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Found 55 results

  1. Lets face it we need some variety. Carriers: The entire UK Line which they are working on. The Graf Zepplin rebalancing. Italian Carriers: Aquila: Guessing around T VII (51 planes 30 Knots) planes are on the low side for T VII but it has a lot of AA and comparable speed to other CVs. Sparviero: T V? (20 knots 25-34 planes) compares well to Bogue/Zuiho French Carrier: Bearn: T V - VI : . (21.5 knots 35-40 planes. Oh and Torp Tubes?) It would be nice to have the Sparviero and Bearn go at it in Tier V. Joffre: T VI: (33 knots 40 planes. Comparable AA to Tier) German Carrier: Wesser: (Seydlitz refit) T VI: (32 knots 20 planes but of an advanced tier [VII Bf 109 and Ju 87] to make up for low numbers. Another with Torp Tubes lol.)
  2. Poisonous_Lily

    OLD but GOLD

    Now I know that everyone probably saw this video atleast once. And during the video there is a PUNK version of Taiho starring the kitty purfurst as a captain. @Radar_X or @Gneisenau013 can you suggest WG central that is in St. Peter to make this Taiho camo for real so we can have it in-game port ( like Lex Ovechkin camo).
  3. jags_domain

    Add altitude to cv

    WG there is no time line for the CV rework. Everyone just wants it done right. Please add altitude to the game play. The DB just do not work. They go up a tiny bit then go down. Its just not emerisive. If you could make them go up to 10k at least that would make it so much better. Also give us fighter control. I know you want it to focus of bombing but what if I want to fly around and shoot down planes? You might not think its fun but some of us do. I know this rework is for consol and mobile. But if your going to do it please go all the way and do it right! Also do an entire tech tree!
  4. New_Horizontal

    CV rework should be canceled

    This is quite a while since my last comments on this forum, and yes, this is all about current carrier rework. After I watched a couple of videos about new CV rework and a lot of discussion with my friends who play the reworked version (yes, I cannot get into CV test due to problem with my PC lately and IRL stuff.). I find it is boring and horrible to play with due to how design was, even my friend told me they will quit CV altogether if this reworked is going to be implemented. The reasons why this is horrible idea > RTS gameplay is vastly different from normal gameplay other class has to offer, removing this feature mean removing a variety of game and thus dumbing down a game which current CV rework doing. Speaking of RTS, People hates RTS gameplay due to micro/macromanagements and rather see this gone than adapt to it. (I know wows has one of the worst RTS control, but that's because how poorly optimized and engine that not support RTS handling) > CV is not a completely OP nor broken class, but heavy MM reliance due to how stupid AA/Planes interaction works. If you are thrown into heavy AA MM you might as well quit and play another game because your effect in game was vastly dismissed by AA an on other way around that CV just dominating. The rework doesn't address this and will lead to another mess after rework namely "AA and planes" and "RNG" > CV is hard to play well and require player to have a lot of practice and perfect it unlike other class, the skill that CV player gathered and mastered for almost 3 years will be wasted. If new CV came out, they will have to relearn everything and feel disgusted because they wasted time for nothing. It is slapping a CV player in the face with drastic changes that will break their will to trust WG and thus no longer supporting nor playing WG title games. > Most player that support new CV gameplay mostly want this rework just for sake of getting rid of CV rather than really wanted to play the class, certain players simply want CV removed altogether as many previous CV threads has shown. Why would they want CV to be reworked if not for make sure CV lose their charm and hope for elimination for good? > New gameplay of CV encourage sniping and spamming planes against surface ships which is frustrating for targeted ships if they keep getting attacked and rely on their AA and with no fighter control, Defend a sniping is virtually impossible. Frustrating to know that you cannot stop CV sniping with new rework. > Catering less skilled playerbase will kill the game in the long run because the one who really care about the game is skilled one since they spent a lot of time and money into this game and even bother to get good at it. most Good players can deal with CV problem but not the lesser ones And many more that I could include into this topics but these are primary reasons And … I didn't make a topics without an alternative solutions, so how the rework should be. > Rework UI: CV UI currently is arguably one of the worst UI for RTS gameplay and not even good for normal gameplay due to how buggy it is. I know this will take time but just do it for the better for all gameplays not just CV. > AA reworks should remove RNG and use planes health vs AA DPS directly: AA spotting ships for whole game is not fun I know. Why not just make AA not RNG dependent and allow low AA ships to be able to counter the planes, also AA arc should be included in consideration of AA VS plane HP because current system just dumb that you can use starboard side AA to shoot incoming planes that was on port side. > Educating people (This is hardest part btw) you cannot get good at CV if you have bad CV understanding: CV take different approach of gameplay thus an intensive CV guide is needed by setting a guide as barrier before first game in CV which all players must learn basics of how to CV, how to use planes, how to launch, how to do manual attack, how to strafe, etc. this can be done with scenarios mode that set specially for CV tutorial and set reward as you completed the tutorials (20 - 30 minutes should not be too much for you to learn) > Manual attack should be available as soon as you play first game in CV: people can't learn CV if you cut off vital tools to use > Adjust squadron between USN/IJN CV to balance out each other to make both side fair to fight down to individual understanding of CV > rework graf zeppeling: this thing is utterly overpowered and broken at the same time, a lot of nerf need to be done because this is how "let average playerbase balance" is worst idea you could achieve > disable different tier division since this is main reasons for exploit "anchoring division" There are a lot more that I could add up and make a conclusion. I know Wargaming will not stop this based on feedback yet I want wargaming to reconsider another way to rebalancing CV instead of total rework because this was a net loss if wargaming let this pass.
  5. After the CV rework is complete I am expecting to see a lot of planes in the air. Just like DD's, the CV's prime target will be BB's. (DD's are to nimble and CA have too good AA) This means in order for your high value BB's to survive they will need a cruiser to follow them close everywhere they go. And as we know a BB will not come closer that 20km to any enemy ship, which is outside the range of cruiser guns. So, that means the new role of cruisers will be to shoot down planes and protect against DD's. In this new role, what will become the most popular cruisers for say tier 7 and 10? Got to think Atlanta is on that list. or Do you think cruisers will continue to operate the way they do now and leave BB's helpless against planes and destroyers? Appreciate your thoughts.
  6. kukailimoku

    AA to strong for CV play?

