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Found 1 result

  1. I have played over 2000 Battles. I am an Average Player that at 65 years of age I Enjoy this Game. However lately, I have been in Way to many "ONE SIDED" Battle's. Both winning & loses. They are Not the experience in a Battle I would like to be part of. I know with the scamdemic that a lot of different type of players are on. When ones team has 900 points and the other team has 8 points. Especially in tier 10 Battles. I think, Wow!!! Not good. Not Good at All. One team has no loses & the other team has no kills. Again Wow !!! This is a Game though & I understand that part of it. Is it just Bad players on one team & Good players on the other. I have looked at players stats that are on & again think Wow !!! How is this Happening? Wondering who else has experienced the same? Oh, I do know for sure that there will be "NON" constructive reply's to this post. Always is. So here just for those kind of "Children". A lollipop for All of you. A "it is OK child" Also just for you. :)