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Found 2 results

  1. Since I have an obsession with CV threads, I thought it would be better to put all of my thoughts here, then to have all of my thoughts fragmented across multiple threads. First off, I am not claiming that CVs are not broken, or that they do not need fixing, but rather, that they are less broken than they many seem to believe that they are. I am also not claiming that countering CVs is feasible with the current way that players act on the NA server. Very rarely, maybe once every 50 games, will my CV run into a coordinated team, often since Cvs require team play to counter them, players stand little chance of fighting off a CV attack. On to the first part that I wish to speak on; skill gaps. Secondly, the balance between CVs. CVs effect on DDs, as well as other surface ships. Manual attacks, and CV damage. Now, onto the bane of al CV players, AA. Lastly potential fixes. I will add more suggestions later, but this is it for now. I would appreciate it if the comments were kept respectful, constructive, and if you downvote explain the rationale, thank you.
  2. It took me around 50 games to control Essex. Control means that I start to earn credits instead of lost money and start to sink more than 1 ship per game. I play mostly with strike CVs and the 1st thing was to re-learn how to use the fighter. At the beginning the fighter duties distracted me and I did nothing well, couldnt prepare a decent strafing of enemy planes, nor the manual drops. Then I finally start to assemble attacks and use the fighter for clear the path to the bombers. This is a major tactical advantage above Lex. But the 2nd thing is not. In this tier, (at least before the patch 0.5.5) sniping CV is almost a fixed doctrine. With Lex, I do not go after enemy CVs because for me is a nice way to waste 5 to 10 minutes of battle with very low probability of success. A well equipped Lex will have (like me) a solid AA and Shokaku has 2 fighters to cover herself. Essex however has a weaker AA (less high caliber cannons) and against Tahios 3 TB squads is really hard. Till now, I havent found a successful tactic vs Tahio even after the patch (and I invest all the commander skills in AA improvements). With Lex I have better chances vs Tahio cos the AA envelope is larger. Witout closer AA support, Essex will lost 50% HP for sure. At this point I can not say that Essex or Lexington is better, I can say (at least in my case) that u have to play different. Lex can stay alone, Essex can not.