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Found 2 results

  1. Found this channel and video a few days back, seems to have some neat content. USN dominates from spot 6 till 1, courtesy of the CVs.
  2. So I am wanting to get into 3D modeling WW2 vessels. Not just specifically battleships though. However finding good sources online is seeming to be difficult, as they provide minimal reference images. With the most I can find being one view from the side (seems to commonly be looking at the right side of the ship) and a top down view. Which is making modeling the flow of the ships hull rather difficult. With the hull (more so the bulbous bow and the stern of where the propellers are) being the most organic shaped part of the ship it's pretty hard to get the flow right if you can't even see the front of the ship or the rear. So if anyone has any good sites or scanned images from books I'd really appreciate them. Any and all will do. I am thinking of modeling the Graf Spree first as her hull (as far as I can tell) is one of the least complex in term of flow of it's surface and the shape of it (her bow both under water and above is practically a straight line vertically). I'd like to work up to Yamato as it seems she's got one of the more (if not most) complex hull shapes among the late war naval vessels. Thanks for any help and provided materials, references, etc anyone can give.