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Found 4 results

  1. The mad lads did it again in the Cruiser Split() you'll lose the current T10 CA Moskva (and if you have the Type 20 you'll lose also 5k doubs) you'll have to grind T10 CL AL. Nevsky(but that was a given) and also you won't get T10 CA Petropavlovsk and on top of that you'll need to research T8 Tallin and T9 Riga to recover the ship they've stolen from you... Let that sink in. Now what they should have done is give us T10 CA Petropavlosvsk with the perma if you had the perma for T10 CA Moskva (like they did for Cleveland on the American Split) and the same for T5 CL Kirov and T5 CL Kotovsky. Edit: So to sum it all up we lose a ship that afterward we could get for free(coal); meaning grinding it was pointless in the first place(since we'll have to do it again) and for those who invested in the game and have spent 5k in the Type 20 they get to keep the camo(while others get it for free). Edit 2: Some people said in the comments below that they wouldn't give you a brand new ship(so i present this image from the American Split also addressing the camo problem). Edit 3: People seam to have a hard time looking(pictures) or reading so i will make it clearer: In the US Cruiser split you had: Before the split: You had US Cruiser T9 Baltimore with her perma camo(Occupying the T9 spot in the tech tree silver line) After the split: You had a stock T8 Baltimore with her perma camo and an brand new 8 point Capt and You had a T9 Buffalo (a brand new ship occupying the same spot that you had with the T9 Baltimore before) with her perma camo; all commanders, upgrades and XP earned transferred to her(from T9 Baltimore) and If you had a duplicated camo WG would give you a refund in Doubloons. In the USSR Cruiser split you "had"(will happen in 0.9.5 according to WG): Before the split: You had USSR Cruiser T10 Moskva (Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line) with her perma camo the Type 20(for those who bought it) After the split: You get Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva(that should cost ~240k coal and will be available in the Arsenal) with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line(Now a Light Cruiser spot) although according to WG if you reset the line your RP gets applied to T10 Nevsky(so we should get Nevsky) Those who bought the Type 20 perma camo for Moskva(and didn't have a time machine to know about the split and this mess) lose 5k doubloons You get to grind the Ship Occupying the T10 spot in the tech tree silver line again although if you had Moskva (and didn't reset the line) you already had it researched (I already expected this) If you want to have an T10 USSR Heavy Cruiser in the tech tree silver line like Moskva was before. You get to grind the from T7 Shchors to T8 Tallin to T9 Riga to T10 Petropavlovsk Since who Researched T10 Moskva but have not bought her will still get her as an Special Ship those who have her in the port will lose 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades(cuz of upgrade duplication done before) WG didn't said nothing about in-game refunds. Edit 4: To sum it all up after the USSR Cruiser split you get: Special USSR Heavy Cruiser T10 Moskva with her perma camo as all Premium and or Special ships have. You lose 19,500,000 credits(Moskva credit price) If you bought the Type 20 Perma camo for Moskva you lose 5k Doubloons Since you are not getting T10 Al. Nevsky in return for the removal of the Moskva from the main line you'll lose around 19,500,000 credits and about 7,000,000 in upgrades plus the T9 DM. Donskoi grind.
  2. The Armory does not work for accounts still working through the New Service Levels. The Armory button appears at New Service Level 11. When it is clicked on a black screen appears. ESC returns to port. This does not happen when I access the armory on an account that has completed the New Service Levels on the same computer and game instance. I have removed all mods, ran WGCheck, and ran patch for Dockyard issue. None of these fixed the issue. WORKAROUND for new players: https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/ was posted by someone one the Forum. The link gives access to the Armory with a web browser. Another workaround Player Support gave to me that works is to go to the Containers window from the Port, then click GO TO THE ARMORY button on the left side of the screen. That got me into the armory also.

    0.9.5 when?

    Does anyone know when we can expect it? There's a certain few Soviet cruisers that are in need of "retirement" before then. Maybe this Wednesday? Or next?
  4. I have researched and bought Moskva, if I reset my Soviet Curiser line now, Will i get the coal version of Moskva at the next patch?