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Found 16 results

  1. [Survey Results] 2017 "Year of the CV"

    Good morning! In February I ran a survey in two parts regarding last year’s “Year of the CV” to get as much player feedback as possible regarding the changes, as well as CV gameplay and balance feedback. Thank you to everyone who participated in the surveys and provided feedback in the comment box or on Reddit. Special thank-yous to /u/NoZoupForYou for tweeting the link, /u/danorou for his excellent and repeated assistance with survey creation and data analysis, and leyland1989 for data analysis. Below are the summarized results from the survey. The full results are at the bottom of this post. Summary Results Respondents Data The survey was split into two parts, which ran consecutively for about 1 week each. There were 280 respondents for part I, and 271 respondents for part II. The majority of respondents submitted the survey within the first day. Also, I decided not to have respondents register emails. I am hoping people didn’t submit more than once. General Questions and 2017 New Features Of people who play CVs, 57% of respondents find CVs fun to play, while 35% find CVs economically rewarding to play. The largest group were respondents who found CVs fun to play but not rewarding (40%). 75% of respondents do not enjoy playing Tiers 4-5 CVs after the removal of the manual attack function. Furthermore, 57% of respondents feel that balance has worsened as a result of this change. 49% of respondents believe balance hasn’t changed as a result of the commander skills rework. Players are picking the same 5 skills now. There were more reported varieties in skills prior to the rework. The new skills (Emergency Takeoff, Evasive Maneuvers) were poorly received, and were voted the least useful CV skills. 63% of respondents believe that the new flight control loadouts are the primary contributing factor to balancing the USN CV line. The USN CV rework is viewed as a general success, with respondents finding the class has been buffed as a whole to better stand against the IJN CVs. Specific CVs Respondents were asked to vote specific CVs on a scale of overpowered, strong, balanced, weak, and underpowered. 50% of respondents believe Kaga is strong (21% voted “overpowered” and 18% voted “balanced”). 63% of respondents voted that Saipan is overpowered (26% voted “strong”). This opinion was shared amongst all experience levels. Further, about 43% believe that Saipan should lose her special “Get Out of Strafe Free Card”. An alternative is to lose the ability when the fighter squadron has 4 planes. Some experienced CV players voted to reduce the fighter ammo capacity instead. 34% believe Enterprise is balanced (31% voted “strong”). 33% believe Midway is strong, and 31% believe she is overpowered. CV Balance 55% of respondents believe that CVs are strong when top-tier, and 45% believe CVs are weak when bottom-tier. 57% of respondents believe 2v2 CV games are less enjoyable, and 60% believe 2v2 CV games are less balanced. 58% of respondents think that 3-player divs with a CV are extremely strong. Respondents were asked if balance would be affected if CV matchmaking were changed so CVs would always be middle-tier (where applicable). 61% believe this change would improve balance. There was 57% agreement with the proposal to change aircraft spotting mechanics (see here). 72% of respondents believed that skill-based matchmaking would improve balance. However, only 52% would be satisfied with the (likely) increase in queue time. 55% of respondents believe fighter DPS probability to destroy a plane is too unpredictable. 58% of respondents agree that a cooldown timer of some form should be added to strafes. Economy, UI, and Miscellaneous When asked what single factor should increase CV XP and credit income, 59% of respondents believe that spotting should be the single factor. 86% of respondents voted in favour of a mandatory, in-game CV tutorial. The top 3 improvements for the CV UI are: get rid of bugs (plane looping and behaviour), reduce the lagging UI and response time, and to show enemy and friendly AA ranges. Other top picks were audio and visual improvements and better alerts. Written feedback A lot of respondents noted the skill imbalance between CV players is a significant problem for CV balance. Many respondents noted the wide range of AA strength. This is frustrating for surface ships as well, especially ships with weak AA. AA fluctuates wildly depending on MM’s placement of the CVs in the battle lineup. Further, some respondents noted that Defensive AA is too potent, and either its AA DPS multiplier or its panic effect should be reduced in strength. There were many comments on the plane spotting problem. There were a lot of calls to change it to be more passive (debuff enemy ship concealment), some want it changed so plane spotted ships are only visible on minimap, while some people proposed a complete overhaul. This is definitely a point which CV and non-CV players would like to have changed. /u/Stratmania made a couple good points regarding the changes made last year. AP DBs are of dubious use at higher tiers. There are quite a few bugs to work out regarding their effectiveness against T10 CAs vs. BBs, and their performance under panic effect. There were a few proposals for flight control loadout changes, such as switching to a point-based system with limits. A couple respondents want the IJN line to lose their AS loadout option. 