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Found 43 results

  1. Lets talk about a few things

    Hello everyone. I'd like to see some debate on some topics that I feel are in need of discussion, hence this thread. The questions are. 1. Will Pan-Asian dds phase out Japanese dds in terms of torpedo effectiveness? (The exception being the Akizuki) 2. Should radar/hydro go through islands or not? (I feel this is a big no but i've seen lots of debate over this one elsewhere) 3. Are the smoke changes that were implemented really that debilitating to cruisers? 4. Should the US's CV loadouts really be reduced to one single loadout? (This is huge no for me and I don't even play American CV) 5. Should the HE pen on the British bb's be lowered to 1/6 pen? What do you guys think of these?
  2. I keep hearing from people, whenever I ask how to effeticly utilize secondary guns on any ship, that secondaries only become useful in tiers 8 and above. So on ships that aren't tier 8 and above, what is the point of secondary guns? Thier range is piss poor, meaning that the only time they ever fire is if someone is ramming you, or if a DD/CL has already been given the chance to nuke you with a Torp salvo, so in any instance they are going to fire, you're alreday screwed. And even when they do start firing, their accuracy is such that you'll be lucky to hit anything before that inevidible Torpedo nuke. Please let me know what the point of having secondaries exist on low tier ships is. I'm legit curious.
  3. We all know there are too many BBs in the game and they have a great presence. What is, truly, the ultimate destroyer of worlds for BBs? Aircraft Carriers. How was the Yamato sunk? Aircraft carrier. How was the USS Alabama (BB-8) sunk? Aircraft carrier. How was the USS Arizona sunk? Aircraft carrier. How was the Tirpitz sunk? Aircraft carrier. The list goes on. We wouldn't have the 'BB problem' we have now if CVs were a viable-class (especially the USN line, which the ranger/lexington are absolutely garbage). However, Wargaming has shown they are either entirely incompetent when it comes to aircraft carriers; or they simply don't want them in the game.
  4. My plan for Tuesday is to load up the Bond Playlist on my iPad and play it while I am in RN BBs. What are you listening too?
  5. 100% Accurate

    Saw this, and as a BB palyer laughed my [edited]off when i saw this. 100% correct! Same goes for the Yamato!
  6. Holy mother of brawl, but Ranked is fun this time around,so far. I played several different ships yesterday and went 2-14, today playing only Fuso. What a difference a day makes! I just want to give heartfelt thanks to WG for making the battles T6. So far 6-3 in Fuso today, and first in team score in every loss, so I haven't lost any stars. In four of those nine battles I managed High Caliber, which is usually between 60-80K damage. Too bad you only get the flags once! With that battleship-heavy meta it's a brawler's dream, with plenty of damage to harvest. It's like a buffet out there. A slice of Arizona? A piece of Fuso? A side of Warspite? Almost every game has 4 BBs. So many battleships at under 10 km ranges, and few of them know how to brawl in the ship they are in. People wonder why so many players play so much coop -- because bots will brawl with you, letting you practice brawling in a BB, and teach you how to kill a BB at short ranges with manageable damage to yourself. See ya on the battlefield!
  7. Under the current paradigm of warships, BBs are the only threat to enemy BBs. Torps have long since stopped being a threat to pretty much anyone who isn't afk or sitting in smoke. BBs can effectively kill DDs, cruisers, and other BBs, and many BBs have enough AA that even CVs search for easier prey. BB AP does tremendous damage to DDs, ever since the 0.5.6 change, so they don't even need be troubled with switching ammo type. They effectively citadel cruisers that are sitting in smoke or hiding behind an island, and if they nose in many BBs can effectively tank other BBs for quite a while. About the only real remaining threat to BBs (other than enemy BBs) is an fast firing enemy CA sitting in smoke. Am I missing something here? When I play my Iowa, I fear nothing other than enemy T10 BBs. Same for my Bismark, although I also somewhat fear enemy T9 BBs. But even in those cases, as long as I don't over commit, I know I can turn out and buy myself a reprieve if necessary.
  8. How to German?

    So, I want to start getting the Mighty German BB line, some tips I should know? I'm a Japanese BB main actually in Tier VIII with my Amagi <3 (Blush Nagamon is best Nagamon)
  9. Thoughts on BB Overpens

