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Found 18 results

  1. It has been brought to my attention that World of Warships is too realistic for some folk and have a hard time differentiating real-life and in-game. I have a proposal to fix that very problem; add the sub 1-401 to the mainline techtree as a free tier 10 premium that comes already equipped with modules that people can sell if they so choose to. Implementing this change will allow for a more positive gaming experience; everyone will be provided the free premium so that no one can complain about credits being hard to collect. In addition, people will have a safe way to experience Tier 10 in a nonexpensive format. Not to mention, the commander model of Iona is already implemented in the game. Now, let's discuss the many features of sub 1-104; Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes, Anti-Masker torpedoes, Active Decoys, Passive Decoys, Anti-Sub missiles, and the auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon. Some of you may be thinking, "That is much too powerful to be implemented in-game." My reply to that is, it already is in-game. The Corrosive Warhead torpedos will act like standard homing torpedos; the active decoys can be deployed when submersed to fool the enemy radar by displaying either the active player sub and the decoy or displaying only the bait on the radar. Likewise, anti-subs missiles will work like standard homing torpedos. The auxiliary Super-Gravition Cannon can only be used once per match and only be used if you can score four sonar hits within one minute and thirty seconds for a complimentary high damage citadel hit. Ships can quickly cleanse all of the sonar pings, especially when they know that sub 1-104 is already in the occurring match. For all the people, who want to, "Reeee!, anime in my naval simulator!" World of warships isn't a simulator, and it is an arcade game. If you're angry about that fact, head to the gym and squats some weights until you're ready to discuss this like a calm person. Main Points: Free premium ship for all Sub 1-104 Balanced World of Warships is an arcade game, not a simulator. If you're mad, pump some iron in the gym instead of Reeeing in the chat. On a real note, if this bothers you, I propose self-reflection and get comfortable wearing pink(I swear, some people act like it's poison[Not venomous, there is a difference]). A special thanks to Kongo; I saw her profile pic, which inspired me to make this post. I won't say the username since she may not want to get involved. Reference: I-401 | Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Wiki | Fandom. (n.d.). Retrieved September 20, 2021, from https://aokihagane.fandom.com/wiki/I-401
  2. Firestorm325

    ARP Ships

    I was wondering if they are going to let players have another crack at unlocking ARP ships again. They came out when I was low tier but I managed to unlock all but the last 3. Just wondering as it would be nice to complete the collection.
  3. I haven't played an ARP Kongo it like, well, more than a year I bet. I don't recall seeing the anime-style smoke when you get sunk. It's live action too so you know, it looks pretty good. Have you seen it?
  4. 2016: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/arpeggio-blue-steel-debut/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/seriouslylastchance/ Early 2020: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/return-of-the-fleet-of-fog/ Late 2020: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/arpeggio-fleet-of-fog-flagships/
  5. So, here goes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/arpeggio-fleet-of-fog-flagships/ Yamato and Maya up for sale on Armory, as well as a permanent camouflage for Musashi; the rest of the ships are available as packages or separate on the premium shop. Maya isn't in any refit configuration with 4x2 and upgraded AA, it's an Atago/Takao clone and a normal tier VIII premium ship as the aforementioned ones. As shown yesterday Yamato alone costs around 35k doubloons, it seems to get a Unique Upgrade too; UPDATED; THE UNIQUE UPGRADE APPEARS ONLY ON THE BIG BUNDLE NOT THE ARP YAMATO BASIC BUNDLE. Note that the ship is classed as special, not a premium, so doesn't quite have the earning capabilities of a premium. And something to keep up in mind on the event page; Both Maya and Yamato as well as the Musashi camouflage get a bonus XP mission for +200%XP that's valid for 30 days. And some pricing pics for Yamato, Maya, the Musashi camouflage and the whole bundle. For the freebies, a single mission chain for a Commander. The biggie is the exorbitant price for Yamato or the fact that you can pretty much buy a Yamato now with all the bells and whistles. Surprisingly the other ARP ships are in reasonable prices, so if you wanted a premium Myoko it isn't that bad really. That said the free mission is a far cry from the fact we had 3 opportunities in the past to get Premium ships for free. Granted, we didn't know the ships would be turned into premium back then, still though. Last, and something to consider before completely bashing WG, collaborations work both ways. Both sides are bound by contract and the terms can vary. Having Yamato sold may not necessarily be WG's decision. UPDATE: And I can't stress this enough, the Unique Upgrade for Yamato only appears on the large 55,950 bundle, not the "normal" 34,950 one.
  6. @Hapa_Fodder, @Kalvothe @Mademoisail NA Community Team, Can you please elevate a request to include all the duplicate premium hulls in the Campaign tasks and other ship specific tasks/events in the future? For example, in the Five Epochs of the Navy Campaign, Mission 4, Task 9 includes the Asashio as one of the required ships, but does not recognize my Asashio B as a suitable ship for the task. I know that there are other tasks in this Campaign that include ships like the Sims and Myoko, but exclude their duplicate ARP and Black hulls. I am enjoying the new campaigns and content and like the inclusion of lower tiers and PVE, but I would also like to be able to use all the available ships in my fleet, especially ones that I paid for. Thank you.
  7. To provide players who already have ARP Takao in their ports access to the new red alternative camouflage for doubloons (even at a markup) via the exterior camouflage screen. I guess my only option is to whale over $50 on a ship bundle that I already have 2 other clones of to get a camo worth 5k doubloons at the absolute worse-case . This is just sad Wargaming and shows a complete lack of consideration for longtime players.
  8. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    ARP Returns Next Week?

