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Found 6 results

  1. Update: Operation "Staggered River" Join my Discord!! So simply put, this thread will be the thread I'll update for any and all mods I create, it's purpose is to allow you guys to have a one-stop shopping area if you want anything Strangereal and beyond. As long as I'm playing the game I'll be updating these mods as soon as possible. for more details, bug reporting, or to just simply talk, join my discord. ^^ https://discord.gg/3KTr3UY Mod #1: Aircraft of Strangereal Description: This is a mod to change most aircraft to display the roundels of the Ace Combat world. it is a slowly updating mod that adds planes at a very slow pace to swap out roundels on the aircraft. Carrier aircraft are usually updated first with the catapult planes taking much longer. Status: FDR's Skypirates now fly for Osea. I know the carrier isn't released yet, but know you'll have that for when she comes out. Hakuryu's planes are coming in the next update. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gg4m4y4dddajtd0/Aircraft of Strangereal.zip?dl=0 Mod #2: Nations of Strangereal Description: a simple mod that changes the names of the nations to that of Ace Combat's world. so the U.S.A. is Osea. U.S.S.R. is Yuktobania, and so on. it also changes the filter options, no longer will it say "Show USA ships", it now says "Show Osean ships". Status: Updated for 9.4.0 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv53kmzuro35vin/Strangereal Nation Renamer.zip?dl=0 Mod #3: Flags of Strangereal Description: This mod changes most of the national flags to their Strangereal counterpart. Legendary squadrons have their emblems as some of the Ranked Battle flags. It'll also change the Battleship Missouri's and Cruiser Belfast's turret flags to that of their Strangereal national flag. Status: 9.4 Update coming soon. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gck3gqfbrc774wp/Flags of Strangereal.zip?dl=0 Mod #4: Warships of Strangereal Description: over the years, I've had some fun painting up the ships I like. in here, you'll find some rather basic skins I've created for ships like Missouri, Enterprise, and whatever else I like. Kaga's skin, however, isn't made by me, it was created by another modder and I just swapped out the roundel on the deck. should that creator have an issue, I'll swiftly remove the Kaga skin. Status: A select few ships have been released. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6khvu7rgi5g5v2w/Ships of Strangereal.zip?dl=0 Mod #5: Fog Fleet Invades Strangereal! Description: Reports confirm that this year, 3 more ships have appeared. OFS Midway to Nowhere, Oured Bay, and Davenport. intercepted messages suggest that Midway to Nowhere is holding the designation of "Supreme Flagship". Status: Intel confirms that the warship identified as "Midway to Nowhere" has re-emerged in the twilight hours of Saturday the 16th. (PnF Midway now works again, updates for the other warships is expected after updates to plane skins.) Links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k6xlqfoad07jub/PnF Enterprise.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz4znxfincft0pv/PnF Midway.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jiks16rr1vtp2ku/PnF Halloween Horrors.zip?dl=0
  2. Foreword: If you do not like Anime/Weeb Stuff, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE If you do not like Japanese/Asian Stuffs, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE Greetings! My Fellow Members of the Fleet of Fog! Allow me to Present, the Latest Update of my Modpack! The Fleet of Fog Philippines Division: "The Bakunawa Armada" Modpack Update B-006 "The Girls Frontline Update" This Update Gives Skins for the Main DD Line of the Russian Destroyers Tiers VI - X. And As Its Name Says, This Update Features Characters From the Game "Girls Frontline" The First and the Flagship of the Girls Frontline Fleet: Contender (Arp Khabarovsk) The Rest of the Members Are: JS05 (Arp Tashkent) M249 SAW (Arp Kiev) EVO 3 (Arp Minsk) R5 (Arp Gnevny) And Lastly, Other than Skins, I also Edited the The Tracers. These are the VERY OLD Tracers That I found in Haruna Line's Modpack. But I am very Sure this is Created by Someone Else. But, I Decided to give it a Good Repaint. I Call this the "Laḫmu Tracers". Its Dark Coloration was derived From The Tracers that the "Eleven New Offsprings" Laḫmu Used in the Near End of Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia AP HE I Promised Before that I will Edit the Consumables. I am Having Trouble with the Aircraft Carrier Consumables. Though I Just Recently Solved it, I failed to Put it in the Current Update. So The Consumables will come in the Next Modpack Update; Update C-001 Important Notes There are Some Skins here that are not 100% Mine. For Example is the Montana, Iowa, Shokaku and The Lexington Skins are Created by My Leader and Mentor; Haruna Line. Also, you may notice Some Ships that Don't have Skins, yet it Glows. That is Normal, and I cannot fix that. So don't Comment it as a Glitch or a Bug... 😛 DOWNLOAD LINK You all have been waiting for. But Before I Give you the Download link, I have a Warning to you, Reader. I Created this Modpack with Full Dedication, Blood Sweat and Tears, For 3 Years without ever asking for Compensation or anything. All I want you to give me in return, is to Watch the Anime Arpeggio Of Blue Steel. And if I will Ever See this Modpack being used for Profit or Replicated, Changed to Another Name, and Upload It Somewhere, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REMOVE THE DOWNLOAD LINK..... So Please, Let us Respect Each Other.... 