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Found 1 result

  1. What should I buy? Woe is me, lol. I'm sure some people would think "why is it a bad thing to receive your 2 year anniversary 30% coupon?" Well, here is the deal: I consider myself a BB main, so when I received the notification for my coupon just now, I figured maybe I should get myself a BB. I mean, it sounds noice... kinda? I like the ship type, lel. Anyhow, I looked at the choices (the ones with the coupon symbol next to their prices) from the Premium Shop, weeded out the ones that I already have, and... ended up with this narrowed list: Viribus Unitis Georgia Poltava I bet most people will point at the #2 and go "Georgia!" Which is fine, except I actually have enough coals to outright get her from the Armory right now, plus a plenty left over. It's just that I'm currently sitting on all my coals (along with the Armory coupon), in case there's any upcoming new German ship for coals. One possible candidate is Siegfried, and I've heard that she could most likely be a FXP ship... but I ain't believing it until I see it with my own eyes... lul. I mean, what if she ends up as a coal ship? I'd be sad... lal. Nonetheless, either way, it kind of makes no sense for me to use the coupon to buy Georgia with real money right now, when I can always grab her in a near future with just coals. Viribus Unitis is the cheapest option, and despite all her shortcomings, I heard that she can still do quite okay... because she has lots of guns, and that's still gud for going PEW PEW PEW... I suppose... lol. However... I'm just not in the mood for the slow low-to-mid tier BB's these days. Ugh. I used to be fine with them, but for some reason they just started to get my nerve recently. Maybe I'll become fine with them again at some point, but for now I just don't feel like it... no matter how cheap she is. Poltava is an interesting choice. She's the shiniest and newest from the list, and for a PvE-only main like me, she makes an interesting choice because she's Tier VII bote that can access the Operation Narai. Noice. Only problem is that various sources say she's just not good. Yikes. On top of that, the coupon is on a ticking timer, which says 2 days and 23 hours and something something minutes and seconds, at the time of this writing. Talk about a pressure... lel. Maybe I should just get some doubloons or something... I donno. LUL. I'm actually interested in what others would do, if they were in my shoes. Just curious... that's all.