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Found 74 results

  1. PerrythePeriscope

    What line should I main?

    Hey all, Having trouble deciding what battleship line to focus on and "git gud" in. Currently I bounce a ton and try to keep up in all of them, but I feel by doing so, I'm jack of all trades, master of none and I'd like to change that. As my name implies, I do like me some secondaries, I prefer to be a bit mobile and able to engage/disengage at will, but I also like main gun accuracy...and lots of fires. (I'm a bit all over) Any suggestions?
  2. Why has WW nerfed BBs so much. I have hit DDs with penetrating HE shells and done 100 points of damage to a fully health DD. the same DD hits me with its guns and does 5000 points of damage to me. Since when can 4 or 5 guns of 5 inch or 4 inch do so much damage to a BB. A DD only 11 k from my ship firing its guns is totally invisible, and my ship has a 25 k visibility range. WW says that's when I can be spotted since I am so tall but that is also how far out I can see since my lookouts are that high up. A ship of any size when its main guns are firing belches out fire and smoke which is visible from father then you can see over the horizon. DDs are so OP that this game has turned from a warship game somewhat historically accurate into a game that is pure fantasy. If WW is going to be pure fantasy just go with your space motif and give up the pretense of being historical.
  3. xtraBlood

    BB's citadels (and cruisers)