    Nothing confirmed, just rumors and speculation. Found this info on a Japanese gaming site. Anybody hear anything?
  9. When I read that the ARP ships get some economy bonus, I thought "well, extra credit earning since they are not real premiums will be ok" But when I checked, I see that they get the ususal premium camos bonus -10% repairs and +50%XP. Well played, happy to have 10 new premiums. A reason to take them out more often.
  10. Now that submarines are coming to the game, I'd like to revisit an anime ship. I-401 from arpeggio of blue steel. Can we get her, with two captain slots for the ship to put both captains in? Or can we get two versions of this anime sub, the takao-iona fused together at the end of the first anime season and the original Iona?
  11. So, I put ARP Iona voice-over in my audio configs, but, in the game, when I use some a consumable, like the engine boost, I hear the normal voice-over lines. Is it a bug or am I just doing something wrong? (note: this is my first time writing on a forum, and I am not even native in English, so I apologize for any grammar error or lack of game knowledge in general.)
  12. I've been digging through the forums, the Haruna Line downloads and still I'm unable to locate a download link for "Skin Fog Pack Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio v7.0" If I recall, this is possibly the last ARP Modpack released before they began to replace some ARP skins in the pack with Space Fleet ships. Anyways, I'm looking to track down the files for all the old ARP skins, mostly for the Americans as Hakabase's ARP mod pack seems to cover the rest. I'm mostly looking to locate the skins for the USN DDs, Battleships Texas and North Carolina, and Aircraft Carrier Lexington. Also, could someone direct me to any thread or link explaining how I could create my own Arpeggio style skin? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wargaming community!
  13. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  14. May have missed it, was there a note about ARP ships earning coal instead of steel? All of mine so far have awarded coal, even though they are technically premium ships.
  15. I have run across a possible chilling problem in WOWS. I do hope WG reads this post. I spend a lot of real cash on this game. I think I am supporting people earning a pay check and to keep the game going (retired US navy). The problem I have found with 0.7.7 is that my ARP arpeggio blue steel ships "have gone away". Yes, I still have the 9 boats in the carousel and in the tech tree, BUT the paint/skins/camo are gone leaving grey only. Yes the ships have the same names, but the GIRL captains (anime) are gone leaving just Japanese guy captains in their stead. Now I earned these ships by grinding my rear end off. I was lead to believe that these 9 boats would remain - period. But the look and captains might be gone if support does not give me a fix. The contract is up and good bye to the look & girls - maybe. If so, too bad. Now if true, a bucket of cold ice sea water hits in the face. What about the real cash I laid out for High School Fleet captains and paints. Will they go away when the contract is done??? Azur Lane girl captains be replaced by guys in the future? If so, I want my $75 back. What about the special paints by the artist for ROMA and KII? They going away when the contract is done? The point is not the contract, it is the money spent by the customer and the future where I don't spend the money for the latest raise cash for WG to make the pay roll. Who here likes spending money on a sweet ride (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and then when the contract is gone, here is a different sweet ride with no captain, different captain, different paint job (puke brown or blind you neon light green that can be seen from the moon)? If you paid money for something, you will be unhappy (stronger language can be used here - dear reader) when the SWITCH is pulled. WG - OUCH! The point is this - why spend REAL MONEY/CASH on a product that will not stick around? Note - yes I was not upset when Steven S left the game and from my BB-63 the Mighty MO. I didn't spend real money on that one. Note - I do spend real money on WG/WOWS to keep the game going (no bucks, no buck rogers or boats). There are a whole lot of internet games that have disappeared due to not enough customers spending real cash. Got to make the pay roll. Please tell me I am wrong (I expect to be pointed to a location to read it). Thanks captains for your time. Fair winds on your back and calm seas.
  16. I played the Kaga a while back, with the Hosho commander (Yotaroh-Kirishima) as commander. Never heard the crazy laugh.. I was bummed out. So I just brought up a training battle (for laughs).... and sunk 4 battleships with the Hosho... NO LAUGHS. I'm bummed out. I miss the crazy laugh. You know... There are a few things about this game that I truly find interesting. But you canned Steven Seagal, and thus chopped off Yotaroh's laugh. ... Next thing, Campbeltown's torpedoes won't be free anymore. Gee Thanks for making the game... less special.
  17. Hello Everyone, ADOPT for those of you don't know is a community and clan set up for the purpose of helping people get better at this game we all love. We have been hosting training streams open to everyone on various topics. We recently just did one on Clan Battles and had some of our mentors join us from clans such as CONQR, 07, and ARP. The video is a bit long so I added time stamps in the video description for you to move forward to the topic you wish to learn about. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
  18. There's a lot of questions remaining unanswered here and I am curious to see what the majority of people on the forum think is the one that they want answered most. Heck, maybe if we get enough people voting or making noise, one of the devs might actually answer some of them? (I know.. have another drink Dirty_Deeds...) My personal pick is number 10. Feedback Friday roared out of the gates on August 21st of last year and then AlsoRobots tripped over the starting line and it ended before it even started. Niko then roared out of the gates again on December 2nd, only to fade away less then two weeks later. Since then.... nada.