    Let me preface by saying. Yes, I play Battleships quite a lot. Yes I recognize that battleships are currently very powerful and, arguably, too powerful. This isn't a post about trying to buff BBs, I just want to try to find a balanced way to eliminate some of the frustration in BB play. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to what I wanted to address which would be BB overpens, especially on cruisers, but it applies to pretty much any class. It's just really frustrating, your enemy makes a mistake, they're out of position and give you a broadside, the run aground, yada yada, etc. You take your time, you aim carefully around the water line (a bit above or below depending on exact angle and relative motion) and you fire. These are the mistakes BBs are meant to punish. They [edited] up, and as Jingles says, that's a paddlin. So, what happens? Depends. If its a BB, it'll take a bunch of regular pens and maybe a few citadels depending on the type (Iowa, Montana, Yamato looking at you) So situation normal. If it's a Destroyer, it' take, 2-4 overpens for a respectable amount of damage considering it's health, again situation normal. If it's a cruiser though...First of all only around 40-60 percent of your shots will hit(somewhere between 3 on the low end and 7 on the high end depending on the number of guns the BB has), and of those that do the majority, if not all (especially at ranges of 12k or less) will over penetrate. Hell, you can over penetrate Cruiser citadels at close enough range (unless they've changed citadel overpens since I've last looked) As I've said, it's frustrating. They've blatantly made a mistake, and your only hope of giving them more than a slap on the wrist is to pray to RNGesus. My original thoughts on how resolve this was to reduce standard pen damage on BBs and tweak the shells so they'l overpen less frequently, but I fairly quickly realized that this would be an indirect yet massive buff to German BBs, and likewise, and indirect nerf to DDs which will take more penetrating hits So, population of WOWs forums. Can you think of a way to make Shooting at cruisers more consistent without making BBs blatantly overpowered? Cause I haven't been able to so far.
  10. Alabama being changed (buffs)

    So I don't know how many of you have heard about this so I am going to repost Sub_Octavian's post here: "Hello good folks! Thank you so much for LOTS of feedback here. As you may have noticed, we are also conducting additional production test of Alabama over weekend with our ST team. We plan to introduce a couple of tweaks based on all data and feedback we receive and make sure that the ship is absolutely enjoyable and worthy upon her release. As I already said, your input is greatly valued, and we're working to make the best of it. Please keep an eye for the news, and see you soon. Cheers " Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/118632-alabamas-armor-model-is-already-massively-in-error/page__st__540 So I am very excited about this because I wanted the Alabama but now I am really looking forward to it. Please tell me what you think below as I would love to heard what people think of it. *jumps of joy*
  11. The guns: slow traverse rate, smallest caliber of all other T10 BBs, worse range and dispersion then Yamato AND G. Kurfurst(lucky to hit ANYTHING within 10km), AP either over pens or ricochets against any angle (even broadside ships less then 10 km away), HE doesn't provide enough consistent damage to be even viable over AP The hull: slow rudder shift, huge turning circle, terrible acceleration, armor that doesn't work(anything firing AP at any angle can penetrate, all other t9-10 BBs can citadel at any angle), unrealistically raised citadel, fairly weak torpedo protection for what you give up from other nations' BBs The AA: the only good thing about this ship, will do significant damage to squads heading for her, however she won't kill enough same-tier planes before they get close enough to cause significant damage. Also I play on the NA server, where you rarely see CVs past tier 8, so AA has become pretty irrelevant. Yes occasionally you might have a really good game where amazing RNG is sitting on every shell and behind every awkward torpedo spread, but this ship is not consistently successful enough gun and armor wise nor is there any place in the current meta for an AA battleship. Overall she gives up too much in terms of armor/ health, gun accuracy, gun strength, and citadel protection to justify her very slightly more then average AA as a balance point. On a scale from 10 (research buy and get the premium camo and make bank) to 0(only reason to research would be to get elite status on the Iowa, DO NOT BUY EVER), this boat gets about a 3(research, buy if you REALLY want a T10 and have nothing else close, but otherwise wait for it to be either removed, fixed, or down-tiered).
  12. Russian BBs

    When will Russian BBs be added to the game? I'd like to propose that a tier 10 Russian BB would be the equivalent of taking a Moskva and duct-taping a Khab to each side of it.
  13. Ranked BB Strategies

