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Found 2 results

  1. Given the audience for WoWs generally being in dog years, well, dead, or otherwise lacking in knowledge of subjects of a more fantastic, or non-historical nature, this primer has been compiled to acquaint novices to the four major entities that comprise the pantheon of the forces of chaos in the Warhammer, and Warhammer 40K settings. So without further ado: 1) Khorne: The Blood God, Lord of Skulls, etc., etc., This being is the embodiment of primordial rage and bloodlust. Basically, he saw another boy naked in the showers after gym class, got kind of turned on, and is now on a desperate rampage to reassure himself and the universe that he is a virile, strapping stud and not an interior decorator. 2) Tzeentch; The Lord of Change. The constantly shape and gender shifting God of Attention Deficit Disorder. Should you be attacked by the followers of Tzeentch, point in a random direction, shout, "Look, a dead bird!," and watch them hare off in pursuit. 3) Slaanesh: The Dark God of Forbidden Sensual Pleasure. Umm, yeah, apparently mono-breasted, chitinous, lobster women are the height of eroticism. I'll just stop there, you should too. 4) Nurgle: Grandfather Nurgle, The Lord of Decay. A festering behemoth that believes pus is the be all, end all of existence, and tends to vomit on people. Remember to stock up on plastic sheeting and air freshener. That pretty much covers what you need to know about chaos. Some may attempt to refute this, but you may safely disregard their attempts as the diseased ramblings of heretical vermin.
  2. So am I understand that no ship was entertain to be included in all of the Warhammer 40K containers? Then what was Mr. Conway hinting at in the WGCC Twitch streams? Was there a skin to change the Amagi into a 40k ship? What is the deal? Later found on the WoWS portal: I guess RNG Jesus is having a laugh at me again. My 16,123 battles fought in WoWS means nothing to WG. Caveat Emptor. Spend your money wisely.