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Found 2 results

  1. While I personally do not mind the change in Co Op Match Making from 8v8 to 9v9; I definitely mind the fact that the battles now end far too quickly as compared to their former average duration in the 8v8 format. Here is the exact reason for the problem: In the 8v8 format both teams started with 300 points. In the 9v9 format, both teams STILL start with 300 points. In the 9v9 format there is a more dense dispersion of each team's ships across the map which means that it is far more difficult for either team to capture zones because the threat and actuality of capture resets is far greater. Human players can compensate for this and still successfully capture zones. The capture of zones is critical to the earning of points to compensate for ship losses during battle. As you are well aware, there are three ways to achieve victory: 1. Destroy all enemy ships. 2. Reach 1000 points through the successful capture and uncontested control of zones. 3 Drive the opposing team's points negative through the continued destruction of their ships. NUMBER THREE IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE NEW 9V9 FORMAT!!! The team rosters were increased by 12.5%, but the starting points were never adjusted at all! Because this starting value has not been adjusted for the 9v9 format, far too many battles are finished in under 5 minutes and that makes for very frustrated players. especially when Matchmaker places them all by their lonesome on the map and very few bots head in their direction and their ship is too slow to get to the bots nearer the rest of their allies. I HAVE HAD BATTLES IN THE 9V9 FORMAT (MOUNTAIN RIDGE IN PARTICULAR) WHERE I SPAWNED NORTH OF A AND ALL THE BOTS WENT B & C AND I WAS NEVER WAS ABLE TO GET IN MAIN BATTERY RANGE AND FIRE A SINGLE SALVO BEFORE THE REST OF MY TEAM DROVE THE POINTS NEGATIVE OR ON OTHER OCCURRENCES NEVER BE ABLE TO CAPTURE A BEFORE THE BATTLE ENDED!!! Under the 8v8 format; 300 starting points accounts for roughly 60 points for each of the ships comprising roughly 2/3 of the team in the 8v8 format or 5 ships of 8 appraised at 60 points each ( 5 x 60 = 300 ) To compensate for the larger teams; roughly 2/3 of the team in the 9v9 format should also be valued at approximately 60 points each to obtain a more functional starting point value for battles - or... Since the math is extremely simplified... 2/3 of 9 is 6... and the adjusted starting points should be very close to this! ( 6 X 60 ) or 360 starting points. A 360 point starting total for each team is about as simple a place for WG to start with without much difficulty and WG won't even acknowledge that it's even worth a try to alleviate the current situation. At least 360 would be a huge step in the right direction; maybe 380, or 400, or 420 might work better than 360 because 300 is undeniably too low a starting number! The new "Independent zone" EPICENTER starts at 450pts per team. Why? Why was the need felt to raise the 300 point start to 450 there, but no thought given to raise any other starting values to 450? 300 is too low a starting point value for the new 9v9 Co Op format. That fact is irrefutable! >>>>> The following is not so much of a continuation of the problems with the 9v9 format as it is a VERY PROMINENT SUGGESTION as to how to make Co Op battles truly a cooperative: Change the format from a max queue of 30 seconds where unfilled slots will be filled with bots, to the following: 1.SIX human players needed in queue regardless of ship type to initiate a server side battle loading sequence. 2. No max queue time 3. The format will be 6v10 where it will always be 6 real players verses 10 bots consisting of 1 each of every players ship selected for battle regardless of types and numbers, PLUS 1 random CV (even if it means the bot team has 2 CV), 1 random BB, 1 random Cruiser, and 1 random DD 4. Random Map 5. Random Battle Mode Since this format will always place the all human team against 66% greater enemy numbers; it will force the ally team to truly cooperate to overcome the enemy forces. This will also force players to think twice about simply rushing in and being focus fired by the greater enemy numbers and possibly triggering a cascade of ship losses leading to a Co Op loss if they do rush in. This will also remove the problem of ally bots simply doing the unwanted suicide ram kill because there will be no bots on the ally team with this format. This will also significantly reduce human players from suicide ram killing because that is the worst thing you can do when your team has the lesser ship count. This will also increase the hit point pool for farming damage from which is the only reason I can think of as to why WG raised the Co Op team rosters to 9v9 to begin with, because considering the total lack of follow through in ensuring that everything balanced out properly after switching to the 9v9 format; a greater hp pool for farming damage from is the only thing that makes any possible sense as being the reason for the change. This will also raise the difficulty level of Co Op without any adjustment to the bot AI and totally get rid of the current 9v9 fiasco's problem of ending so fast and being so boring. PLEA TO WARGAMING! Please do something FOR your player base for once to actually make the game much more interesting. Thank you! PLEA TO YOU! This suggestion needs your support to garner the attention from the developers. Thank you!
  2. Could? Would? 9v9 ever be something to consider? I just finished a 9v9 match and other than me going "wth" at the beginning of the match due to the awkward MM'ing plus the personal unplayed 9v9 gameplay, ill have to say that 9v9 was actually pretty fun! Chatting with both the team and the enemy teams, it did feel alot like ranked. It did, but it didn't have that kind of feel. During the battle i noticed it was much more comfortable feel than playing a 12v12 and a much more balanced battle/cap kinda game, it wasn't so one sided. 3 extra players on your team can possibly mean 3 extra potatoes on the team, am i right? It did have a blitz style type gameplay, but something about it was much fun. My team ended up winning the game on cap points, but i wanted to take time to post my feelings on this and post a final pic of how it turned out. Maybe it's something that we can try in just the lower to mid tiers, or maybe not at all. Just putting it out there! Either way! Happy Sailing! Cheers!