    Hello, Like the title suggests, which battleship line (and cruiser if you know) have the largest and most unarmored citadels?
  4. I Have Revamped and now have added onto this list some more ships but it is the same as the previous post for the most part so here are the ships: Tier 6 Cruiser HMS Arethusa a low effort premium as she's basically Leander with a superheal minus a turret (also basically an unnerfed chungking firing only ap) this is so called low effort as it doesn't entail much modeling as most of the base can be used from chungking aka her sister .She does not get HE to not end up being a reskinned Huanghe Tier 5 Cruiser HMS York Due to her Being the only British Heavy cruiser class not being able to be a tech tree ship due to Hawkins (which really should've been tier 4) she will become a premium and end up as the London to Exeter's Devonshire Tier 7 Cruiser HMS Dorsetshire Dorsetshire has a unique Playstyle for a British heavy cruiser as she doesn't have low main battery range and She doesn't Have to choose between Hydro and DFAA Tier 5 Cruiser HMS Enterprise Emeralds sister who will be using a novel twin mount up front with a superheal Tier 8 Cruiser HMS Birmingham To get the only post c/d class British Cruiser without the iconic knuckled bow shape I have added Birmingham. unlike most cruisers on this list She does not have smoke and instead has Main Battery Reload booster and Engine Boost or Radar and also has the same improved acceleration and Deacceleration like Dido. Tier 7 Heavy Cruiser HMS Suffolk Suffolk has the Same hull properties as Devonshire but has the same guns as surrey and is represented in her early 1941 Fit but unlike either cruiser she comes equipped with 16km range on her guns and radar with her hydroacoustic search and defensive aa fire in separate slots and ten kilometer torpedoes and has the same acceleration and AP shell properties as the British light cruisers and suffers from worst in tier plating like Indianapolis but not to the same extent Tier 6 Cruiser HMS Scylla The 'toothless terror' HMS Scylla is similar to her Pan Asian sister Rahmat in gun Caliber but has one less turret however she has normal torpedoes and the Same smoke as Leander with hydroacoustic Search unlike Dido. She has Some more hitpoints from having increased crew spaces for use as a Carrier Flagship Tier 6 Commonwealth Cruiser HMNZS Bellona unlike dido, Bellona has a shorter profile which makes her Stealthier at the cost of one turret which is augmented by better aa performance and the main guns being improved with faster traverse and reload speed and she shares the same consumables as Scylla with the exception being the crawling smoke generator. Tier 7 Cruiser HMS Sheffield The Legendary Cruiser, Sheffield will have smoke and hydro with Specialized Repair Teams to serve as a Captain trainer for the light cruiser line and would be in the appearance above to make it different from Fiji , Belfast and Gloucester who have more turrets but Sheffield fires faster at 6 seconds to compensate for less turrets. Tier 7 Cruiser HMS Gloucester To accompany Fiji in getting sunk off Crete at tier 7 is Gloucester .Gloucester comes with Smoke and a heal and access to HE shells but is in its as completed form so the aa isn't spectacular and there is no hydro to spot torpedoes in smoke and the heal is the same as Fiji's and the turrets fire slower at 9 seconds but Gloucester has better handling than Fiji as a compromise. Tier 8 cruiser HMS Swiftsure/ Commonwealth cruiser HMCS Ontario Swiftsure and Ontario are basically a Mysore with more health, better reload and torpedoes at tier 8 with one more secondary gun Tier 9 cruiser HMS Blake (Ignore the picture saying Hawke) Blake represents a Preliminary Design of the tiger class (Because the helicopter conversion wont be added) but doesn't completely look like the picture above, instead it has 3 4.5 inch turrets with two on the sides where the 3 inch mounts are on tiger 59 and the third is above Y turret and it has 3 Mk 24 turrets and quadruple torpedo tubes and it has a bit more health than tiger 59 and has the same consumables and stats but with Neptune's upgraded torpedoes unlike tiger 59. Tier 9 Cruiser HMS Defence A Draft Design in the series of designs that created the likes of Drake and Gibraltar Defence Joins the fray as something akin to a British Buffalo or Anchorage without Smoke alongside being basically Drake with 8 inch turrets which means it would look eerily similar to Neptune and Albemarle due to WGs Interpretation of the Admiral Class and she features AP rounds like Gibraltar and Canarias with access to Radar ,Hydro and DFAA with the Same Heal as Neptune unlike Drakes Improved Version Tier 10 Battleship HMS Temeraire The only Ship other than Cruisers in this proposal is Temeraire and it is the continued development of the lion Design postwar with the WGfication of it being a merge of two Designs to justify the Bigger Size compared to the Normal Lion. It takes the Size, appearance and armor of The Design A from the 1945 set of designs and most of the Specs of one of the 1944 designs. Here is it's Description: The last British battleship designed and laid down before the breakout of World War II. In many respects, the ship was a development of previous ships, she had greater dimensions, heavier armor, and modern 406 mm main guns. The Design was Modified in light of experience in the war and enlarged with additional AA defenses ,torpedoes and torpedo protection. Here are the features of Temeraire: Quick Speed at 33.5 knots stock and improved acceleration and deacceleration (35 seconds for full ahead and full reverse each) with good ruddershift Fast Reload reloading main guns that have Excellent Dispersion and Sigma and have the same penetration angles as Duke of York 4 Charges base of Specialized Repair teams and Engine Boost 2 sets of quintuple torpedo Launchers that can be Single Fired with excellent arcs of fire with good range and speed Fast firing secondaries Large Hitpoint Pool Short Range Hydroacoustic Search to avoid torps Here are the Drawbacks: Bad Armor plating only 27mm on the sides and 32mm on the deck Citadel is the length between the front and rear turrets and sits above the waterline, encompassing 50% of the armor belt High Detectability for a British Battleship and bad turning circle radius Big Deck area is vulnerable to fires Torpedoes can be knocked out at times if not destroyed. Slow Shells Bad HE fire Chance Tier 6 Battleship HMS Prince of Wales The Only of Her Class to Sink, Prince of Wales Joins the Game as a Stock KGV with Different consumables downtiered to tier 6 to accompany Repulse(lol). She Features Specialized repair teams like higher tier British battleships but also has a catapult fighter and engine boost like repulse and compared to her siblings she is stealthier but fires Slower but more accurately and has better secondaries and has improved acceleration and handling The 6 inch cruisers are rather Repetitive with the Sheffield, Swiftsure and Defence but the Ontario and Gloucester are unique as Gloucester is another take on a gimped Belfast while Ontario is a mid tier Commonwealth premium and despite being repetitive the other three are to fill different niches Sheffield for a t7 captain trainer , Swiftsure as a non town class/Belfast t8 premium alternative to Cheshire and tiger 59 and Defence as a tier nine premium which is something the British tree doesn't have aside from Marlborough and Temeraire Might Be too Strong or too weak lol please leave your feedback below
  5. Clear some things up (other than the disclaimer in the Sig.) Subs do belong in the game Just not like this... The current Development of subs is going backwards IMO.. Love the Sub Scenario when it premiered... My views are based on independent observation... The only caveat expressed is the "Fair play" doctrine... When play is no longer fair... Then the communities argument of WOWS, being a casino rather then a chess game of sea and digital boats... Well become more and more prevalent... Yes, I did watched the Sub myth busted twitch episode... Just because I know, doesn't mean I love the interaction presented... In a previous thread... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/254753-subs/?tab=comments#comment-5748366 I posted this pic.. In that thread I called attention to how this 4km no mans land can be exploited by Sub players.. This exploit can be a match breaking... Mainly, BB drivers do not have a counter for these situations. As other noted in that thread... All you can do is turn tail and WASD to glory... Now here's a replay of the problem faced by BB drivers with this issue... In the Replay (20220507_210616_PASB518-Massachusetts_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay)... I knew where the SUB was Based on PING and last location on the Mini map... At close range, he was undetectable for A LOT of time... My options were Secondaries (they suck against subs) Guns (unable because the sub exploited the detection mechanic). RAM (unfortunate but yeah)... ASW planes (were moot/useless) Even though the SUB was the closer target... There was nothing I can do other then shot at a BB and cruiser... The replay starts and the end point is at the 13 min mark... The match itself was a lost cause... That's a minuscule detail considering the context.. If anything, a solution that is fair for both the SUB and the BB drivers must be devised... The current in game experience on the topic, is neither...
  6. Mordt

