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Found 3 results

  1. Found this channel and video a few days back, seems to have some neat content. USN dominates from spot 6 till 1, courtesy of the CVs.
  2. So I am wanting to get into 3D modeling WW2 vessels. Not just specifically battleships though. However finding good sources online is seeming to be difficult, as they provide minimal reference images. With the most I can find being one view from the side (seems to commonly be looking at the right side of the ship) and a top down view. Which is making modeling the flow of the ships hull rather difficult. With the hull (more so the bulbous bow and the stern of where the propellers are) being the most organic shaped part of the ship it's pretty hard to get the flow right if you can't even see the front of the ship or the rear. So if anyone has any good sites or scanned images from books I'd really appreciate them. Any and all will do. I am thinking of modeling the Graf Spree first as her hull (as far as I can tell) is one of the least complex in term of flow of it's surface and the shape of it (her bow both under water and above is practically a straight line vertically). I'd like to work up to Yamato as it seems she's got one of the more (if not most) complex hull shapes among the late war naval vessels. Thanks for any help and provided materials, references, etc anyone can give.
  3. Hello fellow captains. This post is seeking the advice and guidance of other 3D Modellers and sculptors. Maybe even from the WG Dev team (if ur not too busy :)) Even though I am mainly speaking to those people. I will add some extra information for those who may be reading this and have no idea what we are talking about. So, I am into 3D Modelling (On a hobby level) I mostly use Cinema 4D (C4D). C4D is similar to other programs for 3D Modeling such as Maya, 3D Studio Max (3DS), Blender (New Free Open Source). I'm getting pretty good these days. I've learned all about modelling from Primitives, and have even undertaken a few larger projects like making a perfect Scale Representation of a Radio Controlled car that I used to Race. An Intech BR-5 Evo Pro. Here is a couple of Pictures. The Real Car and the 3D Replica. Here is some video of the finished car. Actually, i think in this video its "Almost" finished: I also Modelled (To Scale) Our Clubs Race Track. I did want to try and make it so I could actually play with models like a game. but at that stage, I did not understand the whole other set of skills you would need to do modelling for gaming. The above models are totally unsuitable for gaming. you may even be wondering why my pictures look so much better and more realistic than anything you would find in a game?!?!? Well, one reason for that is the detail. In particular the number of polygons. I used well over a million polygons in the buggy model. Same thing with the track. A computer games' Frames must be rendered in just a couple of milliseconds. The models above can take up to 24 hours to render a single frame. in fact, if I wanted to, I could Ramp up the settings and have that thing take over a week to render a single frame. The Animated video of the buggy rotating in place took over 10 days of non-stop around the clock rendering by two separate computers. This is why Ray Tracing is about to become the next big thing in gaming. It will add a whole another layer of realism. So, In game modelling, the models must have a low number of polygons in order to render quickly. How game developers get everything to look so good is not done with using lots of polygons, but rather how they texture the model, how that paint the model with shading and similar. On top of that, a whole host of lighting techniques and tricks. This takes an amazing amount of skill and talent that will take years to develop. I did try to game with these models. I can actually export my models into Unity 3D (A playground or sandbox if you like for developing and deploying games in a structured, community supported way) I'm still learning Unity. Anyway, I am getting off topic a little. In the very last Still picture you can see there is a cover or body on the car. Well, that was the one and only part I could not Model. In fact, I was left with advice from other modellers that I would have to use a different technique to recreate that piece. That technique is called Sculpting. In C4D Sculpting is completely different from Modelling and requires a whole new set of skills. Well, I'm still learning those skills and I'm not completely convinced that it can not be done with regular modelling. This is also where I am getting stuck with Ship Modeling. The body of the car has smooth, flowing, curvy lines. Not Perfectly square or cylindrical lines. Things like that are easy to model. but, things with organic lines, that curve and change direction are far more difficult to model. While I can find videos and tutorials on modelling a simple boat, these do not give me the skills and techniques I need to model the Hull of a warship like Yamato or Montanna etc. I was able to find plan drawings of many different WWII Ships, but I was still unable to figure out how this might be done. So, I am really hoping to hear back from ANYONE who has successfully modelled the Hull of a WWII Warship from drawings. Preferably someone familiar with C4D, but doesn't have to be. The language is all more or less translatable. I already understand how to make things from photos and drawings. The problem I face with a Battleship Hull is where to start, where to go after that, do I do it in 20 pieces. or just one. Do I only model one side, the make a mirrored version and then join them. In fact, knowing this industry/hobby there are probably several ways to go about it. Anyway, please help and thanks in advance if you do decide to help :D THANK YOU!!!! I am so desperate to learn this part of modelling that I will even pay you $20 via pay pal or bitcoin to spend a half hour to an hour guiding me through this. I am on disability ATM so it's about all I can afford. Thank you so much and Good Luck and Fair Seas!