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Found 133 results

  1. USS Juneau found

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/20/uss-juneau-war-ship-that-sank-with-600-aboard-discovered-4km-down-in-pacific If you havent read the story of the 5 Sullivan brothers who perished in the sinking of Juneau, I suggest you do...
  2. I like playing the Atlanta. I find I can win some battles with cruisers using AP if i am close. (anyone know how close). I try to avoid battle ships unless i am at distance and I rain HE. Does any one know what cruisers I should brawl with and which cruisers i should stay away from
  3. If you are here for a great game with gaudy numbers.... ... you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for entertainment or humor... ...you'll find nothing but rage. To fulfill an obligation, I have duly written and edited a play-by-play analysis of a recent battle we will dub "A Tale of Two Lemming Trains". It is decidedly an unremarkable battle, with a few rage-inducing quirks. The replay is from the perspective of a salty Atlanta player. In his defense, there was provocation to include dismissive remarks and having to endure this tragic comedy. ^According to consensus, the succinct Atlanta player above is the fool for not following these ingenious teammates forming a Lemming Train[wreck] into C. Eventually, the match was won convincingly, at which point his teammates claimed triumph for their strategy (when in fact, the red team lost by forming a similar Lemming Train), and encouraged the Atlanta to make good on a promise to make his case in forums. Thus have I been enlisted to represent his case. The identities of the participants have been concealed from direct exposure, as per WG's rule against "naming and shaming" meant to coddle the Eternally-offended Chosen Ones. (Not that you can't use the replay to find out the names yourself) The Analysis is not for the Faint of heart, so click at your own TLDR peril: 20180306_215231_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  4. This video is showing me playing a tier 7 French Battleship Lyon in the Operation: Hermes battle scenario. I was fortunate to be teamed up with four Atlanta's in the match. The Division of Atlanta's were a fine bunch to play with in WoWS. I had a great time and I want to play the Lyon more in WoWS battles. From the match, I did 150k Damage, 1.4k Base XP, and recieved Weather Beaten, Tactical Expertise, Sea Star, Assistant.
  5. Arc of Atlanta's Guns

    The Atlanta is supposed to hide behind Islands and rain down fiery raindrops on bb's. I notice when I play my shells explode into the side of the mountain more than anything. How far away should I be from the mountain for the arc to sail over. What is the height of the arc, and are there maps that show the height of mountains in each map.
  6. Why I love the Atlanta

    To set the scene, four of our DDs were eliminated within four minutes of the match. I went on to keep the team alive whilst eliminating 4/5 of the enemy team's DD's as well as bullying a few BB's and cruisers. My highest kill game yet and my first Kraken in the Atlanta.
  7. Hi everyone! I have three points to spend for my Atlanta commander and am trying to decide whether to choose demolition expert or vigilance. My commander has fifteen points all together. So far I have PT, PM, IFA, HA, AR, LS and BFT for my skills. I'm leaning toward demolition expert but with the new deep water torpedoes I'm wondering if the vigilance skill might be worth a little more now for a ship which really can't afford torpedo hits. I'm hoping to get a little advice to help me make my decision. Any additional suggestions are welcome. Thanks for taking the time to view my post!
  8. Thnx to

    Special thnx to my team but also @Pulicat for mention it on the forums; couldn't done it without you guys/girls and also because of the tip to play Operations with Atlanta ^^! Gonna play a lot more operations if this continues ^^
  9. Will Altanta be sold again possibly part of Black Friday or Christmas? If so, for how much? I'm thinking around $40.
  10. Fresh, Hot, Tasty DPM!

    Just wanted to share a replay with y'all full of some good ol' Atlanta DPM. It always makes me cackle, thought y'all might enjoy. (Particularly good towards the end with the NC) Oh yeah, also features a ridiculous torpedo beat See attached. 20171107_132413_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  11. Losing Torps in ATL?

    Maybe I'm not that observant but lately I have been losing my torps a lot on the Atlanta. I mean permanently after sustaining damage. I thought in the past once I activate my repair, i gain back that ability but in a few games recently I lose torps all together for the rest of the game. I know they are not super effective with a range of only 4.5km but what gives? Has it alwasy been that way or am I too busy shooting at targets to notice?
  12. Dusted off the Hotlanta...

