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  1. SnappyBlueShorts

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    Right! As a sub main...I think the game in it's current state is perfect. The only thing that would make it better would be the addition of more Premium BB targets ;-) Ok, seriously...If a certain class is annoying you (CV's, subs, etc)...then spend some time playing that class. I mean, REALLY spending time to learn the in's and out's of it. One of two things will happen: 1) Either you find out that you kinda enjoy playing that class you previously hated...or... 2) You go back to your favorite class with a better skill set to use against that class you hate... I'm seeing the level of BB play vs subs really getting better. Two months ago, if I got a double ping on a BB, they were going to eat my salvo of torps no question. Now, it seems like it's a 50/50 proposition...BB's are getting better about DCP use, positioning, and maneuvering vs subs... Above all...It's a video game, so just have fun!
  2. SnappyBlueShorts

    Who have you seen in game

    Good to see you again Turtleship! Man, and I've been getting better about spending a few moments before the match begins to see who is playing...and you still beat me to the punch with the first 'Hello', lol. Yeah, we won, but I was in spite of my poor play that match...I don't think I contributed anything except for spotting and getting a few ping ribbons. I did see you had a kill and was second (or third) on the team list at the end of the match...so thanks for carrying me to the win, LOL! I'm not exactly sure how Divisions work, but again, if I ever see an invitation to Division with you I will surely join up. Actually, I'm playing more than normal recently as I only have 9 days of Premium Time remaining...so I'm trying to grab all the XP I can before it expires... As always, good to run into you again! All the Best!
  3. SnappyBlueShorts

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    Yup, as a sub U-2501 driver...it gets a lot tougher when a CA or BB charges me. Ideally, I want to keep my targets 14-10km away from me...the closer the BB gets to me, the less time I have to get away from my ping indicator before the ASW strike arrives. Homing torps are just as accurate 13km away as they are say 4km away...so I always want to keep my targets as far away as I can. Also, the U-2501 doesn't have rear torps...so if I'm being charged, I cannot shoot while I am retreating to open up the distance back up... So yeah, it really makes life hard for a sub driver when the target charges...sure, the target will probably eat a few torps charging...but ultimately, the sub has to retreat (or shotgun if he wants to gamble everything).
  4. SnappyBlueShorts

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah, we had the whole cheese-mouse-cat thing going on. Towards the end of the match there...your BB was going after my CV...so I was trying to torp the BB to stop him. When you entered the scene, I decided to stay latched onto the BB even though I knew you were going to punish me...I was hoping to stay alive long enough to sink the BB before you sunk me...but you got me first, lol. So again, you were attacking me, I was attacking the BB and the BB was attacking the CV. The other funny thing...I was chasing that BB pretty much the whole match. I think I had like 20+ pings on him...I'd get a few hits, he'd dodge a few salvos, I'd get a few more hits, etc. I really had tunnel vision trying to finish him...in the end, you played it well coming to his rescue! Gosh, after dying, I spectated until the end of the match and still didn't notice that you were the one driving the Kidd...sometimes I'm clueless, lol. I'm not sure how to do it, but we should meet up to division together for a few matches...I would enjoy being on the same team with you for once (if you would have me that is, lol).
  5. SnappyBlueShorts

    Who have you seen in game

    So you ended up getting the DC kill on me, right (if I'm thinking about the correct match)? Again, sorry that I missed your Hello in chat...I would have gladly chatted back and forth with you. Especially when I'm driving a sub...I usually begin the match with some kinda shout out about how awesome subs are, lol...just to get the banter going :-)
  6. SnappyBlueShorts

    Who have you seen in game

    Dang...sorry I missed you! I need to get better about checking out the team lineups before the match. Yeah, really enjoyed the Brawls last night...seems like the lineups are getting asymmetrical (not each team has the same amount of each class) which is what I like. Turtleship, I will be on the lookout for you in the future so that I can give you a shout-out first :-) All The Best!
  7. SnappyBlueShorts

    PTS 12.1 pt 1

    My first time playing on the PTS over the weekend...really enjoyed the experience. It was cool to play around with the 21 pt Commanders and swapping their abilities around. Also, I'm getting hooked on Brawls...it doesn't get any faster than 1V1...very intense matches! The only issue I had was 1 game crash when I was in port attempting to collect rewards...only happened once...but other than that, the game was stable with no issues... I am looking forward to time spent in future PTS's.
  8. SnappyBlueShorts

    public test reward carry over to normal?

    Good information...thanks for sharing that. I fired up the Test Server last night for the first time and I was wondering when the rewards would show on the Live side.
  9. SnappyBlueShorts

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

  10. SnappyBlueShorts

    ~45%'ers (or less) - Would you pay for a WOWS Tutor?

    Why do you think that is....?
  11. SnappyBlueShorts

    Great Therapy and Karma booster too !

    Awesome result for sure! What is with the Kamikaze...when I look at her stats, nothing jumps out at me other than the fast torp reload...but everything else just looks...MEH (and this is coming from someone who really enjoys driving IJN stealth torp boats). However, folks seem to be able to do incredible things with it so obviously there is something special about her... What has me scratching my head is this: the Z-44 also hangs it's hat on a fast torp reload (fastest at tier 9 if I'm not mistaken), yet I never hear anyone sing it's praises (Z-44). What gives??
  12. SnappyBlueShorts

    Good To See Old Shima Still Dominates With 20KM Torps

    Yeah, I think that's generally life in a Shimi...either feast or famine... If the red BB & CA's are overextending and sailing straight ahead like zombies...you will probably top the leaderboard. However, when red is WASD'ing and being diligent about their positioning, you will struggle to get a hit. I think the 12km torps are the sweet spot for the Shimi...which leads me to... So last night, I tried the 20km torps for the first time (firing them as area denial weapons mainly through cap points), and it was...er, um...ok I guess. In 2 Random matches, I got 4 hits (2 hits per match)... When they did hit, I had a surprised feeling of 'Wow, it really worked!'. The real problem for me was even when a torp hit...I had a feeling of disconnect...I didn't feel like my skill mattered... With 12km torps, after stalking a target, setting up the attack, launching and watching the torps and target intersect...I have a feeling of accomplishment. Not so much with the 20km's. I guess a good way to sum it up would be this: with 20km torps...a 20min Random match felt like it took 20min's (maybe longer). Whereas, with 12km torps, a 20min Random match feels like maybe 5 min's...Shimi is much more exciting with 12km torps. IMHO of course :-)
  13. SnappyBlueShorts

    Good To See Old Shima Still Dominates With 20KM Torps

    Ohhh, good point...never thought about that. That might explain a lot of the hits...? ...but one other concern I've always had...what kind of spread do the torps end up with at 20km distance? Can't imagine that ship would ever be hit by more than 1 torp at that distance...
  14. SnappyBlueShorts

    Good To See Old Shima Still Dominates With 20KM Torps

    That's awesome! I REALLY enjoy Shimi...but I've never used the 20km torps cause I figure, with their speed and detection, that no one would ever get hit by one. It's cool to hear that they do get hits! ...guess what I'm gonna do as soon as I get home from work today...Woo-Hoo!
  15. SnappyBlueShorts

    Amount of Depth Charges and cool downs

    Maybe it still is...I'm just horrible at it... Being on the surface, I'm always at an initial disadvantage when a submerged sub spots me. By the time I submerge, get my bow around to him (in my U-2501)...he usually has me double pinged with torps on the way. It's just a lot easier to Sub Surv him, run and let my teammates do the dirty work for me... Ugh...yeah, I do need to get better at the sub vs sub thing I'll admit :-)