3/1/1 Ryujo has very strong air control. I received this comment regarding CV and surface ship balance, which I will simply quote: Demographic Comparisons A majority of players find CVs are economically unrewarding, regardless of their experience (number of battles in a CV). CV players of medium experience found the addition of strafe-out is worse for balance, while experienced CV players are equally divided. Strafe and strafe-out are plagued with UI problems as well as player skill differences, and experienced CV players can better utilize this tool to gain an advantage. While Saipan is regarded as overpowered by CV players of all experience types, experienced players can better counter Saipan. As a result, some experienced CV players believe the number of times Saipan fighters can strafe-out should be reduced (by reducing ammo capacity), rather than remove the special ability. As CV players’ experience increases, so does their opinion on spotting. More experienced CV players want to be rewarded for this team benefit. When asked if skill-based MM would improve CV balance, all groups had a majority agreement that it would improve balance. Interestingly, more respondents from the experienced CV group voted that it would worsen balance than any other demographic group. Full Results The full results in chart form can be found below. The charts are interactive! Hover the cursor over the graph elements to display the number of votes and percentages. Survey Part I Answers | Survey Part II Answers Second, I created comparison charts of select questions from both Parts, based on the respondents’ range of battles played in a CV. The links are here: Part I Comparison Charts | Part II Comparison Charts Third, for those who are interested in the demographics of both surveys, they are linked here: Part I Demographics | Part II Demographics Finally, if you are interested in looking at the Google Sheets spreadsheets for either survey part, send me a PM. Closing Remarks I didn’t list my own conclusive thoughts on the results of the survey in this post. I’d rather this post remain unbiased, so the reader can draw their own conclusions. My conclusions will be in a comment below. It is my sincere hope that WG takes the data and results from this survey and uses it as part of their 2018 CV rework. There were a lot of great player ideas that were submitted to this survey, as well as good comment chains in the Reddit posts earlier (click here for part I and here for part II), as well as other suggestions made over the last couple months, such as Farazelleth's thoughts on CV balancing, beachedwhale1945's High level bomber proposal, and a discussion on UI suggestions. That being said, I encourage WG to take their time and test any CV changes extensively. I don’t think I am the only one when I say, I’d like to see this “2018 Year of the CV” done right. An identical copy of this post is also on Reddit. And that’s all. Please feel free to comment below. I’ll be around if anyone has questions.
  2. I'm interested in hearing bad RNG stories for Santa crates. I'll start. Purchased 20 Santa's Big Gifts today... 0 Premium Ships ... nice I had some luck last week when I opened a few; got the Leningrad, Okhotnik and Anshan. But 0 ships from 20 crates seems pretty horrid. I'm a pretty new player so what I really like is that the premium ships obtained from these crates give a level 10 captain, which is really nice in my opinion.
  3. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  4. Guys, fell on a sword here and bought $40 in santa boxes. The TL:DW, they aren't like last years. Expect lot's of camo. Lots of frosty fir tree. The mega boxes seem to yield the best value. Overall, out of $40 spent, I wound up with $100 worth of doubloons, camo and signals. Only one premium ship. Buyer beware.
  5. WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  6. Hi, Just like to thank WG to bringing back the Halloween Scenarios in upcoming patch. In 2016 we could be able to repeat some tasks and get some rewards (including Halloween 2016 camouflage) Is it possible to repeat the tasks and get those rewards again in upcoming Halloween event?! As I could understand we can't repeat those rewards this time :( WG please make some tasks repeatable otherwise there is not much fun this time!