    Hello all, An opinion question: At what tier do we think the Ack-Ack of the ships become too high for effective (i.e. fun) play of carrier strike aircraft? A different way to ask the same question: What AA value of ships is the cut-off between pretty fun to torp the enemy and dammit-all-my-planes-get-shot-down-before-the-drop-point ? Already in my VI Ryujo I'm finding matches where I find many ships are likely to shot down most of my planes before I can release ordnance. In more then a few MMs I'll find that I can really only realistically hope to attack a couple/three CAs or CLs - anything else is likely to shot the kr@p outta my planes. (of course DDs aren't a AA threat and I guess I could chase those around with my planes, but its also stupidly hard to get mucho hits on those, as well as a "waste" of CV power to target DDs). So I'm asking this question of the community's opinion because I'm at the decision point on whether or not to buy CVs above VI. Seems like a lot of grinding/credits wasted on something that might only be intense frustration as I watch two sorties of my planes evaporate. Are higher tier planes able to better absorb (in proportion!) the higher tier ack-ack? Seems to me that ack-ack increase each tier is pulling out ahead in front of planes' robustness. Your thoughts???
  7. Those of you who played the recent CV test, surely saw that Ranger was a T6 instead of the usual T7. I read somewhere on the forum that the CV rework would also include re-balancing of ships. My theory is that they plan to do away with Bogue, "demote" Independence, Ranger and Lexington down one notch and then introduce Yorktown as the new T8. Thus: IV LANGLEY V INDEPENDENCE VI RANGER VII LEXINGTON VIII YORKTOWN IX ESSEX X MIDWAY And why stop there? IV HŌSHŌ V RYŪJŌ VI HIRYŪ VII AKAGI VIII SHŌKAKU IX TAIHŌ X HAKURYŪ I did my research of the real life specs of Akagi and Hiryu, and they are nearly identical, save for Hiryu's higher speed. My reason for placing Akagi in T7 (she was T8 during the game Alpha stage) is that, like Lexington, she was a converted battlecruiser. Also, Akagi on Tier 7 and Yorktown on Tier 8 match their premium sisters, Kaga and Enterprise, respectively. As for Wasp and Shinano, they could be released as Premiums, either for pay or for XP. So, what do you think? Plausible or laughable? ADDENDUM: What is the optimal color for all of this forum's modes? (Classic/White/Dark/Space)
  8. In all the old pictures of USS Langley when she was a full CV rather than a collier or a seaplane tender, I always see that she didn't have an island or a control tower, just a flight deck. A quick Google search showed me that her bridge was located underneath the flight deck, and with all the steel beams and other structural bits that can be seen, it must have made navigating the ship and managing her planes extremely difficult, particularly since she was built well before radar was a thing. I wonder if there was any practical reason for why the USN did this, aside from just the fact that she was the first CV they ever had and they were likely sorting out a lot of bugs with her. Obviously this was something they never did again, since Lexington, Saratoga, Ranger, and every other American CV built afterwards all had island bridges and control towers.
  9. CVs need work, we all need know this and many ideas have been floated on how to do it. Some good and some bad. Below are some of the best I think. Carrier Captain skills. Carrier planes Health. Fighter Strafe. Alt-attacks Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to a discussion. (I put everything in spoilers because block quoting annoys me, sorry for the inconvenience.)
  10. I found out in this late night Random. https://replayswows.com/replay/34176#stats As a DD I was just along for the ride.
  11. Hello captains! Are you a cruiser player looking to clear the sky and protect your fleet? Perhaps you are a CV captain who wants to know which cruisers really are easy prey? These questions I wanted answers to as well so decided to rank all the silver ship cruisers from tier 5 through tier 10 based on their AA power. The USN national flavor has always had hype built around their AA firepower. Most know the deadliness of Cleveland and Des Moines in swatting down planes, but are USN cruisers really the best in class throughout the line? Some of the results may surprise you. Data was calculated using all available captain skills, modules, and consumables available to each tier. Base damage will be normal text. ( ) are values for CTRL clicking a squad to enable Manual AA, provide the normal + 30% dps, as well as the addition of Basic Fire Training and AAGM3. [ ] values indicate maximum dps with the Defensive Fire Consumable engaged for ships that possess it. All Available AA Modifiers Basic Fire Training + 20% dps for all AA guns Advanced Fire Training + 20% range Manual Fire Control AA + 100% to dps dual purpose artillery above 85mm AA Guns Modification 2 + 20% range AA Guns Modification 3 + 25% dps for all AA guns (Tier 9 and 10 Only) Manual Selecting a Squad + 30% dps for all AA guns on selected squad Defensive Fire Consumable 3x dps multiplier for AA guns 25mm or greater (Sorry 20mm Oerlikons, no love for you) Tier 6 + My personal pick is subjective and not necessarily based on total dps of the ship. Most ships contain 3 rings of AA; an inner ring, usually 20mm, a middle ring, typically 40mm or 37mm, and an outer ring usually consisting of your dual-purpose AA. For purposes of shooting down planes, not only protecting the fleet, but also yourself, you need two things, range and damage. The longer planes can take damage in the middle and outer rings the more planes you are going to down. Having a strong inner ring is great, but it is of little use in fleet protection. It provides very brief damage to planes before they drop their ordnance on you and has even less of an effect as you move up in tiers due to increasing plane speed. That is what makes Cleveland and Des Moines such fearsome AA platforms, strong damage in their middle and outer rings. Enough babbling, on to the results. T5 Results T6 Results T7 Results T8 Results T9 Results T10 Results Edit: Fixed T10 text box.
  12. Vulgarr

    New CV Rework Footage

  13. I just don't understand how to beat a Saipan with my Hiryu. It seems impossible to win the game, since all he does is use his superior fighter HP to tank my strafes and then delete my fighters. I really want to switch to AS Hiryu for this, but I enjoy strike Hiryu. What do I do?
  14. I know there's so many of these subjects but there's something that concerns me and it hasn't been posted so far. I never posted on this forum for this time the CV rework brings me in. There's something that I would like to be considered: I bought some premium CV and honestly so far I'm considering maybe for a refund maybe to stop. Before going into any directions I will of course try the rework and maybe my mind will change. But what I like in CV is the fact that you can control multiple things at the time. It's to have numbers of squads under your control that to me, makes this fun. Now that that it will be a single squad at the time, I don't think I'll still be interested into that. So here's the point: I played only CV since I started this game. I grinded up to t10 all the way and it tooks soooo long (cv is the longest grind because you have to shift to same tier 2 times). So now that I have the Midway I'm just disappointed to see that my only t10 will become unfun to play. I would just think that it would makes it more fair to have a way to get another t10. Take back all my CV if you want I just don't want to grind back from t1 to t10 again without any t10 to enjoy. By this I mean, I would be satisfied to be able to trade CV line for a BB or DD or Cruiser line. Anyway it's not like we (CV main) would win on the trade because, like I said, CV is the longest grind of all. To me it would just be a compensation so that not all the effort of grinding that I put on CV are now none. Thanks for constructive contributions here
  15. Hey Captains! I have a Discord Server dedicated to gaming. Our main game is World Of Warships, but we do play multiple other games, along with trying new games. We are looking for others to join our Discord, and if there is enough interest, we will be creating a clan. Our main goal is to enjoy the game, and not take life too seriously. We are a very small group of gamers who enjoy playing together. I will provide a link to the Discord server. ( https://discord.gg/GseFfQ You may also contact me through the Discord, or reply this thread with any questions. Thank you all!
  16. Would somebody please explain to me how I can stop this dreadful delay when it comes to linking my mouse cursor to the opposing team's CV's enemy aircraft planes that are in flight? I have to click at least 4 or 5 times on the opposing team's CV planes before it decides to attach itself to destroy enemy aircraft and the cursor is perfectly aligned. The mouse cursor doesn't seem to want to align itself with enemy aircraft. I have tried 3 different mouses and none of them seem to solve this matter. This is not making World Of Warships very enjoyable to play especially when it comes to aircraft carriers. Any ideas how this can be corrected? Thanks, Donna
  17. In case you missed it live.
  18. Chaos_EN2