    BB vs BB

    How common is citadeling another BB while in a BB? I've been playing the Gneissanu and I've been getting some cits that I didn't expect. Like citting the Duke of York(once) at 12km... or the Sinop and the P. Heinrich(several different times) at 5-7km. So is it the fact that I'm playing the Gneiss, or these ships have meh armor, or is this normal?
  7. Today, when I logged into the game, out of the blue, I got a 30% coupon from Wargaming. Noice. However, I have only around 2 or 3 days to use it. So I figured that since I like BB's, I shall get a BB. Because I am a PvE-only main, I figured I want something that I can use not only in Coop, but also in the Operations. That means Tier VI or VII ones. I actually don't play the Operations a lot, but I always like to keep myself open to jump in whenever I feel like. I really wish there were more of them though (who doesn't? LOL). Well, I already have all the Tier VI ones offered in the Premium shop, so that narrows my choices to Tier VII... since the Operation Narai is still a thing, you know, lel. As it turns out, I am missing quite a number of Tier VII BB's in my port. Namely, the ones in the thread title. Thing is, since I've been so focused on mostly playing German ships over the years, I am not too familiar with how these botes fare in PvE in general. At first, I thought of going for California, since it's also my home state. However, she's a slow-as-molasses USN standard, so... yeah. Florida? All I know is that she's a snipe-y glass cannon. Hyuga and Strasbourg have MBRB. Former has lots of guns, while the latter is speedy... that's all I know, lul. Yukon? All I remember about her is the controversy, plus she's some kind of a nerfed & down-tiered Tier VIII BB with REALLY stubby arms (i.e. short reach). Or maybe I should just get some doubloons, or something... lal. Thanks in advance, to anyone who gives a constructive advice... lol.
  8. Allow me to highlight the problem: I am TERRIBLE. Yes, that's the long and short of it. You all were able to help me out a LOT with Tashkent, I am hoping you might do me a solid for Bismarck as well. I read Pope's review - "drive it like you stole it" says he...and he's a good player, so maybe that works at his skill level. Here are my problems, in no particular order: 1. I cannot do damage worthy of a BB - in fact, I do comparable damage in Fuso... if Tier 8 != Tier 6 returns False = BB Captain is crap...or something 2. I cannot stay alive...at all...I eat damage from everything like a champ - torps, AP, HE, fires...so much damage...from everywhere....ahhhhh End Result: I die quickly, having done very little damage, pretty much every match. Bismarck is one of my absolute worst ships...like New York with less than 100 games played, no idea what I'm doing because WoWS is still new to me bad. Sadly, super limited bandwidth, so no replay to upload at present...working on it. I guess my questions would be: 1. What sort of positions should I be looking for? 2. How do I know when it's time to go "all in?" Title edited by Mezurashi.
  9. Like many solo-players who are tired of the salt and statistically-improbable consistency of utterly lop-sided teams in Randoms, I've taken to Co-Op for the peace and to grind missions in a happier (albeit slower) way. That said, I was just wondering if any other dedicated BB players (in Co-Op) are sick of no-Cap, no-Kill, Low-Damage, Low-Credit/XP matches because they are at best 1 of 3 ships on the board (often the only) with no torps and a speed at or under 30kts. Lately I've had countless matches where literally everything is Capped/Torped/DPM'd by teams 80%+ comprised of CL's/DD's/Subs and a CV or 2... it's not fun. Perhaps WG could balance the Co-Op MM ship-type distribution to ensure at least 3 BB's were on the map (even bots) so a decent earning match is possible for a BB player. Also, this would ensure at least a minimal enemy HP pool to make the match worth it for everyone. Thus far, Randoms continues to have some modicum of ship-type (if not Skill-Level) balance.
  10. CaptainRed_TheAngryBird

    ISE needs some help....

