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Found 2 results

  1. PaulVonLettowVorbeck

    5D is recruiting

    5D is currently recruiting! A great group of players who like having a good time while playing. Hurricane last season in clan battles. Guaranteed clan battle play time. (maxed out port benefits for earning steel/coal/credits.) Discord is very active so it's easy to div up with players. King of the Seas participants in the last 2 KOTS. Must have tier 10 Ships, preferably cruisers to play in clan battles. We are looking for players who - Are currently proficient with the game. Plan to be active in the game and clan battles. OR are somewhat newer but willing to learn and grow, take constructive criticism and wants to improve. (we have a training program and players willing to help.) Stats requirements are not strict, each player will be reviewed on an individual basis. Message me if interested. in game PaulVonLettowVorbeck OR on discord username - Shay#1939 (must use capital S) 5D discord link - https://discord.gg/BfVBBXv
  2. 5D2 is is a high skilled and competitive team. If you are wanting to laugh your way into Typhoon then we are the team for you. We do have some minimum Stat requirements, but in reality we will look at what your most recent play skill sets look like and figure it out from there. We have a culture of inclusiveness with exception to drama and toxicity. We encourage inter fleet competition, helpful and happy attitudes, and building our community above all else. Join the new 5D2 and be a part of a winning experience. Contact me in game HERO425 - or apply directly to the clan in game. I will reach out to you