  7. Hola Colegas les comparto unas fotos del eventos de Halloween para este 2017 les adelanto que es muy parecido al evento del del 2016 (Tier V) aparecen los mismos barcos pero también hay otra misión con Tier VIII. esta ves incluye portaaviones. usted puede poblar estos barcos en la PT. Así mismo los invito a compartir la imformacion o imágenes que tengan. A mi me parece que están muy geniales los skin esperemos que el Profe de skins Talleyrand pueda extraernos las skins para usarla en nuestros barcos estándar cuando el evento allá terminado. En este evento tenemos CV Shokaku Rasputin Carguero El transilvania ahora recarga la vida de los Barcos aliados Kagero Lexiton Tirpiz Creo que este es el Koing Albert Minekaze Chapayep Buena suerte y diviértanse Saludos
  8. Halloween 2017!?

    Hi, Just was wondering about the upcoming Halloween Missions 2017! I still remember the last year Halloween mission "Saving Transylvania" & rewards. I am wondering about 2017 Halloween Mode, rewards & achievements! My birthday is 31st of october lol its Halloween!
  9. Warplanes: Premium shop bundle and ability to earn a flag (more than Warships) Tanks: Sell rare tanks for 24 hours "Tog II and Mutant" (more than Warships) Warships: Have a non-playable submarine in port, free port slot also with a front page article that couldn't have taken more than an hour to type up. Alabama was released on the 31st but it's been ready for a quite a while, they just wanted Okhotnik to sell more. I can safely say I am quite pissed off, why? Because it's been tradition these past years to have a big and fun event but to me they don't care anymore. You think they spent time on that Sub specifically for this event? I got news for you, it's been in the files(at least when I first noticed it) since October 2016 as: D:\Games\WOWS_PublicTest\new_unpack\content\ports\ship\service\OSC014 Yes, they literally did that little effort. I'm already quite burnt out from supremacy, I was looking forward to an event to help me you know play for fun for once. I think it's safe to say WG is done with April fools and Halloween events, to me they just don't care to put in effort anymore. They thought that this "troll" would get laughs but instead it's pissed off quite a lot of people. You could argue they have a lot on their plate, what with the new French line and CV rework coming sometime this year (Dec 31st anyone?) but then again they made a fantastic Halloween event I believe was the time that RN CLs were introduced (and we all know how that went for them). I had high hopes, but those were shot dead. Damn this is getting salty.. I digress, WG you royally screwed your player base for a really crap joke. And if that "fishfeed" on April 2nd turns out to be "code" for an apparent April fools patch then COOL, I'll play it gladly! But I doubt it. P.s. I actually planned on a funny April Fools mod, the submarine would've been scaled bigger and replace the Khabs model and I would've made a post like "I can pilot it no problem". But I don't feel like it now, wonder why? P.p.s. Warthunder has done much better than WG this year in terms of event, I hear it's quite fun.
  10. Halloween Phantasm The original spooky port! One of the oldest ports that was for an event & removed is now back and ready for use, in this port mod revival by Hakabase & DarthDoge. Features: Enjoy the original spooky port, Halloween Phantasm! Broken? Never again! This port is completely standalone! Nothing will happen to it.. ever, it's here to stay. Compatible with all other custom ports! Halloween Phantasm Screenshots: Installation: Simply drag and drop to (default) C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods Removal: Either delete res_mods\<VERSION> or have a downloaded copy and hunt for the files to delete. Size: Download size is approx. 50 mb. Extracted size is appox. 100 mb. Download: Halloween Phantasm [] > Current Version: V1.1 | Game Version: < > Changelog < V2.0 [HOTFIX] 1/28/2017 > Fixed crash error upon selecting port > Fixed missing textures ----- V1.0 [Official Release 1/7/2017 > Initial Release
  11. Yokosuka Yokosuka Fortress has returned to protect the Fleet of Blue Steel! The Yokosuka port has come back to World of Warships in this port mod revival by DarthDoge, IKU19 & Hakabase. Credit also given to Blackpredators [RU] for his help on changing the location of the Container ship. Features: Enjoy the return of Yokosuka! Broken? Never again! Yokosuka has been fixed and is completely standalone! Nothing will happen to Yokosuka to make it disappear, it is here to stay. Container ship does not get in the way, it has been moved into a docking position. Compatible with all other custom ports! Yokosuka Screenshots: Installation: Simply drag and drop to (default) C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods Removal: Either delete res_mods\<VERSION> or have a downloaded copy and hunt for the files to delete. Size: Download size is approx. 84 mb. Extracted size is appox. 220 mb. Download: Yokosuka [] > Current Version: V1.0 | Game Version: < > Changelog < V1.0 [Official Release] 1/4/2017 > Initial Release
  12. How nice...

    What a nice time for this to coincidentally happen....