    ISE, while a good ship depending if you use her properly, needs some assistance when you take off in fighters or some sort of buff or situational awareness at least. Maybe for ship: buff the secondaries when planes are launched? Better concealment when planes are launched? and/or for aircraft: (only if you do not take the above options): Better Torpedeos? (Slightly faster. and maybe at least 3000 damage perhaps upgradable to 5000 dmg? Now dont crucify me for my ideas. The are ideas. Some ships need better work, especially premiums. Wargaming is not in a good position lately, and they are not going to be selling many premiums if they dont do something to make them worth purchasing or acquiring to begin with.
  11. DieForCapitalism

    Inspiring BB Game - Kongo V

    Hey all, long time player of DD here. Dabbled in cruisers and CV (after getting a zep in black friday container). Decided to mix it up and try BB. Played a game with the Kongo. All my shots missed - combination of dispersion, ricochet, bad aim etc. I absorbed 400k potential and my team won the game in 5 minutes total. Ended the game with 0 damage. 10/10 will slowly bumble around the map again doing nothing. Replay attached for proof of world record 0 damage Kongo. 20210708_174948_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  12. Pretty straight forward: Had to yank my NC Captain to move to USN CL line. I don't drive NC enough to want to grind another Captain for her. I have 19 point DM and Monty Captains ready, which T8 USN premium BB should I get to replace NC? What sucks is that NC is the better ship, right?
  13. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    Hyuuga appreciation video

    Please subscribe i'm really sad :)
  14. To whom it may concern: I just played a battle in my T10 Montana and couldn't even believe my eyes. I block one side of my ship with an island so I can focus on the enemy ships that are rounding out in front of me when all a sudden I see a torpedo air squadron coming at me from the side of the ship protected by the island. At first, I don't worry about it too much as that side is protected (or so I thought as it would be in real life) by the island. But no due to either crappy programming in the game or just another flaw to make carriers better than they should be I watch to my horror as the squadron drops three torpedo's on the opposite side of the island and they magically pass under the island and become active just in time to take away over half my health!!! This is some of the very cancer in this game that makes it unbearable to play at times and forces me to walk away for several days. I have watched as this game continues to become more and more toxic to its player base by removing obstacles that used to make it challenging to play. THE TORPEDOS THROUGH THE ISLANDS NEED TO BE FIXED!!!! This makes for utter garbage play when this game is better than this or at least it should be!!!
  15. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Vermont Kicks A**

    Just as I predicted while playing the Minnesota last patch, having 12 457s is totally worth the slow speed & reload, in my opinion. I run the Artillery Plotting Room for slot 6, the dispersion is TASTY!!! I set a new record for myself on my 5th match, 8 destroyed ships in one match. What do you guys think about the Vermont?? Enjoying it, or not? I like it so far. The sluggishness can be an issue at times.
  16. Sooo, just came out of this battle. I believe people will notice something is missing . With that fresh example, this brings up the biggest impact the skill rework had, aka the disruption of the class ecosystem. It isn't just Deadeye; it plays its role in attracting BB players as if it will suddenly make them godlike snipers. It's that cruisers aside from a few lighthouse build exceptions got the short end of the stick and it shows while the other surface classes profited quite a bit. Why bother playing a CA/CL? To be target practice, or to stick to a specific playstyle that's just farming damage without any other impact? What's the point to punish myself in a cruiser when I can mimick a CL in a Kleber with 16.3km range, that goes 55 kts and has no citadel? Damage isn't everything, and in the case of cruisers their consumables can have real, meaningful impact on a battle without even firing a shot. Without them around there are no real hard counters to things like vision control of the DDs, nor DPM that can melt a fragile class. And when there are loads of BBs and almost no cruisers around DD populations surge. At that point the greatest enemy of a DD becomes an enemy DD, something which relies heavily on personal skill, something which the average DD player is lacking. Meanwhile aside from that original announcement there is still no info on the specifics of skill tweaks. But hey, at least I got my pound of flesh from the enemy BBs/DDs so everything is fine, there's absolutely no need for changes nor is the situation slowly turning toxic.
  17. I recently completed this LEGO 1:350 scale model of the October Revolution and thought I'd share: Compared to my older 1:350 Kongo: The ship is about a foot and a half long, contains about 1000 parts, and powered by LEGO Powered Up elements Won't write too much since they keep deleting these threads, but here's a video with my commentary and the ship running: Have a nice day!
  18. metus_regem

