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Found 142 results


    Thank you WG for making this possible! Not a hater, just not a fan. Now my personal file contains only those captains I need or want.
  2. Starting from Update 0.7.1, the players can dismiss the ARP and Dragon commanders they don’t need any longer -- you won’t be able to receive these commanders again after you dismiss them I think this will make some people happy. Personally i will keep mine for different IJN captain builds.
  3. ARP Ships

    I was wondering if they are going to let players have another crack at unlocking ARP ships again. They came out when I was low tier but I managed to unlock all but the last 3. Just wondering as it would be nice to complete the collection.
  4. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  5. I know this topic has been posted before months ago, but the solutions I've found for it online don't seem to be working, so any help is appreciated. I have several ARP ships, but I'd like to have the voices for them be in English. I don't speak Japanese, and I definitely don't speak "Japanese schoolgirl screaming at me." Sorry - just not my thing. I've tried fiddling with the in-game voice settings, but to no effect - my choices are either always ARP voices, or (maybe) turning them all Japanese, which doesn't really help, either. Currently voiceover language = English, and voiceover modification = Standard I've also gone into the installation folder for WoWS: C:\<wherever>\World_of_Warships\res\banks\OfficialMods There, I renamed the Arpeggio folder to Arpeggio_OFF, thinking that would break the path to the voices. No luck - the game still finds them. What is odd is that many months ago (maybe a year or so), the folder rename trick worked, but then at some point it stopped working and I've been stuck with the voices (and not wanting to play any of my ARP ships) since then. It briefly worked again last month, but the latest patch "fixed" that, again sticking me with the ARP voices. Note that the folder is still renamed, so it's not as if the game reinstalled the voices. Any thoughts on how to permanently turn the ARP voices off while having an English voice instead would be helpful.
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to share that I've found a way to still use the ARP voices in the game without downloading shady MODS. First go to the WOWs folder, then go to res, then go to banks. From here you will find the arp voices in the officialmods folder along with the pirate and seagal voiceovers. Cut and paste the whole ARP folder into the languages folder located in the banks folder. After this is completed you should be able to select the voice modifications in the audio settings of WOWs. Gotta love those ARP voices and I sure hope everyone else enjoys it too.
  7. Wargaming the Voices for the ARP, HSF, and Seagal all broken. The options don't show up at all at first you need to do a fix that @Aessaya found to get them to appear. however this doesn't fix the problem, the options are there but the voices still not connected with the commanders, for example the ARP Captains i have in my Tachibana and Mikasa are still talking in normal Japanese not in their ARP voices. When Wargaming messed with the sound files the voices were lost. Wargamin please tell us you know this is a problem and are fixing it, not some [edited] excuse like this; I mean it is DAY 1 of a patch and you expect all of these people; Are all using mods? Even @Chobittsu who is famous for his voice pack has noted this problem. @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian tell Wargaming this problem and give us a response, this silence is extremely frustrating. Here is @Aessaya solution to get the options back (results do vary so be warned). If anybody else has comments or possible fixes feel free to post them here.
  8. For ARP lovers (like myself) the fact we can play this ships in the game is a nice gift, however, the work put in it is barely perceptible, it´s only an unaccurate texture over the same tech tree´s kongo. I suggest a revision to the textures, make them more accurate with all the diffent colors, and features from the manga and anime models, such as the boosters insted of the 1900´s propellers. I think these are minor modifications to the 3d models on the game that will make ARP ships more pleasing to the eye.
  9. I just found out that I can use my ARP commanders in standard IJN-line ships. This is great, as I've been mostly just using Takao and transferring her from ship to ship in order to gain points (still not level 19 but slowly getting there) and thus have a bunch of unassigned 10-point Japanese commanders available. I've disabled the ARP skins and Takao is now Isamu Kimura who, having been educated in the US before the war, speaks perfect English while commanding what is now an uncamouflaged Atago. Unfortunately, Haruna, who I transferred to a Myogi as Masao Suzuki still speaks like a Japanese schoolgirl. I've got the audio set to English and have tried setting voiceover to standard and even to Steven Segal but to no avail. Does anyone know how to get a transferred ARP commander to speak English in a standard IJN-line ship? Edit: fix here!
  10. Elite captains XP is very handy to have as it can be used for retraining and training other captains. it does take having 19 point captain, but if you have the ARP ships, this effort can be eased since all ARP ships are now considered premium in terms of sharing captains with IJN. So, in effect, if you have the full ARP ships, you basically have 9 premium ships for captain training purposes. This will allow you to get 19 pointer fast, not to mention allowing you to earn elite captain XP. Running this is especially useful during 2x or 3x event day.
  11. This weekend I found the value of saving my ARP ships...which helped me save on fetting the necessary keys for the cool camo skins. I think WG should occasionally put out information regarding ships and the fact that they could see any ship available at anytime as a required component to completing a campaign. I get the sense that Flint and Black will be requirements at some point...and only the elite few will be able to complete such a task. I had my ARPs and Shin...those that had sold them or other ships suffered immediately. Of course, always seeing people buying back tier 3s to get into coop matches for rewards is a good laugh. Nice anniversary event. Really appreciate all the free stuff WG...even if it was slightly muffed at the start.
  12. An ARP ships question

