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Found 1 result

  1. In this rework, it was known that Siegfried was one of the ships that got hit the most on her performance. Not only losing Fire mitigation skills but also the famed secondaries build, leaving her with only her absurd accuracy to still be relevant. But now that I enter, I find out all cruisers' secondaries range was raised. Just in case, I demounted the Aiming System Mod1 (+5% to secondaries range) and the ship had no captain. 4.3 km for T5 (4.0 km previously) 5.0 km for T6 (4.5 km previously) 5.6 km for T7 (5.0 km previously) 6.6 km for T8 (5.0 km previously) 7.0 km for T9 (5.0 km previously) 7.3 km for T10 (5.0 km previously) There are some exceptions, as Agir and Siegfried have 8.3 km base range, same as Kurfurst (Agir had 5.3 km stock, Siegfried had 7.6km) and 10.0 km with a full secondaries build now. And Graf Spee have 5.6 km base range, same as Bayern. Was this intended? Or was it mentioned anywhere? Because I only remember WG mentioning Battleship secondaries when modifying their range. PD: digging around and comparing, those are the same range as the BBs of the respective tier. Let´s see if this was intended or (most likely) a bug, but that doesn't explain the exceptions