  13. Original source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__4620__pid__1505951#entry1505951 Interesting to see what they come up with for the ships. I know that they have repeatedly said that a 1945 version of Pensacola will not happen, but I expect that to be the buff for Pensacola. Not sure what it will be for New Orleans, and Baltimore should get the RoF buff I have been asking for and maybe an armor buff somewhere (maybe deck or upper plate armor). But what is huge is that they are not losing their superior AP shells.
  14. So I was messing around with my captain skills just to see how I might rework a few of my captains once the skills get reworked, and I started looking at my Bismarck captain, who is set up for manual secondaries. Current Build 1. BFT & BoS 2 points 2. EM 2 points 3. Super 3 points 4. AFT 4 points 5. MSFC 5 points Total 16 points With Revised Skill Tree: 1. PM 1 point (note I only picked this to get to row 2) 2. BoS & EM 4 points 3. BFT & Super 6 points 4. MSFC & AFT 8 points Total 19 points So, in order to duplicate my current build, which only needs 16 points, I would now need 19 points, which is not realistic. So this will necessitate dropping either [edited]or EM... which sucks! I don't have much else to say about it, other than I'm not happy, so I'll just put this out there and see what others have to say.
  15. German Destroyers Stats and History

    Hey, all. This one has been a long time coming. Glad to finally get it out there. Up next, Italian and French cruisers, as well as the new Soviet destroyers eventually. So stay tuned for that. Cheers.
  16. Lo Nuevo para 2017

    PREVIEW WORLD OF WARSHIPS 2017 El 2017, esta muy cerca a solo 2 semanas, y Wargaming nos ofrece lo que se incluirá este año, aquí les presento lo que se incluirá este 2017, empecemos: DESTRUCTORES ALEMANES SE ACERCAN: Ya la rama alemana a crecido este año 2016 con la introducción de sus acorazados, ahora les toca el turno a los destructores alemanes, pequeños pero hábiles, con sus torpedos, cañones de 150 mm y su habilidad única en estos, el hidroacustico. Esta habilidad sera única para los destructores alemanes desde Tier V al X. NUEVA RAMA DE DESTRUCTORES SOVIÉTICOS: La Unión Soviética, tendrá una nueva rama de 3 destructores que fueron usados durante el inicio de la guerra fría y son; Smelyi, Neustrashimyi y Project 66 LOS CLANES Y LAS GUERRAS ESTÁN LLEGANDO: Los clanes siguen siendo probados dentro del juego, y tendrán un sistema distinto a los otros juegos. Este 2017 los clanes podrán enfrentarse entre ellos y llegar a ganar grandes premios. COMMANDER 2.0: Nuevas habilidades de comandantes llegaran este año y con ello se resetearan sus puntos, prepárense para este gran cambio. COMANDANTES HISTÓRICOS: Luego que Steven Seagal, tuviera su propio diseño de comandante, Wargaming se propuso a crear comandantes históricos próximamente podremos tener al Commandante Hallsey y/o Isoruku Yamamoto, entre otros como nuestros comandantes Estos comandantes tendrán habilidades únicas EL ÉXITO DE HALLOWEEN - LA PvE EN CAMINO: Luego del evento de halloween, a muchos usuarios le gustaros escoltar un barco, y ganar camuflajes y créditos . Por ello el PvE mode Convoy, sera implementado a futuras ocasiones. Podra hacer misiones y ganar grandes premios. ALMACÉN: Aquí podrá usted ver los suministros y consumibles con mas facilidad, sin tener que ir a un barco a ver cuantos consumibles le queda. Esto es todo los adelantos que nos trae Wargaming para este 2017. Informa - UsagiGumi