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Found 7 results

  1. I don't think I have seen one for WoWS. This has got me thinking what has happened within the past year for WoWS. I made a list IMO of the past 2019 WoWS highlights. Hits Benham – how many torps you say? Not enough Exeter – Classic British CA for its tier Black Sharnhorst – classic black and Sharny sweet! Smolensk – Nero plays while Roma burns Twilight battle mode – Truce CW?? I'd enjoyed the trick and treats Space Battle Torpedo beat mode – wicked, fast, and the furious Designer's Table port – Answer that phone will you? French Destroyers – slash, cut, and run! ModStation – Helpful mods in helping me managing WoWS Unique Commanders - Nikolay Kuznetsov, Philippe Auboyneau, and Luigi Sansonetti And yet to come (Update 0.8.11) Puerto Rico shipbuilding event (update 0.8.11) – Makes me appreciate the WoWS shipbuilding process even more. I can't wait for the Puerto Rico Captain's logbook – It is good to see what I have and what I am missing within WoWS universe. Misses CV Rework – It could have gone better. WIP Genova – And you thought the Krasny Krym was bad? Rogue Wave event – Mad Max on the high seas? No thank you. WoWS is not Fortnight Research Bureau – To me some items were not reported correctly when this feature was released. I am not sure if the rewards are worth the re-grind WoWS spawn logic – Is this planned or listening to the YouTube Algorithms? Crash Zone Alpha – Unbalanced map in spawn and game play I suppose this is like most year end reviews. I think it important to highlight from my perspective to the WoWS developers and WoWS Modders what I have seen for the past year. So what is your hits and misses from 2019 WoWS?
  2. Just curious to see what ships have really stuck with players over time, and new favorites as well. For me > Yoshino Helena SMOL Bayern Shima Honorable mentions aki,kiti,gumo I expected the Grozovoi to be the end- all be-all ship for me but I think it literally outperforms my current abilities... plus consumables all out of order :,)
  3. Imagine an invisible Yammy MIn 24 of the EU stream.. New camos New mode the more you stay and fight the more you earn... If you fail to leave you loss %80 of your gathered stuff Return of Halloween event of 2017, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5takkC5EA_A
  4. I just started grinding the German BB line the other night as something different (I play mostly IJN CA's) and have been reading up on what people take as commander skills, but a lot of it seems outdated. Any recommendations for the current meta?
  5. Dear Wargaming, I would like to ask for more transparency on your future plans for the CV rework and future premium changes like Guilio Cesare. This information can be vague, but please define the goals at the very least. What is the goal for the CV rework? What is the goal and criteria for balancing ships like Guilio Cesare? What happened to Arcs or Qurterly updates? It would be nice to see a Waterline episode on Guilo Cesare and future CV rework plans is all I am asking for. So please make it happen and you all agree with me simply say aye. regards, Landedkiller
  6. Ayo, first forum post here. I was just wondering what you guys consider the best and worst ships, tier for tier, in the game. Base it off your own experience either playing as or playing against said ships. They can be premium. Go ham and share your salt with us. I have only gotten to Tier VI (Just recently came back after stopping when the first Soviet Destroyers were put in the game), so my selection of ships is limited. If I were to choose a worst ship, it would be the Tier VI BB New Mexico. Holy crap, I cannot stand the thing. The spread of the guns can be likened to a short-barreled punt gun and those shells do one of three things if the hit: Over-penetrate, penetrate but do no damage, or ricochet. Not to mention that I am sure that a propulsion powered by rowers would probably give it more maneuverability. I don't really see other New Mexico captains doing all too well in it. They usually tell me that they hate the thing ahaha. As for the best ship, that's hard. From what I have played so far, I'd probably say the Atlanta Tier VII cruiser. I don't own the thing myself, but the thing rains HE spam all over everything it sees. I always see these guys doing great in the ship. I will plead ignorance, I am not to knowledgeable on Tier VII or above so maybe you guys with better experience will tell me I'm a bleedin' idiot. Anyways, have a good day and I look forward to looking at the responses.
  7. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Happy New Year!!!!

    Midnight here in Germany Happy New Year Best Wishes for 2019 and good luck for you all! And now a German New Year tv classic All you need to know is: Miss Sophie has outlifed all her friends she celebrates her 90th birthday with. They are only part of her imagination. Warning: this is for people who like old school comedy, this is from 1963