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  1. retiro lo dicho, por obra divina ya vi el correo, revisen en su carpeta de spam. el correo que les debe de llegar debe de ser de un correo noreply con el arroba de wargaming
  2. pues ojala y me llegue, no se si le esten dando prioridad a los que se quedaron jugando o si de plano entre demasiado tarde
  3. im liking the game so far but everyonce in a while i level up and new ships get introduced that idk if i like them, maybe i just suck with planes but they really dont seem that useful, i managed to land 3 airstrikes with one of the planes on the deck of an enemy ship and honestly with how long it took me to get there i might as well would've sailed there and just throw 7 torpedos or airstrikes and would've done way more damage in half the time