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  1. TalladegaNight

    The Queen is Dead...

  2. TalladegaNight

    Next Dockyard?

    USS Essex for the Next Dockyard please
  3. TalladegaNight

    Premium CV's

    Hornet is alot of fun with her Tactical B-25 squadron, Aquila is alot of fun to piss off crusiers with the 60 ap rocket squadern
  4. TalladegaNight

    Puerto Rico Dockyard Exchange Certificate (RESOLVED)

    The PR special Camo has a Frog on the funnel
  5. TalladegaNight

    Sevastopol, Huzzah

    She is in my port, and boy is she sexy
  6. TalladegaNight

    Research Bureau question

    Always read before you click
  7. TalladegaNight

    So I damaged myself?

    The game is haunted, ghost ships
  8. TalladegaNight

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Dora the explorer
  9. TalladegaNight

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Silently judging you, while you do something stupid
  10. TalladegaNight

    You were reported! Karma decreased by 2

    I get reported all the time simply for using an Aircraft carrier, it's at the point where I stopped caring about it, and try to mine as much salt as I can
  11. TalladegaNight

    Reply Only in GIFs

  12. TalladegaNight

    What happened here? Wrong answers only!

    and that's how baby submarines are made Ii don't know what to do with my hands...
  13. TalladegaNight

    Forum Game - Word Association

  14. TalladegaNight

    Copy Pasta

  15. TalladegaNight

    Caption the profile image above you.

    im just gonna hold on to this thing, what ever it is while i watch