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Found 27 results

  1. Estimated_Prophet

    Sink! The Bismark! (not what you expect.)

    An amusing bit I found while perusing YouTube after work. @AdmiralThunder @HazeGrayUnderway @Khafni @Ahskance @Wolfswetpaws
  2. Lose_dudes

    The REAL reason Bismarck sunk

    Today we'll be looking at German and British reports on why the famous battleship Bismarck sunk, in a universe we're glad we don't live in. We'll begin with Germany: On the sinking of the Bismarck The sinking of the Bismarck may have been caused by being hit by Ark Royal, but closer inspection reveals it was a series of mishaps that caused the battleship to be sunk. It began, a few years back, when a worker error caused half of a sheet of gruyere cheese to be mistaken for swiss[citation needed], and mailed to the royal navy. Ironically, the torpedo protection ended up being half made of swiss because of the error. The next error was during the Bismarck's last battle. Although why he did so is a complete mystery, Lutjens chose to make out with his ship[citation needed], which is troubling for the ship and other commanders. Don't give them any ideas. Finally, the Ark Royal sent a squadron of torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck. It is unknown why they did this, in any case velociraptors would've been much more effective. Nonetheless, the torpedoes soundly cut through the softer swiss cheese half of the torpedo protection plate consisted of. The Bismarck sank quickly, and some of the crew was rescued by British ships. Lutjens and Bismarck are currently missing, and it is suspected that they are aboard the Ark Royal[citation needed]
  3. Alright, full disclosure: I'm a massive fan of these two ships. Combined I have 450+ games between the two of them. They are responsible for some of my best memories of WOWS since Open Beta. Despite the awful things WG has done to powercreep these two ships into oblivion, I refuse to not take them out from time to time. Do these ships perform like this all the time? Of course not. Neither of these games were easy, and the Bismarck game was a top-tier game that thanks to potato teammates was a HARD carry in order to win (Tirpitz was T9), but damn when these ships work they're still some of the most fun I can have, and remind me why I've been playing this game all these years. In any case, I guess my point is that if you enjoy certain ships, just play them. You might just have a good time. The build I'm running is a 21 point maximum meme secondary build, for anyone curious.
  4. Alguien sabe o tiene un idea de porque el bismarck (al igual que toda la linea alemana) es actualmente inútil? Resulta que mi porcentaje de victorias con este barco era del 55% y ahora bajo a 43%. El principal problema que he notado es que todo le entra cual cuchillo a barra de mantequilla. Literalmente toda salva que me tiran no baja de 7000 puntos de daño, en cambio yo solo consigo hacer entre 1000 y 3000 como mínimo y muy raramente mas de eso. Un jodido dolor de cabeza que hay actualmente es el maldito massachusets que solo con rozar al bismarck ya le bajo 7500 o más puntos de vida. De hecho esta es la principal razón por la que he bajado tanto mi porcentaje de victorias, ya que todo mundo juega massachusets (es entendible ya que no tienen la capacidad de jugar otra cosa que no este op). Se que obviamente nunca le darán al bismarck la gloria y el reconocimiento que realmente debería tener, aun así, es muy frustrante no poder jugar barcos que te gustan solo porque no puedes ganar con ellos. No se si nerfearon al bis y a la linea alemana y no nos dimos cuenta, pero de que ahora resisten menos no hay duda. No se si por esto me quiten la cuenta pero la verdad es que no me importaría porque actualmente me provoca más asco y repudio el juego que diversión.
  5. So I’ve been working on a side project on my own for the past 6 or 7 years where I have been coming up with ideas for a fictional alternate history series. I had an idea for a German battlecruiser design that combines the designs (both external and internal designs and the armor layout) of the German battleship Bismarck (using wows’s B hull upgrade as the basis for her exterior design) and the British battlecruiser HMS Hood (using her design in wows as exterior basis). My question is what would this design probably look like in your opinion? I would also like photos/reference drawings to be used in this discussion if whoever reads this wants to in order to make it easier to visualize the design aspects used.