    Had not run her in awhile... First two games I got detonated...in both... Third game was worth it, even with a potato team.
  13. Warship-toons

    I am trying to create warship based toons on YouTube in the style of RanZar. To be clear I am NOT, let me repeat myself, NOT! trying to copy/ripoff/plagiarize RanZar. I am trying to do for world of warships what he did for world of tanks. If you have never heard of RanZar here is a link to he YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmSCddOIsO15vJsFaC7fnOg What I am looking for are Ideas and thoughts people have about the unique appearance/personalities of the veracious toons. Before you add your thoughs though make sure you have seen RanZar so you have an idea of the feel I am going for. Also I have lised some of my own ideas for you guys to see what I am thinking of. General: All ships will have eyes where the bridge is located, and a mouth on the bow, each turret will have their own eye on either side of the turret and a mout below the guns. The turrets behave as mini characters like the KV-5 radio turret, and foch machine gun turret in RanZar. Missouri: the biggest differences in appearance will be exagerated length of the main guns, a sniper scope on the center gun of each turret, an oversized radar dish on top that spins when she uses her radar consumable, and she will have an absurd amount of AA guns. Atlanta: She will have a flamethrower pack either hanging on her second funnel or replacing her second funnel, when she fires her shots will be flaming catapult fire balls, and she will have a slightly sooty appearance overall. Her personality is that of a pyromaniac. Yamato: Her biggest appearance difference will be exaggeratedly big main guns. In terms of personality she is aggressive and extremely arrogant. Tirptiz/Bismark: These two will be twin sister almost always seen together. Tirpitz will have a slightly superior attitude towards her sister Bismark, and Bismark will be a bit envious of Tirpitz as well as having a slight inferiority complex. But they always stick up for each other. I am of course looking for animators or anyone who has the talent and want to help me bring this dream to life. If you are such a person please let me know in a reply.
  14. so its a unit that does one thing like really really well. it spams he and very fast, and everything else it sucks at. This should not be the god damn case because it breaks the game. this ship is the HE version of what that one cruiser from the japanese navy: the kitakami. It spammed torps and atlanta does is spam HE. Seriously if spamming torp ship was removed so should the HE spamer be removed to. No type of spam ships that are good at one thing should be allowed into this game cause people exploit the piss out of it. Shouldve not added atlanta WG.
  15. Valkyr's Ship Guides: Atlanta

