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Found 5 results

  1. The Asashio is up for sale. And while the BBbabies whine and gnash their teeth, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my baes Minotaur, Z-52, Fletcher, Z-23, ARP Takao, Fiji, and Akizuki, making people who shelled out $43 for the Asashio regret all the poor life choices that led them to where they are today. I might even play some Republique and bait Asashios into wasting torp salvos before deleting them when they become visible. Oh yes, the salt mining will be glorious today. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/6255/
  2. why are BBs, ships with the most armor and HP, sooo scared of getting their paint scratched. at the start of each map, BBs instead of going to strategic positions and contest them, they immediately set a course for a trip around the edge of map. I have played BBs extensively too and I know its not that scary to move up a bit to support allies and get paint scratched, I promise all you BBabies out there. it is not a good game in BB until you have used up all your heals Repeat with me you BBabies. It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV. It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV It is ok for me to get my ship's paint damaged, I promise to not hide behind my DDs and CV
  3. oh look DD smoke me, spot for me so i can sit back and snipe and do massive dmg. why arent you smoking for me useless DD oh cruisers kill the enemy DDs for me. why arent enemy DDs dead already you useless cruisers? useless CV why arent you providing me with air cover, l2p noob BBs are just the most whinny and self centered class of players. when are BBabies gonna realise that its not all about them?
  4. Suggestion: Fire Control Party

    From time to time, people* make angry posts complaining about how strong fires are; that their metal floating city appears to be covered in petrol and burns to the waterline at the drop of the smallest match; it is totally implausible in the "real world" that such gnats of an enemy could seriously hurt, let alone regularly kill, such kings of the high seas. Chief amongst these complaints is that - unlike AP - there is nothing they can do (angling, etc) that can stop these fires from sprining up all over the hull. My personal view is that fires are an important balance mechanism in this arcade game. It is essential that cruisers (and cruiser-destroyers, like the Russian DD line) have a means of engaging such a common type of ship because, otherwise, no one would drive cruisers - which means destroyers would run amok and battleship drivers would cry about the sea full of torpedoes from enemies they cannot see. And battleships wouldnt have anything they could 1 shot and watch the large damage numbers roll up on their screens. So, everyone loses. Why? I am concerned that WG's stoicism in front of the complaints is not sustainable. To pre-empt WG going over the top by gimping fire chance, fire damage (or anything similar) in their typically heavy handed/over the top way, it might be beneficial to consider practical alternatives that might mitigate the complaints but retain the core mechanism. Thus, I propose: The Fire Control Party Just as the Damage Control Party magically puts out all fires and flooding immediately ("realism"), and prevents new ones from starting within a certain timeframe ("realism"), but is subject to a cooldown, I suggest a new mechanic to help mitigate fires. Throughout, I am suggesting numbers to start a discussion - obviously, I would only support numbers that were reasonably balanced by in-game testing. What happens if the fire brigade was just across the street before a house fire? Would the damage be so bad? In this naval context, imagine a fire surpression team that, if they were on site when a fire just starts, they have a chance to put the fire out before it takes hold. How this could be represented in game: All ships come with a Fire Control Party. Divide the ship up into four separate sections, each matching the same places the fires can start (bow, forward superstructure, aft superstructure, quarterdeck). For those using the Tier 4 Captain Skill 'Fire Prevention', I propose that your ship would still be four sections, but the Fire Control Party would be considered located in both superstructure sections. If a Fire Control Party is present in the section where a fire has just started, a 20 per cent chance to extinguish the fire after 5 seconds. The player controls which section the Fire Control Party is present in (eg, pressing Shift+W to move them forward, and Shift+S to send them aft, similar to how engine throttle works). It takes time for the Fire Control Party to move from section to section (outlined in the table below). If a Fire Control Team is travelling, it is not in effect (ie, unlike the Duke of York's men, it is neither here nor there). Potential for a national flavour variable - certain nations have excellent/garbage Fire Control Parties with buffed/nerfed abilities. Travel Time - reflecting the idea that bigger (longer) ships take more time for people to run from bow to stern (and back). Class Time (s) Destroyer 2.5 Crusier 5.0 Battleship 7.5 Carrier 10.0 (Ie, given they are already in place, it would take 3x 2.5 = 7.5 seconds for a DD to go from bow to stern, or 3x 10 = 30 seconds for a CV). Pros and Cons Pro Pro: Deals with fire-crying without going over the top. It also has some logical basis. Pro: Importantly, provides some degree of player control to the chance of mitigating fire. This means that good players who can anticipate the likely place a fire will start can, in advance, redistribute their resources to help reduce the damage. Terribad players will continue to be terribad. Pro: Importantly, the player who started the fire will still do some damage (though only, eg, 5 seconds). This means fires still start, and fires on ultra-low HP ships will still be fatal. Pro: Fire damage could actually increase, if people wait 6 seconds to see if the fire goes out from this mechanic before they hit Damage Control Party. Pro: There is still strong incentives for survivability builds to reduce overall damage from fires (and flooding), thereby not junking people's existing builds. Pro: Potential for national flavour that can be a proxy for seamanship/experience/readiness (eg, high for Royal Navy, low for Soviet Navy). Con Con: It gives into the crying about fires. Perhaps WG was just going to ignore the pleas forever? Con: More complicated than doing nothing at all. Con: Crap players will continue to be crap and will continue to complain about fires. At least, now we'll be able to put some blame back onto the player in question. Con: Still RNG/chance based in a game with lots of RNG rolls. Praise be to RNGeesus. Others? I would be grateful for your views, particularly to improve the idea so that it isnt rubbish. Discuss. *Battleship drivers. Yes, I used the term loosely. To assist you in calling me, derisively, just a BB main complaining about fires, here is a link to my Warships Today page.
  5. Battleships/Battlecruisers with Radar?