    So i've been playing Ranked, and i've been using my Atlanta since i feel Very comfortable in it, and i feel like i've been doing Fairly well And despite my Performance, I've noticed that BBs who hide behind islands and distance themselves from the battle (while i'm forced to close the distance to at least 12km to reliably shoot the enemy) End up surviving(because they're hiding in the back not taking damage) and that ends up getting them more XP even if they're not doing anywhere close to what i do in terms of helping the team as a whole. And in the end when we inevitable lose, they'll get top spot while i almost always get 2nd because They Survived Longer due to their camping in the back. Am I just seeing things through the Salt lens, or is there actually something going on here?
  14. I'm not meant to play today. Lol. I apparently didn't sacrifice the right kind of goat to RNGesus last night, or something. My ranked battle, I was the last one left, and only then did any of my torps hit anything, and I only had 500hp left against 3 ships. In co-op, the teams are all BB's and DD's, and I'm the only cruiser, and I'm immediately focus fired by the bots. Honestly, a choice I made in the ranked battle may have been what screwed us, but I had no way of knowing it would. I saw that the cap was full of reds, so I told the team to go with the other dd to the other cap. The problem is that only one did, and that Myoko apparently thought that meant going completely around the edge of the map to get there. Maybe if I'd just stayed the course, things would have been different, I just don't know. I made a call I thought was right. Co-op...the bots are just straight hatin on me today. I guess it's payback for the sheer unadulterated murder I've subjected them to for 7 months. It could just be that I'm simply off today. I think I'll play something else for a while. I only have 300 other games.
  15. I play all ship classes (except carriers, I cannot handle all that info at one time). I love bbs and dds, and am getting better at cruisers. I have a lot of fun playing bbs, and am typically very aggressive with them. I love leading the charge, absorbing damage, citadeling enemies, supporting the team. This makes sense as I play a lot of German bbs (Bayern is awesome). Sadly often times the team doesn't support me back. I'll push a flank, get stuck in, and at first I have support. But soon the cruisers just run away, dds either die or scatter, and the other bbs just snipe at the back. So I'm left alone, to be focus fired to death. I hate bb sniping. It isn't fun and it isn't effective. Even in Japanese bbs I like to get closer. I've had awesome games in my fuso brawling. But other times the team just leaves me to die. People are just too scared of taking damage. Cruisers especially. You take a citadel hit. You lose a big chunk of hp. Big deal. You fight on, support the bbs. I play wot too, and this is also a big problem. Camping in both games ruins gameplay. The fear is justified. No one wants to be citadeled or one shot by arty. But that prevents good aggressive play. People I think need to toughen up and learn to take a hit or two. If they did that, then we wouldn't have stupid camping situations like we have now. That's my perspective at least.
  16. Does anyone else think it is funny that over 90% over american shell-destinations in WW2 were land installations? And they missed almost every shot. I love USN and I've been studying USN BBs in WW2; I just think it is funny that nearly every shell landed randomly in the sand.
  17. Just an observation vs DD's

    So just and observation of something I've noticed more and more recently since I decided to slap a secondary build on pretty much every ship I have. I've noticed that DD's Freak out when they see a rampaging BB's coming in there direction at a relatively good pace and is applying just a minor amount of WASD. this finally caught my attention in a recent game in which my team was being fairly passive because of a couple of DD's holding the cap...... I decided to take my MO and push in with all I have, to my dismay I had no support (so you can infer my ultimate fate from that) but to my incredible enjoyment saw the DD's move out of there safe concealment and start running, using basic logic I reasoned torps were in bound from 2 different locations at different times and applied basic rudder shift and avoided them with ease, with that outta the way my secondaries lit them up resulting in a double strike fairly quickly... I only bring this up because I didn't start doing my builds this way until recently and have noticed since I changed my play style to as such its been one of my favorite tactics to deal with DD's with fairly moderate success at all tiers. SO what does the community think? has it been luck of the Draw, or maybe I've come across some hidden psychological war tactic. I shall continue to test this theory for quite a while.
  18. DO NOT smoke the BBs! At the beginning of battle smoking a BB encourages spawn camping and back sniping. In addition with just 7 ships to a side the BB HP pool is a much larger team asset than in a random battle. Removing the largest pool of HP that can be regenerated from the target choice list causes focus fire on the DDs and CAs and BBs that are still visible and spotting for the hidden BBs. In the uncommon but not rare occasion that the entire team is in smoke, no one has any targets to shoot and someone will receive damage from the randomly fires shell and torpedo, all the while the enemy is still maneuvering while you are all idle in smoke. For you more advanced players that just can’t help yourself and MUST smoke a BB, consider these conditions. Smoke a BB that is at half health and being focus fired or smoke the lead BB that is closest to the enemy. As a BB main, thank you DDs for your teamwork and effort to keep us alive, but please don’t just go giving up your smoke to anybody. By smoking, you are doing your job, make sure you give it up only to someone who is doing theirs.
  19. How to Gneisenau

    Hey all, So i recently unlocked the tier 7 German Battleship the Gneisenau (for those that aren't familiar with names its the other scharnhorst) and i just can't seem to get it working like i did with the Bayern (the ship before it tier 6). Now I never had spectacular games in the Bayern with my best being just a tick under 75k damage but i would average 999xp per battle. I dont find play the upgrade nearly as enjoy able. So i decided you guys would know a way that allows for the big G to be both rewarding for myself and my team. Current Modifications: Main Armament mod 1 Secondary Battery Mod 2 Steering Gears Mod 2 Captain Skills: BFT, Expert Marksmen, Vigilance, AFT Any help is appreciated as I want to improve for the teams I'm part of many thanks Sorys
  20. The Flavor of Ranked