    Note: Although LittleWhiteMouse has written two three (sorry) guides for this ship, a lot has changed since her last guides. With 300+ battles in this ship, and holding a top player position in the ship, I would like to give an update to how to play the ship in the current meta. Guide Written from Patch 0.6.5-0.6.10 I am not fast at writing these. Then again, I suck at writing stuff in general. Tier VII Large Destroyer U.S.S. Atlanta HE Rainbows FTW I tried making that look like an American flag, which didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Yes I know I used the wrong hue of red, but that’s to comply with forum rules. I got warnings from people about that in my previous guides. The Quick Review Quick Summary: Giant U.S. destroyer with a citadel and severely outclassed in comparison to cruisers of the present. Needs team support and islands/smoke to be able to play effectively, and requires a decent amount of skill compared to other premium cruisers. Its unique distinction is the ferocious, long-range AA defense with unlimited uses of Defensive Fire, high damage per minute with sheer volume of shells rather than individual damage, and having Radar at Tier VII. Most Relatable Ships: Flint, Belfast Resemblance: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Flint Belfast Flint is not a direct sister of Atlanta, she is part of the Oakland subclass. The Oaklands removed the wing turrets and added more small-caliber AA guns, improving stability and making the deck less crowded. In-game, there is a lot that is different between the two, but in reality that’s pretty much it. I would consider the two as sister ships, but not completely, so sort of in between. Here is the comparison, only noting differences. Category Atlanta Flint Survivability HP: 27,500 Bow/Stern Armor: 13mm HP: 26,600 Bow/Stern Armor: 16mm Artillery 8 x 2 127mm/38 Mk32 Mod. 12 Two turrets are wing mounted, making at least one unable to fire at any time. 6 x 2 127mm/38 Mk32 Mod. 12 All turrets are centerline-mounted, allowing all of them to fire at most angles. Torpedoes Range: 4.5 km Speed: 65 knots Spotting Range: 1.3 km Range: 9.2 km Speed: 55 knots Spotting Range: 1.1 km AA Defense 8 x 1 20mm Oerlikon Mk4 4 x 4 28mm/75 Mk2 Mod. 2 8 x 2 127mm/38 Mk32 Mod. 12 12 x 1 20mm Oerlikon Mk4 8 x 2 40mm Bofors Mk1 6 x 2 127mm/38 Mk32 Mod. 12 Maneuverability No Difference Concealment No Difference Consumables* Surveillance Radar with an 8.5 km range, lasts for 25 seconds, and has a cooldown of 180 seconds (120 seconds) Smoke Generator that deploys for 27 seconds, lasts for 121 seconds and has a cooldown of 240 seconds (160 seconds) *Parentheses indicates with premium consumables. The other ship that is relatable, and sort of replaced Atlanta as a Tier VII premium destroyer hunter on the tech tree is Belfast, also known as “Balancedfast” or “Payfast”. To put it in a mathematical way, she is Atlanta + Flint + Fiji and does everything better than Atlanta. There is a reason why tech tree British cruisers don’t have HE, and also cannot equip radar and smoke. At least smoke is getting a nerf by detection range, but still. It is funny how people complain that Atlanta was pay-to-win, which she is pretty much the opposite of that. If only they would look at today’s tech tree premium ships… Anyway, down to the skill requirements and limits. For those of you who don’t know what these are, “skill floor” is the experience needed to play the ship at an average performance. “Skill ceiling” the amount you can do if everything goes well. Skill Floor: Low / Low-Medium / Medium / Medium-High / High / Extreme Skill Ceiling: Low / Low-Medium / Medium / Medium-High / High / Extreme Um, yeah, Atlanta is far from your casual ship. A lot of people are under the impression that she doesn’t need skill, which is nearly the opposite of the reality of this ship. Atlanta might be one of the most difficult premium ships to play, being rather unique for a while until the introduction of Flint. The so-called “No-skill HE rainbows” that Atlanta is infamous for is what players have to utilize to survive. Without islands, Atlanta is screwed, hard. Without support, Atlanta is even more screwed. Without a competent team, well you get the idea. There is no guarantee you can do well, a lot of factors have to come together for that to happen. Sure you may do the server average if those factors don’t come together, but that ain’t why I’m writing this. Odds are however, server average is not good enough if you are reading this guide. Peak performance in this ship can go a long way. If the enemy team is aggressive, your team doesn’t do much to stop them, and you got sufficient cover, you will perform excellent. Damage over time is what cruisers do well in, not sheer damage per salvo. Once you are in a nice, cozy spot behind an island, it is pretty hard to dislodge you. Carriers can’t touch you without losing a ton of planes, battleships will burn fiercely just to try and take a shot at you, cruisers will be risking a lot to get you (and probably nuked with citadels too), and destroyers cannot effectively torpedo you without also getting a plethora of shells sent their way. These spots are hard to get to, but think of it as a bunker: you’re safe once you’re in, at least relatively. You’re not completely safe, but at least you got cover. It’s not like it’s impossible to do well, just really hard and a lot of factors have to play right. Divisioning can significantly increase that chance, especially with a destroyer or a smoke cruiser. Anyway, down to the breakdown. Cost: 9000 doubloons Removed from Premium Shop, back for events occasionally. Strengths: Eight twin 127mm guns that put out massive damage per minute. Guns are affected by Basic Firing Training, the better half of Expert Marksman (although it’s pointless to use it), and Advanced Firing Training. Turrets turn at the same speed as the torpedo tubes, which is fast. Rate of fire is the highest for cruisers at this tier, tied with Flint with a 5 second reload. IFHE on this thing turns it into a DPM monster. Light cruisers get the upper hand in terms of setting fires, having a higher rate of fire. “You use AP against broadside cruisers under 7 km and nuke them with citadels.” – Yuro’s famous advice. Brawling against an Atlanta is almost a death sentence for most ships, whether it is by torpedoes, citadels, or just sheer volume of fire. AP is great for dealing damage to superstructures, due to the low penetration and low armor on superstructures. The arc of the shells allows for the shells to fly over islands, making island camping ideal. Despite her unarmored hull, the citadel is quite low besides the engine space. Turret magazines are nearly impossible to hit with shells. Turrets are 32mm, enough to bounce any AP you see. Armor is actually not enough for most battleship shells to citadel you usually, usually. Torpedoes do good damage, travel fast, and will almost guarantee hits at the range you use them. Powerful, primarily long-range, AA defense. Carriers won’t touch you with a 99 and ½ foot pole if they are reasonable. Excellent turning abilities, she and Flint are among the most maneuverable cruisers at the tier, if not the most maneuverable. Throttle response is better than normal due to light displacement, good for running when your position is overrun. Unlimited uses of the Defensive Fire consumable. Has the Radar consumable, which only two other cruisers have it at the tier. Base concealment is the best at the tier, tied with Flint at 11.0 km Weaknesses Second-lowest HP of all cruisers at the tier. Armor? Nope. Pretty much everything will damage you. Extremity armor is inferior to most cruisers, allowing overmatch from heavy cruisers. Battleship HE/bomb blasts will break your engine, even if they don’t hit you directly. Rudder is more fragile than Myoko’s, which says something. Apparently everyone loves shooting this ship, so you will be focused as soon as you are detected, don’t know why, but it happens. Stupid camping BBabies will shoot you at every opportunity, because they want to kill the supposedly broken pay-to-win cancer, or they just want to shoot you since you are a cruiser. Cruiser and even destroyer AP is enough to citadel you as long as you are broadside, and sometimes even when you are completely angled. Shortest base range at the tier, tied with Flint at 11.1 km. HE shells cannot pierce deck armor of most battleships you see, and higher tier cruisers, leading to many shatters, unless you have IFHE. Fire chance is quite low, and with fire coefficients you probably won’t set fires very often. AP will shatter on pretty much everything above 7 km, except the superstructures of ships. Even at 7 km you won’t citadel every cruiser. Can never stealth-fire, which other light cruisers at the tier can do, with the right skills. R.I.P. stealth-firing. Your base firing range is extremely close to your base detection range, which means it is nearly impossible to close your range without being shot at. Low velocity and light shell means it takes forever for shells to hit their targets at long range. You can fire several salvos before seeing whether you are on target or not, and it gives the target plenty of time to dodge. Turrets survivability is nonexistent if they get penetrated. Torpedoes have abysmal range; they might as well be Russian torpedoes. Slower than destroyers at this tier, it may be hard to keep up with friendly destroyers sometimes. Rudder shift seems a bit slow for her size. Hydroacoustic Search does not have unlimited uses if equipped. Concealment is not enough to hide easily, and you got a pretty big gap between radar range and detection range. If that ain’t enough to give you a new perspective, then here’s… The More Serious Review
  16. AA as main guns?

