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Found 3 results

  1. WG: Keep your word and don't be penny wise and pound foolish. A change that effects the captain skills of a particular class should include free opportunities for players to redistribute their captain skills on that class. You said as much yourself back on January 16: After the release of the Update, additional balance corrections might be required. In case of significant changes going forward, we will provide additional opportunities to retrain your Commanders for free. Here is the source of the quote: Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update | World of Warships The free market is a blessing that is based on parties exchanging goods and services in an honest manner. I acknowledge that Wargaming is a for profit company and making money is a precondition for them bringing us this excellent game. I have no problem paying doubloons for resetting captain skills when I decide to try something new. However, WG is being foolishly greedy by refusing to do what they said they were going to do in January. Changes are being made to skills that involve all classes of ships in update 10.4 (ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills). Granted, only Deadeye is going away completely, and it is fair that a free reset is being offered for BB captains who have selected this skill. However, changes to the other (non-Deadeye) skills are clearly being made because not enough people are choosing them. These changes are significant enough that WG thinks people will reconsider them to optimize their captains skills. In addition to doing what they said they were going to do, if WG wants players to try these skills, they should incentivize that by offering free captain skills redistribution for all classes following the 10.4 update. WG, are you trying piss off your informed players (and customers) by NOT doing what you said in writing you were going to do only 3 months ago? Is that a good business practice? By refusing to offer a free skill redistribution you leave yourself vulnerable to legitimate complaints of hypocrisy and claims of yet another WG "cash grab". A certain former CC member has probably already made a video about 0.10.4 being just that.
  2. Peste_ARG

    FLINT + Rango por favor

    Despúes de la actualización 0.10.0 y el nuevo formato de skills de capitanes el USS FLINT quedó inutilizable con 11,1km de rango en su batería principal. O sea los destructores ya en el Tier VI tienen más rango que este crucero. Sí al Atlanta ( básicamente el mismo barco) le dieron 20% + de rango, porqué al FLINT no?
  3. In this rework, it was known that Siegfried was one of the ships that got hit the most on her performance. Not only losing Fire mitigation skills but also the famed secondaries build, leaving her with only her absurd accuracy to still be relevant. But now that I enter, I find out all cruisers' secondaries range was raised. Just in case, I demounted the Aiming System Mod1 (+5% to secondaries range) and the ship had no captain. 4.3 km for T5 (4.0 km previously) 5.0 km for T6 (4.5 km previously) 5.6 km for T7 (5.0 km previously) 6.6 km for T8 (5.0 km previously) 7.0 km for T9 (5.0 km previously) 7.3 km for T10 (5.0 km previously) There are some exceptions, as Agir and Siegfried have 8.3 km base range, same as Kurfurst (Agir had 5.3 km stock, Siegfried had 7.6km) and 10.0 km with a full secondaries build now. And Graf Spee have 5.6 km base range, same as Bayern. Was this intended? Or was it mentioned anywhere? Because I only remember WG mentioning Battleship secondaries when modifying their range. PD: digging around and comparing, those are the same range as the BBs of the respective tier. Let´s see if this was intended or (most likely) a bug, but that doesn't explain the exceptions