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  1. Kante_Ke

    Early morning bots

    I haven't noticed this but will start watching. One good thing, they can absorb shells that otherwise might be directed toward me.
  2. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.6 PT 1

    I didn't notice before but some of the Tier IX & X British Destroyers have camouflages that cost 4000 Doubloons. Don't think I'll be buying any of those...
  3. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.6 PT 1

    Final Thoughts: The overall graphics are excellent, as usual. I especially enjoy the new "Ocean" Port, the clear water, and the "reefs." Nice touch! The Personal Challenge, if implemented properly, will be a welcome addition to the game. These pluses aside, what is really needed is more and better battle options; i.e. light ships only, heavies only, etc. Could make for some fast and furious battles. And new maps (always new maps).
  4. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.6 PT 1 - Bug Reports

    Thanks for the info. I'll try it. I haven't encountered it on the live server and thought it might be connected to the burst fire.
  5. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.6 PT 1 - Bug Reports

    I had a problem with a battle today. During the last few (and critical) seconds of the battle, my left mouse button just quit working (firing). The replay (attached) won't run on my computer. 20230630_174513_PASC111-Annapolis_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  6. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.6 PT 1

    The interface mechanics work fine but the "NEW" banner on the armory tab is kind of annoying. The settings interface looks fine and works well although the pop-ups over the individual buttons or sliders seem to have a pretty small "sweet spot." Personal Challenges: Good idea. Should help players identify those ships and/or branch(es) of ships that they play best and also track their progress with each branch they explore. I had a problem with a battle today. During the last few (and critical) seconds of the battle, my left mouse button just quit working (firing). The replay (attached) won't run on my computer. And yes, I posted it on the bug report page too. 20230630_174513_PASC111-Annapolis_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  7. In first playing Asymmetric Battles in the Public Test, I noticed a tendency of the enemy bots to target opponents by type; Destroyers/Subs first then Cruisers then Battleships/Carriers. I predicted at the time that there would not be many destroyers in these battles but did not anticipate the relentless punishment that Cruisers face in the updated version. The bot targeting kinda makes sense too - Cut down the number of guns hurling metal your way and your survival chances increase. Not all that different from the way I play (although I try to target major threats first). In the first round of the Public Test, Asymmetric Battles were on a 6 vs 12 format. 6 vs 12 was much better: a bit easier but still challenging. Really made for some good fights. Hopefully, some additional options will be made available in the near future: Destroyers only, Destroyers & Cruisers, etc.
  8. Kante_Ke

    Seriously tired of the garbage co op spawns

    Yesterday I had two battles in the Worcester end just as I had begun hammering the last remaining enemy battleship. Very frustrating. Then I thought about it and was playing during prime time. Oh well... Bad spawns: One thing that helps if you spawn on the flanks is to start moving toward the center. A bit difficult at times due to an allied ship getting in the way but doable if you drop your speed. Better still, look at the mini-map and find the likely avenues for the enemy ships to push toward cap points. I have seen groups of 4-5 bot ships push through one channel preferentially and found an area to sail back and forth in a figure-eight in my Neptune while bombarding them relentlessly. Only one (or two?) kills but did a lot of damage. DD's are a more vulnerable to a bad spawn but again, move toward the center. It seems to help...
  9. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 2

    I tested the apparent sight bias and found that the salvo centroid was (as near as I could tell) where it should be.
  10. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 2

    I also noticed an apparent bias in sighting (using the dynamic crosshair). In at least one battle, the center of my salvo impacts seemed be consistently left of bore-sight. Not a big problem - I used a bit of Kentucky windage to compensate. When I get a chance, I'll test my guns on a landmark/stationary target. The Asymmetric Battles continue to entertain but, as I speculated, very few players are playing destroyers. Between the new bot AI and a seeming tendency of the bots to go after the destroyers first, playing a destroyer seems near suicidal. As a result, it's mostly battleships and cruisers. And many players, myself included, tend to hold back at the start and whittle away at the enemy ships from long range. And it kinda makes sense; compare a Worcester's DPM to that of two Clevelands. I just played an Asymmetric Battle where there were two battleships, two cruisers (myself included) and one destroyer (Halland). I got too close too soon as did the other cruiser and we both got killed off early. After that, the bots made short work of the destroyer then one of the battleships before losing by a hair to our remaining friendly. Suggestion: Asymmetric Battles for certain classes or combination of classes (destroyers, cruisers or battleships or cruisers & destroyers only, etc).
  11. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 1

    Final thoughts: Asymmetric Battles: I definitely like them. They are loads of fun and, at the same time, teach humility. As I suggested previously, spread the friendlies out just a tad more at battle start. However, with the new Bot AI, it is likely you will see very few destroyers. Bot AI: Improvements are definitely noticeable. I played a co-op battle where all but four of the friendly forces were bots. By end game, it was me in the Gearing and one other live player in a Cruiser or Battleship (I forget which one). They will make destroyers even tougher to play (probably also less rewarding). End of Game: The Victory / Defeat banners are nice. Another suggestion: If end of game is going to be delayed anyway to give players "a few more seconds in the battle environment, during which they will be able to perform different actions," consider letting ships complete any in-progress captures (or giving the player credit for the capture if there are no opposing ships left). One final suggestion and this involves a possible future battle type (a variant of Operations. Breakout scenarios (think Bismarck) could make for some very interesting battles given the proper maps / setups.
  12. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    I noticed a graphical anomaly in port with the San Martin. Zoom in on the stacks and I see multiple dashed white lines running up and down the screen above the rear stack, another pair over the front stack, and a couple more just in front of the radar mast. Not really causing any issues with play and it is a minor bit; just thought I'd report it. I took this snap of it today; a little more clear than the one initially reported under 12.5 Patch Notes & Feedback.
  13. Kante_Ke

    Subs killed game

    I agree that dodging homing torpedoes is one of the less fun activities in WoWs but I accept it as part of the game. If you wait until the torpedoes are near (visible) before using Damage Control to null out the ping marker on your hull, it is no harder than evading any other torpedo. On the other hand, if a sub marks you while another ship is pummeling you with shellfire, it is time to run away (for a little while) then re-engage later on your terms. Subs really annoyed me at first but after a bit I decided to work on learning how to not only evade them but sink them as well. Subs are actually pretty easy to destroy.
  14. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 1

    Another suggestion: Add the Asymmetric Battles and Operations (together if appropriate) to the profile as a separate battle type so players can track their performance.
  15. Kante_Ke

    PTS 12.5 pt 1

    I just tried out Asymmetric Battles for the first time. I like it - the target rich environment forces you to stay on your toes. The bots do seem more lethal so that makes the battles more of a challenge. I haven't noticed a similar increase in lethality in Co-op mode but the bots do back away if they run into something. Suggestions: 1 - In the set-up, spread the friendlies just out a little more so we don't run over each other so much in our rush to get into battle. 2 - In the port, have the pop-up window at the bottom right show the type of battle along with base XP. Also, I noticed a graphic anomaly in the port with the San Martin. Zoom in on the stacks and I see multiple dashed white lines running up and down the screen above the rear stack, another over the front stack, and one more just in front of the radar mast. Minor I know; just thought I'd report it.