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Found 1 result

  1. I have been working on 3D ship models for books that I have published and volume extensions not yet published. I have compared my models to game models by Mixamo. My question is would War Gaming / World of Warships development team consider accepting ship models from an outside source to possibly put them into the game in the future? I am currently modeling USS Oklahoma in her last 1941 configuration, and USS Nevada in her 1943 rebuild condition. I would be glad to also give them my D class cruiser Germany model, M class light cruiser, P class armored cruiser, O class Battlecruiser, and Spahkruezer 1939, and 1940 variants. Brand X has a content submission program although its a really Fn steep learning process and there have only been about 5 people who have successfully submitted plane models over there. I am getting close with 2 Japanese Submarine float planes. I would be willing to give these ship models to them in the interest of adding content to the game. I used the game model hull of Arizona and her 2 end main guns to simulate the Nevada' lower triple 14" gun turrets. I imported the inner dual gun turrets and tubes from the Texas model just to rough glance at the idea of Nevada's lay out. The hull of Arizona is about 48 feet to long so I shortened it in the middle of the ship as to avoid tapering issues. I then discovered that the Hull from the Texas model is more similar in size to the Nevada and Oklahoma being 10 feet shorter and the same width. So the Texas hull would be easier to modify into the Nevada hull. in the pictures below is the shortened Arizona hull. The super structure on all of the ships were different so I will have to model them from scratch, but the tripod masts, and many of the component on the models can be used, I may have to just place them in different locations as the ships were not the same dimensions. The Oklahoma and Nevada only used 2 screws for propulsion and were the last U.S. Battleships to do so. they were the first to be built with geared steam turbines also. USS Nevada was the oldest ship in service at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked on Dec 7 1941, although she wasn't the oldest commissioned Battleship in the U.S. Navy at that time. The New York and Texas were last and second last with Nevada and Oklahoma being 3rd and 4th oldest. USS Arizona modified hull model to simulate USS Nevada/Oklahoma Closer shot of the bow and fore deck area for main gun image effect A side ship with reference background picture so I can judge gun area placement A angled top view for a sense of Nevada's dimensions A photograph of Nevada in 1943 in the Pacific after modernization. A line sketch of Oklahoma as she was when she was sunk in Pearl Harbor