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  1. _Isea_

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    I think they mean after they go live. When thankfully we will no longer get stuck with sub rentals. Though now that I have a Brest. (Quiet peanut gallery) and can get that cola along with those last two. I could except the temp annoyance in exchange for that.
  2. _Isea_

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    My, that opinion seems to have changed, just a little.
  3. _Isea_

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    You don't have to. They want you to. They want you to think it's right around the corner.
  4. _Isea_

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    Think it's more they hope the player base is the ones with a gambling addiction. The mindset of .. Just one more ... I know i'll get the special cammo ... just one more. They aremn't alone in this.
  5. _Isea_

    3 vs. 3 Playing Tier IV Ships

    On the one side I would like to see players (newer especially) encouraged to stay with lower tier ships till they at least know ships basics.r till they actually have access to combat missions. Not rush to the higher tier and die a million deaths while yelling it's all (randomly points finger) YOUR FAULT! Not sure this does more though then get some to jump to IV instead of V.
  6. _Isea_

    Win Big With Economic Bonuses

    So, did the flags one like this. Burned a lot of flags. Received from it ... yeah nothing at all. Phase two for Best Battles for many of us started 2 days late. 4th of July was a disaster of the site not deciding if you were registered or not, usually by the time it did it was you weren't. And too late to register. So wash there. Event after event of failures. So why exactly should I waste those I have for just a Chance to get something random? That's if it actually works which is in question ........
  7. Since at least 2 other people posted the same in the thread for Stage 2 and no response at all about it. Signed up for, and completed stage 1. Am listed as participating in stage 2. Still as of 4 minutes ago there is no listing for Best Battles for me at all. I have checked several times since it was supposed to have started. Nothing at all. Edit. 2 days late but now after checking several times today it is finally showing up for me.
  8. _Isea_

    Best Battle: Results

    I just came in to ask that question. Did the first, In news it says I am already participating. I also did finish the first set.
  9. _Isea_

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    What do you expect, this is the only game I have either played or just looked at that. Expected you to grind away for 2 months, in ever increasingly difficult series of missions. Then on top pay real money at the front end to unlock being able to get the ship you grind away for. Try to charge the same amount they did before for premium paint when it came with bonuses, when it now has none. So as to not devalue the players who already owned it. In other words it's going to Best Buy to get a video card in a box for $500.00, and being sold just the box for $500. and told they didn't want to devalue the box for the people who bought one before you. WoW, may be perhaps the first company to announce they will have a loan officer on duty 24/7 to help you finance your next purchase. Can we help you refinance your home?
  10. _Isea_

    ddoouubbllee characters in combat chat box

    No, since i've had it happen after going into or leaving map. I use zero mods and never had.
  11. _Isea_

    Depthcharge airstrike

    Let me guess you are using AMD card with latest drivers? We put in a ticket. Response was roll back to older drivers. That was several weeks ago.
  12. Always fun to greet Jason and the Argonauts as they come out.
  13. _Isea_

    Unsporting conduct

    Get it several times a week. I just close it out and restart every time. I'm lucky as to not have gotten flagged but last time I barely got a shot off and hit before the match ended. Others have not been so lucky. Not sure if being hit will count the same as hitting something.
  14. _Isea_

    Unsporting conduct

    Or you get dc'd from game. Then make the mistake of trusting the game to reconnect you like it asks. And by the time you log in and ou 3 times to finally get back in after a "critical failure" you find out it did put you in a match and punish you for the game's conduct.
  15. _Isea_

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    Description - Auto Avoidance of Islands: Example - 1 will sometimes completely override player inputs. 2 will turn you into an island rather then away. 3 Will do this even when player was not at risk of collision. How to reproduce - I would say just go near an island but like when the PTS randomly refuses inputs just during gameplay it is ... RANDOM. Result - You have no control, it turns you into instead of away so naturally you hit the island. 1 You end up stick on said island, 2 You take a lot of damage by bots or players (if you can actually get in Random) or just just end up dead. Did I really need to state results? :) Oh, and if you want people to take time from other things to spend time testing in PTS. 1. Remember that Random is harder to get into then say coop (not going to spend 8-15 minutes waiting for players to pop in) Much more important. Quit hobbling us by resetting our progress in Dockyard. Don't feel like redoing the 28 levels I had just done. Again you are asking us to give up our time to test this, kindly do not make it feel like wasted time.