    The Movie: Task Force (1949)

    I found a Gary Cooper Movie that I hope will be interesting to some of us "Task Force (1949)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Force_(film)
  19. Yvonne_Swanson

    Yvonne's CV and AA ideas mk2

    CV/AA ideas I’m going to suggest alot of stuff so hang in there for me and sorry ahead of time if it becomes disorganized or my spelling and grammar is terrible. Its mostly going to be a list of things I will suggest please discuss and critique and yes I already know I suck at writing. The main reason I am making this idea list thingy is to inspire WG and give them ideas that may work or help them make ideas of their own. Another thing I would like to note if I put a value such as whatever is X% those are just to illustrate my points and should not be taken at face value. I also meant to post this last month but I was busy with work that ate up alot of my time. Note:I know TLdr’s are supposed to be short but with the size of this document puts it at about 21 pages so this is wayyy shorter then that and I may have left some things out to shorten the TLdr. Another thing to note when i copied this from my word processor it kinda messed up the formatting its been a while since i have been on the forums so idk how i could fix it sorry D: TLDR:add a in game tutorial such as a mini operations, allow torpedoes the ability to sink and create deep water torps during the torps trajectory encouraging players do drop torps farther out if they want more damage. Allow players to control squadron altitude I give a more detailed description to squadron and CV controls below, give a accuracy penalty to bomb drops while aiming at or through smoke. Give players the ability to control the CV itself and to allow the player to set “return to ship waypoints” and a staging point to set aircraft that are not going into the attack run to avoid AA damage. Make setting up attack runs be linked to what type of formation the squadron is in giving some tactical options to the player and deepening the gameplay a bit. There is a potential to add or split the CV lines later. National flavor can be linked to aircraft performance, types of consumables, how the squadrons execute attack runs, types of formations available, fire and flood chances. Add new consumables that the CV can use through the squadron itself. Give surface ships the ability to direct and focus AA firepower in a particular direction to maximize AA in that direction Add more ship modules, create modules for the aircraft themselves make camouflages and insignia’s giving more customization options Completely rework the skill tree for all types of skills and how progression through the tiers should look like I go into more detail below should you wish to find out. Contents. CV General gameplay stuff CV/squadron controls UI/graphics Potential line split or new class (CVLs) National flavors AA AA in general Squadron formations 3 plane attack wing formations 4 plane attack wing formations Consumables CV consumables AA consumables Captain skills CV based skills AA based skills Misc. skills Reworked skill tree Ship modules Aircraft modules Progression through the tiers CV. General gameplay stuff: Tutorial - One big thing I think you need is a in game tutorial showing you how to play CVs in a (in game) tutorial like a small operations mission (should have been done from the start). I would also like to extend this to the other classes of ships because even at T10 there are people that don’t know about deep water torps or using islands or angling among other tactics, weapon systems etc etc. Depth of torpedoes - I would like to see after the torps have been dropped about 60% of their trajectory they begin to sink and turn into deep water torps and will hit everything but DDs. Then when they reach to the 90% of their run they sink more and become the Deeper ? water torps (like the ones on Asashio) and only hit BBs and CVs. So drop point shallow torps > about 60% deep water torps > 90% deeper water torps (Asashio type). I believe this will encourage the use of dropping torps farther out to get more damage but allow surface ships time to maneuver. Aircraft altitude - max altitude should be around the peek of where the DBs fly to to make their attack run. Min altitude should be above where the TBs do their attack run. Im not sure whether wg would want to split the altitudes in layers or to be free and open. It should be harder for the planes to climb and easier to descend cause you know physics. The altitude by layers will be simple just tap the altitude key and the squadron will go up or down to a predetermined altitude. The free and open type will be like any flight game where you press and hold to go up or down. Min altitude where TB drop will be around 30m Min altitude where the player can actively fly while not doing a TB run 40m ? Max altitude both where the player can fly and where DBs begin their dive 3500m ? I’m not sure how the scaling will go since(I believe) the game is not scaled 1:1 but you get the idea. Aircraft spotting capabilities - I think that when (or if they decide to add altitudes) aircraft abilities to spot, ships and torps and other aircraft should be tied to altitude. Like if a squadron is at the highest altitude they will be out of range to most AA except the large caliber AA but will suffer in spotting capabilities only being able to spot large ships (CVs and BBs) and as they drop altitude then they can spot CV BB and CA/CL. lower they will be able to spot every type of ship. Pilot panic to AA flak - when hit with flak planes lose a small amount of accuracy like a small amount of % (doesn’t lose accuracy to close range AA) Pilot panic to fighters - same as it is now planes lose all accuracy and if the player drops RNG ramps up and drop patterns are not uniform. Variation in aircraft animations - for each plane desynchronize the animations between each plane so they don’t look too robotic. And you can add a bit of RNG so that planes don’t exactly drop their payload exactly at the same time they should have like 0.5 to 1 second variance. Fire/Flood chance - Overall since you can attack so many times I think the fire and flood chances should be moderate because it wouldn’t really change the massive amount of damage a CV can do if you can set a fire/flood every 15 - 20 seconds Squadron rearming time - so I think that the usual rearm time to get planes back to the CV and lift off again takes (x) seconds per plane in the squadron (so for example say the seconds per plane is 10 seconds squadron of 12 planes should take 120 seconds to fully rearm). Depending on how far the CV is to the planes will add a bit of time and which nation or modules and captain skills equipped can reduce or increase the time. special reload times should be put on T4 planes (see progression through tiers section below) and put the reload time to 8 seconds per squadron see the aforementioned section for the reason. Squadron destroyed cooldown - so if the squadron is destroyed I believe that the player should be penalized a bit for flying recklessly (as it is now) with about a 50% increase on squadron cooldown timer which if my math is right would put it at 15 seconds per plane if say the seconds per plane is 10 as an example. The player could just switch to another squadron type while they wait for the cooldown to finish. Conditions to sortie again - While rearming or pulling up new planes when lost the full squadron wont be available until the entire squadron is ready. So for example your on your last planes and the rest of your squadron is almost ready to go back at the CV the rearm timer won’t start until the last planes are either land back at the CV or get destroyed, I think this will reduce the reliance on just 1 bomber type. Smoke effect on targeting - while a squadron is making an attack on a ship in smoke it should have a negative effect on accuracy. As in if your target reticule is aiming at or through a smoke cloud receives like 15 - 25% accuracy debuff (im not sure how much the accuracy penalty will actually be its just an example). Armor piercing dive bombers (APDB) - penetration values will be determined by bomb size, speed of aircraft, and altitude from where they are dropped and must drop from a higher altitude keeping them in AA for a bit longer for balance reasons. Or alternatively reduce the amount of attacking planes for APDBs. Another thing I want to