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Found 2 results

  1. WG rolls out the Fen Yang. It's more or less an Akizuki clone having similar ship-handling and AA. It is distinguished from the 'Zukis by carrying deep-water torps, only good against BB and CV, and hydro plus defensive AA. I'd say this is balanced. It has the same 100mm cannon as well. But not the same, really. Akizuki pens 30mm of armor (with 5% chance of fire.) Fen Yang pens 17mm (with 8% chance of fire.) Asashio has 19mm of fore, aft, and side plating. Charging or running from Fen Yang in Asashio is pretty safe, IMHO, unless the chaser can always hit the superstructure. Sure you can spec for IFHE (and probably should) to get 21mm of pen (with 4% chance of fire). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WG, could a mistake have been inadvertently made here? 1. The IJN 100's have a buffed pen to make them competitive. Was it a mistake to not give this to Fen Yang? OR 2. Fen Yang has guns that fit the penetration mechanic. Was it a mistake to buff all the other IJN 100's? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will happily remain a Fen Yang-less DD main until one or the other mistake is resolved.
  2. Terrible_Turtle

    Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    Curious what my fellow forum dwellers think. My uncensored opinion: