh yeah, btw. We lost because I couldn't really contribute to striking meaningful targets. EDIT: I only sunk the Lightning because he was already nearly dead and strayed into a straddled torpedo drop I dumped on him while trying to, quite ineffectively, cross-drop him. The Alaska was killed by a single torpedo dropped directly from the rear after they had shredded 7 out of the 8 remaining planes I had left in the squadron.
  12. What recent changes to the game did you like least of all (in the two latest Updates — 0.8.0 and 0.8.1)? The fact that cvs are very under powered and AA is lethal, your planes are made of wet cardboard, the fact that your wing just evaporate in contact with some ships AA and you get deplaned very fast if not careful, the fact you cant choose the size of your wing, the fact that the AA system is quite unbalanced and ships AA can still hit your planes outside of their AA range and behind islands, the fact that even WG recognizing the air spotting inside the AA range problem they made it less worse so that you can see ships before you get in the AA range but you dont have space to turn back without taking damage................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... and worse of all WG said you can dodge flak but you cant dodge flak(you can dodge some flak but not all) you are flying your wing and you see in your front black clouds of flak an explosions and on the left and in the right how do you dodge that if you press F your wing gets deleted you can dodge that with bombers and torpedo bombers but you cant cancel your attack so i say [edited].
  13. Ares1967

    Random thoughts...

    Upfront. I don't like CVs. They could be removed tomorrow and it wouldn't bother me one bit. They are here, and I enjoy the game, so I don't throw a tantrum over them. I'm going to share some opinions though. AA. So your bottom tier CV cant attack most higher tier ships therefore AA must be nerfed. AA gets nerfed and the gripe immediately becomes I cant attack a cluster of ships, AA must be nerfed. I have zero sympathy. The only thing a CV ever has to worry about is AA. If a match gets to the point a CV is under direct fire from anything, his team suffered a epic collapse, or he failed to keep an eye on the developing battle. Top tier AA should be devastating to a bottom tier CV. A Top tier CV should be able to pretty much ignore bottom tier AA. Yes its gonna suck to play a T8 CV 70ish percent of the time. That's the price extracted to get to a T10. Someone brought up "scaling" AA damage in a private conversation. Just the fact it could be seriously suggested indicates a problem with expectations. Scaling a mechanic is a horrible idea on so many levels. So we scale AA so a Lex can get through the AA of a Mino. Do we also scale it so a Dallas can be a decen th threat to that same Lex? What about Asashio? Do we scale the Asashios AA so it can be a threat to at least a cat fighter? Or is this only for the benefit of the CV and screw anyone else. Where else do we apply this? IJN 127mm guns shoot faster and do more damage when shooting a BB? Sims torps do 20k base damage when hitting a Musashi? CO only takes half Cit damage from an FDG? I consider each of these on the same level as scaling AA. DD vs the rework CV. My opinion the rework upset DD balance to a very large extent. Before the rework it took a better than average CV player to be a threat to any DD. Now due to rocket planes, multiple attack abilities, squad launch speed, and multiple CVs, many DDs have been beat with a nerf bat. I'm going to give an extreme example. A week or so back I jumped in a cap knowing both CVs were hunting me. Being in a Groz, I didnt really care. 43 planes later my trusty Divmate arrived in his Wooster. Yeah I lost half my HP, but I stopped their points, eventually got the cap, and we won a very close match. What if I had been in a Shima? Pre rework I'd have taken my chances against any CV player in that si3tuation in any DD. Post rework, especially with 2 CVs? We're gonna lose if it comes down to me heading into that cap. As a possibly better than average DD player I have a couple of operating principles. One is, never throw away my ship unless its gonna cost the red team far more than my loss cost the green. I dont sit back spamming torps unless the situation forces me. I'll cap contest and start a gunfight with almost any ship while in any DD if I get the slightest advantage out of it. Since the rework I added another operating principle. I don't push double CVs in most of my DDs. That means when a BB or cruiser player is crying about no spotting... tough. My ship is as important to me as yours is to you. You want me to push into that cap while you sit behind an island or park beside a Mino... fat chance buddy. Push a flank? You first. See, DDs got told to adapt. It works both ways. You're just not gonna like how I adapt. I'm sure there are some unicums that can pull off anything, I wish you luck drawing them more than you draw me. I'm going to keep playing the game but I reserve the right to play it for my enjoyment and screw everyone else. I learned that last part from CV players.
  14. Poisonous_Lily

    Implacable first impression

    I think I like it more then the Shokaku and Lex in terms getting uptiered in reg CV (tho my fav is Kaga ofcourse). Even tho it was a loss, I still like the CV. especially its DB that got significantly better then Furious
  15. OLD_DAT

