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Found 47 results

  1. Hi guys, After a lot of grinding, I finally got the Missouri before the 7.2 patch. I'm also getting close to getting the North Carolina. So far I haven't used the Preventive Maintenance skill in any of my battleships but I've noticed that some people use it with the Missouri and some don't. I really haven't experienced any issues through tier seven with my BB modules becoming incapacitated so I'm wondering if there is much of a need for preventive maintenance for the higher tier ships or not. Do you use the Preventive Maintenance skill for your US tier 8+ BB commanders? Please feel free to share how you've used your commander's skills. I look forward to your responses, thanks for reading my post!
  2. Just thought I'd share with you guys a really good battle I had in the Alabama. It starts off ROUGH and then gets salvaged into a great battle till the very end! I hope you guys enjoy!
  3. It's that time. Let's take a trip down memory lane and talk about the best and the worst. I provide my own in the video and go over my reasoning. TL:DW Best: Harekaze, Nelson, Kaga, Alabama, Cesare Worst: Hood, Duke of York, Mutsu/Ashitaka, Huang Meh, Graf Zeppelin. Note, the worst might not be up there because they are bad, but because of controversy or under performing.
  4. I missed out on the Alabama and i was wondering if either of the ships are planning to be put in the shop anytime soon
  5. Since I have begun a custom skin, I guess I should make a topic about it, and anymore I spend my time on. Find them below. [CURRENT PROJECT STATUS] It's getting there. Just the crane at the back, and minor pattern touch ups left! Check the spoiler below for more screenshots. Skin(s) for Alabama Measure 32/16d Indiana: [ Work in Progress ] Colors: Light Grey 5-L, Ocean Grey 5-O, and Dull Black 13. Notes: My first skin. I didn't renumber her hull. I might at the end. The lips on the side are mirrored in the texture file, so the other side doesn't look as good. (Nothing can be done unfortunately, though it looks better than I thought it would) Measure 15 Indiana: [ Queued ] Skin(s) for Admiral Graf Spee: Lutzow(1943): [Queued] [More] ???
  6. * * * NEVERMIND THIS REQUEST * * * Doing it myself. Hello everyone, asking our talented camo/skin creators if they could make a camouflage pattern of USS Indiana for the USS Alabama, if they dont mind and have the time. Please and thank you. Speaking of the Ms.32. Its quite complex looking, so I know that I'm asking for a lot. (Isnt that ms15 also Indiana. Weird.)
  7. Alabama turns out to be an excellent sniper

    at first i bought it thinking i wasted $50. but now the more i played it at put more time into it, the Alabama slowly became my favorite battleship. now i use it usually to get my 2000 xp for the first container. i still am learning how to manege brawls and close rang shooting. so i experiment with new play styles not. if you are a battleship player i recommend this ship for you. just let me warn you my first 5 or 6 games were ruff it took me 10 before i starter get 2000 or more xp every game.
  8. New flags for the Alabama

    Greetings Everyone, First, I would like to say that I've used Garfield001's Flag Mod for some time to bring some flags to WOWS for myself and friends. I asked him if I could share a couple on the forum, and he was gracious enough to approve. These are Zip files so it should not require any 3rd party software to open. The version of Garfield001's Flag Mod used for these mods include the German flag with an Iron Cross, and the National flag of Japan(like those in WOWS). Instead of the historically correct German flag with the Swastika and the flag of Imperial Japan that is traditional in Garfield001's Flag Mod. To start, we have the premium ship, the Alabama. Now it did come with a bundled flag that features a butterfly(the state insect). Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that! But I wanted something different, that well, didn't have a butterfly on it (LOL). So after you install one of these mods, and you select that butterfly flag you will get....... Version 1 features the Alabama flying the State flag: AL_with_State_Flag_0.6.10.0_Flags_A.zip (direct download) Version 2 is for those with an interest in the American Civil War. There was a Confederate ship that sailed by the same name, the CSS Alabama. This version features the Confederate National flag that was flown on that ship: CSS Alabama Wiki. Just to be sure I'm complying with WG Forum Rules, I have put two images on an outside link: Alabama with CSA flag pics Direct download: CSS Alabama mod If anyone has any flags that they would like to see in the game, let me know. Any flag in the game can have it's “visual” changed but still retain any special features it may have, such as the Military Month Contributor flag that provides 5% per battle. To install these versions of Garfield001's Flag Mod: Download the Zip extract the two mod folders locate where WOWS is installed on you computer. Folder progression should be World_of_Warships/res_mods/game version/ Drag the Mod folders into the folder for the latest version of the game. You're done. When WOWS does updates such as to, simply drag the mod folders to that update folder. Updates such as 0.6.10 to 0.6.11, the flag mod will generally need to be updated. Once it's updated, download and follow the install process again. Garfield001 has made a number of great mods, and you can find them right here.
  9. USS Alabama

    With Alabama set to only be in the shop for another 5 days, it got me wondering if I'm missing out on anything by not picking her up. However, I have North Carolina at T8, which I really enjoy, and Missouri at T9, which is obviously a monstrous credit earner. With that being said, is there any real point in getting Alabama with those two ships already in port? Other than an enhanced TPS, is there really any unique benefit over the others?
  10. So Alabama is in the shop again and I have a 10% off coupon. However the reason I didn't buy her the first time was because I was hoping to buy her sister ship the Massachusetts instead. Massachusetts had a bit more interesting career and as a New Englander I feel more of a connection to her even if I'm not all that fond of the People's Republic of Massachusetts. So what do you think the odds are of seeing the Massachusetts as a premium? Or should I just go ahead and buy the Alabama anyway? How good of a money maker is she? How would she compare to a premium-camo Montana for use making silver?
  11. First Alabama Battle

