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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings: Here is a question I have not seen mentioned in the forums: Is it a player's skill that makes a good game or can a mediocre player with a 19 point captain deliver similar good results ? Can a zero point captain controlled by a skilled Unicom player run a successful ship ? I heard of cases where someone secured a new ship on it maiden match and forgot to spec out the Captain skills. Did it make a difference ? Where is the Human Factor ? Does coffee or ice tea make a difference (like in spelling) ? NJRoc
  2. Didn't score 100K damage but with a 3 point captain, 2nd of 3 total games in the ship, managed to get all 3 achievements just as I died. Islands of Ice not my fav map but was on C cap when it was taken and moved toward B cap. I noticed reds coming thru the gap between A and B (couple BBs and a CA - Missouri, N Caro, Baltimore) so I decide to do what I can to help take them out and had 2 kills. Got the kill for the Baltimore and the Bismark - great teamwork as they were focused. Helped take down the Missouri when another N Caro pops up at 7 KM and help take it down. Then pops and Edinburgh and a Bis. Avoided the first salvo of torps from the Edinburgh. Took one torp from the second salvo, meanwhile the rest of the team is beating down the Bis when my secondaries start on the Bis, Edinburgh tries to smoke and turn - take him out with a cit, eat his torps, secondaries take out the Bis to get Close Quarter Expert, Double Strike, and Kraken... Damn exciting and completely unexpected... No idea I even had a chance to take out the Bis. Heard the secondaries but didn't see that the Bis was so low. I had to chuckle when I saw the 3 immediate achievements (esp the Kraken as those are pretty rare for me).