    Game Crashes

    Been running CVs since the change over to the new gameplay. During this time, the game has locked me out four times to the extent that I had to reboot the computer. Has anyone else had this occur to them?
  16. a poll to see how many want or dont want CVs in clan battles
  17. In order for a CV to deal DOT you need both fires and floods as well as time. This match lacked all of those. on the bright side it means I lost less planes but WG may want to add CV alpha or fire/flooding chance to the list of things they should look into. The main problem here though is obviously the fact that my team got absolutely steam rolled. I really do wish WG could make more balanced teams but I just have to accept MM for what it is. At least I can't be uptiered at tier X (I pray to RNGesus for bottom tier ships every day) Another thing they should look at is the cost of running CV. My initial service cost for a Midway with 15% off is 204k. This is not to mention planes but they cost just a little more than torps do so I won't complain about ammo costs that much. The base service cost for Tier X ships is listed on the Wiki as 180k without special flags, Clan discounts, or camo. Why is the base cost of running a CV so much higher? I would at least like a official explanation for this as I have yet to find any.
  18. With the new CV rework, DD's cannot hide anymore, which by the way is one of their biggest strengths. Being they cannot hide in smoke because the RADAR/SONAR lights them up like a New York street. So while they are attempting to hide from Planes they are being spotted in smoke by the 'I Win Button, RADAR'. Therefore the only option left is to hide behind the Cruisers and Battleships and sling torpedoes down range hoping to hit some oncoming ship. Thanks WG for making the DD's obsolete in the WOWS.
  19. I present to you the Gibbs and Cox Project 1058, A hybrid battleship-aircraft carrier design contracted by the USSR in 1937 The USSR contracted American engineers to develop a hybrid aircraft carrier and battleship design, among them a project that would become known as Project 1058.1. The hybrid, created by New York ship design firm Gibbs & Cox, was a 73,000 ton monster to be armed with 8x457-mm or 12x406-mm heavy cannons, 28x127-mm and 32x28-mm guns, and an aircraft contingent of 36 deck-launched planes, plus 4 seaplanes. The ship was to be equipped with two catapult systems, and fitted with armor between 197-mm and 330-mm thick. What do you think about the possibility of having this ship added in the future as maybe a steel or coal ship?
  20. I've only started tracking since 20 Feb but the Haku is falling way behind in games played as of 26 Feb. The nerf to it was pretty significant in the first hotfix. Current Haku games played: 36542 Current Miday games played: 50537 That is a difference of 13995 or 38% more games in favor of Midway. On 20 Feb games played were relatively close at 32520 for Haku and 37957 for Midway. It seems maybe the nerf was too much for Haku as CV drivers are playing the Midway at an accelerated rate. I think things will only get worse for the Haku when the Audacious goes live.
  21. I served aboard the beast of the east when she was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan for 2 years. quite a good time in my life just 18 and the world at my feet. visited some 20 different countries during that span How many others are seeing the old duty station in this game.
  22. So the REEE-work(thanks Yuro) is quite bad i mean right now the only cvs worth the trouble are the Midway and the Lexinton(when MM actually puts you against your own tier...... and it's not full of AA ships and they are not all bunched up) also after the hotfix(that only made things worse) made rocket planes useless and all other planes meh at best things are looking quite grim i mean rocket planes have now increased "readying" to shoot time and against most dds you need to have RPF or shoot them on the second pass to be successful also turn and shoot is broken now and you can only fire in straight lines; Air detection is now mostly inside the AA range of ships meaning that to spot a ship to your team is to take damage and you can't dodge flak(i mean you can try if you attack but then you can't disengage) AND that cost is 1000 credits for each plane you lose and being de-planed is still a thing and finally now that they increased the height that the planes need to reach to stop taking AA damage if you press F your entire wing gets deleted but if you have a successful attack(WG said something like this"we want to reward successful attacks and discourage returning you planes inside inside the AA umbrella of an enemy" but is useless because in both you take damage anyway ) your planes get deleted anyway.
  23. To be honest with you guys, I do not like the CV play anymore. First, the WG keep making the new CV weaker and weaker (increase the attack preparation time, unstabilize the aiming circle). Second, the old CV play style is more straightforward and easy to control. The whole new update is just bad for the CV.
  24. Russel_Heinowski

    the new cv air planes suck

    is it just me or do the the Cv Air planes suck [edited]even tho the old way was boring but at lest You could do more like actually sink a ship but as it is now your planes get all shot down be for you can drop a bomb or a Torpedo now the cv are useless as hell in battles
  25. CV rework poll..