add have each plane carry only 1 AP bomb (unlike HEDBs which from the video carry 2 per wing) CV/squadron controls CV control - player should be able to control the ship itself use how it is now with “1” on the keyboard it will then switch to the CV with regular ship controls. To switch back the CV need only to hit any of the squadron keys “2”, “3”, and “4” 2 = high explosive dive bombers (HEDBs) 3 = torpedo bombers (TBs) 4 = Rocket attack fighters (RKs) 5 = armor piercing dive bombers (APDBs) And the usual ship controls for when your under attack (WSAD etc etc) CV camera - (when the CV its self is selected) should be either the regular ship camera (just like any other ship) and or the way it is now where its the birds eye view. I know alot of other CV players use the map (M key) but I almost never use it because I can see more details from the birds eye that I cant with the map. aircraft controls - it seems as if wg is having us control with WSAD, I would suggest that we be able to control altitude with Q and E. W = altitude down S = altitude up A = turn left D = turn right Q = throttle down E = throttle up X = set staging point F = return to CV or cancel bombing run Left click on MB = change formation (more on that later) Right click on MB = ready bombing run and drop bombs R = repair fire on ship T = Fighter consumable Y = consumable 1 U = consumable 2 I = consumable 3 O = consumable 4 (not sure if we would need more slots) Changing formation - one quick click cycles through available formation, click and hold will bring up a wheel with all the available formations on it just put your cursor over the one you would like and release the mouse button to select. In the center of the wheel will show your current formation. Staging point - have the player be able to break off the 3 or 4 planes that they are going to use to attack so that their squadron doesn’t get wiped out while following the ones that are doing the attacking. The planes back at the staging point fly in a circular pattern around the point set by the player. Not sure if you would want them to fly high as not to get attacked or have them wait at a lower altitude so that the CV player has to keep track of them. The UI will warn the CV player if they are under attack. Im also not sure which key to put it on (V maybe idk what do u think?) Switching squadron types - using keys 2,3,4,5 to switch between types will cause your current squadron to begin flying back to the CV either going directly or following your Return course waypoints. Then your new squadron of planes that you selected will begin take off procedures. if you decide not to go with your new squadron selection and return back to the one that you where using they will continue to lift off but the camera will pan back to your old squadron. The squadron that lifted off will circle the CV for 1 minute before returning to land. Return to ship waypoints - give the player the ability to set a path for planes on return for strategy and to not give away their position. Using like shift + M brings up the map to put up a path that will be highlighted in green. UI/Graphics Squadron speed indicator - should have a red line area near the max speed to show the planes engines will overheat and stall out temporally reduce speed near minimum for 20 or 30 seconds. If in a dive and the planes red line they will crash into the water player will be penelized with extra rearming time for those planes. If flying in a TBs planes must slow down to drop torps and speed indicator will show an area where it is ok to drop marked in yellow. Aircraft detection range UI - planes should have their detection range displayed on the mini map (similar to how ships have their ranges displayed), and a detected icon appears when your squadron is spotted (should be different than ship being spotted so that the player can tell the difference). Plane camouflage/insignia - allow the player to set camo’s for each type of plane and also allow us to put insignia’s on them as well Short range AA hit flash effect - short range AA will occasionally do a flash on the plane to indicate its being hit. Players able to analyse formation - when a player ctrl + left clicks on a squadron it will display the formation of the squadron, distance, and average HP of the squadron (shown as a color). Potential Line Split or new class: CV - focused on strike with DB,TB, and the new rocket attackers (RKs), CVL - focused on fighters and DBs. Should be a separate class so match making (MM) will match the 2 with the same class of CV. If wg is unwilling to allow the player to control fighters then alternatively make CVLs consumable/support based allowing them to have a large quantity and variety of consumables to support team mates with faster cooldowns than the larger CVs, but smaller squadrons. Nation Flavors: USN - RK focused with higher damage with a reduced fire chance, for aircraft themselves armor focused with reduced speeds. Slightly more RNG for torpedo drops And less RNG for rocket attacks IJN - focused on TBs high flood chance, aircraft speed focused but with reduced armor. Slightly less RNG for torpedo drops KM (germans) - weapon damage focused with average aircraft stats. Average drop accuracy RN (UK) - focused on consumables such as faster refresh or a higher quantity, most maneuverable aircraft. Slightly less RNG for dive bomber drops National flavor can also be based on the types of formations or how they execute their attacks, maybe based on how they did airstrikes during the war? (more on formations a little later). Maybe types of consumables Anti Air in general. AA direction priority - I’m sure you guys (wg) know of my idea(the last time I made one of these idea posts) for AA’s power mostly being concentrated on its port and starboard sides while making it weaker from Bow Stern. I would like to add a toggle switch for surface ships that tells your AA to focus on forward/rear or port starboard (edit: it seems like you guys are implementing this already) will be a toggle switch rather than a consumable. You can have buttons placed on the ship compass thingy split it into quarters (bow, stern, port, and starboard) and if you click in the middle it resets it to default. AA accuracy over time/zeroing in - I would like to see accuracy of the long medium range AA increase over time while your inside of their AA range and in order to reset this accuracy increase you would have to fly out of the range and stay out of range for 10 seconds. The accuracy increase would put the flak cloud closer in front of the of the squadron and faster adjustments for altitude changes making it harder and harder to dodge. eventually if you do not leave the AA range bubble the flak will hit either right on or directly in front of the planes to simulate the range finder/gunners are zeroing in on you. I would say the amount of time till full accuracy should be somewhere around 90 seconds or 120 seconds(so one cannot perma spot without consequence). Accuracy should cap at around 90% - 95% (or maybe in the 70s or 80s % idk ?) This would also help with perma spotting so even with a DD eventually the squadron is going to have to pull away or risk losing everything. Squadron Formations. Allow the player to change the position the planes fly in for different drop patterns of ordinance and to have differing effects. 