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Found 1 result

  1. Yes its that time again where I put forward the case for IJN Kongo to be given a new lease of life. But first some background for the new members that may not be aware of the history of this ship we have in game, the ship we play which we call IJN Kongo is in fact this ship more or less. And not a more venerable ship there was to grace the waters of WOWS but this Grand Old Battlewagon has fallen on harsh times, I remember the glory days when Kongo ( Hiei ) was a "Formidable Force To Be Reckoned With " now with advent the newer line ships, the Premiums and of course the Stalinium line of BB's and lets not forget this veteran has to face higher tier ships with our fabulous MM system in play. So what can be done well there two alternatives fixing the ship. Fix NO 1. Rename the current Tech tree ship to her original name IJN Hiei then release a 1944 Premium IJN Kongo with its AA configuration there have been many a call for this not just by me but others too. This the ships Armament 1944 8 × 356 mm (14 in) naval gun (4×2) 8 × 152 mm (6 in) naval gun (8×1) 8 × 127 mm (5.0 in) guns (4×2) 122 × 25 mm Type 96 Antiaircraft autocannon As you can see this baby will pack a mean AA punch, I am CV player and I want this ship in game. Armour Decks: 2.3–1.5 in (58–38 mm) (later strengthened +101 mm on ammo storage, +76 mm on engine room) Turrets: 9 in (230 mm) Barbettes: 10 in (250 mm) Belt: 8–11 in (200–280 mm) And here she is in colour WG will make a fortune with this ship as a premium, its a win win all round. FIX NO 2. If WG does not want to go to the trouble of making a Tier 5 Kongo Premium simple reconfigure the current tech tree version to its 1944 model (B Hull ) as it should be in game. It shames to say that I to in recent times have virtually abandoned this great ship, for the most part she remains berthed in port rusting beside a derelict wharf only rarely venturing out into Coop to perform menial tasks, its time to right the wrongs. WG its time " To Make Kongo Great "