    Good afternoon captains. As a perfessional with integrity and is kind average derping stormtrooper, I feel so much salt getting chased by a Cruiser with smoke, especially Belfast, in a dd. The Belfast is so well equipped to hunt destroyers, literally almost everything a cruiser can desire. Excellent rudder and acceleration+hydro to dodge almost all torps while not falling much behind in terms of speed, Radar to wreck your [edited]into the smoke, and have its own smoke to get out before bbs have a solid chance in taking a shot. In contrast, we lack a similar cruiser hunter (nein Scharnhorst actually struggles against angled cruisers, also struggles to dodge torps and not burn) With the release of British cruisers, more and more cruisers started to take advantage of smokescreens, not to mention the upcomming Perth. Therefore I ask, if WG releases a battleship or a heavy cruiser dedicated to slaughter cruisers, would you guys be happy with it? 1st candidate Deutschland-class panzerschiffe (tier 6) I know, it's a confirmed premium, a heavy cruiser dedicated to destroy cruisers. It has the punch to deal with tier 6 cruisers even if angled, good torpedos in quad launchers and 8km range as intimidation, extreme maneuverbility (for a battleship). It will certainly be a very scary opponent should it has radar. 2nd candidate USS Alaska (tier 7/8) A much discussed warship which could be a pain to tier for WG. I personally think that this ship shall be a worthy cruiser hunter by out trading long-range HE and AP fire against cruisers like Moskva. Having Radar shall greatly boost the ability and versatility of this cruiser. 3rd candidate USS Missouri (tier 9) Pretty sure there are already leaks suggesting that Iowa shall receive Radar. This would surely be nice for Missouri in making her unique. The vaunted super-heavy armor piercing and the insane speed will surely give every cruiser something to worry about. 4th candidate HMS Hood (tier 6/7/8) A ship very versatile to tier depending on how WG want her to be. The armor is sufficient to bounch big shells when angled and the speed is sound, and she can be greatly affected simply by playing with ruddarshift time and turret traverse, also hull plating thickness. 15inch guns with good pen and high shellarc would make her very good against cruisers regardless of the angling, and Radar would be a nice cherry on top of this delicious British cake. 5th candidate Prinz Eugen (tier 8) I know, she's already there. But buffing premiums is not what WG has refrained from before yeah?(looking at you Tirpitz) To be honest Prinz Eugen is not a pure counter for cruisers, more lika a counter for british cruisers at close quarters, and Radar would not only make Prinz Eugen unique, but more versatilie as well. However this may create unintended pressure against dds as oh dear more cruisers with radars damn. What do you guys think? Is my idea actually viable? Or do I simply need to get gud with what I have and deal with it?