3 plane attack wing Delta - will have a lead plane while 2 others trail slightly behind to the left and right of the lead should be the default formation Effects: large increase in acceleration DB drop pattern: 3 circles in a triangle pattern. TB drop pattern: it will mimic the formation so 1 torp in front while other 2 behind and to the left and right of the 1st one. RK spread pattern: rounded triangle Best for approaching a ship from the front (bow) so if a ship turns either left or right they may get hit with a bomb or a rocket spread. V - will have 2 planes up front while 1 behind and center Effects: minor increase in acceleration and maneuverability DB drop pattern: upside down rounded triangle TB drop pattern: mimics the formation RK spread: upside down rounded triangle pattern Best for approaching from behind (stern) similar to delta formations results. Single file - planes will fly in a single file line Effects: best accuracy but greatly decreases AA defence, speed, and acceleration DB drop pattern: similar to what we have now with the AP DBs thin vertical oval TB drop pattern: single line of torps RK spread: circular pattern but planes shoot the rockets one at a time Best for approaching from any direction will be vulnerable to AA but most drops will be accurate. Wide wing tip to tip - planes fly in a horizontal line spaced pretty wide Effects: increased defence and maneuverability against AA reduced defense against fighters. DB drop pattern: wide horizontal oval TB drop pattern: when player tells the planes to attack they will take a bit longer then usual but begin converging and then drop then torps will land in the water lined up together horizontally but begin converging much like how IJN TBs are now. RK spread very wide horizontal and thin spread of rockets. Best used when approaching from the flanks of the ship (port or starboard) and best used on BBs or CVs (to light fires/cause floods in a wide of a space as possible) Narrow wing tip to tip - planes fly in a horizontal line space close to one another Effects decrease in defense and greatly decreased in maneuverability increase AA defense against fighters DB drop pattern: narrow horizontal oval TB drop pattern: same as wide tip to tip formation but instead of converging the torps diverge. RK spread - horizontal oval Best used approaching from the flanks (port or starboard) good for any size of ship Small Echelon - short wedge formation starting from the left and staggering backwards to the right or visa versa. Effects: slight denser DB drop and RK spread patterns DB drop pattern: diagonal drop pattern mimics formation TB drop pattern: mimics formation RK spread: planes follow each other and hit the same spot 4 plane attack wing Formations accessible with the capt skill “count me in”: adding an additional plane to the attack. (it will replace the 3 attack wing formations) Finger Four - replaces the Delta formation becomes new default formation if you have the “count me in” capt skill. Similar to delta but with one plane in the rear to the left (or right) Effects: increased acceleration and top speed DB drop pattern: standard drop pattern (somewhat wide vertical oval) TB drop pattern: mimics formation pattern RK spread: cone shape (starts small then gets wider) example \ / Best used when traversing the map, average bombing patterns Line abreast - similar to the wide tip to tip formation just with 1 extra plane Effects: increased defense vs AA decreased defense against fighters DB drop pattern: wide horizontal oval TB drop pattern: wide horizontal line of torps RK spread: very wide drop cone Best used when there is a cluster of ships and you want to break it up a little Element abreast - 2 planes are side by side with both planes having a plane trailing behind and to the side on the outer sides of the two in front. Effects: increased defense against fighters decreased against AA DB drop pattern: an X pattern TB drop pattern: A pair of planes attack from 2 different 45 degree angles creating a inverted V pattern, will take a slight amount of time to drop torps as the planes have to sweep wide a bit. RK spread: wide vertical box A good formation to cross drop but not as good as the old way or if u need to drop in a wide area for multiple ships. Echelon - long one sided wedge formation either starting left and going right or visa verse or can switch between the two patterns. Effects: increased DB and RK attack density decreases fire/flood chance DB drop pattern: planes just mimic the formation pattern it allows the player to approach from a diagonal angle. TB drop pattern: mimic formation RK spread: planes follow one another and attack at the same angle Best for a small point drop for ships that are not moving and you want to hammer one spot on that ship example would be for a ship camping near an island and you want them to move bombs and rockets will more or less hit in the same area. For the TB drop pattern great for large ships moving into your torps as they try to slow most of the time will hit in the same area. Diamond - planes fly with 1 plane forward and back and left and right must have captain skill “count me in” Effects: increased rear gunner coverage increased defense against fighters DB drop pattern: cross pattern TB drop pattern: mimics the formation pattern RK spread: 4 circles in a diamond pattern with a space in the middle Best used when approching from the front or sides and the enemy doesnt appear to maneuver Box - planes fly with 2 planes side by side and front to back must have captain skill “count me in” Effects: increases rear gunner coverage increasing defense against fighters DB drop pattern: 2 overlapping vertical ovals TB drop pattern: mimics formation pattern RK spread: takes a bit longer but planes diverge and one at a time attack in a x pattern Similar to the Diamond formation but best when approaching from an 45 degree angle. Horizontal zig zag - planes fly in a checker pattern (starting from left in a line) one behind, one forward, another behind, then the last forward must have capt skill “count me in. Effects: faster Acceleration DB drop pattern: horizontal oval a bit more circular then oval TB drop pattern: mimics formation RK spread: 2 wave attack horizontal ovals Vertical zig zag - planes fly in a checker pattern similar to the horizontal version but instead of going left to right goes front to rear. Must have capt skill “Count me in” Effects: better Maneuverability. DB drop pattern: vertical oval a bit more circular then oval TB drop pattern: mimics formation RK spread: 2 wave attack vertical ovals Consumables: CV consumables some consumables will require you to drop something or do an action in when that is the case you will press the corresponding consumable button/key it will bring up a targeting area and you will have to right click to confirm, and if you wish to cancel just press the consumable key again/left click to change formation/one of the squadron keys/select CV key/or the F key. Fighters - (since wg already put it) summons 4 fighters to patrol the area for 45 seconds the quantity of uses should be unlimited with a cooldown of 60 seconds. Have also the ability to select a ship to be patrolled. Type: defensive Aircraft Engine turbo boost - 30 second boost to top speed and acceleration but reduces bombing run accuracy. Type: utility Smoke canisters - drops 2 canisters that deploy smoke over a small area (2 puffs worth of smoke in a line) deploys as soon as it hits the water will last for 30 - 40 sec. Type: support Smoke screen - deploys smoke from the rear of 3 active planes while they fly on the deck (very low altitude about 30m - 40m) gives 5 puffs worth of smoke will last for 30 - 40 sec. Smoke diameter is small. Type: support Sonar buoys - drops a buoy into the water that activates sonar that detects only things underwater such as torpedoes, range and time can vary depending nation, should be shorter than ship hydro (for balance reasons it shouldn’t detect ships such as DDs and CLs as they already have to deal with radar). area of effect is shown either as a circle in the water and/or on the mini map also squadron speed must be at TB drop speeds. Type: support, example of a sonar buoy Air to Air radar - detects any planes in the air within a certain radius (depending on national flavor maybe? I was thinking 10km - 20km) around the planes for 15 - 30 seconds and improves evasion from enemy fighters (reduces enemy fighter dps ?). Only detects what is in front of the planes. Type: utility Air to surface radar - detects any ships below and to the front of the squadron in a 0.5km range for 5 - 10 seconds. Player being detected with have a different icon then the regular radar icon, also if your target is in smoke the accuracy penalty still applies. Type: utility Resupply crate - drops a crate the restores 1 random consumable on the target ship (ally only cant be used on self or enemy)(I know its not historical but could be good for the game). UI will notify player that received the crate “your (consumable x) was resupplied by (player name or ship name)”. limited uses maybe 2 charges Type: support Heal crate - heals x% of allies dmg received by HE, Fire or Flood (ally only cant be used on self or enemy). the % of damage should be different by ship type. UI will notify player that received the crate “your ship was healed by (player name or ship name)”. limited uses maybe 2 charges Type: support Contour flying - planes will fly extremely low to the water or terrain decreasing detection range to about 1km but but