    Help picking a BB line

    Greetings, thank you for taking the time to look at this... I'm trying to figure out the right BB line for me to go down, I've got USN/KM/RN BB's upto T4/5, but I'm trying to figure out what line I really want to invest in, I don't mind starting a new tech line if that helps. Right now my favorite ship to play is the Graf Spee, I don't mind the lower speed of her and I love her hitting power (ability to punch above her weight class), so I guess what I'm asking is, is there a line that can give me a similar feel (between T1-10, not just T10) to the Graf Spee all the way up the line?
  19. So I got Georgia for coal, and now with the news of some premiums going away, is it worth getting the Massa? Like is it worth having both premiums or will Georgia suffice my need for a secondary ship? I also have a bunch of gold from free Santa crates and a coupon so I can get Massa half off, however, I also really want Warspite.
  20. SuperRodge52

    Guilio Cesare

    Will Guilio Cesare ever be back for sale?
  21. Pictures of the T8 USS North Carolina berthed at Wilmington, NC 1280 From the gangway boarding the ship 1282 Twin 40mm AA 1284 Rear 16" turret - Open to the public 1288 bow looking aft 1290 turrets 1 & 2 1291 5" turret - open to public 1293 5" turret gunners position 1295 optical range finger for 16" guns 1296-99 inside 16" guns 1300 "wishing" looking 4 decks below 1301 Pharmancy 1302 Part of fire control computer circa 1943 1301 16" shells 1308 Schematic of steam piping. If this takes a hit there's no fixing it during combat. 1309 Sign in front of 20mm AA. African-Americans volunteered to serve on 20mm and were credited with one kill Vought Vought OSU Seaplane Steam Turbine as complex as anything found on land
  22. I played a Neighbors coop today and aced 3 BB's, but only got credit for 2. Is this common? I mean, I replayed the game several times and there is no doubt in my mind that 3 went to the bottom I was given credit for the first 2 and then just as the 3rd exploded, the game ended. Could that be the reason for no credit? 20210117_154754_PGSB507-Scharnhorst_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  23. Like many other people who plays WOWS regularly, I received the USS Kansas free of charge before the full release of the new line of low speed American BBs. The Kansas turned out to not be the best BB at tier 8. But from my perspective, it's also not the worst. It's slow in a straight line. But it turns okay. It's vulnerable to HE hits and fire. But its citadel also happens to be well armored and fairly low in the water. (in practice, AP hits that miss the citadel tend to overpen) Its 40 second reload on the main battery takes getting used to. But the fact that you have 12 16" guns at tier 8 despite the slow reload and semi iffy accuracy seem to work out as more of a trade off in play style than an outright disadvantage in comparison to the main batteries of other T8 BBs. At the end of the day, the Kansas worked out okay for me. Its HP pool is decent. Its AA is actually semi reliable. (I was able to fight off attacks by a Hakuryu with it) When fighting against lower tier enemies, it has no problem doing its part as it's essentially a bigger and heavier dreadnought style BB. Against same tier and higher tier enemies, it isn't really more vulnerable or helpless than some other T8 BBs as its heavy broadside compensates for its poor accuracy and slow reloads while its protection scheme remains workable. I managed to earn enough XP in the Kansas to research the Minnesota just in time for the line's full release. Unfortunately, the Minnesota seems to have some very serious problems. It very much struggles in combat and might just currently be the worst tier 9 BB available in game... Here are some of my observations: On survivability 1. Unlike with the Kansas, the entire superstructure of the Minnesota seems to receive normal penetrations instead of over-penetrations when hit by AP shells of all calibers. Angling or facing the enemies bow on does not seem to mitigate this problem at all. Maybe this is due to the size and volume of it. 2. The 38mm plating on the ship is obviously meant to give it a degree of protection from smaller caliber HE shells as it prevents light cruiser caliber HE from penetrating. But it seems that when hit by enemy AP shells, the 38mm plating often arm their shells' fuses resulting in normal pens rather than over-pens. When angling against the enemies just enough to still use all 4 of your turrets, enemy AP hits on the upper cheeks of the ship's frontal hull (essentially the upper parts of the ship's 38mm torpedo bulge) seem to almost always result in normal pens. It's not unusual for enemy AP salvos to do about 10k damage each despite angling and maneuvering. 