  6. Hey guys, I've recently been going down the rabbit hole with the SCP multiverse, a a kind of Pokémon meets Lovecraft version of Earth that is populated by Anomalies and The Foundation. It's a worldwide writing community where anyone can add in a supernatural SCP object for Foundation agents to track down and attempt to contain, as per their acronym: Secure, Contain, Protect. Recently I stumbled across these and felt they would be right up Wargaming's alley for the Halloween events. There are plenty more than just SCP-4217, and SCP-2846-B, such as ships present at Operation Crossroads becoming amalgamated into the mysterious SCP-1264. A creature large enough to fill the hulls of 5 of the ships sunk by the tests, USS Saratoga, Prinz Eugen, Nagato, a Mahan-Class destroyer, and a Balao-Class submarine. I'm sure Wargaming could work a story around existing anomalies and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to do some creative licensing and add to their ranks. Maybe even Foundation Camos and SCP/Foundation Agent Commanders. Anyways, leave your thoughts in the towel section below!
  7. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of overpens on Bismarck lately? Have seen a couple of other threads where its been attributed to bad aim, the crappy dispersion, etc. I'm willing to live with the dispersion for the chance to brawl (maxed out secondaries rock), but the overpens are getting silly - especially when in a T8-T10 match. Used to be able to survive those - not much anymore. Had it happen today. Gene 4-5km out - broadside to my right front. All 4 hit between the turrets on the hull. got 3 overpens & 1 pen. I could understand a bounce or 1 overpen, but 3? Don't know what changed - but Biz isn't nearly as much fun as it was a few months ago....
  8. Still sad to be a defeat in the end, but I beat my long-standing USS Iowa damage record of 221k in none other than my Bismarck. At least what I've learned is that if people don't focus you, you can be quite effective in these secondary-spec BBs. If singled out and focused, you die pretty quick. Enjoyed this round nonetheless even with a loss.
  9. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  10. Eu já venho percebendo isso já um tempo, mas essa deixou-me muito decepcionado, foi a mudança no status de desconto na Arv.Tec. A história começa assim, estou desbloqueando uma linha de encouraçado alemã, e estou na classe Gneisenau, faltando pouco XP para desbloquear o Bismarck, que custa 11 000 000, mais com o desconto do Clã, o valor vai para 5 500 000. O que notei dessa vez e posso provar foi a alteração do status desse desconto de "Permanente" para " termina em 2 dias", como assim? Agora que estou chegando perto, vcs estão querendo dificultar? Poxa, serio, fico sem palavras com isso, pode dizer "falha no sistema", ou algum outro argumento, mais esse, a sorte é que tratando de jogo Naval, esse é o melhor, se não, eu parava de jogar. (Um elogio em meio a uma crítica) As outras observações, mais que não posso comprovar, e os tais XP Livre que não contabiliza, afff. Teve uma vez que joguei, se não mim engano, consiguir em uma batalha: auxiliar na captura, conseguir destruir um navio, acertei diversas projeteis , e isso, sem camuflagem e bandeira, ou com aquelas que não afetavam muito o recebimento do XP, e supondo ganhei, 1000 XP Livre, quando eu colocava camuflagem de possibilitava +250% de XP Livre, e bandeira ´´Papa Papa`` 300%, e tinha os mesmos exitos ou parecidos na batalha, ganhava, 200 de XP Livre na partida. Como assim? Deveria ser 550% a mais, 6500 de XP Livre, se o calculo não estiver errado. Eu acho que é muita desonestidade, espero que o problema exposto, seja resolvido, obrigado! Abaixo, esta as imagens em relação ao primeiro problema. Que não é o Bismarck, mais essa alteração no status se encontra em toda linha de encouraçado.
  11. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    Close Quarters Cinematic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq7HHcaeKao Another short cinematic I made. For some reason, the free camera in the replays doesn't allow zooming in, so have fun viewing this fully zoomed out footages lmbo