reduces max speed. Will last for 2 minutes it will be canceled if player moves to attack or sets a staging point or changes altitude. Type: utility Survey - planes fly very high and spot ships based on their speed (detects wakes from the ships stern) detects when ships go 3/4 speed or full. Stays out of range of short and medium range AA. Will be canceled if player chooses to attack. Will last for 30 sec maybe ? Type: support Chaff - drops a small cloud of aluminum to create a dark zone that radar cannot see into, duration will be like 10 seconds maybe(?). On the UI in the mini map there will be a static like circle in the zone of use and the area on the surface of the water will show a green ring much like the smoke cloud border indicator. AA consumables Mutual AA fire control - increases AA accuracy over time speed (basically it cuts the time it takes to full accuracy by 25%-50%) when 2 or more ships that have their AA turned on are within 2km. Accuracy gained during the consumables use will stay with the ships for that particular squadron until either they down all planes or the squadron leaves the AA range for 10 sec. UI should show to all friendly nearby players that the skill is active. UI for the squadron the edge of the screen will turn (green or blue?) to warn the CV player that they are being tracked Both players will receive aircraft kill ribbons for each kill done by both players.(or maybe a new ribbon for AA support kill) Type: support Defensive fire AA - greatly increases medium and long range AA ROF and increases short range DPS. The UI will show to the squadron on the edge of the screen will turn red Type: support If both skills are active at the same time and the CV flies their squadron the UI will either show red or purple. Captain Skills. I will suggest alot of new skills as well as rework old ones im not sure if WG should rework the amount of points per skill and leave it the same old tier for tier. I was thinking they would unlock based on the rank the captain has achieved (example: commodore, rear admiral, admiral etc etc…). Another thing was every skill to cost 1 point and have multiple levels with a max lvl of 4, and the captain’s level can go higher not sure how high tho. The lowest level would have the least benefits with more detriments and the higher you go it will increase the benefits while reducing detriments.(idk just a thought) I was thinking that we add more detriments to skills so it balances them out a little the detriments will most of the time have a smaller % value then the benefits of the skill. I also try give vague values to the skills so that wg could set them at what ever they find balanced. CV skills. Efficient Aircraft Ordinance Logistics: slightly faster plane resupply but increases the destroyed squadron repair penalty. Type: Utility Expert Aircraft maintenance:Reduces destroyed squadron repair penalty (by like 10%??) but increases squadron resupply time Type: Utility Torpedo Depth control: torps will drop to become deep water torps sooner increases torp speed but reduces overall torp range and increases torp arming time. Type: Offence Skimming the surface: torpedoes will stay as shallow torps longer before dropping to deep water torps at 80% of the torpedo running time will NOT drop any farther (to asahio type torps) before disappearing. The detriment will be slower torps Formation exercises: increases the speed in which planes can change formation and a minor increases maneuverability Type: utility Iron nerves: pilots don’t lose as much accuracy when hit with AA flak but lose a slight bit of defense to short range AA. Type: utility Bombardier concentration: faster accuracy(tightening of targeting reticle) when on a bombing approach but if hit with flak loses more accuracy then normal slight reduction in maneuverability during the bombing targeting phase.(not effected by short range AA) Type: offensive Friendly skies: slightly increases effects of support consumables for planes and slightly increases detrimental effects. Type: utility Rear gunner training: improved rear gunner DPS with a slight decrease to squadron maneuverability Type: endurance Count me in: has 1 extra plane follow in bombing attack run, also switches the available formations for the squadron. Type:utility Awareness of the air: show on the ui information such as when DFAA is running and how long is left, shows approximate time left till enemy ship has the squadron fully tracked (accuracy over time), and shows if the nearby ships are using Mutual AA triangulation and how much time is left. Type: utility Inverted dive bomb: DBs invert upside down as they attack so they can return the same way they approached, also increases planes defense when returning to the CV. Type: utility Vigilant spotter: can spot torps from the sky while not in a bombing run (I was thinking wg was going to take away the ability to see torps from planes so I put it as a skill that you have to weigh vs other skills) Type: support Air supremacy: 1 extra plane in squadron (but will add extra rearming time due to 1 extra plane in squadron *see Progression through the tiers below*) Type: offensive Fighter escort: when fighter consumable is used they will follow your squadron, and if you use “staging point” then the fighters will guard that while you make your attack run. Type: endurance Emergency take off/landing: while CV is on fire planes are able to take off and with a increase of 50% speed but reduces amount of planes in the squadron by 3 while on fire. Type: utility Dogfight expert: increase in ammo and DPS for fighters at a reduction in speed Type:support Scramble aircraft: will allow player to scramble all aircraft and they will not land after 30 seconds, and will instead just patrol around the CV when not being controlled. Type utility Advanced smoke canister: increases smoke canister consumable radius by 50% Type: support Carrier Master: Decrease aircraft rearm time increases aircraft HP but increases detection range and reduces AA DPS(small AA) and ROF(medium and large AA) *see special skills below* Type: special (will need support and utility to unlock) AA skills. Advanced Firing Training: increases the range of all AA but slightly reduces DPS for small caliber AA and ROF for medium and large caliber AA Type: utility Small caliber AA training: increase short range DPS but slightly reduces range Type: utility Medium caliber AA ammo logistics: increase ROF of medium range AA but reduces range Type: support (reason for being support and not utility is that medium and long range AA can and are often used for covering other allies and short range AA is mainly self defense) Large caliber AA ammo logistics: increase ROF of long range AA but reduces range Type: support (reason for being support and not utility is medium and long range AA can and often are used for covering other allies and short range AA is mainly self defense) Long range AA explosive boost: increase blast radius and damage of large caliber AA reduces ROF Type: utility Lingering cloud: flak clouds linger for 3 more seconds but with a slight reduction of medium and large AA ROF Type utility AA range finder training: decreases time it takes to reach full lead accuracy (distance flak detonates in front of squadron) Type: utility AA altitude FCS training: decreases time it takes to reach full altitude accuracy (y axis) (the tracking of altitude changes) Type: utility Anti Air Master: adds an extra 150% damage to DFAA consumable and a increase in AA ROF but greatly reduces fire/flood chance caused by a shell or torpedo. Type: special (will need to invest in support and utility) *see special type skills below* Misc skills. Aircraft Trajectory tracking: shows flight path on the UI of incoming planes that are within your AA range (visual drawn from the squadron and/or mini map from the squadron icon) Type: utility Vigilant fighter: increased fighter plane action/ time for CVs and surface ships Type: support Vigorous interceptor: increase the flight speed of fighters for both CVs and surface ships Type: support AA radar: when radar is in use it also detects planes at a range of 15km -25km, and does not effect surface to surface radar range. Type: support Vigilant eye on the skies: increases spotting range against aircraft but with a slight reduction in torpedo acquisition range Type: utility Captain skills reworked I figured if I would add new skills to the tree might as well add more for