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  1. TheWhiteTarantula

    How to add to clan treasury???

    My bad Duckman I read money laundering lol
  2. TheWhiteTarantula

    How to add to clan treasury???

    THey should allow you to be able to make small donations. Hey if you paid for or earned it you should be able to give some away if you want. Money laundering?? Bit of a stretch, the whole people could actually get away with would be WG, they would know if it was going on by checking purchaces for huge amounts and they're follow distribution. Sounds like a crapway to launder money. Yeah we put it in the money to get [edited]coal on a video game try telling that to someone thats laundering money!!
  3. TheWhiteTarantula

    Ever Seen a Draw Before?

    I've gotten a few in 1v1 brawls like someone else stated. If I don't think I can win just ram and force a draw most times
  4. TheWhiteTarantula

    Now I understand what the complaining was about.

    Thats crazy!!! I've lost connection a couple times in one battle just when I barely have gotten a shot off. Came back to be dead and didn't getting a disorderly thing. I have gotten a few from losing connection though. Atleast your time still got a victory. No harm no foul in my book
  5. TheWhiteTarantula

    IFHE on secondary BB Build

    Yeah I'm gonna wait to reset my skills till I max out or hopefully they do a free captain reset soon. Each ship I've been picking different equipment for slots trying to see what works. I was told I need a mod to see secondariers health. So I'm not sure how long that stuff takes to get knocked out.
  6. TheWhiteTarantula

    IFHE on secondary BB Build

    Thanks for all the info its great. My skills have kinda gotten a mess since I haven't really added any for a couple tiers. I've been using: Preventive maitenance (30% less incapacitation) Grease gears, Vigilance, Increased Secondaries Range (3pt skill) Conceal expert, Repair expert,( one that adds repair party and heal) I need to add IFHE and Manuel Secondary (4pt skill) which may require a reset. Uprades are basically the ones Amfree listed except I usually take Air strike modification since a lot of times when I'm going into secondary range.I like brawls but I run into subs same reason for vigilance for dealing with subs and dd's when hydro on random I find a lot times the side i'm on runs away or refuses to enter cap or just fvcks off and I end up fighting a DD and a sub and a cruiser and a BB lol
  7. TheWhiteTarantula

    IFHE on secondary BB Build

    I'm currently 1pt away from being able to add IFHE to my secondaries on T8 Zeiten. I know it cuts fires in half but I am gonna want to put the skill on soon so I can get more pens?? If the secondaries record a hit does that only mean pen or does it include shatters, ricochets, non pens?? I
  8. TheWhiteTarantula

    What the heck happened to Priority Target?

    I realized yesterday that I had a captain or two without PT that I thought had it, I do drink while playing like HazeGray suggested so that could be it
  9. TheWhiteTarantula

    "Learn your PLACE" He said.......

    lol reminds me of the guy that always tries to tell everyone what to do and dies first. Usually has a name like Admiral so and so
  10. TheWhiteTarantula

    Brawls Test?

    I like how they change up the number of ships and types but I think each side should get the same type of ships in the same quantity. Not too happy about cv's and subs but I can live with it if its not everytime.
  11. TheWhiteTarantula

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    lol nah I wouldn't do that I had to just log off for a few Mordit another one I do sometimes hit wrong key twice, yell at ship " I didn't tell you to do that" Looks at hand, fingers on wrong keys Not quite chernobyl meltdown but definitely above a Fukashima I will probably rage delete one day lol
  12. TheWhiteTarantula

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    Yeah I kinda gpt mad at the game and was yelling it like that was gonna solve it, then I tried searching and internet was fuvking around so I got even madder, then I came here, then foun, then did the whole you Fing suck at the game, why the F do you even bother to play< then calmed down. One of those days where everypne is out to get you lol, thanks
  13. TheWhiteTarantula

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    I found the wiki page thanks rollingit, it wasn't coming up for some reason. Yeah when I break of contact and am moving around a lot I think sometimes I miss things and think I'm safe and I'm not.
  14. TheWhiteTarantula

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    Ok I thought it was 10 seconds. Thats where I'm going wrong. Thank you.
  15. TheWhiteTarantula

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    Lets say a DD or sub spotted you(and you don't see them) and you turned away and they just followed you would that be up all the time??