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  1. Participation trophy? Some of us play this GAME not as a career, but for fun. Constanly worrying if youre going to make enough credits to cover the cost of taking the ship out of port isn't fun for me. I buy premium occasionally. Try playing this as a free player and try to make some credits. I bought the camo so that would be possible. Now WG took that away. I get things change. But this is a change for the worse if you're a casual player and dont have maximum hours to sink into the game.
  2. lies... we've lost the discount on ship costs for running the ship.... make way less credits now than I did before
  3. ya, if theyre going to make it so that you have to have GREAT games to make any credits.... see ya wow
  4. thanks but the compensation is not there.. making far less credits with the rework.. that was my money making machine... now am lucky to get 100k
  5. So I used to get a -40% operating bonus making the cost to run the ship 90k.... with the new update i lost that and have to pay the full 150k.... Is this a bug? Did they increase the cost of running Des Moines?