    I really like the North Carolina. Her guns are so accurate. But the handling is sluggish. Enter the Alabama. Only 1 battle played but I love her!!! Right at the start of the battle, I typed "New ship first voyage Whoot!" in chat. Some troll immediately replied "S___t ship". I think I proved him at least partially wrong...
  12. USN Measure 22 Camo

    Could we get awesome Measure 22 camo as featured on Alabama, Missouri and upcoming Kidd on all USN ships as an option ? Makes them look amazing. What does everyone think ?
  13. NC versus Alabama, My Take

    So, this topic has, I know, made its rounds a lot. People always wondered how the NC was going to remain competitive while Alabama was around, and people also criticized the Alabama for being "better" than the NC. And she is, at a certain role. Alabama is a mid-range brawler. Her shell-arc, while definitely very floaty at range, flattens-out enormously under the 10km mark. The Alabama is a boxing-battleship which focuses on punching enemies in the face for massive alpha damage below 15km. Outside of that, and you start to hit terrible dispersion. The other thing that Alabama does better is turn, which makes it much, much better for dodging torpedoes than NC. However, NC, as more of a sniper, shouldn't need to dodge so much. By contrast, NC has a much better accuracy, which is, IIRC, reflected in her better Sigma. Whereas Alabama struggles to get hits outside of 15-16km, NC can get hits accurately between 16 and 20km. However, her floaty shell arks mean that she's not as-good for brawling, since most of your shells tend to fly into superstructures and overpenetrate.
  14. Hey guys, got another Epic Battle Replay in the USS Alabama! This match was a nail biter till the very end of the match and it wraps up with a mere 30ish seconds remaining! As the title says, 203k damage, 4 sinks, High Caliber, Confederate, and Dreadnought. Surprisingly though, NO CITADELS! You heard that right, NONE. Amagi's armor is OP! I have been having A LOT of fun in this ship. Has she been as good to you guys as she has been to me?
  15. Hey guys, got another Epic Battle Replay for you guys to check out! This time we break out the Alabama and get 195k damage, 4 kills, Confederate, High Caliber, 2x Close Quarters Expert (In a USN BB?!), and Dreadnought! What do you guys think?
  16. Just uploaded a video on the Alabama, how she compares to her peers, and some brawling game play. Enjoy!
  17. USS Alabama - Premium Ship Review

    Just got my review of the USS Alabama up on the YouTubes! Overall, I have to admit, this ship has really been a joy to play! She is maneuverable, fast enough, good AA, good hard hitting guns and stealthy! That makes for a very strong ship and totally worth the money in my opinion! If you want to know more about the ship and how to play her, check out the video above! What are your thoughts?
  18. Good customer service.

    So, yesterday morning I bought the "Fully Loaded" bundle for the Alabama, but for some reason or other it wasn't put into my account until the evening. At first I was a bit concerned and possibly a little peeved, as such a delay had never happened before; in any case, when she showed up in my port, I was just glad to see her and put the matter behind me. Behold my surprise when an e-mail from Customer Support arrives just a few minutes ago. Apparently they were aware of the problem, and decided that this needed compensation, in the form of an extra day of premium time. All I can say is, thank you Customer Support. You didn't have to do this, but you did, and I am grateful.
  19. Alabama Giveaway Tonight!

    Join me tonight on stream for a chance to win an Alabama. P.S. I hope this doesn't violate any forum rules. https://www.twitch.tv/generaldort Use in channel currency to buy raffle tickets!
  20. The buyers still have no clue how to play the ship and their YOLO tactics are sweet as honey. I love the broadsides they give. I have yet to run into a experience 'Bama driver, however when I do, I will give my respects to that commander. And BTW 'Bama drivers, don't use HE on other angled enemy BB's at 17km. That is just annoying. You will be hunted down.
  21. I blame WG..

    I thought the Alabama was going to be a total *&%@)(#@()%)!_(%*@ but then they lowered the cit after I spent $200 on a game and repairing my Computer after my brother knocked it over.. LOL GG WG & Murphy. Keep the Alabama up for a couple more months please? XD I totally think this ship would work in Supremacy now and damn that small of a ship with the firepower? Gib. Russianbias is laughing at my misfortune. Better luck in 8 months?
  22. Alabama: New upcoming P2W?

    After watching the updated review of Alabama by Flamu: I'm kinda getting the power creep feeling... Alabama now have the lowered citadel everybody cried for, and the vulnerable citadel roof over the engine space--one of the few Achilles' heels--is quite a lot compressed compared to NC, making it harder to hit. So what do we have here? A NC with better maneuverability, better torpedo protection, better belt protection and same awesome USN superheavy shells. What does Alabama lose then? Nothing, really, perhaps a less favorable dispersion pattern of the main guns, pretty insignificant difference in a close up brawl where NC and Alabama shines. P2W confirmed?
  23. A little Alabama meme

    Is the USS Alabama good, testers say?
  24. Was The Alabama Buffed??

    I've seen in several thread that the Alabama was buffed, but I've seen no announcements of youtubes about it? Anyone have any information.