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Found 1 result

  1. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    Yeeeaah!! My first 21 pointer!!!

    Finally I can start to earn a bit of Elite Captain XP again! Also good that it is on Cunningham which I think beside Kuznetsov is one of the more OP commanders and who I use on both Daring, Cossack, Thunderer, Nelson, Duke of York and Belfast, Exeter and London. So running these ships with commander camo and flags should give me some return. What I did was just to Dismiss a lot of wasted 10-14 point commanders that was collecting dust in port from all nations using the ingame credit option and Boom 1.2 Million Elite XP. Wont miss those dismissed captains since my 19-20 points Legendary captains with their extra bonuses and triggers, has taken their places on 4-5 or 6 ships in their respective nation. I could probably boost my Kuznetzov to 21 as well, who need lazy captains and credits.....