    So I got 3 supercontainers today, 2 from Zao and Yamato and 1 just from random luck and all three had those 'greatly appreciated' upgrade modules in them. My issue is not with getting them, however. Instead my question revolves around my fleet of ARP ships. I have a grand total of 5 Myoko-class heavy cruisers and I also happen to have become a fan of Arpeggio of Blue Steel thanks to this game, so I have each one using a different commander and upgrade module build. I try (as much as is possible) to have each ship's build reflect the ship in the show, so Ashigara got an AA build (at the time, secondaries didn't make too much sense, but with the recent buff, I may switch her build with the standard Myoko that I bought back to try the new secondary buff), Haguro is pure fire starter, Myoko is main guns + a partial AA setup, and Nachi is geared for spotting and hunting DDs. Nachi is the ship that I had in mind for the hydroacoustic upgrade module that I got today but I found out that she can't mount any of the supercontainer modules. I double checked the module description to see if it was a tier specific issue, then I checked my standard Myoko to see if she could accept them, and she can. I got to thinking and checked my HSF ships and they are able to accept the supercontainer modules. So what I'm wondering is, is this a bug, an oversight, or is it an intentional disadvantage for the ARP ships like their inability to mount camo? I guess it could also be the whole 'ARP ships can't be altered except for balance changes, because the cooperative contract is up' thing that seems to be often mentioned about them. I'm not going to be too upset if it turns out that this is intentional, but I had been hoping to get one of those hydroacoustic module upgrades for Nachi to enhance her hydro and better emulate the character/ship from the show.
  13. Another boring stuff Made in: Cinema 4D ( Ship, Sky, Ocean rendering ) Photoshop CC ( Bloom and Lighting effects ) Download: https://ph-pennysnowflyer.deviantart.com/art/World-of-Warships-Black-ARP-Yamato-703666080 Still new to Photoshop tbh... Testing: https://i.imgur.com/JdvulTj.gif
  14. Arpeggio

    Will there ever be a chance to earn these ships again? Sometime in the distant future, perhaps?
  15. Now that IJN commanders can be used on ARP ships, what builds would you have on hand at same time? For Kongo alone, if you include the tree ship you would have 5 ships plus 4 ARP commanders from the ARP Kongo sister ships. Are there enough builds in that case to have all 5 Kongous(?) active? edited: *ahem* viable commander builds that is.
  16. ARP Ships All Naked?

    Just started up the game and all of my ARP ships are naked. No camo. Southern Dragon looks great as always. Every other ship has camo. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  17. All ARP ships removed

    Inexplicably, after what seems to be a server crash, all of my ARP ships are no longer available!
  18. Sure, that's no Battleship once she eats Maya, but Kongo isn't the Death Star. She's Zelos, the Silver Gigas. This is Zelos. Notice, the big ball in the center and the options that float on the outside. Prior to using this attack, the options light up, form a a ring then that ring moves to the center where it's focused into the Great Moon Ray. You can see a Battleship being pummeled by the attack in the center of the beam for reference. This Kongo after she ate the fake Maya. Notice, again, big ball in the center, options on the outside. The charge up for this attack had the options light up, forming a ring that moved towards the center where it was focused into the Super Gravity Cannon. Also, Ashigara has a Harpoon Cannon. They DEFINITELY were going for some SoA references in there. And for a little hint of reference: Zelos is Jealousy- the Silvites were jealous of the other civilizations, but also nihilists that would destroy themselves and the world to quell the rage of the other civilizations. Kongo becomes that because of jealousy, rage, and a desire to just end it all. The Death Star is just a technological terror that blows up planets.
  19. 0.6.9 Let the whine begin