    The Flavor off Ranked Been playing ranked for a few seasons now and what I have noticed is that the game play morphs as you move through the ranks and over the course of the season as others move progress through as well. This post is for your thoughts and observations as in this regard. Please provide a little more thought than “players play better the further you go. Just as Son Zoo said “ know thyself, and the meta of your enemies and allies and you will have a great WIN Rate!” I started at Rank 15 this season a few hours after ranked opened. I was doing horrible. I think I needed to make some mental adjustments from Random game play. I was not the only one, but probably one of the worse since I had like a 5 game losing streak. When I played later that evening and the next day, I think things had settled down, I play a Bismarck primary with a NO on occasion the BB I play aggressively and it seemed like the matches were aggressive but smart, DDs would on occasion smoke a battered BB on the front and I seen BBs try to cycle damage. If a BB was making an aggressive move into the enemy front or flank the rest of the team 8/10 times would maneuver to take advantage of the push. And then I got to Rank 10 by Sunday. Que times were really long and the game play was VERY different. More communication at the beginning, but more camping and sniping. Either one team would actually move to dominate a cap and the other team hangs back or both teams hang back and take pot shots at each other while watching DDs skirmish for caps. DDs are on the ball with helping BBs with smoke but that has encouraged BBs to stop and sit and not force movement by the enemy. Maybe in a few days we will get the rest of the aggressive guys from 11-15 and things may be different. Those are my observations. Please share more about your experiences than critiquing or criticizing someone else’s.
  21. Once again, we have it proven that all the BB community has to do to change something is whine enough and spam enough topics on the forums. Good job BB players. You have won yet again. We really are playing World of Battleships.
  22. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Been playing for a couple months now but first time posting on the forums! I've loved battleships for as long as I can remember (used to make plastic models, like the little nerd I was and still am), and I absolutely love the game. Quick question, though, and probably not the right/best place to ask, but I'm itching to get a premium BB, and I was wondering if this might be, as any other, a good time to buy the Warspite. I've spent a good amount of time doing research on it, know its pros and cons, but the only thing really stopping me is whether it'd be a good use of $30.. With the RN cruisers coming soon, it's only a matter of time before the HMS BB line comes out, and I've read elsewhere on the forums that there might be other premium English BBs coming out? On top of that, with Black Friday coming around in 2 months, should I just wait and see what sort of new additions are made to the game? Or should I bite the bullet and take my chance on the Warspite? Thanks all!
  23. Well, I have been seeing a lot of German BBs, and after testing this a lot, I have come to a dramatic conclusion: German BBs need a nerf. They are near-invincible to all gunfire, but especially all 14 inch BB gunfire. 14 inch AP just bounces or gets absorbed and doesn't pen, while 14 inch HE just gets absorbed or does little damage and overpens the superstructure. How on earth do you block a 14 inch HE blast? This is frustrating, because no 14 inch gun can do anything about them, and no 14 inch gun-armed BB has torpedoes. Secondaries? At first glance, they do have a good enough RoF to do the job, but then you realize that their range is too short to DPM the German BB to death, while three German BBs have torpedoes to kill you with. On top of that, their much more effective secondaries will DPM you to death long before your laughably ineffectual secondaries ever DPM them to death. Planes? German BBs laugh at planes, as they have really good offensive Long-range AA. What are their sole weakness? Torpedoes. And guess what? The torpedo-oriented DD line is about to be ruined forever and ever! They can kill Cruisers long before their torpedoes will be in range, or they will use their Hydro at Tiers VIII-X to get the drop on them. There is little absolutely nothing a bottom Tier BB can do about them! No matter what people say, German BBs overperform. Don't believe me? look it up. Tier VIII? Bismarck's the top. Tier IX? Fredrich De Gross is third, but she isn't as good. Tier X? Grosser Kurfurst is fifth, but she is better than Yamato, the previous champ, and of course Khabarvosk(super OP) is top of the chart. Tier VII is much different, with Flint(also super OP) being the top. at Tier VI, Bayern is sucking, she might need some help, she ain't as good as the Arizona at her own Tier, but she fairs better against higher tiers. At Tier V, Konig and BBs in general are having problems with Tier V IJN Premium DDs Kamikaze R and Fujin, but that is to be expected. At Tier IV, Kaiser beats all BBs but Arkansas. At Tier III, Konig Albert and Nassau rock the charts, but the former more so than the latter. for EU, the German BBs rock at Tier VII-X, lose at Tier V-VI, and rock again at Tiers III and IV.
  24. BBs killing CAs

    I find that BBs are targeting CAs, even when they are 2x farther away then another BBs and DDs. I have noticed that my DD can live longer against a BB vs a CA.. something has to be done. If you have another way to Balance the AP damage let me know and I will update survey. CA's get killed by BBs really quick and want them to last longer.