    i check the aa stats of my atlanta( bought a while ago) it says the main guns are aa weapons 5 km? how does that work? do i shoot the planes my my self or does it auto shoot?
  17. Atlanta 4th Captain Skill

    Hi Guys! Coming up on 10th pt. for my Atlanta Cpt. I've got the shot-gun strafe down and it is a blast. So, do I add range to my rifles or damage. AFT vs. IFHE. I see a benefit to both and will probably end up with both, but which would you guys get 1st?. I regularly run Hydroacoustic Search and Radar....I love lightin' up DD's and CL/CA's. Thanks, Sinton
  18. Anyone have glitches with Atlanta?

    In 2 battles she has simply stopped firing or torping. Can't do anything but drive at a certain point. Very odd. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Atlanta Defensive AA not displaying number of charges for stock or prem or even listed in Superintendent skill, please address asap screen shots attached. thank you
  20. It is being sold in the Asia and EU premium shops. Why not NA?
  21. Return to the USS Atlanta

    I just watched a documentary on the USS Atlanta and decided to broadcast its availability for viewing on Netflix. Here is a link to it: https://www.netflix.com/title/80148274 Also, if you're interested in the short version, here is what's on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzzHaHLmDKQ&t=3s I always enjoy seeing documentaries on these heroic warships and especially hearing from the survivors who actually served on these awesome vessels. Anyway, Happy 4th of July to my American compadres!
  22. When you reach maximum skill...cancer...you achieve cancer...
  23. It really is time to add a new achievement. Here is a perfect case for it: Name: "Try Harder" Type: Heroic Individual Criteria: Receive the highest base XP of all combatants in a battle and be on the losing team. The Atlanta is a metric butt-ton of fun! Edit: Oh yeah - My team didn't lose, we were outscored. This one went down to the wire...
  24. I Got Me An Atlanta

    Yesterday, I got an Atlanta out of the premium shop. Took her out for a spin, did 32k damage, 106 shell hits, 3 fires, 7 base defenses, and a kill. Someone tell me: 1: Whether I was crazy. 2: What upgrades/captain skills go well with her. Thanks!