    Yes let the wailing begin! ARP commanders will now be playable across the entire IJN line. Woohoo! Nice. But I think they are being a bit optimistic about the affect Yamato's fireworks will have... the enemy will tremble whilst the friendlies gain strength? I don't know about you guys but I don't recall seeing too many Kraken's by Yamato's... maybe this will inspire them, eh? I do know a 34% faster reload rate will be a dangerous thing... maybe they've been plummeting stats-wise? Wonder what the other nations will get as far as legendary commanders... hmmm.... Steven Sea Gull.... right.
  20. New Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Skin. Screenshots Dock Loading icon Some Icons & Backgrounds Much more in the future :) ¡Please report visual issues! Copy to you mod game folder. res_mods\\ Update 31-July-2017
  21. Mod Information: World of Warships Arpeggio Voice Pack Fixed voices to be compatible with, 0.6.7.x and up Voices included: Ashigara, Captain Gunzou, Haguro, Haruna, Hiei, Iona, Kirishima (based on Kirishima Bear), Kongou, Myoko, Nachi, and Takao Background: Since the ARP voices were broken (ie. not appearing), I re-organized the file structure to get them working again in the current game version. All voices listed above are included. Kirishima's voice was fixed to actually play Kirishima's voice, not Iona's. Download Links: - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0S2UsTOng0gZEt1Tjd1MVFSeFU?usp=sharing - MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/160ssi01bdm9m/ARP_Voice_Pack I uploaded both .zip and .7z copies. The .7z is a smaller download, but you need the 7-zip (free) program to unzip it. The .zip version is a bigger download, but can be unzipped from Windows or Mac directly. On a side note, I found a folder in the game files for High School Fleet voices. These don't appear automatically for me either. Would anyone be interested in those? I'd be happy to take a look at getting those working too. I imagine it's just getting the file structure fixed, like with the ARP voices.
  22. I wanna get serious with yall for a second * takes off sunglasses* Why am I no longer able to remove these stupid arp ships from my shipyard? 1. they are ugly. 2. they are taking up too much space 3. I cant sell them. 4. I dont want them. 5. they are eye cancer, 6. filtering them is still annoying, I WANT THEM GONE. why is it that you used to only be able to see them with the asian port, and now they are infesting all of our regular ports. Im fuming.
  23. Hello! I made this forum post to show some of the craziest games/moments in warship that i had. I'll guarantee that they are quite a blast. The majority of them will be on Youtube and i hope i will be able to improve my videos over time. Torpedo Beats: Full Replays:
  24. ARP Ships Being Brought Back

    Was wondering as I liked the series but started recently and didn't get a chance to obtain ARS ships (Takao, Haruna, etc.) I don't want these ships now as I'm only tier 4, but I wanted people's opinion on ARS ships
  25. So, this may seem like a weird request, but it's a quality-of-life thing. Right now, unless you uncheck the 'Arpeggio' box that allows you to see ARP content, there's no way to remove the ARP ships from your carousel. So what I'm asking for is a checkbox like every other nation has, where I can choose to not have my ARP ships show up in the carousel, as I can already do to American, German, British, Japanese or any other nationality of ship. Why? Well, to be honest, I don't play them that much, but they take up a ton of space, and i would like to be able to choose where or not they show up in my port with just the click of the button, like I can with any other nation, or tier, or ship type. Now, I know i could just click on the 'Arpeggio' box, and not see them, but here's the thing; I still want to be able to see them in the game. Knowing whether or not that Myoko is an actual Myoko or if it's a Haguro, or if that Atago is actually a Takao, is useful information. In short, I'd like to see the ability to sort ARP ships in my port just like the ships of any other nation, as opposed to only having the current 'See ARP or Don't See ARP' button that exists now. Anyone agree with me? Or am I just crazy for wishing this was a thing? I don't mind seeing ARP content in game. I want to, actually. I just want to be able to sort them in my port like anyone else. I don't need to see all the Myoko and Kongo clones I never really play... I can choose not to see my USN ships, or my VMF ships. Is it not a good idea to give us the option to do the same for the ARP ships?