😃 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ji4gh7za79c2i8r/Fleet_of_Fog_Bakunawa_Armada_Modpack_B-006_%2528Girl%2527s_Frontline%2529.rar/file This Modpack is Built to Fit in Perfectly with my Leader and Mentor Haruna Line's Modpack But do not be Mistaken, I am In No Form, and Will Never Be In Competition with my Leader. It Depends on you if you want A Space Battleship Focused Theme on your Game, or Arpeggio of Blue Steel Focused Theme on your Game... :3 Installation 1. Open your the File you Downloaded 2. Go to your WoWS Directory and Open res_moods folder 3. Open the Folder that says the Latest Update Number of WoWS 4. Extract EVERYTHING in the File you downloaded to the WoWS Latest Update Number Folder 5. Launch Game 6. Bake a Cake 7. Cook Some Cookies 8. And Don't Forget to Breath! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 Afterword Welp, I made it this far. So now, I decided to Step it up a Notch A Bit. The Next Update will now Be C-001. The Start of a New Era of my Modpack; The Era of the GUI Editing. Of Course, I will not stop Making Skins, But the Next Update will give a New Look to the GUI. It will be all the combination of all the Things that I Like That are from Japan, From Anime, to Ace Combat... 😛 Comment an Error! Do not be afraid to tell me if there are Errors in the Modpack! From Weird Skins, to Crashed Gameplay due to the Skins! Don't be afraid, I don't Bite... :P And here are some of my Older Skins from the Previous Updates..... :3 And More are Still to Come! So Stay Tuned MY FELLOW SALVATION SUBMARINERS-- I mean my Fellow Fleet of Fog Members!! 😛
  3. Welcome to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel! Our clan is one of the oldest clans in World of Warships, and has currently got approximately 120 active members, including our three sub-clans. We have a mixture of both competitive minded players, and those who are more casual about their gameplay. We have an extremely active playerbase, with members from all around the world, meaning you will almost always find someone to division with. The clan Discord is 100% public, and we welcome all visitors, regardless of if they intend to join the clan, or just make use of the server. You can find the link to the server below. We have some basic requirements for joining the clan, ranging from average to above average statistical performance. If you narrowly miss our recruitment guidelines, we can consider making an exception if you can assure us of both high player activity, and commitment to improving over the long term. Requirements for Joining [ARP]: Overall PR of 1600 or higher Overall winrate of 55% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 10 ships Highly active on Discord and in game Interest and commitment to competitive clan gameplay Friendly and mature character Requirements for Joining Lower [ARP] Clans: Overall PR of 1000 or higher Overall winrate of 48% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 8 ships (not including premiums or event ships) Moderately active on Discord and in game Friendly and mature character To join [ARP], all you need to do is come and visit our Discord server, where one of our recruitment officers will help you join our clan. Please note you must have a functional microphone, since we will ask for a quick voice conversation during recruitment. You can find our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/sMtnye7 If you have trouble accessing the Discord channel, or have further questions, please feel free to PM any of the clan leadership in the game, Discord, or here on the forums. The leadership of [ARP] has a large number of members who help to coordinate our in-game clans, and manage the placement of members. Please contact any member of clan leadership if you have questions about clan recruitment, or other clan related topics. Fleet Admiral: Teahee Admirals: Iris_ Cruiser_Montpelier Razor_Antilles Vice Admirals: _aster_ Kaitaro IJN_Battleship_Fusou ZuikakuKaiNi There are a number of regular questions we receive from new recruits: Do you require a name change? No, there is no pressure to change your name to any particular naming style. Do you have to like anime/manga? No, there are members of our clan who are not fans of either. We do however ask that you respect others who are interested in these things, and be tolerant of them. We try to keep our Discord organised in a way that keeps most anime posts in select channels. What if I am below the required stats for joining? We mainly use stats as a guideline of a player's skill, but we know that there are other factors that can't be measured by PR. As such, we will make exceptions for players who show signs of improvement, and are willing to be an active part of the [ARP] community. Are there compulsory clan member meetings? No there are not, however if you want to join the competitive side of the clan, you will be expected to attend training sessions and scrimmages. Is Iris a lewd sunflower lolicon? Absolutely.
  4. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    Nothing confirmed, just rumors and speculation. Found this info on a Japanese gaming site. Anybody hear anything?
  5. i can only choose 1, and i like both blue and red, so the black backpack is out, and pink.......well..... -inserts " im not a tough guy" meme- both of em glows, and both are $46.99 which 1 would u choose, and why?
  6. Hola a todos! No se como comunicarme con los desarrolladores o como sugerir cambios en el juego, por eso lo hago por este medio! Ya que WOW se desasocio con "Arpeggio of Blue Steel" (minuto 3:35) creo que seria buena idea que ahora fuera el turno de "Kantai Collection"... Eh visto los dos animes y los dos tienen mucho potencial! Que les parece la idea? Dejen sus opiniones por favor! En caso de que este articulo este mal categorizado, indiquenme donde ponerlo de forma correcta!