  12. Review of the KMS Bismarck Review of the USS Enterprise CV-6 The Review of the HMS Ark Royal! Enjoy! The review review of the IJN Akagi! Enjoy! Here's a quick summary of my current model kit project the IJN Akagi from Hasegawa 1/700 scale. Enjoy!
  13. Can someone please tell me what font type this is? I am wanting to use it for a personal project!
  14. I was doing more research on the Bismarck, and I was taking a look at the swastikas on the deck of the Bismarck, and I was wondering, how were they put on the decks? Were they painted? Were the teak boards dyed? Were the swastikas made with metal sheets that were colored or dyed? If someone could answer my question(s), I’d really appreciate it!
  15. After the space event I had collected enough Free XP for my first 19 point captain. Thanks again for all your suggestions on his ship class assignment! I decided to put him on BBs and got the Gneisenau which I've been grinding on for a couple of months ... yesterday the stars aligned ... unlocked the BIsmarck ... and the price is currently 50% off - ~5 mill credit savings had the Last Conquest and Bottom of the Sea premium camos from the old Hunt campaign had a 10 pt German space commander sitting idle I eagerly pulled the trigger and ... wow. I never expected this "older" ship to be this strong or this much fun. After all the power creep ... ya know. I played it almost exclusively yesterday ... and was getting a lot of good scores, cits, 3 to 4 kills several times and a ton of secondary hits even before the captain was fully trained for the ship. I don't normally like Tier 8+, but this gal can be a monster, fits my play style and I'm grinning ear to ear. I haven't run up against a Mass yet, but it should be interesting.
  16. So, on friday I finally managed to get a 14 pts captain, which means I could finally get the secondary build to "fully work" with the maximum range and minimum dispersion...but then...this was the result: Even though I was able to do a lot of damage with main battery, it was due to the fact that players were broadsiding me often and so I was able to citadel A LOT even while using 380mm guns, I even managed to citadel the Tirpitz and the dreaded USN Bismarck (Massachusetts). But for a secondary build, the secondary damage was horrible, it was a pain to grind for the 14 pts captain, specially with the need to respec every tier up, and after this result I asked for help in the forum. And one of the suggestions was to go for IFHE, well, I was dead set for the IFHE for my future 18pt captain but I thought the 20% increase in range was better, specially because WG says that the skill is innefective for my ship. Well...today I was proved that WG is at mistake here... Before IFHE I did 62 damage per secondary shell. After removing the increase in range and putting IFHE, I started doing 246 damage per secondary shell. THAT'S ALMOST 400% INCREASE IN DAMAGE PER SHELL How can WG put IFHE as a not recommended for KM BBs? This is the biggest bait ever for people trying out secondary builds, IFHE is the best option for german BBs and this should actually be highlighted for players, instead of adding a warning saying that it's inneficient. So, I ask for WG to change this, maybe put additional info stating that this skill works for secondary weaponry of if it's actually recommended for secondary build on certain ship. My captain at the momment:
  17. Long story short, remember the Primo Victoria thing from Tanks, when Sabaton and WG teamed up and made a music video together? This is basically the same sort of thing, but with Warships. Am I complaining? Absolutely not!
  18. On February 14, 1939, exactly 80 years ago, the German battleship Bismarck was launched from Hamburg, beginning the short but eventful career of one of the most famous battleships of World War 2.
  19. Essentially, the title. I've been thinking about going back to using Aiming Systems Mod 1, but I'm not sure if it's the right call. On one hand, I've found that Aiming Systems Mod 1 makes my main guns substantially more accurate at ranges beyond my secondaries, and my highest damage game in the Bismarck to date came with it equipped. On the other hand, the German BBs are all about those secondaries: If the Space Battles taught me anything, it's that the GK's secondaries are literally perfect. I'm just not sure if it's the right move. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  20. Rusty_Python

