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Found 4 results

  1. Attack aircraft HP pool reduced from 3,200 to 3,040. Dive bomber HP pool reduced from 3,710 to 3,525. Torpedo bomber HP pool reduced from 3,690 to 3,505. Um...Wargaming? This doesn't make any sense. Last I checked, USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt doesn't HAVE any dive bombers. The player-controlled planes that this ship has on board are all TB2D Skypirates. Why are you giving them different HP pools if they're the same plane? Just make them all 3,525.
  2. Okay WG, it is 8PM Central Time, 9 November, and I started looking for something that indicates the server down time. Look at the WGC. Not there. (Hasn't been for many patches.) Look at the forum home page where pretty much everyone who visits the forum starts but it ain't (prominently) there. Look at the web page home page. It's not in the article carousel at the top. It's not in the "important for today" nor an "important" article. Three rows down I find the Update 0.10.10 article and there it is! Why make it hard to find? Why should I have to hunt for the info? It is an important bit of information - especially if you read the forum posts and player mood after a patch has been released. You could put it in the WGC like you used to. I would guess at least 95% (or more) of the players see this location every time they play. You could make it prominent in the forums by pinning it. Usually I see it in the forums the morning of the patch. Kinda late for many and especially for those who don't visit the forums. You might also be able to inform a good percentage of the player base by displaying it prominently on the web page (instead of burying it in an article several rows down). Important information isn't always about sales and missions. Downtime is probably the most important bit of information you could provide players. Try to improve this bit of communications as well!
  3. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    0.10.10 new stuff

    New water looks super niceeeee, also more map animation and wildlife plssss
  4. A totally random idea I just came up with Release Habakkuk as a supership Reasons: There are no British superships - Habakkuk would add a british supership There are no supership carriers - Habakkuk would introduce a new chapter of superships Its already "In-game" - Wargaming already has all of the models and statistics worked out - whats to stop from it being released? It would be a "glass cannon" - It would hit hard but be big and be able to be severely damaged (its literally made of ice) Why not? - The ship is ready (looking at the files), It has a good balance of strengths and weaknesses and I think it would add a new aspect to superships Tell me what you think below! -Elijah2159