3. When sailing away from the enemies, the ship's 38mm plating and superstructure's vulnerability to normal pens seem even more pronounced as the Minnesota has a stern quarter deck a full deck lower than is the case towards the bow. In this situation the superstructure is even larger and more easily hit. 4. So even before we factor in the damage the ship can take from HE and fire, it already has a major weakness of taking high damage AP salvos if and when it's hit by the enemies around its center of mass regardless of positioning. In practice, any enemy ships of all classes with good AP performance or shoot AP regularly are serious threats to the Minnesota. The Stalingrad, Moskva, Petropavlovsk, and other Soviet cruisers, any German cruisers, any British light cruiser, any Soviet DD, any Italian cruiser with SAP shells, any German DD with their high alpha AP, and British DDs with good AP normalization can all quickly farm off HP from a Minnesota. They can usually do it way more efficiently than a Minnesota can reply. 5. Despite the prevalence of 38mm CL HE resistant plating on the ship, its superstructure is large relative to the ship and very easily hit in combat. So it remains very vulnerable to enemy HE and fires, particularly if we consider the ship's small for a tier 9 HP pool, poor for a tier 9 mobility, and the lack of a superior than standard heal consumable. 6. Ironically despite the ship's relatively small HP pool and short length, its concealment is not great. Technically it's worse than that of several other tier 9 BBs that are longer. So the low speed, short length, and smaller HP pool did not provide any perk in terms of concealment to compensate. Its concealment is outright worse than a similar configured Kansas (with concealment upgrade and camo paint) at 15.3km vs the Kansas’ 14.5km. 7. Being a dreadnought and US standard style BB, the ship is proportionally wide and stubby for a tier 9 BB. I would think that these traits would allow the ship to turn well despite the inferior straight line speed in comparison to same tier BBs that are longer. But unfortunately the ship turns sluggishly and reluctantly in a way that's possibly worst in tier. Maneuvering the Minnesota to dodge incoming enemy fire is usually ineffectual and a fruitless chore. On its effectiveness in combat As a design concept, The Minnesota seems to be very similar if not too similar to the Kansas. I think the 2 ships are similar enough to be sisters or half sister ships of the same class that just happened to have undergone a different modernization upgrade/rebuild. The Kansas is obviously a WW2 era update of the 1920 South Dakota class super dreadnought, which's essentially an enlarged Colorado class style design with 50% more main guns and a minor speed buff to 23 knots. Ironically the Minnesota could just as well also be a WW2 era update of the 1920 South Dakota class super dreadnought. Currently the Minnesota is visually similar (albeit at a larger size) to the late war rebuilt USS California as seen in game. I think for the sake of the game it makes sense to differentiate the 2 ships, more specifically it makes sense to make the Minnesota good enough to be workable for its tier. 8. For some reason the Minnesota’s main battery has a 40s reload like the Kansas’. I think the slow reload on the Kansas can be explained as “it just happens to be an early design for a 16” gun armed ship using triple turrets, so there’s a speed penalty for its once novel and advanced configuration, or rather in the context of the game to compensate for the heavy weight of its broadside for its tier”. (like how the New Mexico’s 4x3 14” main battery has a slower reload than the Fuso’s 6x2 14” main battery) But considering the Minnesota’s placement at tier 9, wouldn’t it make sense for the Minnesota to have a quicker main battery reload speed than that of the Kansas? I think a reload speed buff to 33s to 35s is reasonable. Currently the only advantage the Minnesota has over the Kansas in terms of DPM comes in the form of its AP shells having an extra 1000 HP points to their alpha. In practice, its impact is minimal. 9. I think both the Kansas and Minnesota’s main batteries are relatively unreliable when it comes to accuracy. The good range they have seem to only come in handy when shooting HE against slow or stationary and angled enemy BBs. Against maneuvering cruisers and DDs, neither the Kansas nor the Minnesota are reliable unless the enemies are close. In absolute terms, the Minnesota’s main battery feels somewhat more accurate and reliable than the Kansas’. But considering the meta of its tier (in terms of typical engagement range and enemies it faces regularly), the Minnesota fares significantly worse than the Kansas. Sure 12 16” guns are always nice to have at tier 9. But in practice the Minnesota seem to struggle with consistent damage dealing at range. I think the FDG is the only other BB of its tier that has issues in this regard.Also if we look at the other tier 9 BBs with 12 guns, the Alsace and Pommern, those ships are significantly superior to the Minnesota in every other way (in terms of speed, secondary armament, special consumables, and survivability) aside from their smaller caliber. 