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Found 3 results

  1. BaronNaro


    Secondary duels are one of the best things in this game.. if you'd like to see a Tier 2 Japanese BB duel feel free to watch below :) WG can.. you like make this a gamemode? no? darn
  2. Last night I had my first experience with the 1 vs 1 format, to summarize it I'm very satisfied with the mode (you can mark a 9 in your poll). IMO this should become a new fixture straight away. It is refreshing to have new game modes to play, even more a solo game mode you can enjoy without the burden of random team mates. I think this game mode would fit perfectly being a fixture, as a pressure relief valve for the frustration of Random games (the cynic in me says it is precisely because of this, this won't ever be a fixture) and also on its own quality as it requires a very different approach than other game modes. The amount of possible variability is exiting and the margin for mistakes is very unforgiving, a bad decision becomes evident almost instantly. All accounted for, I really like this game mode. Of course not everything is perfect, given the very limiting environment and win conditions play style options are very restricted. Some ships become insanely strong choices while some others are greatly disadvantaged. As an example, in my experience Prinz Eugen is almost unstoppable in the current environment, yesterday I crushed anything and everything MM threw my way, a telephone call was the only way to stop my rampage. Other choices are also very strong (Albemarle), meanwhile some picks are virtually useless (thinking about a poor Monarch I faced last night). To prevent this issue I suggest implementing extreme variations in the environment, alternate maps with different characteristics and features, change the behavior and placement of caps, etc. I do really notice and appreciate the effort (or apparent effort) being made to expand the options for game modes. Ranked becoming a fixture is a good addition, now we have 1 vs 1 brawls which I hope also becomes a recurrent option, not just a yearly affair. Key Battles (sorry, I keep forgetting their current name) are another step to an interesting variation of game play, I'm very keen on playing them again and hopefully have them integrated to our regular ships soon. Axis vs Allies sound really good too and I hope you throw some Asymetrics on top of it. As a player, I thank you very much for your effort, keep going this path and you'll keep me as a customer for a long time. Now, the only thing missing is some sort of Huge map/Open world play experience. To conclude and sum up this post, IMO this mode should become a fixture in the Game mode menu, call it Duels, change tiers on a weekly basis (like Ops), alternate maps on a daily basis (and make known which maps are in daily rotation) so ships of different characteristics have a fighting chance and the meta doesn't get stagnant in only the same most suitable ship picks. Change the environment to change the meta. Cheers!
  3. Let's face it, 1 on 1, a CV vs a BB, the CV has the advantage. CV can be faster, attack from range, basically could remain un-spotted throughout the entire battle. I kept playing that throttle and twisting and turning to avoid your torpedo planes. You even forced me to go off in a direction I hadn't planned on. And I think that was your only mistake. I caught sight of your CV's nose just poking out from behind the island......and then somehow with WGs visual mechanics, you vanished. But I knew you were still there, your secondaries were firing away at me. I got that torpedo spread off, expecting a turn. I misjudged a bit too much, but was still able to clip you with a torp. I thought you had me. I could hear the torpedo warning alert going off and I had nowhere to turn. But I somehow got that last salvo off and got you. Good battle Sir.