    1/100 Bismarck model

    Came across this video of a 1/100 Bismarck model earlier today. The amount of time and effort that must have gone into this is incredible. Enjoy!
  21. TheGreatBlasto

    WOWS' Red-Headed Step-Child

    Poor Bismarck and Tirpitz are the forgotten red-headed step-children of WOWS. Poor thangs are the victims of huge power creep by newer BBs and even cruisers. The secondary build was a cool fad for a bit which served to compensate for the fact that neither ship can hit anything past 15Kms. However, now it's time to give some love to the sisters.
  22. We will try this on this next coming Sunday on Sept 2nd 9/2/18. 9:30-11:30PM US Eastern standard time , 8:30-10:30 PM US CENTRAL TIME, 7:30-9:30 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME, 6:30-7:30 PM US PACIFIC TIME , 11:30AM -1:30 PM in Sydney Australia 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM in Perth Australia. This will be in the training room labeled "Hunt for the Bismarck " chapter 3-4. search for training rooms by Outwardpanicjoe. . HUNT FOR THE BISMARCK Chapter 1 Pride of Germany: UK mission: Bismarck has gotten into the Atlantic and she must be found. Spot and relay her position to the rest of the fleet. Try not to get spotted or sunk by the Bismarck. Do not engage the Bismarck and her flotilla unless fired apon. 2 leanders class cruisers will shadow the Bismarck do not engage run if spotted. one light cv with biplane (figters only) will spot for the bismarck first to give the cruisers a place to start looking, then retreat to let the cruisers shadow the Bismarck till they leave the map. Ships to use Leander's and one tier 4 CV. Rules AP only fighters only for the cv. Kriegsmarine mission: Get out to sea use islands and fjords as cover, a fog storm will be coming to cover your escape. Engage anything that tries to spot you in defense, but don't go fully after them your main mission is to escape. Make your way to the other side of the map with Prinz Eugen. Stealth is a priority so keep AA off till spotted by plane. ships to use Bismarck with bismarck camo and if possible the prinz Eugen if not then use the Hipper. Use AP only, and if your in a DD use only AP and you have only 1 reload of torpedos. Chapter 2 Battle of Denmark Strait: UK Mission: The Mighty Hood and the Prince of Wales are on an interception course against the Bismarck and the prinz eugen. Try to get with in 12km range but you can start to fire at any range there will be spotter fighters from a cv to assist with spotting. Hood fire at the Prinz eugen with the first salvo fand wales will fire at the Bismarck then both fire focus the bismarck. Once you close the range to 12km ish both fleets will go broadside to broadside to each other and exchange fire. The objective is to sink the bismarck or a get it to half HP. If hood sinks wales must escape the map while firing back can't loses the prince of wales if don't want a total loss. Ship to use HOOD , and Prince of Wales, tier 4 cv for fighter scouting. Rules only use AP Kriegsmarine mission: mitigate Bismarcks damage sink the mighty Hood and damage the Prince of Wales. dont let prinz eugen sink. if you take more then 50% damage head south to escape or vice versa were the Wales is going. ships to use Bismarck And Prinz Eugen Us AP only no torpedo. Chapter 3 ON THE HUNT: UK mission: 3 Crusiers keeps tabs on the Bismarck and the Prince of wales. Fire every so often when Bismarck is spotted by another "ship"or the the Prinz Eugen. if the Eugen escapes send a cv with biplanes to make a torpedo run on the Bismarck. Once the cv make its attack run make final salvos at the Bismarck and retreat for refueling. ships to use 3 tier 6-7 UK cruisers and a KGV and one CV with biplanes for torp bombers. Use AP only main objective is the Bismarck second is the Eugen. Kriegsmarine mission: Fight off plane attacks and use cover and get across the map fire at ships when they have spotted you. ships to use Prinz Eugen and Bismarck. Bismarck and Eugene will use the storm as cover so the Eugen can escape Bismarck will cover your escape. Once Eugen is safe make your way out of the map. just touch a map border. start moving one the storm starts to move in. Use AP only. Chapter 4 SINK THE BISMARCK: UK mission: It is day time the ark royal makes a last ditch effort to make a torpedo run 3 cvs tier 4 or 5 cvs will represent the ark royal and attack the Bismarck will attempt to disable the rudder if you can. After the attack use fighters to spot for the Bismarck. 2 dds bracket and shoot the Bismarck to keep her from escaping. the King George V and the nelson class make there way on to the scene with 2 other tier 7 cruisers on the other side escorting. King George V and the Nelson sandwich the Bismarck between them. Once the Bismarck reaches half hp the cruisers attack the Bismarck with guns then encircle the Bismarck and keep firing at the Bismarck till the the ship sink under the waves. You can torpedo the Bismarck for fun once the Bismarck blows up. ships to use KGV , nelson , 2 tier 6-7 UK cruisers maybe a US heavy cruiser 2 UK / Canadian dds or ONE Polish DD screaming "I AM A POLE" at the Bismarck. Use AP only. Kriegsmarine mission: Survive as long as you can! use whatever means to survive , use any shells you want. We will switch who is the Bismarck whoever survives the longest will be Bismarck king. ships to use,Bismarck class. Survive for at least 10 mins once the attack starts but don't just hide the whole time. if anyone is interested in helping to make new events or suggestions feel free to join the workshop discord https://discord.gg/ygjyP2G TRAILER V
  23. So i got Bismarck a while ago, and I cannot figure this ship out for the life of me. I've had 2 decent games in her since I bought it, neither over 95k damage. Other than those two, my average damage is 33k. I can't snipe cause bad range and terrible dispersion, and can't usually push cause I get focused and die. I would wait to push, but the moment I'm spotted, PT goes to 4-6 right away, and get torched and die or loss 70% of my hp in the first few mins. I find her hard to handle and usually end up blundering around and not able to do much. What I do shoot at I miss or bounce/shatter. The one decent game I had was a two-Bisko division with @Avenge_December_7, but other than that one one, it's been really rough. I did well in the rest of the German BB line, even Gneisenau, but I cannot get Bismarck to click for me. I'll try to bow-tank, but the HE spam from every BB out there is real. So that is useless. What am I missing? I am about to quit on this line and go play German cruisers. Help needed!
  24. outwardpanicjoe

    hunt for the bismarck event