10. The slow top speed of 23 knots is a far greater handicap for a ship at tier 9 than at tier 8. It’s technically unprecedented, as before this new line of US BBs, the Musashi and Soyuz were considered slow for tier 9 BBs: in comparison the faster BBs like the Georgia, Iowa, and Alsace are all more competitive and user friendly. The Kansas is mobile enough when fighting against similar “slow” BBs found at tier 6 and 7 (Like the QE, New Mexico, Colorado, and other dreadnoughts), and when up tiered, as a tier 8 it at least has far less pressure to contribute and carry than a Minnesota at tier 9. Worse comes to worst a Kansas can play defensively and passively and be okay, while a Minnesota needs to push, chase, relocate, and disengage on a far more regular basis. Unfortunately the Minnesota struggles to move around fast enough to accomplish anything. On one hand it can be outright left behind by faster ships engaged in a running gun battle. On the other hand, should a Minnesota ever commit to a flank but it falls or is abandoned, it’ll inevitably not be able to escape from the falling flank. It’s seemingly too slow to even perform a fighting retreat properly. Often it’ll just be swarmed and shot up quickly through the back side of the superstructure from the rear end… I think if the Kansas retained its original speed like the standard battleships IRL, maybe it make sense to give the Minnesota a propulsion upgrade as a part of its fictional upgrade scheme and allow it to reach 25 knots. Something like this was done to the Kongo class in IRL and happened to the German Bayern class in game. (IRL and before their fictional modernization they were slower than the Queen Elizabeth class). It’s not too much to ask. I think this is enough analysis for now. Please feel free to discuss about how you feel the Minnesota and what should be done about it. The video below shows game I played in the Kansas with just a 6 point captain at the helm. The Kansas just somehow felt easier and more forgiving to play despite having to face off multiple tier 10s, including a Kremlin in a brawl and repeated attacks by a Hakuryu. Nowadays I almost prefer to play the Kansas in place of the Minnesota if I can…
  24. Longtime player, somewhat new forum poster. Forgive me for being bad at formatting. This is essentially going to be a giant essay. I'll try to space it out to be easier on the eyes. The Izumo. No matter what people think of her, she is well known. Especially by those who've played her. Izumo is notorious as the insurmountable last hurdle to getting the Yamato. But for a lot of people the grind is anything but smooth. I want to explore this more and figure out why exactly the attitude towards this ship is the way it is. In my experience when I first grinded her, Izumo was indeed a pain. But way back then I was a terrible player in general. I was bad at everything and Izumo was punishing my mistakes even more than usual. But let's for a moment assume that most people who personally grinded Izumo were actually competent at that stage of their play history, unlike me. Still, why does the ship get so much hate? Is it all hearsay and bad reputation or is she really a bad ship, and if people are doing bad in her, why is that and how can they fix this? So Let's get down to business(to defeat the Huns) And to take a look at Izumo's glaring weaknesses. Her stock form is atrocious, ugliness aside(I actually like the C hull's look a lot), you are going to have a rough time with Izumo's initial stats. Let's go down the line. HP: 76,500. Starting off you have more HP than Iowa and Friedrich, But they beat you once out of stock. Good news is you beat Lion.... Speed: 27.1 Kts. You start off around the same as the other T IX BB's but you stay the slowest out of stock. Rudder Shift: 26 seconds. Every BB at this tier starts out equally as bad, but Izumo is still the worst. Out of stock is a bit more playable but the competition still leaves much to be desired. Especially since other BB's can afford rudder shift upgrades where Izumo is forced to use damage control for reasons that will be addressed. Concealment: 19.26 Km Absolutely atrocious. The worst stock value in the game. Now here is possibly her biggest weakness of all. She is covered in 32 mm plating from bow to stern and has a wide open deck. This means that any cruiser or RN BB will see you as food and boy will they feast. Not only from fires but from HE pen as well. Your only chance of protection is if shells hit your turrets. Which isn't desirable, as they are all in one spot and if they are knocked out you lose a lot of firepower. The above alone is enough to easily make people hate their experience and disown the Izumo for good. Not to mention in updates past she had absolutely unusable guns as well. Now Lets focus on what the Izumo does well. Which is surprisingly a lot of things. First Izumo has very good guns. These things hit hard, and are reasonably accurate. Izumo's guns tend to hit for high damage very consistently from steep angles sometimes. But it's her turret traverse that is her sweet spot. Compared to Yamato, and some of the other battleships in her tier Izumo has very fast turning turrets. Stock, they turn 180* in 40 seconds flat. With Expert Marksman, this goes down even further to 34.6. With Main Battery mod 2 even further to 30.6. Additionally you can run MBM 2 and 3 simultaneously to enjoy a 27 second reload and 34.6 traverse. In short these are very responsive guns that unlike their more responsive German