other ships or in general or tweak the current ones. Skills will be sorted by Endurance, Offensive, Support, Utility, and Special. Endurance captain skills Preventative Maintenance: reduces the risk of ship modules being incapacitated High Alert: reduces cooldown time for damage control party consumable with a slight increase in other consumables cooldown times. Basics of Survivability: accelerates repairs to modules and fire/flood recovery but increases fire flood chance slightly Survivability Expert: extra 350HP per tier Fire Prevention: Reduces risk of fire and the max fires that can be set to 3 but greatly reduces fire chance caused by your own shells. Last Stand: when engine or steering gears are damaged can still operate but with a penalty Flood Preparation Drills: reduces flooding damage and flood time but increases firefighting time Fire Suppression System: reduces fire damage and fire time but increases flood damage Module Repair Workshop Expert: increases the modules repaired up to 2 per minute (only if module repair workshop is equipped to the ship *see ship module section below*) Hull Stability Maintenance: every time damage control party is used 500HP is healed but reduces survivability of modules, guns and torpedo tubes Offensive Captain Skills Expert Loader: accelerates loading time for main guns if you have all of them loaded Manual Fire Control for Secondaries: secondaries open fire on any targets designated by the player increase in accuracy by a slight amount. Expert Marksman: increase in turret rotation speed but with a reduction in ROF Torpedo Acceleration: increase speed of torpedoes but with reduced range and increased arming time(will only work with surface ship launched torps) Torpedo Longevity: increases the range of torpedoes but reduces speed(will only work with surface ship launched torps) Efficient Torpedo Fuel: increase range of torpedoes but at a reduced speed and decreased arming time Torpedo Reload Expert: decrease in Reload time for surface ship based torpedoes increase reload time for main guns. Inertia Fuse HE Shells: increase HE penetration for main and secondary guns but with a reduced fire chance. Adrenaline Rush: All types of armaments ROF increase for every 1% HP damaged but increases detonation chance. Demolitions Expert: increase fire chance but makes ship more susceptible to fire by a slight amount Long Range Firing Training: increases firing range of both the main guns as well as secondaries but with a slight reduction in turret rotation Stationary Target Training: increases accuracy to main guns when your target is moving at speeds of 8 knots or less but decreases secondary accuracy Support Captain Skills Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft: 1 extra catapult aircraft at a reduction in speed Smoke Screen Overdrive: increase in smoke screen radius at a slight reduction of ship speed. Light Smoke Screen: increases smoke screen consumable action time and lays smoke in a long narrow path but decreases smoke time by 40% Superintendent: 1 additional consumable charge for all consumables increases cooldown timers very slightly (something like 3-5%). Eye on The Horizon: increases sight range Hydro Acoustic Expert: increases range of hydro but reduces duration and slightly increases ship detection range while hydro is being used. Radar Expert: increases duration of radar but reduces range and slightly increases ship surface detection range while radar is being used. Destroyer Screen: if DD is 3km from an allied BB CA/CL or CV increases torpedo acquisition range to 2km (can only be used with DDs) Cruiser Escort: if CA/CL is 2km from an allied BB or CV reduces detection range by x% (can only be used with CA/CLs) Battleship Escort: if a CA/CL or DD is within 2km reduces fire and flood chance by x% (can only be used with BBs) Keeping up with the Fleet: if a BB or CV is 10 km or more from the nearest DD, CA/CL the BB will gain an additional 5 knots of top speed, so long as there is DDs and CA/CLs still alive.(can only be used with BBs and CVs) Assault Capture: increases speed in which you capture a point so long as your within 1km from a friendly ship but increases main gun bloom time. Defensive Capture: siphons capture progress from the enemy if they are capturing a area you already own and are within 3km from an ally but increases main gun bloom time. Utility Captain Skills Priority Target: shows how many players are targeting you Incoming Fire Alert: warns you of incoming shells (when shells flight time is more then 6 sec) Jack of all Trades: slight reduction in all consumable reload times Vigilant Eye on the Water: increase in torpedo acquisition range but reduces AA spotting range Radio Location: shows general location of nearest enemy ship enemy will be alerted to your tracking of their ship. Radar Receiver: shows general location of ships using the radar consumable enemy will be alerted to you tracking their ship (operates the same way radio location does but only while the enemy has their radar active). Concealment Expert: reduces ship’s detection range (amount of detection reduction based on ship type) but with a great increase in air detection (puts air detection at base surface detection range) Mussel Blast Expert: reduces main gun bloom time but increases detection range (amount based on ship type, similar to the concealment expert skill) Special Captains Skills All these skills will require you to have invested 60% of points into the specified field of skills to unlock these listed in the ( ), and just to clarify 60% in the total number in that type(endurance, offensive, support, utility). So for example say you want endurance master there will be 12 skills you will need to invest 7 skill points into the endurance skill tree to unlock it. Endurance Master:(type: Endurance) greatly reduces amount of time it takes to repair modules, recover from fire/floods greatly increases the amount that can be healed from repair party, but greatly increases likelihood of of said module/fire/flood chance. Damage Control Master:(type: Endurance) greatly reduces the damage control consumable’s cooldown timer but greatly increases damage taken from fire/floods. Long Range Gunnery Master:(type: Offensive) increases main gun accuracy but greatly reduces ROF and turret rotation. Secondary Master :(type: Offensive) greatly increases ROF, accuracy, and secondary module HP of secondaries but greatly reduces main gun turret rotation and ROF and AA ROF AA Master: see above in AA skill section Smoke Screen Master:(type: Support) smoke clouds give a slight healing effect (I would say like 10 to 25HP per second for the duration of the smoke screen) so long as you don’t shoot your guns or launch torps healing effect starts 10 seconds after you enter the cloud or after you shoot your guns/torps. Consumable Master:(type: Utility) decreases consumable cooldown time increases consumables by 1(stacks with superintendent) but increases the Damage Control cooldown timer by double Concealment Master:(type: Utility) decreases the amount of time it takes for main gun bloom to return to normal concealment greatly increases the size of your main gun bloom by double. Destroyer Master:(type: Offensive and Utility) increases ship and torpedo speed but increases rudder shift time and turret rotation (skill only activates when using a DD) Cruiser Master:(type: offensive and utility) increases main gun ROF, reduces rudder shift time, and reduces consumable cooldown but greatly increases detonation chance, main gun bloom time is increased by 50% reduces ship acceleration. (Skill only activates when using a CA or CL) Battleship Master:(type: endurance and Utility) increases maximum ship HP by 25% but decreases main turret rotation and ship top speed (skill only activates when using a BB) Carrier Master: see above in CV skill section Ship modules New Ship Modules Ordinance storage space on deck - Faster plane resupply but at the cost of a large detonation chance increase (by maybe 150%) Spare aircraft parts - reduces aircraft repair time (for when your squadron is destroyed) Module repair workshop - every minute repairs 1 random module such as AA mounts or secondaries (does not include main guns or torpedo tubes) Aircraft Modules Advanced bombardier optics - improved reticle (shrink?) speed Aileron maintenance - improved maneuverability Engine upgrade - improved top speed and acceleration Extra aircraft armor - increases