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Found 6 results

  1. For players that have yet to "learn" how the aiming system works, turn on in controls settings alternative battle interface. Notice there is a stop watch when zoomed in on a target, wait for the stopwatch to pulse, then take your shot. You may hit the targets more frequently. However in the next patch this will be removed. I believe this is a determent to the community witch all ready has many problems with building a healthy community for all. For players who do not need it, it would help those around play better. For players with the "you should uninstall the game with out a crutch" attitude, if you comment here then explain how you aim and teach. For those of you like me who have yet to master this skill tell wargaming to make this a option on the control panel. Level the playing, make a healthy community not the toxic one we have become.
  2. Hackusation

    So, it finally happened. I have been the victim.....of a Hackusation. ... ... ... Woohhooh! Time to celebrate! Hackusation=best compliment! Mind you, I'm not sure why this guy thought I needed an aim assist to hit a DD sailing broadside, in a straight line, <10km from my Yubari. Then the guy goes and incriminates himself and someone else reports him. Uploading a video to youTube: Give it some time, was still uploading when I posted, but apparently, this is the lvl of gameplay required for this guy to accuse you of cheating. (warning: Potatoe game ahead. View at own brain cells risk.) Video also includes some nice shots of Konig Albert, the new t3 German Premium BB. Edit: May take quite a while for the video to be viewable. Been waiting about 10-15 mins now, and it's only at 4%, but I can't wait any longer to post. Need to go get my kills for the day. Miiiikkkaaaaaaasssssaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Aim assist mod

    OK, I've only been at this for a few weeks and absolutely love WoW. Can anyone tell me the latest truth about aim assist mods? Are people using them, and is there any way to know how much? I ask because I have never used one, and when I first became aware that mods were out there, my first thought was "that's a cheat". Also, I ask because there have been a few battles where I got the distinct feeling I got mugged by someone using one. I'm also aware through some of the vids there are some users, even beta testers, who feel strongly they should be allowed, since the torp assist basically does the same thing for torps. So, I am just trying to get a grasp on this... how many might be employing a aim assist mod, yada yada yada. Thanks guys (and gals)
  4. google aimbot , or aim assist. and watch all the feeds. and paid options......... so lame seeing your team be smashed out 5 ships by the time you have barley got to position. multiple youtube videos and yet it is not being addressed making the game to be a hack fest
  5. Kept notes so none of this is "what I recall" but rather what I thought when it happened. Instructions during download - genius! First off, the load screen as I was downloading...instructions for ship control, guns, and aircraft scroll by. So, this is what I get to do! Awesome. I got more and more eager to play as I also gained a feeling for how to actually play. Doing button-ology while the game is down loading is brilliant. New players get (repeated) instructions, and it builds a sense of anticipation. I was so psyched to play by the time it down loaded! ...which took a while...that's a whopping big file! But it all came in without a glitch, so everything was good. Match Making - oh, my! Granted, this is beta (wow, how many times have I heard that during a game?!) but the match making plugs a BB in to match the other team's BB - but one is a Kongo and the other is a Kawachi....ouch. Still, it gets better when more people are on line, usually. Just some times....brutal! Personal daily missions - how cool is that? I like these. Granted, they're small deals, but they add interest and steer players to ship types they might otherwise not be playing. Have had a blast with these. Specific ship upgrades - very cool! The ability to specifically upgrade your ship to your liking is a great feature. Also, they all clearly say what the affect will be - added or decreased probability in numbers! So unlike WOT where you're guessing how much impact any given perk or skill will have. This is great. And that we can go back and change them later as we like...which brings us to.... Captain's skills These simply rock. Design it to your play style. the ship type, to anything you like. You can role play your captain if you like! (Hmmm. Interesting idea....) This is a great feature and one of my favorite things about the game. Load speeds For this point in game development, these are great. Never have had to wait long for a game to start. I do sometimes come in and other players are already underway and well ahead, and others come in after I start, sometimes. Internet connections vary, and so does everyone link. All in all, this seems good, better than WOT is now! Carrier load out I like that you can switch between carrier configurations for aircraft without cost or penalty, once you have them all researched and purchased. That's cool. Any likelihood we'll ever be allowed to just choose what we want completely? You're allowed three squadrons of planes, pick what you want? Windows bringing me down.... This one is mostly out of WG's control, but with Windows 8, sometimes the task bar or the gadgets suddenly show up if I'm near the bottom or side of the map / display. I tried full screen setting for the game, but it dropped to some funky size and resolution. Not a solution. Maybe there's more settings there I've not worked with yet, but this is far and away my biggest gripe. Is there some way to make a full-screen mode that locks out Windows except the top upper right controls? It would avoid this horrible locking up, with a slightly grayed out screen and no control until I get things back into game mode.... All in all, I'm thrilled. I was very worried the aim assist mod would kill this game. If it wasn't dealt with, I was out of here, personally. I see it as cheating, pure and simple. Think I got nailed by it only once though. Four salvos from a cruiser in my own tier, every one with critical hits and citadel penetrations....massive damage each shot....unless I bumped into the single best player on the servers, I think I saw how effective it was. Glad WG is taking care of that. This game is fun, it's interesting. It works pretty well, and the balance seems fine to me. If I could, I'd bring in a few other friends now! Good job, devs!
  6. Can we please keep it in a single thread? I'm not a mod or anything. I just dislike checking the forums just to see "Oh look, someone else is complaining about this." Then another thread about this guy, and another about that guy. Especially as of late. To the people complaining it's an "AimBot". This is by no means an Aim-bot. The mod just shows a lead indicator to where it believes you should fire. Currently it does not auto aim at said marker and shoot for you (Basically what and Aimbot Is). Also some of you may be up against decent players that know what they're doing and where too shoot. Not everyone and their family member uses this mod, so please keep this in mind. I'm tired of being in a game where I get yelled at by a enemy ship calling me a "Botter" because I can shoot my target and hit it. (I'm sure a good amount of decent players feel that way.) For those who say it never existed in real life,and breaks/ruins the game. Here's an educational and informative post on how it existed and was a thing back in the day. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/25418-historical-reason-for-lead-indicator/ ~Thank you for your time. A concerned World Of Warships Player. Edit: So apparently people aren't bothered as much by the influx of these topics either, and are more focused on me for offering an idea/ posting an informative post on the miss-use of the term "Aim-botting". Neat. Thanks guys.