competition, are very accurate. Even sans the aiming systems upgrade. This is a far cry from Yamato's turret ergonomics, which in my opinion are Yamato's biggest weakness. Personally I think these responsive turrets make up for the awkward no. 3 Derp turret, or at least make them in line with other 3 turret battleships that can enjoy firing directly to the rear. Now her outer Armor scheme is very bad but her internal armor scheme is pretty good. A near submerged citadel with a nice beefy belt covering it. Additionally, similar to Amagi, Izumo also has a nice thick rear armor belt. This may not see much use, but it is interesting nontheless. Now taking all this into account, let's try to assess whether or not the Izumo is really a bad ship or not. Her atrocious concealment can be brought down to a playable amount somewhere around 14 Km. (forgive me as I don't have a fully specced captain for her at the moment.) This mitigates one of her worst weaknesses to a good enough level that lets a skilled player position themselves into a good place to stay alive and be effective. In fact some unicum Youtubers recommend using hard cover in Izumo as much as possible. Damage control 1 and 2 is absolutely required to make this ship be playable, and if you have the spare points, Basics of Survivability and India Yankee flags will bring fires down to a very manageable level. This doesn't fully solve the weakness against HE, but in a big ship like this. These modifiers will help a lot. You could go a step further and take Fire Prevention, but unless you have an uber captain I would take Concealment Expert over this, given the choice. So between fire extinguishing modifiers and good positioning, a lot of Izumo's worst weaknesses can be patched up. In my opinion the strengths above will shine through the best this way. Which makes her an absolutely acceptable Tier IX Battleship. Now by no means is she the best battleship or even Tier IX battleship, but I see no reason why Izumo isn't a perfectly acceptable grind to Yamato. Besides, in the current meta battleships carry a lot of weight. Izumo has a bit of a higher skill floor to do acceptable in her, but played right can do her job. Speaking of her playstyle, I find Izumo to have an interesting one. Basically you need to hang in the back or behind hard cover preferably and take potshots at people. Once the battle reaches a certain point you can throw your weight around and help mop up and carry the team to a victory. Other ships like Kurfurst are better at this, but Izumo does just fine with it. And that's it really. My final thoughts on Izumo, that she's fine exactly where she is right now. She doesn't need buffed or nerfed or replaced. She is tough to play, but that doesn't mean she is bad. I think she does her job fine as the final gatekeeper to Yamato. The Wiki here also brings up an interesting thing. She essentially can outdo Friedrich at range, and beat Iowa in a brawl. So I think she has a good place in the meta. Here are some captains builds at different stages that I think will help this ship a lot. Especially for anyone new to the ship or struggling with it. This is what I would recommend a new player try to use first on their Izumo also taking into account future Yamato play. It's nothing special really. Most Battleships need these core skills. I assume by tier IX a player would have at least 10 points. To a player who has a spare captain with a decent amount of points wanting to use Izumo, I would use this. The Basics of Survivability and High Alert will be very useful for keeping this ship alive especially with damage control and India Yankee. If you, like me, have a soft spot for underdog ships performing their best, then these 19 point builds will push Izumo to it's maximum usability. The first one uses Jack of all trades to push that repair cooldown even further as well as your heal too which can be beneficial. And uses Adrenaline rush to capitalize on Izumo's low reload (assuming you went with MBM 3) and the idea that shes going to take damage in every match, so might as well benefit from it. DISCLAIMER for those who want to say "your stats are garbage therefore your words have no weight." Fair enough My stats are bad. Most of them accumulated during my awkward player phase where I did not care one bit about improving myself. This isn't true now, but my stats are still bad. However they are increasing, which means I am improving. It just takes time. Have a nice day, and thanks for reading.
  25. Title says it all. I really enjoy playing my UK Ships, but I find they are really crappy at earning XP and Credits. Why? I just finished a game in my Goliath where it was a decent performance and I barely made any $ and XP. I dropped 101.8 k damage of which like 15k was fire. Not a super game but not horribad. Any idea why when I play my conqueror and goliath the XP and Credits are so garbage. I can land 150k on my conqueror and find myself #6 on scoring and have only a mild credit gain. I netted about 80k this match which is horrible. It feels to me like the scoring does not like Fire / HE and that it favors AP hits when scoring and doling out credits. Is this my imagination?