defense against AA dmg and increases max HP for aircraft (including fighters) but reduces max speed, acceleration and maneuverability. Reduced aircraft armor - decreased defense against AA dmg but increases max speed and acceleration for aircraft (including fighters). Aerial Fire extinguisher - if plane HP is below 10% this will restore HP up to 20%(of planes max HP) must not be taking fire from AA or fighters. Improved binoculars - increases sight range Larger caliber rear gun - increases rear gunner DPS Improved torpedo - slight increase in dmg and flood chance for torpedoes Improved HE bombs - slight increase in dmg and fire chance for HE bombs Large RKs - slight increase in dmg and penetration for rockets but reduced fire chance Progression through the tiers Here is how I think that progression should look like through the tiers. Note: squadrons can have 1 extra plane in squadron if “air supremacy” capt skill is used, and 1 extra plane on attack run if “count me in” skill is used. Long reload times will encourage the use of the other squadron types and be a way to reduce the over reliance on one type, also can be adjusted if WG believes its too long. Another thing to note (before im able to test to see how long it takes a player to expend all ammo and return) planes attacks can last somewhere around 1 -3 minutes depending how much airstrikes they can do so reload times may not be an issue if it goes the way I set their reload times. Types of planes/armaments HE DB = dive bombers with high explosive bombs TB = Torpedo bombers RK = Rocket attack aircraft AP DB = dive bombers with Armor Piercing bombs Squadron size: amount of planes in a squadron Types: types of aircraft CV can carry is also the number of squadrons (1 each type) Rearm time: time required to rearm aircraft total time based on how many planes in a squadron. Squadron Repair Time: time required to repair a squadron that has been completely destroyed time is based on rearm time with +50% this is the penalty for losing the whole squadron Equation used to calculate rearm times: Rearm time in seconds = squadron size x seconds per aircraft in squadron Equation used to calculate squadron repair times: Repair time in seconds = squadron size (seconds per aircraft in squadron +50%) T4: Squadron size of 6 ( 3 attack runs) Types: HE DB Base Rearm time: 42 second total rearm time (7 seconds per aircraft) Base Squadron Repair Time: 63 second rearm time, (10.5 seconds per aircraft) Note: T4 will have 2 different squadrons of HE DBs, but the amount of planes that can strike will be limited to 2. My reasoning on having T4 with only HE DBs is to help the player get used to DBs in general while also not being too over powered at this tier, also so the player can get used to the controls and not be overwhelmed with all the different ordinance types. T5: Squadron size of 9 ( 3 attack runs) Types: HE DB and TB Base Rearm Time: 54 seconds (6 sec per plane) Base Squadron Repair time: 81 seconds (9 sec per plane) Adding TBs at this tier will give the players practice on handling them as well as surface ships exposure to the new TBs T6: Squadron size of 11 (3 attack runs and 1 partial run) Types: HE DB and TB Rearm Time: 77 sec (7 sec per plane) Squadron Repair Time: 115.5 seconds (10.5 sec per plane) Gives players more practice with HE DBs and TBs with more AA and larger squadrons. T7: Squadron size of 12 (4 attack runs) Types: HE DB, and TB (not sure if RKs should be available at this tier) Base Rearm time: 84 sec (7 sec per plane) Base Squadron Repair Time: 126 sec (10.5 sec per plane) Now im not sure if we should add RKs to this tier or T8 because T5 ships can run into T7s if WG decides to put them in give them a small amount of rockets per plane (like 2-4 rockets maybe) just to introduce them to the players. T8: Squadron size of 13 (4 attack runs and 1 partial run) Types: HE DB, TB, and RK Base Rearm Time: 91 sec (7 sec per plane) Base Squadron Repair Time: 136 sec (10.5 sec per plane) Whether WG decides to give RK at T7 or not this tier and onward should get them either introduces player to them or gives them more rockets per plane. T9: Squadron size of 15 (5 attack runs) Types: HE DB, AP DB, TB, and RK Base Rearm Time: 120 sec (8 sec per plane) Base Squadron Repair Time: 180 (12 sec per plane) Introduces AP DBs with 500 - 1000 lbs bombs to players also increases squadron size T10: Squadron size of 18 (6 attack runs and) Types: HE DB, AP DB, TB, and RK Base Rearm Time: 144 sec (8 sec per plane) Base Squadron Repair Time: 216 sec (12 sec per plane) Pinnacle of CVs every type of plane unlocked and maximum loadout, AP DBs get 1000 - 2000 lbs bombs (I cant remember what the T10 size AP bombs are now) After I finished this WG released the 2nd CV video showing co op gameplay and Halloween teaser showing us subs as I don’t want to make this any longer then it already is I will just say, I am aware of it and didn’t think I had enough time to add them to this post. I may have more ideas later but this is what I came up with I would like the hear what you all think thanks for reading this very long wall of text :P
  20. Just had a tier 10 game, with an opposing Lexington. 1 Dive bomber strike completely took a Bismarck from full health to 0 in 1 hit, no detonation, just bomb citadel damage. Sorry, but this is just way too unbalanced for fair play. The problem is the tighter drop reticle removes the RNG from the game for CVs. Not really fair when the rest of us are subject to RNG with every shot. Not saying AP bombs should not be in the game, but they should have the same drop reticle as HE bombs. You should just have to choose whether you want lesser guaranteed damage with the HE splash or risk it for less hits but higher damage chance. As it is, it is just too unfair. OK, done ranting, begin the trolling....
  21. I apologize that I don't have a replay, I understand that's an important part of these sorts of things. Yesterday I was playing a Co-op battle in my Ranger and noticed that the red bot CV hadn't thrown his fighters at me yet. Towards the end of the battle I send my DB's towards the red CV and found his fighter squadron slowly patrolling in a circle just off the starboard quarter of his ship. Those fighters eventually engaged my planes when they got within 1-2km, which is expected behavior for fighters that are simply patrolling without orders, however they stopped and return to patrolling after my planes moved out of range. I had a very similar occurrence several days earlier after the most recent patch dropped where I never encountered the enemy CV's fighters at all.
  22. This morning, furry-tongued, I log in and find myself staring at a shiny new CV, Langley. It must have been the 50% Off Sale (practically BOGO). yeah, that's the ticket (In truth, I had my wits about me. But if you see me in a game driving this thing, run for the hills.)
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    Thanks for picking me MM

    why tier 10 cvs wait in q so long is beyond me, but why mm decides they need a 2 on 2 match is even worse. why not let them play with themselves 1v1 at least like that they wont waste anyone else's time. at least i got me an nice award:
  24. Granted CVs are a dying class in the upper tiers and I have been more then vocal advocate for change in the class. After a recent game in the US DM, I can not express my frustration to way people despise the current balance of CV to surface game interaction. Here are the carnage in the pics. Man after this game I hope that Midway driver took a shower sheesh. Again I am not mad at the guy, he did what ever WOWS allows him to do. Wiping out close to 42k in one pass is not only brutal but I think unrealistic even for arcade standards of WOWS. But here is my evidence to the Developers to get a kick laugh at untill the CV rework is done. Later everyone EDIT* We lost the game.
  25. So I've been wondering, what the future hold for CVs especially the rework. For example, new premium ideas (that you would like to see in the game) *cough* Aquila *cough*, the population of CVs, etc... I want you guys to give your opinion, there is no wrong or right answer, just want to see what you guys think. I just want this to be a topic to share ideas, keep criticism to where it won't bring a full blown argument to where I'll need to close this topic or have to bring a moderator. *Don't mind the pictures of CVs, just wanted to decorate this topic.