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  1. King_Of_The_Seas_

    PTS 0.11.9 pt 2

    All good :) Good work
  2. King_Of_The_Seas_

    Best Tier VI Battleship (UPDATED)

    I am just starting my grind of battleships and would like to know which lines are worth grinding. I have barely any economic bonuses so easily grindable lines are appreciated. Thanks! 😊
  3. King_Of_The_Seas_

    What is the most powerful (OP) tier IX/X battleship?

    I would say the German super ship Hannover is the most powerful. It has the highest HP pool, at 120k or something. Guns are amazing, and secondaries are deadly.
  4. King_Of_The_Seas_

    PTS 0.11.8 pt 2

    Hello, I am new to Public Test. There was an issue earlier that when you opened your map, the words you type in the chat would be doubled (or the letters at least). On my end, it seems fixed. I am yet to test out the balance of Italian and German destroyers. I will keep you updated. I did a couple of attack runs using aircraft carriers Midway and United States. To my knowledge, most of the ships I attacked were away from the pack, and by the time I got without a couple km of the balanced ships, I was shredded, just like mentioned above. Furthermore, when will Patrie be able to be used in Public Test?