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Found 10 results

  1. Title says it all =P But for further explanation... What patch do you think the German BBs are unlocked OR how long does it take for one patch to come out OR does it take more than one patch to implement new ships?
  2. I know I may sound crazy, but something happened to this ship with 0.5.9. It has to be related to the USN BB armor changes. I almost never got citadeled in Colorado before the patch, and now in every match in Colorado today I have been citadeled. It also just seems to be taking more normal damage than ever before. The armor just doesn't bounce things the same (or not really at all)... So IDK if anyone has been seeing the same in their Colorado... Please don't let this be some stupid sort of RNG trolling me...
  3. Based both on reasoned argumentation and firsthand evidence from gameplay on the Public Test Server for Patch 0.5.9, I and a few others have come to the conclusion that giving every ship captain the Situational Awareness skill by default is a bad idea. Though some of these points have been made in other threads, the primary focus for those threads has been based around the consequences for the skill tree and the usual hue and cry about shady business practices, et cetera. Therefore it seems wisest to marshal all of the arguments against universal SA into one thread, where they can be debated by the wider community (and perhaps gain the attention of the developers). Giving situational awareness to all large ships (heavy cruisers, battleships, carriers), when their captains would not normally take them as skills anyway, gives them an inherent advantage against ships capable of attacking from stealth. This includes not only destroyers that torpedo from stealth, but also destroyers, cruisers, and even battleships that can use their main guns from stealth even if they would be spotted upon firing. It is, in essence, a soft nerf to all first-strike capable ships, in that the target will know that if they are being detected by a ship that they cannot see, they are probably being targeted. Global situational awareness punishes proactive gameplay by, again, giving it to captains that would not ordinarily take it as a first-tier skill. Ships that would normally sit near the back of the fleet, for reasons that are good and right, will know that they are in danger when they might not otherwise realize this; examples include carriers, who must take a backseat while they let their planes do their work, because of how defenseless they are against surface targets. Carrier-hunting destroyers, and indeed opposing carrier drivers, will in effect be punished for doing their job against otherwise inattentive CV drivers. Global situational awareness rewards reactive gameplay by, again, giving it to captains that would not ordinarily take it as a first-tier skill (sorry for the near-repeat, but there's a method to the madness). New and low-tier players, who almost always take other skills aside from Situational Awareness—sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not—are being given an iron-clad excuse to react to in-game developments, rather than learning what play styles may and may not work for them. This can have untold consequences for their development as players; it can be argued that reactive gameplay has led to the current meta of high-tier games where battleships station themselves at the rear of the map and attempt to win through sniping. Global situational awareness disrupts the late-game, especially as relatively lopsided matches approach the 5-minute mark. When it is one destroyer against four heavy ships that might not otherwise take the skill, the result is often a game of keep-away where the destroyer in question cannot perform their job because the enemy ships know that the moment they are detected, torpedoes are very likely to be on their way, and they will take whatever measures they deem appropriate. This will result in the Solo Warrior achievement becoming virtually impossible to earn for anyone who is not already unicum-level, among other things. From Special_Kay: "While I am the type of player who almost always has SA on any ship, I want to note that it's possible, albeit difficult, to determine a location for a lone surviving enemy ship by careful use of terrain to cast "detection shadows," especially when more than one teammate is willing to inform the team of their location upon first detection. I've used this to great effect, both in establishing "safe zones" and in narrowing down my proactive hunt." Global situational awareness will do nothing to change the current high-tier meta—all evidence collected so far points to this change actually encouraging a doubling-down of the campfest that is current upper-tier gameplay. This will be especially true for battleships, considering that this will be used as at least a soft counter to invisi-firing destroyers and cruisers. While most high-tier players will have already allocated a point into SA for this purpose, those that didn't will be rewarded unfairly over those who did by having access to this counter without having earned it. There are, I'm sure, counter-arguments to these five points, as well as other arguments against global SA that can be added to the list, to the point that any good ones that are proposed by other posters will get added (with credit) to this list via the edit function. To clarify, this is a thread about the change itself, and NOT about the way it is being implemented—I am asking that those who do take umbrage with this latter point take their arguments to the several threads already up that deal with it. Let's try to keep things civil. Live long and prosper, fellow captains.
  4. Please place all Bugs and Issues experienced here. Thank you!
  5. As you can see, this was quite the starting situation—in the midst of a cyclone no less! Once the game told us where the first wave was coming from, it evolved into a close-running knife-fight that was an absolute blast to play! Ended up sinking a ship and doing about two ships' worth of damage in total before dying to torpedoes, but it was still fun to watch the rest of it!
  6. So what will you do with your extra point? Here is what I think will be the cookie cutter builds.
  7. Give us the Full Skill Reset

    taking into consideration the upcoming changes in the next patch (0.5.9), we are NOT satisfied by your (wargamings) decision of automatically replacing the Situational Awareness skill, set to be given to all players by default, with the Basics of Survivability skill. we believe we should have the right to choose, and once that simply giving us 1 skill point regarding a tier 1 skill would disrupt the current skill system, we believe that we should be able to reset our skill points for free, given that the skill set to replace might not, and will not, satisfy everyone, and considering that a full skill reset was already done previously. thank you edit: thanks to all our hard work (and by our, i mean not the ones who kept crying that we are entitled), everyone will be receiving 100 doubloons and skill reset will cost 1 doubloon per point (conditions apply). more info here http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/88906-wg-eu-to-give-captain-reset-event-and-small-amount-of-doubloons-for-compensation/ (it also applies to NA: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-notes-059/)
  8. I asked the same question on the IJN forums but with Situation Awareness being removed from the Commander Skills (and given to all ships in 0.5.9), what would be better? Basic Fire Training or Basics of Survivability? I assume the BFT will be better but it looks like if put one point into BFT now, we will get the SA point back for free otherwise WG will automatically move the one point into Basics of Survivability if Situation Awareness is your only talent taken in the first tier. Really they should just either reset all Tier 1 talents and make you select one before can play your ship or reset all commander skills if you took SA as one of your choices. Thoughts?
  9. With Situation Awareness being removed from the Commander Skills (and given to all ships in 0.5.9), what would be better? Basic Fire Training or Basics of Survivability? The reason I ask is because if Basic Fire Training is better, I should put a point into that now to get the free point later otherwise WG will automatically put one point into Basics of Survive if Situation Awareness is your only talent taken in the first tier. Thoughts?
  10. With the upcoming patch of 0.5.9, many DD captains will be affected heavily by what the WG will do to their captains in terms of skill point assignment. As gunboat captains, many of us may want the Basic Firing Training skill instead (which decreases reload time by 10% for gun calibers 139mm and below). So if you want that skill instead of Basics of Survivability, I highly recommend using one of your extra skill points to put into BFT right now. As the second bullet point states, you will be reimbursed the SP for the SA skill. This way, you will have BFT as your only tier 1 skill after the patch. Hope you guys found this thread useful, if you didn't know already. Good luck and fair seas!